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Hi, I'm Tate, and these are my Muses. . .in succession, Lilann (The Organizer), Kitami (The Pervert), Itsari (The Duplicate) Aiyen (The Child), and Natasha (The Android), Mai and Tain (The Poets), and Mazel (The Silent). Say hello.

Lilann: Hello, person we don't know.

Mazel: -nods-

Aiyen: Hiya!

Nata: -nods- Hello.

Kitami: -raises eyebrow- I thought you didn't want me meeting anymore people?

Tate: -sweatdrop- Um, when did I say that?

Kitami: -looks innocent- I believe it was sometime after 'Seven Days'. You said, and I quote: 'Kitami-kun, you are no longer allowed to meet people if I can't trust you alone with a boy for seven dang days'.

Tate: Can you blame me?

Itsari: No, not really.

Tate: Right. . .I thought you guys were gonna help me with this profile, not make it worse. . .

Kitami: We are.

Nata: Eventually.

Tate: Right, and what are people people going to want to know about me?

Nata: Your name, age, grade. . .

Tate: Tate, 15, 10th.

Nata: Location.

Tate: -raises eyebrow- Yeah, stalker-much? Oh, please, how stupid do you think I am?

Itsari: Kitami-kun and I aren't going to answer that.

Lilann: -sigh- Ok, Tate, what stories do we write?

Tate: Well, Kitami and Itsar write perverted ones. . .usually oneshots.

Kitami: -grins-

Itsari: Too true. We even steal chapters of others stories.

Kitami: -smacks Itsari- You weren't supposed to tell them that!

Itsari: Opps.

Nata: Ack! Chatspeak grammer! Die!

Tate: May I continue?

Nata: Erm. . .go ahead then.

Tate: Aiyen writes evil, AU stories. And bits that are completely unrelated. The OPAP and CITI stories came from her.

Aiyen: They're not evil! They're just not. . .good. . .

Kitami: The opposite of good is evil.

Nata: You'd know, wouldn't you Kit. -smirk-

Tate: Girls! Lilann and Nata both work with multiple types. . .Nata tends to work with shorter stories, PWP-types, and drabbles, whereas Lil-san at least attempts longer stories with believable plots.

Lilann: And people will want to know about us.

Tate: That's right. How about we start with you then, Lilann? You were my only Muse in 2005. You ran out on me to move to Miami in February. . .a week before my birthday, I might add. Then, in October, you come back to me, engaged to Mazel, and seven months pregnant. Now, its December, the twins Mai and Tain, were born on the fifth and sixth, at 11:45 and 12:01. They have a 'poetic streak.'

Lilann: I think that just about covers it.

Tate: Alright then, Kitami. . .Kitami is. . .wow, this is harder than I thought. Kitami is hard to explain. She's an Immortal, an ancient race (also called the Aenarene) which basically live forever. . .except the girls who become mortal either when they become pregnant with the child of a mortal man, or for one hour on their 1000th birthday. . .of course, their years are about 100 of ours. Kit is 10, and she's very perverted. Her philosophy is, 'I'm gonna live forever, so why shouldn't I do this?' She's going out with Shadow, the muse of my bestest friend Angel-kun. Or should I say one of the muses of, because until recently she and Tanya (another Angel Muse) have been worst enemies because of their fight over Shadow. Except now they get along. With a pile of subtext to boot. Kit gets along best with Nata, even if neither of them will admit it, and I love to tease her, because she's so amusing. (-ahem- Kitami will flirt with anything, man, woman, inanimate object. Ow! -gets smacked by Kitami- I'm kidding! She's straight. As she LOVES to point out to us.) After she thought Shadow had died, she went out with Bob, my friend CT's third or fourth muse. She discovered Shadow was alive, and used an ancient Immortal trick to split herself into two people, Itsari being the second. She's a Free Lancer for her people and once, before her first splitting when there was only one of them, named Mirara, she was evil and was arrested. Now, Miri is a part of the Immortal Council, the only reason Kit wasn't arrested on sight when she brought Dr.Stearn (A CT muse) to Council for molesting Bob, using his powers for compusion. Good 'nuff, Kit, Itsari?

Kitami: That hardly covers it at all, but it'll do.

Itsari: -nods- I guess.

Tate: . . .Thanks. . .Onto Nata then. Yes, thats short for Natasha. We only call her that when we want something (Not like that, Kit!), or when we're mad. Besides Lilann she's the most intelligent. She's an android created by the Immortals, and programmed to be 16 years old. Eight years younger than Lilann and six older than Kit. She was only activated two years ago. She's not the most practical, and sometimes she can act quite immature, but she's good at her job. . .which I pay her for.

Nata: Yes, you do. Why do you do that again?

Tate: Because you wanted to go to the mall and I gave you money to satisfy you instead. . .? Not that it worked. Ok, Aiyen. Aiyen-chan is your typical kid. . .hyper, excitable, slightly evil and not quite right in the head. She's nine, human years, that is. Except we're not quite sure if she is human. She isn't nearly as innocent as she pretends to be, and seems to become possessed when she gets angry. For a while I sent her to live with Lilann. By the way, Lilann, how do you get the rest of them to listen to what you say without threatening them? I've tried for years, but its never worked.

Lilann: -shrugs- I don't know. I command respect by age?

Tate: . . .Well, thats helpful. What else do I need to put in this profile?

Nata: Stories coming soon?

Tate: Right. . .well, Souille is on hold for a while, I kinda lost the plot. . .and I doubt I'll ever get around to writing Aneon in the right ORDER, or finishing one of the stories, so. . .I wanna write something off the line 'She is his and he is hers.' Don't know where I heard it, but it sounds cool.

Lilann: Will you ever get around to it?

Tate: . . .Maybe. . .

Kitami: That means no.

Tate: -smacks Kit-

Nata: Well, eventually I'm gonna write 'A Kinder Side', which is a CL story with a new school bully, and Sissy being nice for a change. Also it will show the development of a sisterly friendship between Sissy and Milly. Because they really could have it.

Kitami: -snickers-

Nata: -smacks Kitami- Thats not what I meant and you know it!

Tate: Ok, girls, thats enough.

Kitami: Natasha-kun and I are working on our Doctor Who almost PWP, 'Prove It', which is fun to write.

Nata: You'd think so, wouldn't you? -sigh- You cut out my favorite line!

Kitami: I can put it in chapter two.

Nata: We're on chapter five now. I told you not to add it mid-coital, so what do you do?

Itsari: Add it mid-coital twice.

Nata: Why? What part of 'don't even think about it' made you think you should put it there?

Kitami: The part where we ignored the first two words.

Itsari: Just because you have a thing for Ten doesn't mean-

Nata: I do not have a thing for Ten!

Itsari: Liar! -mimicing- 'Will not go all fangirly, will not go all fangirly, will not - oh screw this. Ten is hot!' -snickers-

Nata: -blushes-

Tate: Girls! Could we please get on with it?

Lilann: Yes, of course. We have several other Doctor Who stories in the works, and a few Avatar stories as well, including one about Zuko's mother, Ursa.

Tate: Thank you, Lil-san. Ok, Disclaimer time, ne? Anyone or anything you recognize, we don't own. So you cannot sue us. Got it?

Kitami: I hope they got it.

Nata: Why do I get the feeling you're thinking something completely different than the rest of us?

Kitami: Because I'm me?

Itsari: I was thinking the same thing.

Kitami: You are me, though.

Itsari: Well, yeah. . .

Tate: I'm just gonna ignore you three and your subtext. Can we let the nice people go look at the STORIES now?

Lilann: Excellent idea. They can go now.

Nata: No, really, you can go now.

Aiyen: They're still here.

Kitami: They're still reading.

Tate: Well, maybe if you four would SHUT UP. . .

Kitami: Right. . .

Itsari: I knew that.

Kitami: No you didn't.

Itsari: Did so.

Kitami: Did not!

Tate: Girls! Zip it!

Kitami: Got it.

Itsari: Do not.

Nata: -clamps hand over both Kitami and Itsari's mouths-

Tate: -sigh of relief- Thank you.

Nata: You're welcome.

Tate: If you're still reading, you have more patience than I would. Go ahead and read the stories now, theres nothing more to see here. -leads Kitami and Itsari away by the ears, muttering- You two are in so much trouble when we get home. . .

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