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Name: Queensbaby

Age: Not important

Gender: 100 percent woman power!

Ethnicity: I am proud to say that I'm a proud Black Woman. That's right, I'm a pure, unadulturated, Native Black American.

A Little Bit About Me

I am very proud of who I am and what I'm going to be. Though I won't say my exact age I will admit that I'm not especially old. I'll also admit that I'm not the best writer in the world but I hold my own. Also, I don't write any Yaoi of Yuri (sorry). It's not that I have anything against it but I just don't read it and I also have too many gay friends that go haywire over the stuff. It's really quite pathetic and I let them know this as I laugh mercilessly at them. So, in a way, I find the whole thing so comical that I could never take the genre seriously. Hence, if you see any of my writting and notice things that hints Yaoi or Yuri, it's probably going to be a joke in the end.

I love most anime shows but I tend to write Yugioh fics just because it eases into one of my favorite subjects; Ancient Egypt. I enjoy shows that have clever humor that is tasteful and can be enjoyed by children as well as older people. Some shows on t.v today are just tasteless if you ask me. However, I do find some craziness HILARIOUS like a lot of the stuff on Naruto and Duel Masters.

Favorite Pairings: (in order of common story occurance)






Priest Seto/Priestess Aishizu/Atem

Favorite Wierd Pairings: (in accidents due to substance abuse or in dream sequences)







Thank You

I think thank you's are in order for most of my reviewers. Especially for my 'Psychiatric Evaluation of the cast of Yugioh' reviewers. You're all beautiful! Really you are. Give me a little time I'll finish with the next chapter soon. 'Perfect Weapon' might take some time though. It's really long! SO once again, thank you everyone.

So I'm back everybody.

I just added two more chapters to one of my stories and maybe even put up some new ones, after two years in hibernation. Schools been tough but rewarding and now I'm getting back on track. I need to try to finish some of these stories.

I'm getting my life back on track, what with school having been over for a while and the job search just about done. For all my lovely reviewers for 'Second Time Around' expect a new chapter in the next few days and a conclusion in the next few chapters. GEEZ its almost finished, maybe thats why its so hard to write! Anyway just be on the lookout for new chapters as well as some new stories... possibly. 06-30-2008

I realized that instead of Epilogue, I wrote that I was going to write a prologue for my story Second Time Around, which I have fixed. Also, a lot of the stories that I've finished still said that they were in progress so I've fixed that little mistake. My finished works are:

A Whole New You

Emotional Roller Coaster

Love Changes You

The Talk

Second Time Around

I'm not sure if Perfect Weapon will ever get finished even though I've finished it in my mind. I'm currently working on RomeoJuliet, which has been very successful so far. (keep reviewing guys) and for my Psychiatric fans, expect new chapters in the coming months! I'm sorry I'm the slowest writer ever and when I get brain farts they can go on for years. When those happens, I wind up getting new ideas in my head.

If there are any ideas for stories you would like to see from me, suggest it in a review! - 08-05-2008

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A Girl Called Isis reviews
When Ishizu is hit by a car, everyone is relieved when she wakes up... until she opens her mouth and introduces herself as Isis, a name she hasn’t used since she was 16. Will Seto still love her when he finds out how the innocent Isis became his Ishizu?
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Mai left Joey after he did something really stupid, but when she passed through Domino nearly a year later, she found out that her sweet Joey wasn’t so sweet anymore.
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Emotional Roller Coaster reviews
It's hard to be in love with the most unlovable guy you've ever known. Ishizu is taken on an emotional roller coaster that is being controlled by Kaiba and must make a decision. Love him and hurt or leave him and hurt.
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