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Update June 2022:

My new fantasy-romance 'Wind Weaver', set in a world with an Ancient Greek theme, is now available on Amazon, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords (just search for 'Lia Patterson').


About me: I stumbled onto the wonderful world of Lord of the Rings fanfiction in 2005. Having been a fan of Tolkien's since my early teens, I've read the books many times, first in my native language German, then in English. Éomer was always one of my favourite characters and when the films came out, I was rather upset with Peter Jackson at the way he minimized his role and gave all his best lines to Théoden. So when I started writing, I thought I’d write my first story about how Éomer met Lothiriel - and somehow I seem to be stuck with those two now!

My stories have a tendency to grow from tiny seeds into impenetrable thickets, but since I'm enjoying the process, that's okay. Writing in Tolkien's universe also provides me with the opportunity to indulge my other interests, languages and history and to research obscure and completely useless bits of knowledge. Bliss!

I live in Switzerland and have a family of three lovely girls. As you can guess that keeps me rather busy, so my writing time is limited.

Many thanks to my reviewers, anonymous or named! Und vielen Dank auch meinen deutschen Lesern!

And I've got my own website: www(dot)liapatterson(dot)com - feel free to pop in!

Original stories (available as eBooks at all major retailers, just search for 'Lia Patterson' ):

Wind Weaver

Meeting her Shadow, the key to her full power as a wind mage, Xanthe is determined to escape her restricted life managing her uncle’s household.

A Khametish desert lord, Ashkar is torn between allowing such a dangerously pretty passenger on his ship and having a mage to weave the Aglaia’s winds. However, he has a secret mission to fulfil and will do anything to reach his goal.

Together, they embark on a journey into deadly danger. But unless they learn to trust each other, Xanthe will discover that finding her Shadow was easier than keeping him.


Daughter of Wolves (free on iBooks, Nook, Kobo and Smashwords, and published on FictionPress)

“I won him in a game of dice. I never owned him, though.”

Javaneh’s people disdain her for her mixed blood, yet covet her magic. On the run, she gambles everything she has – including herself – to win a horse. However, she hadn’t anticipated getting a smelly, dim-witted slave into the bargain. But with the wolves of the steppe in pursuit, she might need all the help she can get.


Elephant Thief

When magically gifted Arisha runs away from an army camp with her elephant Hami, she thinks she's in deep trouble. However, she soon discovers that things can always get worse: they are captured by the enemy leader, called the Eagle. Yet slowly Arisha finds herself drawn to him despite their differences.

But can she bridge the gap between their countries before the decisive battle is joined?


Bride to the Sun

Once, she could pluck fire out of the very air. Now she is the most insignificant member of an imperial court seething with intrigue. The firedancer Shay, facing punishment for the crimes of her dead father, and Medyr, a barbarian from the north, must build a fragile bridge of trust. But will they realise in time that the growing attraction between them is also their deadliest danger?

A tale of magic, perilous intrigues, a tortoise and pondslime.

Stories on

Like a Blade Forged in Fire: This story is slightly AU, with an older and more experienced Lothiriel. Sent away to marry a Haradrim prince, she returns to Gondor after her husband is killed. When Eomer encounters her, it takes him a while to see her clearly for what she is, not a victim but a survivor.


Smoke & Mirrors: This story kicks off where my stories usually end, with Éomer and Lothíriel's wedding. After previous heartbreak, both protagonists are very determined not to give their hearts away again, so a marriage of convenience seems very attractive. At least at first.


Imrahil's Daughters: A chance encounter in a linen cupboard in the Houses of Healing has unforeseen consequences as Éomer finds himself caught between two very different women. However, things are not as they seem. A tale of love, deception and bees.


The Abduction of Éomer, King of Rohan: Princess Lothíriel of Dol Amroth finds her peace of mind disturbed by the arrival of a mysterious courier from Rohan. When she goes to Cormallen the next spring, she meets him again and that's when things get really complicated.

Update: Rachael has illustrated a scene from this story. You can find her beautiful artwork here: www(dot)photobucket(dot)com/albums/mm39/Zancanary/Whatareyoudoingherecopy.jpg


The Lion and his Lady: a series of oneshots about how Éomer and Lothiriel could have met.

Letters to Edoras: Betrothed to a man she has never met, Lothiriel decides to write to him.
Lady Owl: On an evening stroll in Minas Tirith, Éomer encounters a mysterious story teller.
Stable Girl: Éomer arrives in Dol Amroth a day early and meets an old acquaintance in the stables.
The Lion Tamer: Still struggling with the losses of the past, Éomer has no wish to marry and does his best to put off prospective wifes. Enter Lothiriel of Dol Amroth.
From Dutiful Daughter to Virtuous Wife: Brought up in Aunt Ivriniel's exclusive institute for young maidens, Lothiriel should be the perfect Gondorian lady. But is she?
True Love Knows No Season: Just a bit of romance
Equine Royalty: Éomer and Lothiriel are out to impress each other.
Joust: a rather wet scenario...
Flotsam: an even wetter scenario...


On the Wings of the Storm: Scenario number four. This one is set before the Ring War for a change, when Éomer is only Third Marshal. Prince Imrahil sends his daughter Lothiriel to Rohan for safety and she meets him there. The story covers the crucial time between the autumn of 3018 and spring 3019 when the ring is destroyed and we'll get to meet characters like Théoden, Grima and Théodred. Book verse and true to canon.

Update: one of my readers has illustrated a scene from this story! Chapter 10, where Éomer puts his cloak around Lothiriel. You can find it here: www(dot)photobucket(dot)com/albums/mm39/Zancanary/eandl.jpg?t=1216489300 - Artwork by Rachael

Promises: This story deals with the end of Éomer's life and how Lothiríriel deals with her loss. Warning: character death.


Yours to command: My third Éomer/Lothiriel scenario, finished at last. What I wanted to explore in this tale is a Lothiriel who is less than perfect, both physically (she's pretty but not beautiful) and in her character (hot-headed, insecure at times and most definitely not diplomatic), yet makes up for this with other important qualities like courage and a true heart. Above all, though, she's blind from a childhood accident and it's been a challenge and a learning experience both to try and depict the world as she 'sees' it.

Diese Geschichte kann man jetzt auch auf Deutsch lesen! Cúthalion hat sich die grosse Mühe gemacht und 'Euch zu Diensten' übersetzt. Die Geschichte kann auf ihrer Website gelesen werden: www(dot)cuthalionsbogen(dot)de/diensten_prolog.html

The Salt in the Soup: A oneshot, set four months after the wedding of 'Yours to Command'. Éomer and Lothiriel celebrate their first Yule together and would like to spend some time alone - only things don't quite work out as planned. Inspired by a Christmas card from the very talented Greywing: www(dot)photobucket(dot)com/albums/ii208/Lialathuveril/xmas.jpg


Black Eyes My second Éomer/Lothiriel scenario. This is just a humorous take of the 'arranged marriage' scenario and covers 24 crucial hours in the lives of my favourite couple (plus an epilogue).


Of Falcons and Mûmakil: Set a year after the end of the Ring War, this is the story of how Éomer and Lothiriel first met, fell in love and got married. They managed to do this despite several obstacles on the way including his sister, her eldest brother and a foolhardy band of Southrons. I’ve tried to keep Éomer in character to how he’s described in the books, brave and strong, with a sudden temper but also with a keen sense of humour. Lothiriel I see as quite young (she's twenty at the time they meet) and not quite sure of her role in life yet, impulsive and warmhearted.

Revenge is a dish best served cold: A story about land and sea creatures. A little extra material I could not fit into the above story. Humorous oneshot featuring Éomer, Lothiriel and Amrothos.

Not the usual stakes: Set some time after the wedding. Five months after the birth of Elfwine, the Queen of Rohan gets a little time off, while daddy copes with the baby. Humorous oneshot featuring Éomer, Lothiriel and Elfwine. Beware, only for mums and people with strong stomachs!

The icon shows the White Horse of Uffington, a picture carved into the chalk at a hillside near where Tolkien lived. I always felt that's where he got the device of the white horse upon a green field from.

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