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Author has written 5 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Kingdom Hearts.

I do not use this account much anymore. I've pretty much realized that I can't write fanfictions as well as I used to. I still use it occasionally to review friend's stories, or stories that I generally take interest in.

If you are/were interested in any of the stories that I wrote, feel free to check out my Deviantart account, . I still draw characters, especially Sumina, from my stories, and I am also considering, if ever, putting up any past/future fanfictions up there.

Sincerest apologies, but sadly, my imagination decided to dry up a little with age. Feel free to read anything I still have up here though - otherwise, your best bet is the deviantart account.

~ Angel of Misery ~

Welcome to my profile! I am the one known as Angel of Misery, but outside the world of fanfiction, you can call me Samantha, but preferably 'Sam'!

Right, so here's some useless info~! ^^

Age: 20.

Interests: Fanfiction writing, stuffing around on my laptop, drawing with my new graphics tablet, playing the piano, and playing my PS2, DS, so many game machines...I'm your classic nerd. =3

Anime Interests: Dragon Ball Z (not too sure about the new Kai series...), Yugioh (no GX or 5D, thanks), Fruit Baskets, Shugo Chara, Full Metal Alchemist, Devil May Cry Anime, Disgaea Anime, Hetalia, SOUL EATER (I love this now =3), D.Gray Man, and so many, many more.

Game Intersts: Kingdom Hearts 2, Devil May Cry, Dragon Quest, Makai Kingdom, Phantom Brave, Disgaea, Mario and Sonic games, Yugioh, Final Fantasy stuff, Sword of Mana stuff, Harvest moon stuff, DBZ - I pretty much like fighting RPGs with a good story!

Favourite Anime Good Guys: Yeah...I'm sort of a 'bad guy' loving chick, but...I like Goku, Trunks is ok, Sariell (trademark to me, lol), Edward Elric, Ikuto from Shugo Chara (bah, he turns into a good guy. Even if he's a perverted one), Yami Yugi, Yugi, Kyo, Yuki, Dante, Death the Kid, so on and so forth...

Favourite Anime Bad Guys: Cell (I'm always going to love the guy ), Yami Bakura, Yami Marik, Axel, mostly all of the Organization XIII characters, Scar, Seymour, Laharl, Hades...too many to list! I like any bad guy, as long as they're relatively good looking and pass the "Evil Laugh" test.

Latest Updates!

So, as you all probably know by now, I blame my inactivity a lot on university. Between assignments, exams and general exhaustion, I find it hard to get the writing groove going, especially for "The Long Awaited Sequel". Plus, I'm slightly narcotic in the way I doubt my writing alot - I haven't been writing much because I tend to think it's not good, and that the fans will hate it. And finally, I wrote a lot of this when I was a kid. I'm twenty now, so it's a little hard to keep the flow going. But all the same, I'm going to keep at it with fanfictions. It's just going to be a slow process, so anyone expecting me to update one week after another, will probably be a bit disappointed.

The Long Awaited Sequel: Will be updated soon. Next chapter is practically finished, and will be up shortly. I just have to fix a few little things. Hope the fans are happy.

Born from Slavery: Might work on this again one day, but at the moment, I have so many alternatives for this story it's just a bit of a mess.

Yugioh: The Three Seasons: Next break, I might look at this. It was sort of a way to get Yugioh out of my system. But I might tinker with it.

Yugioh Story #1: Yet to be named, and I may put this up. It's rather lemony, which I'm not used to writing - I'm more PG, and I find it a little uncomfortable. If I even do publish it, the lemony will probably be toned down alot. About it: Set some time after Battle City, it's basically about a girl who finds the Millennium Ring, allows the thief Bakura into her soul and unwittingly falls in love with him as she collects the Millennium Items for him. There's also going to be some Zork, Kisara and trips to the past Egypt. Past Egypt will be the sequel, if I ever finish the first one. This is probably going to be an After the Long Awaited Sequel Project.

Kingdom Hearts: The Anomaly: ...You know, I really do like this story. But, I don't think people would like it and sadly, my OC turned out to have a practically exact story as Xion. Except my character's not a Mary Sue. >.> I swear I thought of the idea of someone being artifically created from Sora's memories at the moment, it's just sitting on my hard drive. About: Sera was created from Sora's heart's plea when Sora was sleeping in Castle Oblivion. However, she had no memory of this or of anything, and unwittingly stumbled into the Organization XIII's headquarters. Once the Organization find out that Sera is human, but can has the ability to copy any power of those around her, they give her the name Anomaly and look to exploit her for evil purposes. To cut along story short, she escapes, meets Sora, falls in love with Axel, they save the world. Tell you what - if anyone is interested in this story, send me a message and I will begin uploading it. Otherwise, I probably won't do much about it.

One Shots:

Due to doing a few oneshots for my friend, I'm quite liking it. So I put this here in case people have requests. I wouldnt mind doing a oneshot request. It'd have to be something I know, like Yugioh or Kingdom Hearts...but yeah, if you like the way I write, drop me a line. xD They're easier to do than full on fictions.

Role Playing, anyone?

Contact me at my deviantart account. I only do MSN anime/game Role Plays, in script format, e.g:
Person #1: Blah, blah.
Person #2: Blah.

Truths I Now Know Thanks to Role Playing:

Yeah, just little things that are now consistent to how I think about characters, and role playing in general. These are mostly thanks to Ynna. X3

1) Xemnas is a massive Twilight fan, and would love to enlist Robert Pattinson's Nobody.

2) Roxas is gay.

3) There is a girl named Antionette who is the reason for ANYTHING going bad ANYWHERE.

4) When stuck for a plot, throw two characters together and make them have kids.

5) Dante's real name is Dante Florence Sparda, and Vergil's real name is Vergil Theodore Sparda, and Nero's real name is Nero Miley Sparda.

Ah, the hijinks we get up to. That's it for now, I'm off to work on the Long Awaited Sequel a little bit and maybe do some drawings from it. Toodles, poodles!

~~ Angel of Misery ~~

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