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Uuumm...okay I'm not sure what to write here but i guess here's some obscure stuff about me...

Name: If you need a name I'm Boo-san, the Writing Alchemist! Bwahahaha! Yeshy, I love to write and I love FMA so...yeah. It's actually a charcter in my friend's FMA fanfic type thing. The character is based on me, personality and all.

Location: In my own little world of words and art...and randomness.

Hobbies: Let's see. Well, I have lots of hobbies...uumm...yeah. Lots of hobbies. Hobbies such asTaekwon Do (a Korean martial art), reading, writing, soccer (not currently on a team), art, DDR (even though i suck), eating (i like lots of foods), wishing i was a nekojin (cat person) or an inu hanyou (half dog demon), anime, manga, playing with my neko (cat) named Keeca, teaching my self Japanese (taking forever), procrastinating, controlling my extremely short temper, restraing my self from punching/kicking holes in walls, cooking, uummm...I know there's more but I can't think of any right now.

Age: Not telling but you can go head and guess...there are a lot of numbers out there. I'm younger than lots of people and older than lots of people haha! I bet that helps a lot!

Obsessions: Way WAY too many to put on here...umm to list a few there are marshmallows, dark chocolate, milk, FMA (yes it has its own obsession), anime, manga, too manybishies (can there really be too many though?), mechanical pencils (they amuse me endlessly), sparkely things, shiny things, bouncy things, squishy things, jingley things,lots lots more things...

Favorite Colors: My favorite colors in order are green, blue, black, and purple. I like rainbows too. I prefer silver over gold, dark chocolate over milk chocolate, and pants over skirts haha!

Please read my story. I only have one right now but I'm gunna post some more later.

p.s. I'm sorry for not updating my story in FOREVER but I've been really busy with crap and stuff. If I get some time soon,I hopeI can find some inspiration for the next chapter. If you have any ideas, please PM me or something soI can think about it. I'll even give you credit at the beginning of the chapter ifI remember to.

update: I just wanted to let you all know (if anyone reads this) that my seemingly long absence from this site has not been unproductive. I have quite a few Naruto one-shots waiting in a note book to be typed and put up. Look forward to them if you like sonen-ai or yaoi. Sorry, I still have not written chapter 7 of FMA Truth or Dare. Though, I now plan on looking at it again.

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