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Greetings Earthlings, I'm WWSmith. You came to this page to find out stuff about me or my stories so here it is:

About Me

- Serenity/Firefly, Dollhouse and Doctor Who are the fandoms I currently write in. I am considering venturing into the realms of Naoki Urasawa, Torchwood and APH.

- Much of what I write is inspired by what I read/hear around me. In my current writing, I've been borrowing from Abigail Hilton, Robert Heinlein, Phillipa Ballantine and Rob Cummins most often. I've also started building up my own "worlds", so to speak. For example, all of my Doctor/Master stories are based on the same "past".

- As far as pairings go, I've written Doctor/Master, Koschei/Theta, Ianto/Jack and Simon/Kaylee. I'm playing with a few ideas for Jack/10 and River Song/Doctor. I ship quite a few more. I have an idea for a Maliver fic (I don't particularly ship them, but I'm trying to bribe one of my betas) so if she ever writes "Love Over London", that will be posted (don't hold your breath).

- I made the avatar I use on this account myself. No stealing.

- You're not going to see Rose much in my Doctor Who stories. I don't have anything against her, but I find her very difficult to write.

About My Stories

In Progress/Recently Completed:

- Puppet Master: The first line of this poem/stream of consciousness popped into my head as soon as I realized why Dr. Saunders hates Topher so much. I didn't like Topher at all at the beginning of the series, but the more I find out about him, the more he grows on me.

- The Waiting Game: The last chapter is finally up! This whole situation is funny in retrospect considering how much waiting was involved... For the record, I was just as annoyed with all of this as I'm sure you guys were. I had the chapter uploaded for almost two weeks before I could get in. Anyway, here it is. As the author, I have to say that this ending was a surprise. I had always intended this story to loop back on itself, but the final score was unknown to me until I got to that part in the writing. I only saw up to about mid-way through this chapter and thought that was it. Once again, I was proven wrong. Still, I am very happy with how things turned out and I hope all of you are too. Thank you to everyone who favorited, watched and reviewed. This is my most successful story to date!

- Letters to Wash: Wash is my favorite character on Firefly and I like trying to write in the character's voice. I'm working one letter ahead on this - the next to final letter is ready for beta and will be posted when the final letter is drafted. I'm particularly proud of Kaylee's letter. It wasn't easy to get into her slang, but after re-watching the series I think it came out pretty well. Good news for my fellow Browncoats: doing this story has given me an idea for a story I might actually publish some time this year!

Stuff I'm Working On:

- Light and Shadow, Life and Death: Zoe finds out that she's pregnant and plans to leave Serenity. When she tells Mal, it stirs up memories of his own past. This story is an extension of "Letters to Wash".

- Dreams of Flying: This fic is a spawn of "The Waiting Game" the same way that "The Waiting Game" is a result of writing "Enzo Tapori". I have a habit of coming up with more scenes than fit the story, so this has become the "Theta/Koschei" dump. It's taken on an interesting character of its own: currently it consists of a collection of inter-related scenes based on the history established in "Enzo Tapori" and "The Waiting Game". I haven't been writing this in order, so I have no clue when it will be "done" enough to publish. (It will be after "The Waiting Game" is complete.)

- Sick Day: What would the Torchwood team be without Ianto? Time to find out.

Completed Stories:

+ Doctor Who:

- Festival of Lights: First attempt at writing Rose... gah. For whatever reason, she is the single most difficult character for me to write. She's so very, very normal that I'm never happy with how she comes out. When I write fan fics, I try to imagine the character speaking the lines I'm giving them. This is usually easy and works particularly well for people like the Doctor, Jack, Martha, the Master, the Torchwood team and well, pretty much every other "Who" character. When I get to Rose, though, that technique comes to a screeching halt - I can't make her sound like Rose because she's so gorram normal there is no distinct voice. *headdesk* Anyways, I hope everyone else who's in the same position as the Doctor (or me this year) of being the only one celebrating a holiday has a great happy winter time : )

- The New Arrival: I have done much speculating on the causes of 11's odd behavior and felt like presenting the theory in story form. As mentioned in the author notes, the Personae were inspired in part by "Meme" by Rob Cummins. The other source for them was a comment the Doctor makes during "Forest of the Dead" about his head being full of voices.

- Intersections: For some reason, real life crossovers appeal to me. With David Tennant being such a fan boy, how could I resist? Some people have commented that this story seems finished. It is, but I wrote it with two more chapters in mind. Those chapters will be published as their own fics. Sorry for any confusion.

= Doctor/Master (These stories all use the same past for Theta Sigma & Koschei):

- Aftermath: This was the prototype for "Enzo Tapori". The season three finale was always one of my favorites, but I never really bought that the Doctor just walking away from the bonfire and everything being okay.

- The Second Intervention of Enzo Tapori: This story is the foundation for a growing sequence of Doctor/Master stories. If you're just passing through from "The Waiting Game" or "Dreams of Flying", the chapters you're looking for are four and eight. (If you're coming from "Waiting Game", you'll probably be interested in chapter five as well.)

- Nightmares: I began writing this in class one day after listening to Book II of Abigail Hilton's "Guild of the Cowry Catchers". I wasn't sure how it ended until one of my beta readers pointed out for the millionth time that I never have a happy ending to a Doctor/Master story. I don't see them ever having a truly happy ending, but the world of what if is a wonderful place. Enjoy!

+ Naruto:

- December: I never used to like Neji, but lately I've found I relate to him more.

- Sacrifice: I thought this story up after seeing an amazing picture of baby Naruto & the Fourth by Nekozumi on Deviant Art.

- The Side of Me Nobody Sees: Originally, this was going to be just about Kakashi, but when I started writing it expanded.

+ Avatar: The Last Airbender:

- Ashes in the Stream of Consciousness: Like I said in the description, it's just something that popped into my head for no apparent reason.

- Prodigy: No offense to the writers of the Katara pairings or world saving, I'm just tried of reading them and I seriously doubt I'm alone. I have decided to make this story a one shot.

- Ozai's Capture: I started writing this with the Zuko Fan Mob in mind, but it changed as it went on. Thanks to all who have reviewed, you guys rock. I have gotten many reviews asking for Oazi to be killed, trust me, I'm right there with you. The problem is that if Oazi goes, it makes it a lot harder for Zuko to get home. This arugument is in the story, I had planned to make Oazi suffer but I decided not to so Zuko would have a better shot at him: he deserves to take out Oazi. However, keeping Zhao around doesn't help Zuko so...

- Zhao's Capture: This is the sequel to Oazi's Capture. Sorry about the abrupt ending, but I wanted to keep it constitant with the show and "The World as Myth".


(It's a fan-fic site, we've all heard this before.)

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