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Author has written 13 stories for Tales of Symphonia, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, and World Ends With You.

About me!

Name: Ashley...yeah won't give you anymore about my name


Gender: Female

Heretity: Asian

Fun things I like to do: INTERNET AND VIDEO GAMES ALL THE WAY, watching anime, sleeping, reading manga, playing with my cousins, friends,and brothers, TV, listening to music

What I hate to do: Homework, School, waking up, vaccuming the house.

My own characters:

Lilly the elf
For game:
Tales of Symphonia
Appearence:Tannish skin, Dark green ponytailed hair, About the height of Colette, and who can forget about pointed ears
Clothing: Jeans, a red shirt, a dark red cloak, and a blue witches hat.(most of the time w/o cloak and hat)
Weapon: Bow and Arrows, a little magic
Specialties:Making little magitechnology, for example her broom that works like a rehaird.
Description:Lilly never liked the ways of Heimdall. She never followed any elven traditions. Her dad owns the weapon shop of Heimdall and her mom doesn't like it that Lilly doesn't like the elven traditions. What Lilly likes to do the most is to make or read stories. In my story "Going along", she decides to run away from Heimdall. She accidentally gets transported to Sylvarant and has to go along with the Chosen's Journey.

For game: Pokemon
Pokemon:espeon, charizard, dewgong,
appearence: tied black hair,green t-shirt, red cap, jeans, blue backpack
personality: Kind, helpful, stubborn at times,smart yet clueless at times
Description: She was born in Pallet town with the gift to understand pokemon talk. Her first pokemon was charmander, if you don't count espeon who is the family pokemon. She journeys everywhere to look for pokemon to make friends with. She also writes stories of her adventure talking to pokemon.

Dixie 'Quatro' the 4 tailed fox
For game:
Sonic the hedgehog series
Chao:Roxy, light green neutral chao
Species: 4 tailed Fox(where the nickname came from)
Likes:Tails,flying,no worries,playing games, finding answers to questions
Dislikes:eggman and evil guys, people making fun of her tails, and when her tails get tangled
Abilities:flying for a very long time,little whirlwinds, and roxy can be a mean fighting machine
Equipment: hat, weird gameboy that answers questions and shoots beams
Weakness:a little clumsly,childish at times, and tails get tangled sometimes
friends:Sonic and the gang (whenever she finds them) and roxy the chao
personality: tomboy,kind, loyal, always good, a little clumsy, and independent (most of the time)
info:Quatro is tails lost cousin. It was said that ,when she was 3,her whole family,including her,died during a fire in her house. But she's alive and well with her friend roxy the chao. Anyway she survied the fire with nothing but a weird gameboy, that can answer any question.(she always keeps it under her hat). While she traveled alone she found a chao garden and roxy came up to her and said hi. They were instant friends. She learned more about her gameboy and that the emerald inside of it contained an ancient spirit named Maya. Maya told Quatro that Quatro's only relitive alive is Tails, which Quatro is a cousin to.Now she is dedicated to find Tails.
Picture: click here

Favorite shows/cartoon/Anime/manga:

Full Metal Alchemist
Fruits Basket
Xiolin Showdown
Sonic X
Family Guy
Invader Zim
Teen Titans
Full moon wo Sagashite
Death note
Ouran High School Host Club
Absolute Boyfriend

Favorite games:
Tales of Symphonia
Sonic the hedgehog Series
Mario Series
Pokemon series
Fire Emblem
Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2
The World Ends with you

MALE CHARACTERS I LIKE/LOVE: (not really in any particular order)

1) Kratos Aurion: How can you not like him?! He's so freakin cool and soooo hot. :3 I wuv him!
2)Shigure Sohma: I love him too! He's so funny and carefree, yet can be serious.
3) Demyx: I love him too! Sitars rule!! Plus, Demyx is weird yet, really cool and cute!! (ok, so just saying cool won't be good enough)
4) Genis Sage: He's cute, but I don't LOVE him like the 3 guys before him. Plus he does magic, and I like magic. I like his hair too. xD
5)Kyo Sohma: He's hot! (Plus, he's cute when he's mad)
6)Joshua: He's a jerk, but I just love him. xD Maybe I just love his cocky attitude

FAVORITE FEMALE CHARACTERS: (not really in any particular order)

1) Presea Combatir: She's short, has two pink pigtails, quiet, and cute. Plus, she can kick butt with her axe that's about her size.
2)Kisa Sohma: Awwww! She's so cute! How can you not like her cute, big, sad eyes :3
3)Cream the Rabbit: She's cute and so polite! Plus, she has Cheese the Chao as her best friend. They're really cute friends. x3
4)Raine Sage: She's really pretty. I also like it how she whacks people with her rod.
5)Amy Rose: She's cool with her kickass pico-pico hammer. Plus, her love for Sonic is so funny. xD

Couples I support:
(TOS)Lloyd and Colette
(TOS)Zelos and Sheena
(TOS) Kratos and Raine-Really big supporter here
(TOS) Genis and Persea
(TOS)Yuan and Martel
(TOS)Anna and Kratos-also a big supporter here
(FMA) Ed and Windry
(TT)Robin and Starfire
(TT)Robin and Raven
(Mario) Mario and Peach
(Mario) Toad and Toadette
(Mario) Daisy and Luigi
(Mario) Yoshi and another Yoshi-not Birdo, just a female yoshi
(Sonic) Sonic and Amy
(Sonic) Sonic and Mina
(Sonic) Knuckles and Tikal
(Sonic) Tails and Cream
(Sonic) Vector and Vanilla
(Sonic) Shadow and Amy
(FB) Tohru and Kyo
(FB) Hiro and Kisa
(FB) Hatori and Kana
(FB) Haru and Rin
(Pokemon) Ash and Misty
(Pokemon) May and Drew
(KH) Kairi and Sora- I bet a million people would wish to kill me right now.
(KH or FVII) Cloud and Tifa

Couples I just dont like:
Yaoi is a very touchy subject...I'm quite lenient on it, but when it gets serious...NO!
(TOS)Sheena and Kratos-Like I said, Im a big supporter for Kratos and Raine or Anna
(TOS)Raine and Regal- same reason for Sheena and Kratos
(TOS)Colette and Zelos-They may be Chosens, but no.
(TOS)Sheena and Lloyd- Just never liked it
(Sonic)Eggman and Vanilla-Poor Cream, if they were in love
(Sonic)Tails and Amy
(Sonic)Rouge and Knuckles
(Soinc)Sonic and Sally
(FB) Yuki and Tohru- They are good as friends, but Tohru and Kyo together just works way better.
(FB) Shigure and Akito- I say, DIE, AKITO, DIE! I hate Akito so much and why does SHE have to be a couple with Shigure. =( Shigure is best as a bachelor.
(KH) Riku and Kairi
(KH) OC and ANYONE! (I guess this sorta applies to other story types too. Just as long as it doesn't get too serious.)

Random facts (I call myself stupid for looking these up)
1:The voice actor for Lloyd is the same voice actor for Robin from Teen Titans.
2: Quinton Flynn (VA for Axel) did Timon in the Timon and Pumbaa TV series, Reno in FFVII:AC, and Iruka in the Naruto dub (Probably the only reason why I watch Naruto dubs at times) xD.
3:The voice actor for Kratos is the same voice actor for Flounder in the Little Mermaid 2. (this surprised me)
4:Yggdrasil is the name of the new Giant tree. (Said in ToP)
5:Yggdrasil's voice actor is the same voice actor for Rachet in the Rachet and Clank series.
6: The new world's name is Aselia. (said in ToP)
7: (this is a really known fact, but who cares) Demyx plays a sitar! Not a guitar! So don't say he plays a guitar, it even says in the game that he uses a sitar.

Other Screen names that I use on different sites:

Eastercat-(neopets, Youtube, kh-vids.net, Deviantart)


shigure_dog- (xanga)

fishfood12345- (AIM)

fishfood321@yahoo.com (MSN)

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Tales of Symphonia - Rated: K+ - English - Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 6,543 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 3/29/2006 - Published: 10/24/2005
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