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Uh...is...this my profile? Yay.

About Me

It's about time I updated this. I'm a very changing person, you know. For example, I now like onions as well as video games and drawing. I do, of course, love writing as well, which is why I have an account here. I mostly enjoy writing stories with at least a bit of humor, although usually they're completely insane. And I seem to be very into D.Gray-Man right now. In other news, I love Dr Pepper, and your random fact for the while is yes, it's spelled without the period in "Dr". Oh, and I'm taking a forensics class right now, so I suppose I like forensics, too. Yay science. And mystery. And JUSTICE. :0

Oh, but chemistry. Mixing random chemicals to form reactions. I filled up a balloon with...uh...hydrogen, was it? Is that the flammable one?

Uh, I love to play video games. I like to draw, and doodle, and...I'm poor. So I'll get a job as a traveling performer and...no...I don't think that'd work...

I also like eating. XD

But it's okay because I never get heavier. OR TALLER. ;_;

I enjoy writing, which is probably obvious, especially considering I think I said it before. I also love photography and reading ghost stories. Yes, ghost stories are big win. Shows about ghosts are fun, too. I swear, someday I'll spend the night in a haunted house...but...not by myself. And I like cats. Although I suppose liking cats isn't really a hobby...

I also still haven't found a pen name that's perfect for me...so if you have any suggestions...

Um, my favorite games...can't be decided because I love so very many. For one, I love Tales of the Abyss, which I just...can't seem to stop playing...then there are the old Mario Bros. games, which I absolutely love to death...and Zelda...the ones before Twilight Princess. Yes. Those games bring back some memories...OH. Mother 3. I LOVE Mother 3. You should play it. Like...now. Actually, I should play it like now...

Random Facts You Might Like

I'm scared of spiders. (Who isn't?)

I can't do the Officer Meekins salute. My fingers don't bend like that. D:

I hate tomatoes but I like tomato juice.

There's a cake out there with my name on it. Figuratively, yes. Literally, possibly.

If you ever just want to talk, feel free to send me a message. I'm always up to chatting, especially if it's about stuff I like. XD



I am often getting addicted to things. These addictions are always changing and morphing into even more addictions, and, although I am ashamed of some, I am quite proud of others. As of right now, my addictions include...

- Ghost Hunters

- Soft pretzels

- D.Gray-Man

- DeviantART (Yes, I have a DA account. If you'd like to know, just ask. I don't feel like sticking it up here.)

- Drawing (doodling, more like)

- Tea

- Music from the 80's

- Wallets

- Stuffed animals

- Video games

- Dr Pepper

- Chocolate cake

If we have things in common, do tell. I love meeting fellow addicts. :'D

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