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Greetings everyone! I'm just your normal college student, who happens to love Naruto, Inuyasha, and now Bleach (what an awesome anime).

Basically all of my fics will be the Sesshomaru/Kagome paring. So if you don't happen to like this pairing, don't read my fics. There is something about this pairing that I like better than Inu/Kag. To me, there would always be a case of doubt in the Inu/Kag pairing; if Inuyasha is really 'seeing' Kagome for who she is or if this was his second chance with Kikyo, since Kagome is her reincarnation (which I still question). So, you can never know if he's hoping to have Kikyo in any shape or form, or if he was really just given a second chance at love.

Also, I'm into the Kakashi/Sakura pairing from Naruto. Just like Sess/Kag, there's something about these two that I like better than Sakura with Sasuke or Naruto (or whoever the hell else) and Kakashi with, well, anybody else. I guess it's the May-December romance thing and the sensei-student vibe that I like. Whatever it is, I love this pairing as well as Sess/Kag.

Recently, though, I have noticed that I dislike/hate a lot of the Sess/Kag stories out there now, even Kaka/Saku stories too. I have certain preferences, and it seems every story I read now are doing all the things I hate.

Even authors I previously liked, I don't like anymore (some I really hate). I also find myself cringing every time I see any of those stories updated. Some have gotten arrogant and think so highly of themselves that I can't like them anymore either.

I don't know why I feel so bitter, but I do. Maybe this will give me the motivation to write Sess/Kag again, because there is the old adage of if you don't like what you read, write what you do want to read (or something like that).

Hottest Men in Anime (in my opinion)

1: Kakashi Hatake (Naruto) - his mysteriousness and wicked scar make him number one in my book

2: Sesshomaru (Inuyasha) - do I really have to explain

3: Itachi Uchiha (Naruto) - for being deadly and beautiful

4: Aoshi Shinomori (Rurouni Kenshin) - those eyes give me the shivers

5: Amon (Witch Hunter Robin) - he sure knows how to handle a weapon and his sexy scruff

6: Uryuu Ishida (Bleach) - he makes wearing glasses sexy

7: Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach) - he's so good looking, even with those weird hair pieces


Hello to any fans of my fics! Just to let you know, I'm going to try to update soon. My health is still up and down, but it's nothing serious, only annoying to me since it won't go away. And I'm struggling with my job search and finishing my schooling as well, so my mind hasn't been too focused on writing, so that's why it takes me forever to post or update something. But I'm trying. I'm really into writing Naruto fiction at the moment, but I think I'm going to try to get back into Inuyasha. I haven't been motivated to write before, but now I think I am. Anyway, I will finish all my fics, it just might take time. Again, please be patient with me.

ENTRAP (Inuyasha): don't know at the moment (but it will be finished)

TRANSFORMATION (Inuyasha): chapter 4 is only partially done

YOU IDIOT! (Inuyasha): complete; I did the revision and added more Sess/Kag.

FOR KEEPS (Naruto): complete and now edited.

KEEP HOLD OF (Naruto): sequel to 'For Keeps'; finally complete

CAUGHT IN THE OPEN (Naruto): complete; I have an idea for a sequel, so I actually might write it, but I'm not promising anything.

FADE IN, FADE OUT (Naruto): chapter 1 is up and writing chapter 2 now; this is going to be possibly a dark fic. It has ansgt and drama, but I don't know if it will be considered dark; and it's another Kaka/Saku; I think my idea is something I've never seen before, so hopefully someone will find it interesting

TO BEWITCH A PERV..., ERR, SANNIN (Naruto): chapter 1 done, working on chapter 2; this is my crackfic with the crack pairing of Jiraiya and Hinata; this was done just for entertainment purposes, because I had never seen this pairing done before.

Pet Peeves in Fanfiction:

>- Misspelling of certain and similar sounding words continuously. This absolutely drives me crazy! What's so hard in using a dictionary, a thesaurus, or just plain common sense?

Words misused all the time (which I'll probably add to):

~ scent / sent ~ how can you not know the difference

~ waste / waist ~ same as above

~ now / know ~ same as above

~ there / their / they're (and your / you're) ~ same as above

~ plain / plane ~ same as above

~ whole / hole ~ same as above

~ weather/whether ~ same as above

~ to/too ~ same as above

~ definitely / defiantly ~ seriously, sound these out before you use it to decide which one you want to use

~ ministrations / menstrations ~ same as above, and if you're a woman and don't know the difference, then that's just sad

>- Making the main male character a womanizer/man-whore. A lot of stories have Sesshomaru and Kakashi as male sluts, and it appalls me to read the level authors go to just to make it seem like they're 'gods' (and not just in the 'mature' section).

A person doesn't have to have a ton of sex to be considered sexy!

Sometimes I wonder if some just write them like that, because a popular author wrote them llike that. You don't have to write them as womanizers to be popular. All you really need is good writing skills and a good plot to have others enjoy your story.

>- Over-rated authors. I usually check out reviews first to get a feel of what a story will be about and sometimes I go by them, which leaves me wondering why the hell I went by the encouragement of the reviews in the first place. Some people give way too much praise for certain stories (mostly for the ones that include my previous pet peeve, well, both of them really). There is nothing wrong in encouraging others, but to overly praise them is another thing. (Don't get me wrong. There are some authors who rightly deserve it, but to me, not a lot of them. I think this is stemming from my dislike of the direction certain authors go with my favorite pairings.)

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