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Hi my name is Inyagilr and i'm very happy write inuyasha stories i hope you'll all enjoy them just as much as i enjoy writting them

Hair-brown, long

Eyes- brown

pets-pure breed german sheperd, Shane

Siblings-sister, mom, dad


Fav. shows- inuyasha,naruto,Teen titans,walker texas ranger, Sailor moon, Full house

Hobbies- Sing, dance, write, talk, flirt, tv, teach

Me- short , skinny.

I'm very nice i love to hang out with me friends i love to flirt with boys i love to fight in tsae-kwon-do. i love animals i also like to run well hope you like my stories again.

I Saw Inu Kissing Kikyou
("I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus")

I saw Inu kissing Kikyou
Underneath Goshinboku last night...

They didn't see me creep
From the well to have a peek.
They thought that I was back in
My own time, all fast asleep...

And I saw Kikyou tickle Inu's ears
Ah, those doggy-ears so snowy white!

Oh, what a fight that had been
When Inu found out I'd seen...
And I O-SU-WA-RI-ed him, all right!

I'm Dreaming of His White Dog Ears
("I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas")

I'm dreaming of his white dog-ears,
Those twitchy ears on Inu's head.

Where the fur will glisten
When Inu listens
To hear what everyone just said...

I'm dreaming of his white dog-ears,
With every tweak I give tonight.

May they beat Naraku
In this fight...
And may all those puppy-ears be white.

Inu the Red-Cloaked Hanyou
("Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer")

You know Ranma and Lum,
Akane, and Ryouga...
Kagome, Miroku
and Sango, and Kouga...

But do you recall
The most famous hanyou of all?

Inu the red-cloaked hanyou
Had a very shiney jewel.
And if you ever used it,
You'd turn into something cool.

All of the other humans.
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Inu
Join in any human games.

Then on one horrendous morn,
Kikyou came to say,
"Inu, you have betrayed me!
I shall seal you to this tree!"

Then someone from the future
Came up through the old dry well,
And when she saw the hanyou,
She went up and broke that spell!

Here Comes Sesshy's Fluff
("Here Comes Santa Claus")

Here comes Sesshy's Fluff
Here comes Sesshy's Fluff
Wrapped about, like a mane.

Rin and Jaken, and Aun, too
Are pulling at the reign!

Swords are clinging,
Rin is singing,
Sometimes he's a real sight...
Don't be gawking
At all that hair,
When Sesshy comes 'round tonight.

Kikyou, Kikyou, Kikyou
("Dradle, Dradle, Dradle")

Oh Kikyou, Kikyou, Kikyou
I made her out of clay
And when she's on her mission
You don't get in her way!

Oh Kikyou, Kikyou, Kikyou
Came back to life today
And now I think she hates me
Why'd it turn out this way!

Oh Kikyou, Kikyou, Kikyou
I made her out of clay
And so we'll find Naraku
And we will make him pay!

Hey I hope you will enjoy these Holiday sons. There not mine but I do like them and I wanted you to read them. You can find them on

I think. I wish you all happy holidays. Inyagirl

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