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Author has written 20 stories for Harry Potter, Uglies, Avatar: Last Airbender, Supernatural, Host, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Animorphs.

"Every canon character in fan fiction represents the fan's re-interpretation of that character. Fan authors aren't the original author, so they don't have first-hand knowledge of the inner mechanics beyond what is shown in the released materials. The most they can do is try their best to emulate that character using the information they have, with varying levels of success."

(I'm also on AO3 as SoloMoon and Tumblr as thejakeformerlyknownasprince if you care to find me there.)

Author's Notes:

Stockholm Syndrome: Just to clarify: I do not dislike Zutara. (In fact, I occasionally enjoy reading Zutara fic.) What I have a problem with, however, are the fics that seem to be rampant in this particular ship where one character kidnaps the other, often serious injury is caused to one of them (Katara especially) and, just to top it all off, the victim of the story decides to respond to their ill-treatment by falling in love with their abuser. I wanted to point out some of the many really important real-world problems with this trope through satire, and thus this story was born.

Thou Bitter Sky: This started out as a little collection of ten drabbles exploring Zuko's character (and yes, every single chapter is EXACTLY 100 words: this article explains why better than I can). I've been adding one or two more as they come to me ever since, but I'm pretty sure that I'm done with the collection for now, so please don't hold your breath expecting any more updates.

Us of Lesser Gods: In my humble opinion Kyle is the most sensible character in the entire cast of The Host, and yet everyone from Jeb to Ian to the greater fandom acts like he's either an idiot or a jerk for being the only person who actually objects to the planet being invaded by brain-stealing aliens. This fic is my attempt to rectify that situation, and also to write one of those sibling-based stories that so fascinate me (see: Eleutherophobia, half of Thou Bitter Sky)

Psychomachia: Mostly this story was inspired by my desire to see the trope explored in this story actually come back and bite someone in the ass, even if it is John Winchester.

Eleutherophobia 'verse: This series was born primarily from my desire to see more of the yeerk hosts from Animorphs, who I think often end up shunted aside or unfairly ignored in canon, and specifically to see more of Tom Berenson. Many of the ghost writers especially make no distinction whatsoever between Tom the teenage boy and the unnamed yeerk controlling him, which borders on being (entirely inadvertent, but still troubling) victim-blaming. And so I figured I'd just have to write the Tom the teenage boy myself.

It’s funny, considering what a major part of the books he is, but we don’t actually know that much about Tom. Outside of a few brief flashbacks via Temrash 114 and a single ambiguous line of dialogue, the character himself literally has no voice. From those tiny snippets we know that he is stupidly brave, independent and irreverent, loyal to his family, severely damaged by yeerk control, fiercely protective both of his little brother and of random strangers, and... not much else. Therefore I took a few liberties with the character (and the unnamed yeerk controlling him we see for most of the series) and here it is: my attempt to give Tom a voice, and in the process give Animorphs a (somewhat) happier ending than the one we get in canon.

The fics are set in the following order (but can be read out of order or stand alone):
City of Lost Children
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Lost World
War Games
THX 1138
These Are the Damned
Ghost in the Shell
Total Recall

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