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Hey Guys,

Well my names Kasey and i live in Melbourne, Australia.I hate homework and enjoy fanfiction (reading and writing)... You all must be bored if your visiting this but if your here you hopefully like my stories.

I love and I mean love Harry Potter Fanfiction. I like...

- Above all I love Lily and James stories!

- Hermione and Draco (Forbidden Love...Gotta love it!)

- Ginny and Harry

- Harry and Hermione (sometimes.. I see them as more Bro and Sis so unless it's REALLY REALLY well written then i dont read it...)

- Hermione and Ron

- And sometimes Ginny and Blaise (it depends on the story)

- Marauders Fiction is fantastic especially when it is done right, meaning the characters are written right; but most of the storys ive read on ff.net have been done right...so no worrys there.

- Fanfiction in general...is good =)

- Cotton candy is good too

Things I dont like...

-Slash (its icky)

- Teacher - student pairings (eg Hermione and Snape)

- Storys like Remus and Sirius or James and Sirius...it is also icky...like the above two

- I dont like steak

I like writing HP fanfiction...Im writing my first one at the moment but im stuck with writer's block and its only the first chapter! Arrg!

My Stories and such...

In-progress Stories

Notes are such a great way to waste time in class: Wow, why did I put such a long title...but anyway this is definatly not finished...I'm starting chapter six now...but ive only posted up to chapter 4 i think...

Love Vanquishes Time: This is the fiction that i posted in the upcoming stories section. It is a Lily and James Story, They go forward to Harry's time along with Remus and Sirius. But some facts have been changed for the story. Sirius is still dead and his name has been cleared, Wormtail has been captured and is in Azkaban.

Completed Stories

This will have something in it eventually...

Upcoming Stories/ Ideas

I'm thinking of doing a parallel fiction where Harry; instead of living with the Dursleys, lives in the 'potter manion' which has been in the family for centries with James and Lily and maybe a brother/sister or two. Harry leads a normal life, twists and turns etc.

I also have another idea sort of like the parallel fiction but Harry keeps having dreams where he lives with the Dursleys and the life he has in the books but he lives with his parents and has a normal wizard life.

I might do these stories I might not, dont know yet... but i have realised i have a thing for over used plots, mainly i think because i dont have any ideas of my own so overused plots are always safe...lol

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Draco realizes he's desperately in love with Hermione which leads to hijinks such as looking gay at every turn, avoiding girlfriend Pansy, and Malfoy family drama. Along the way, he gets help from unexpected sources and finds out that he has a soul (now he just needs to convince Hermione of that!). Crackfic originally written in the midst of fandom insanity. Rebooted. (Dramione.)
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AU & sequel to 'Beyond the Darkness: The Early Years'. After growing up in hiding with supposed Death Eater and massmurderer Sirius Black, Harry is now eleven and ready to start his first year at Hogwarts... and heaven help that school.
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When Dumbledore called Harry into his office, the savior of the wizarding world never thought he’d end up traveling through time to teach his parents, or the adventures that would follow.
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Notes are a great way to waste time in class reviews
The Marauders made a piece of parchment that can pass note without the trouble of passing. Meaning you are less likely to get caught. They and Lily and one of her friends have the parchment and use it to entertain themselves in class... R&R
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