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Here's a little bit about me:

Name: Marti Owlsten, or Owlery FYI, this is just my name for FanFictions... in that dull and dreary realm that I sometimes dabble in, called Reality, I have a different name. Dumb reality...

Age: 30

Location: the great state of Arizona, USA. (Only state in US to be home to the Saguaro Cactus! Not that that's always a good thing... And we're home to the mystical and mythical Superstition Mountains... I love those mountains...)

Occupation: Finance

Obsessions: Labyrinth, Harry Potter, Burn Notice, My Little Pony, Castle, Firefly, Frozen...

Favorite things to do:

Bowling (love it! I stink at it, but I still love it!)

Reading (everything I can get my hands on...)



Playing my Violin and Singing (no, not together, like that odd chick that performed with Josh Groban on PBS. She was just creepy. After seeing her, I swear never to sing and play at the same time)

Listening to music - oh, I love music. Currently, that would be David Bowie music, but I love all kinds (except rap and death metal, which makes me go brain dead). If only I hadn't melted my stereo... -sniff!-... it was a complete accident! Now, I am only armed with DJ, my MP3.

Favorite Sayings:

"We are luminous beings of Light; that light shines most brightly in those bound together in Love, forever, without end" - Michael Stackpole

"Beautiful, gorgeous, wish you were here!" - Meg Ryan, French Kiss

"I've been non-sensical!" - Elizabeth Bennett, Pride and Prejudice

"Girls! Girls!... Your BOTH pretty!" - Jordan Cavannah (said to Woody Hoight and his really hot brother, while they were fighting), Crossing Jordan (TV)

"You remind me of the babe"..."What babe?"..."The babe with the power"..."What power?"..."The power of voodoo"..."Who do?"..."You do"..."do what?"..."Remind me of the babe!" - Jareth (David Bowie) and various goblins in Labyrinth (song: Magic Dance)

"Nothing is final, until you're dead... and even then, I'm sure God negotiates." - Baroness Vaudmila D'Ghent (Angelica Houstin), Ever After

"I would rather die a thousand deaths than seemy MOTHER's dress on that SPOILED, SELFISH COW!" Danielle, Ever After

"One Mipipippi, two Mipipippi, three Mipipippi, four... Mipipippi..." D'argo, from Farscape, Season One

"You fart Helium?" John Crichton (to Rigel), from Farscape, pilot episode.

"You want to make this about food? Fine. Where's my Ice cream?... I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream... You know, Baskin Robbins, Ben and Jerry's, GOOD HUMOR? What's your favorite? CREAMCICLE OR FUDGECICLE!" John Crichton (to Aeryn and Rigel), from Farscape, Season Two, Crackers Don't Matter

Conversationsfrom work:

Kay:"Wow, pretty ring! Can I see it?"

Me: "Sure, here ya go, Kay."

Kay: "Oh, gosh, this was for your birthday! Gosh... is it... is it REAL?

Me:"Well, you're holding it, so it's not imaginary, Kay."


(through emails, playing the pants game... long story)

Allie: Gondor has no pants... Gondor needs no pants!

Me: Grand Moff Tarkin... I recognized your foul pants the moment I was brought on board.

Allie: She is seriously starting to damage my pants!

Me: I am a leaf in the pants!

Allie: Dangerous pants lie ahead, Harry.

Me: Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have made my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city to take back the pants you have stolen!

Allie: My will is as strong and my pants as great!

Me: Pants, magic Pants!

Allie: You remind me of the pants!

(at a team meeting)

Kay: It was a turtle, but now it's a duck.

(and from the insanity that is Bill...)

Bill: You're smoking cockroaches.

(More fun from Bill... Each on a separate occasion...)


Bill: She's after my noggen - I'm gonna get denoggenated!

(when I left some honey mustard in a dish on my desk, while out to lunch)

Dan: I smell vinegar... does anyone else smell vinegar? I swear I smell vinegar... does that mean something? Hey! What does smelling vinegar mean? Like, does randomly smelling vinegar mean I have a brain tumor? Do I have a brain tumor? Am I going to die? Someone tell me they can smell that, too! Come on! Oh... mustard. And to think I could have died...

Kay: Marti? I'm craving a doughnut. You wouldn't happen to have a doughnut in your pocket, would you?

Me: Sorry, Kay, I left my doughnut in my other pants.

Kay: DANG!

Donna: Emergency cat fries? Are you fricken kidding me?

Hm, want to know where I come up with the drabble for my fics? Wondering why I torture Marti, make Lynn sad and use a strange, little known Celine Dion song for a Ron/Hermione one shot?What about my current Firefly addiction, or my very first Narnia fic? And what is up with my new Goblin King obsession? Well, then read on! This section is for you!

Story Backgrounds:

A Piece of Cake: Urgh, where do I begin? This is my first Sarah/Jareth fic. At the rate I'm going at, it will be my only, though... sure, fine, that could change. This was a challenge from my best-writing-buddy, Danika. I have nothing against JxS fics, in fact I read them frequently, but when it comes to writing... I can't do it. PM me, if you REALLY want to know more as to why I can't - but do so at your own risk. Heh. Anyway, Danika and I have had endless debates on my aversion to writing Sarah, and (probably in an attempt to turn me into a JxS writer) she challenged me to write a JxS One-shot between 1 and 5000 words. I am sorry to all those who loved it, but I hated writing it. I finally buckled down and wrote it, proving that, hey, I can, but aside from the cakes (I confess, very fun cake ideas - it is worth reading, just for those, all of which ARE possible, I swear) I couldn't stand it. I still can't. And then, to add to the problems with this one, there was one review that really ticked me off. (If you can accurately guess which one it was, hey, I will bake and send you the best brownies of your life -no foolin'). I felt that the review slammed me as a writer, it hurt my feelings (especially since I have so much fun writing GK&I) and it literally ruined this entire experience for me, almost to the point of prodding my contrary-side and tempting me to flatly refuse to ever do another JxS again. I am not fond of this story - it is, and will most likely remain, a sore spot for me. True, I got some nice reviews on it, but I hated writing it and one rude reviewer tipped my anger off the edge, and now... the only thing that keeps me from deleting this and pretending it never existed (out of sheer spite!) is the fact that people favorited it, and I know that I would hate for one of the stories I love to disappear from my favorites.

Oh, how I wish I could like this one-shot more. I really do. Sadly, I am thoroughly bitter over it, and doubt I can ever fully recover. Pity me.

Ron's Battle: Dear me, this was a very wacky, yet sweet, one-shot idea that came to me while I was, ironically, in the shower. I really shouldn't say too much about how I thought this up, else I'll spoil it for those who haven't read it, but in short, I'll say that I saw something, and wondered, "Hm, how would Ron handle this?". Voila! Enjoy.

The Goblin King and I: Okay, where do I start? Growing up, I just never saw the movie, Labyrinth. Sad, I know. On my 22nd Birthday, my wonderful coworkers decorated my desk before I came in with streamers and a birthday sign and pictures of Fiona (from Shrek, as I was her at work for Halloween), Harry Potter, the Wizard of Oz (as I often wear a Tin Man necklace) and pictures of Sarah and David Bowie as Jareth. Those in particular came from one of my coworkers, who just loves the show, and said I looked like Sarah with a book... anyhow, sitting around staring at photos of Sarah and Jareth really got me going. I started reading about the film online and... well, yeah, I finally bought the DVD and now I am OBSESSED with it. David Bowie has never been hotter than he was as Jareth. Sorry all you Ziggy fans, the Goblin King (GK) takes the cake. So, after reading a new chapter from one of my favorite fics (or, should I say Phics), by the enormously talented WanderingTeen, I got an idea. Her story kinda prompted me to give this a try. And now, GK is taking over my life. I played a Labyrinth game online, where you make choices. I made it all the way to the end, and am finally offered by Jareth to either have my dreams or Toby. Hee. I choose my dreams, and the screen changes where Jareth and Sarah are kinda tango-ing or something and it says across it "YOU'RE MINE!" to which I found myself squealing and saying "YEAH BABY!" If only...sigh...

(Due to popular demand for this online game, which you all must know is just a picture-link kinda thing and nothing overly fancy, I will now post the link for it, here. It's the first game listed. Hmm... I may have to go play that again...)

(Also, for those who would like to see my official drawing of Wren and Jareth - I know you're all dying to see it - you can at my deviantart page, here. Feel free to also dig around my DA page and see my other works as well. Enjoy!)

Thoughts and Question - this is my Firefly fanfic, a Mal/River thingy that spawned from watching Serenity and then consequently having the horrible need (is it really horrible? nah...) to buy and watch the entire Firefly TV series. After seeing Serenity, I was kinda a Mal/Inara shipper, but after seeing the series, I decided that I don't like Inara. Sorry Inara fans. Mal is my favorite character (next to Wash, of course), and so after watching the series, it was clear that he needs someone who can give his life a little fun. SO I decided to create a one-shot based on the last scenes on Serenity with River and Mal on the bridge. There seemed to be something there... or perhaps there could be something there. So I helped. Originally, it was me thinking from River's point of view, with her blossoming mind thinking about the Captain, this rugged man who was suddenly giving her attention. Then, I realized that I had to put in Mal's thoughts on the matter, too. But, if there's a relationship of any kind with River, Simon would be involved. Then it kinda evolved into the whole crew. I couldn't leave anyone out! Just the way it worked. Then, I had to keep going and finish with the question, and the eternal problem of 'jail bait', know what I mean? Well it all worked out, and I'm pleased with it. Do give it a read.

The Blessings of a Second Chance - Well, this fic comes from my inner Narnian... Like so many others, I recenty bought the collection of all seven Narnia Chronicles. I've now read them all. After seeing the movie, but before I finished the final book, I just couldn't help but notice how adorable Mr. Tumnus was... and I started thinking, hm, he's cute... well, this is my way of bringing him and Lucy together. Lucy's not quite 'herself', I admitt, but no one is ever themself when they lose their true love... and if anyone is wondering, the name 'Holt' is old english for 'son of the unspoiled forest', so I liked that last name for him. If you read the fic, this explanation makes more sense. And, for those who have asked about it, yes, I do plan to write several one-shots that continue and fill in the story of Lucy and Thomas... but just not right away. I've got to finish at least two of these fictions that are already going before I start any new ones, even one-shots. This was an excellent breaker for writer's block, and so I'm saving the stories (which, I confess, I already have completed in my head) for when I can't write anything. But I swear it will come. I swear!

You smell! You stink! - Well, I've gotten a lot of messages wondering where I get my ideas for this story. To answer, I have a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is that I have a very twisted sense of humor. The long answer is that durring my first semester of community college, durring the long spaces between my classes, I spent my time on-line, checking out Harry Potter group sites. On two sites, I made several friends and we started these crazy stories - these friends and I have since become some of the best friends I've ever had -durring those times,Marti was my alter ego. I was bored, before I made those good friends, and created another character to have fun with, Andran. Then I met some awesome people, and we (through posts and our writing) wreaked havoc upon Hogwarts. Those times with them inspired this story. True, most of my chapters now are original, but my original idea was to publish our adventures. Well, that's how it started. I also wanted to try my hand at a story that was completely insane and without a plot. I wanted a total slapstick laugh-fest. Seriously. Uh-huh, and then it soon became clear that I am incapable of writing without a plot. I HAVE to have a plot. I am, sadly, addicted to plot. The rest of it, like torturing Marti and making her dance the hula, that's my twisted sense of humor. (Hm, now that I think about it, I am very much like Deanne on the outside, and Marti is more like me uninhibited. Odd.)

I Surrender this was inspired by one of my favorite songs, by Celine Dion, called I Surrender. I am such a hopeless romantic, this songinspires most all of my romantic moments in my writing. I was depressed one day, and so was absorbed in my music, finding songs that were bound to make me more miserable. You know, I was having one of those, 'no one will ever want to date me' days that all girls have now and then. Especially when they can't get a date. I digress. Well, I was listening to this song, and my mind started to wander... I wondered who in all my favorite stories, would be in this song's music video... or if it was a movie, who would be there when that song would be playing... Ron and Hermione came to mind. I totally lost my depression and wrote this really fluffy fic. It was great! I'm still very proud of this. I'm not one for one-shots, you see (as I've said before, I am addicted to plots, so I usually drag thingsWAY out)and here I totally did a love ballad... I've tried to do more like this with other songs and other characters, but they are never as good. I guess I just haven't been as depressed since that day...

Oh to Remember, but Never Forget - I don't have much of an idea where this one came from. I suppose it's my attempt to put myself in the HP books, although I'm so not as cool as Lynn. For the record, unlike other characters in other stories, I'm not very much like Lynn. It's the story between the lines, something I do with every book I read. This is an interesting story for me, mostly because it changes with every new book that comes out. I started writing this between books four and five, and then had to change the original direction it was heading inafter book five came out, and have since had to change directions all over again because of book six. My original thought was to make it that Lynn was Voldemort's biological daughter - no, not from a marriage. To me, he seemed like the kind of jerk that would have as many one-night stands as he wanted, thinking that as the greatest wizard ever (in his own mind, as we all know he's just crap) he could do what he wanted. In the first chapter, you can kind of feel this vibe going on, like she's guilt ridden that the man who is really her father murdered her best friends, and at the end of that chapter, she's petrified that he'll come after her... Then, somewhere, I read an interview with J.K.Rowling where she stated that he had no living relatives or children. So, that plot thread was thrown out. I don't like to write contrary to cannon - but since I figured that I never came out and stated any specific plot points in the first chapter, it would still work, with some tweaking, and I didn't change it. After some serious (or, if you prefer, sirius)rethinking, I was going to make her Sirius's girlfriend... and then came book five. Most recently, I was going to make her a love interest for Lupin, even though I always thought that Tonks would be better for him (honestly, I did!) and then came book six. Well, now, I have a new angle that can't be messed with, even by Jo. I'm excited... but I won't divulge it yet. Go listen to Kelly Clakson's Beautiful Distaster, and you might figure it out... so, we'll see where this one goes! It's still in the running, you just can't get rid of Lynn yet! Or me, for that matter...

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