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Hello, everyone. My name is Ryan, and currently, I'm a new author here on fanfiction. As for myself, I would like to think that I'm a fairly easygoing guy, looking out for nothing much more than to have a good time and hopefully not cause too many people much trouble while having it. Lol, jk. I suppose trying to describe myself in words isn't really my thing; not that I couldn't do it, but... well, you know.

To be honest, I really enjoy writing my stories, almost as much as I enjoy having people read them and tell me how much they liked them. That's how I felt when I first became an official writer here, and it's how I'd like to continue on as for as long as I'm here.

Age: 20

E-Mail Address: ryancrescens@aol.com

Likes: Anime, Karate, Biking, Track, Games, Music, Running, Exercising, Music, Singing.

Dislikes: Disrespect, Dishonor, Discrimination.

Favorite Animes: Gundam Seed, Gundam Seed Destiny, Full Metal Alchemist, Case Closed, Tsubasa, Black Cat.

Favorite Manga: Neon Genesis Evangelion Angelic Days, Case Closed, Full Metal Panic.

While I've been here at fanfiction.net for a while now, I've started to take my first steps towards becoming a real writer. My first story, 'My Sweetest Heart for You', seems to be doing well among the more M rated stories. My second story, 'Advent of Destiny,' has just gotten started, and while it could go any which way right now, I really see some potential in it that I'm going to try and bring to its fullest.

It's still scary sending your work out there for everyone to see and think whatever they want to about it. But, that's part of what writing is all about, so I guess there's no getting around it. It's tough getting past the bad reviews, days when you feel you just can't write a good word (believe me, I've had more of those than I care to remember) and every other little thing that just makes you want to give up and quit all together. Still, I know I wouldn't forgive myself if I just quit.

"Why torment yourself? Saying, "Someday...?" How long have you been fighting, with your thoughts clouded by that brand of sweet poison? This is a world filled with hatred, where fingers have no purpose other than to pull triggers! What do you believe in? And why do you?" - Rau le Creuset (Gundam Seed)

"Not believing is letting each other down, that's how it is." - Lacus Clyne, (Gundam Seed Destiny)

"First, you must decide. Then you must follow through. I believe that's the only way you can get anything accomplished." - Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed Destiny)

"I do not wish to win. I want to protect those and the people of the factory that lent us their strength" - Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed Destiny)

Meer: "I'm Lacus. Because I am, aren't I? Because my face and voice are the same! I'm Lacus! What's wrong with that?" Athrun:"Meer, stop it already! You're..." Lacus: "If you want the name, I will give it to you. The appearance as well. But even after that, you and I are two different people. That will never change. We cannot be anything other than ourselves. But that's why you and I exist here, right?That's why we're able to meet other people, and yourself, right? That's why we're able to meet other people, and yourself, right? Your dream is truly yours. Please sing that for your own sake. You cannot allow your dream to be used by others." - Meer Campbell, Athrun Zala & Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed Destiny)

"To dream...To wish for a future...Those are the strengths given to all life in order to live. Whatever you may gain, if your dreams and future are blocked off, we may only be existences that have perished. All of life fights for its own future. It is something we're allowed to fight for." - Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed Destiny)

"We will now commence the removal of that meaningless weapon of mass destruction. That is not a thing people need to protect, nor something that's necessary in order to ight. If it's for the sake of peace, and if the pride of that uniform still remains within you, let us through." - Lacus Clyne (Gundam Seed Destiny)

"Dreaming...I was dreaming...Perhaps it may have been but a long forgotten memory...A dream...A memory...Things remembered when one is asleep...Things forgotten when one is awake...Where the deepest layers of memories become the outmost layers of one's dreams...Which are reality? Which are illusions? One cannot tell until one awakes...Or perhaps they are, at the same time, both truth and fiction...A vast nebulous...With no boundaries...An emptiness equivalent to my own existence...I dreamt such a dream...A long...Never-ending, dream." - Fei Fong Wong (Xenogears)

"That dream changed me...That dream was the catalyst for me to resolve what my purpose was. I think I know now...What I have to do...That long, long memory of dream...Perhaps it was the memory of my soul..." - Fei Fong Wong (Xenogears)

"But its power goes beyond what is necessary...Does one really need the power to destroy everything?" - Fei Fong Wong (Xenogears)

"I'm not a holy woman of any sort. I'm just a regular woman. I get angry...I cry...I laugh...Although at times I can resent others, I also know how to love others...Loving whole masses of people at times...and loving just one person the rest of the time...I am in supreme bliss when I am embraced by the man that I love. Giving what I have to him, and receiving what he gives to me, we become one flesh...That is the moment when I am most at peace. It is my prerogative as a woman to simply want to save the man that I love!" - Elhaym Van Houten (Xenogears)

"If god doesn't exist in our world, then...I will create god with my own hands! Sophia...please guide me...I will destroy all false pretenses of love, for you..." - Krelian (Xenogears)

"Show me this power of humans! Show me thise -love- that you say can make you independent of god..." - Krelian (Xenogears)

"Those eyes were what scared me. When I looked in your eyes I saw myself staring back" -Grahf (Xenogears)

"Even if I go to hell, I will live to the end of this world. And if the world does not come to an end...I will destroy it with my own hands!' - Grahf (Xenogears)

"The absence of wrath is an impediment to utilizing your true strength." - Grahf (Xenogears)

"Music is a mysterious thing. Sometimes it makes people remember things they do not expect. Many thoughts, feelings, memories...things almost forgotten...Regardless of whether the listener desires to remember or not." - Citan Uzuki (Xenogears)

"Using power or being used by power...is that not a problem of the heart...? If humans do not use their power for wrong it can be a good thing...I believe such power can help us." - Citan Uzuki (Xenogears)

"Because of your existence, I was discarded...! I was determined to be the representative of god...Having the might of the Emperor, I was destined to be the ultimate existence, having the power to exercise absolute control over all! But...I lost it all...because of you!" - Ramsus (Xenogears)

"One ending you know... is really just a new beginning. We are not finished; our journey will still continue. Don't you believe that's true?" - Ovan (.hack//G.U.)

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