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It's been said that it's tactful and polite to not talk about yourself and listen to others. Well screw that, this is my profile baby and it's all about me.

Crazily enough, it does not take much to please me. A good book, maybe some tea, and a quiet place to sit is really all I need. Or maybe just a quiet place to sit so I can sleep. Either works for me, I'm not too picky. I rather be at home on my computer, reading fanfiction, but, hey, who wouldn't? If you haven't caught the picture yet, I'll give you a hint: I like to read.

My friends are my support group and go through pretty much everything with me. Both my online and real-life friends go through my obsessions, my crazes, and my fangirling. They were there for me for my Inu Yasha phase (let's not talk about that), are still going through my Harry Potter one, and are just beginning to taste my 21 Jump Street craze. They deal with my ranting about there not being enough Gaston in the world, raving about Penhall and his baby fat, and how James Jr. will not live up to his grandfather's reputation and is therefore pure suckage. I honestly don't know what I would do without them sometimes.

School takes up a lot of my times and procrastinating takes up the rest, but I do turn out a story every few months.

I'm pretty much open to anything, from het to femslash, from vanilla!kinks to Christ-on-toast that's weird!kinks, Harry Potter to Avatar: TLA to Pirates of the Caribbean to 21 Jump Street. I've read a few Beauty and the Beast stories once and followed it with a healthy dose of A Great and Terrible Beauty fanfiction. I try to keep my horizons broad and my mind open.

I'm on LJ (livejournal.com for all you non-cool cats out there) at potter_lover456. Any stories that aren't posted here for various reasons can be found at the link above for my homepage.

Credit for my icon above goes to iconseeyou over at LJ.

Current Fandom: X-Men (movie!verse for now)

Longest Story: White Picket Fences- X-Men (Rogue/Wolverine, T)-- 4,065

Newest Story: The Awfulness of Love and Violets-Wolverine and the X-Men (Rogue/Logan, K)

On The Verge of Being Written: Star Trek XI

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