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To Whom It May Concern, and if you really want to know; (nobody should get angry after reading this – or so I hope).

My views on:

Sesshoumaru, pairings with the female characters, and character Love/Hate Issues.

I can understand that some of you hate certain characters and love others. I on the other hand don’t hate any characters. I can love a character because of what he or she does or represents, but hating one is just ridiculous, (at least that’s what I think). Point; I am first and foremost a Sesshoumaru fan. I started my fanfic, because of Sesshoumaru, not because of anyone else. Some of you may have reservations about liking certain characters and using them for pairings but I like Sesshoumaru, and I don’t have any problem in seeing him being paired to any of the older female characters in the anime; (Kikyo, Kagome, Sango or Kagura…). Okay so, I like Kikyo being paired with Sesshoumaru, but that’s mostly because I genuinely think that they’d be a perfect match (if they learn to get along with each other - lol). But, like in my introduction to the story (in the first chapter), I have said that I CHOSE Kikyo. I read plenty of stories where Sesshoumaru is paired with Kagome and Sango, in fact some of my favorite ones are with that pairing. (My favorite stories section under my profile is not accurate; those I have just put because I didn’t want it to be empty). I have about 30 to 40 stories in my Story alert list; all of Sesshoumaru with different women. Of course there are some stories, when Sesshoumaru is paired with a female character, (especially Kagome), that are just ludicrous. I am one who appreciates a story for its content, the way the characters are developed and the overall beauty of a tale. Although, I avoid (at all costs) stories that portray Sesshoumaru as weak and not himself – (he’s powerful and dangerous and doesn’t take bull from anyone – and that’s how I like him.) But I also have to say that, since the first day I came to fanfic, I have never read a story with Inuyasha as the main character – (but that doesn’t mean I hate him). It just means that I prefer Sesshoumaru and am not in the least bothered by his brother (oops; Half – brother – lol). Also pls. understand, especially you Kikyo fans, I know very little about her attitude, mostly because I only found myself concentrating on Sesshoumaru and rarely taking a second look at the others. I have a better idea of almost all the character’s except for Kikyo, because I see the others often and Kikyo appears only once in a while. I learn about Kikyo, usually by reading the old fanfics with her, (now you know why I keep asking for new stories and new chapters from old and new author’s – especially female author’s), since a woman knows a woman best – lol (right?). (wait, that didn’t come out the wrong way did it? sweatdrop)

But let me make this clear. The stories I write are MINE. If you happen to hate Kagome or another female character, then that is your decision and it is not my concern. But just because I use Kikyo as my heroine, don’t expect me to the feel the same way as you about the other female characters, or hating them. DO NOT ask me questions or my opinions and don’t give me yours, on what YOU believe is right or wrong. That’s just childish. All in all, I like the characters I like, and if you don’t, then, I can’t really help you there (unless I had magical powers - lol). I hope you guys are mature enough to see the point I am making and respect my personal views. Thanks.

About Reviews – Pls. Take note

Reviews are there to help improve an author’s work (dh!). But I love to hear your personal thoughts and feelings (good and positive things) and whether you enjoyed certain parts. (don’t you dare stop doing that!)

But please, if there is something you didn’t like (on a personal level), and is not Constructive Criticism, pls. don’t write about it in the review. (Especially things like “the character was OOC” or “I didn’t like this being done to this character” and “complaints about your personal opinions on why you didn’t like a certain character being shown in a certain way”. However that being said, with the above mentioned complaints, if you have a means for me to improve, (always willing to learn – as long as it’s not boring – heh heh), on it or make it better, (in a way which a majority will appreciate and not a select few) pls. tell me how – along with whatever complaints. Don’t just say “something is wrong” or “I didn’t like this”, without mentioning why, how, and how to correct it (though sometimes I may not be able to change the story). Remember, that while you may have a personal opinion, not everyone will feel the same way. My stories are original, and while in certain ones I take pains in being true to their original personalities (like Sesh), in some they most probably will be OOC (well Kikyo usually and I have mentioned why). If you enjoyed it, then say so. If you saw a problem and know how to better it, then say so.

But if the only reason you review is to complain, without giving me a solution to said complaint, please, don’t bother reviewing, coz doing that is not going to help me or you or my story. If I wanted to hear bad things about the work I have done, and not receive a solution along with the problem, I could go to my math professor. (I’m serious, the old geezer does that – lol).

The same applies, for writing one good thing and writing a bad thing about my story in the same review. If you can tell me how to correct the bad thing you think of mentioning, then mention it/review/constructively criticize, otherwise don’t. (It feels like someone pinched you and you don’t know why – lol.)

I appreciate any and all constructive criticism (you can be tough on me but don’t be rude). Pls. refrain from using crude (fyi; not polite language – lol), in my reviews. On the other hand, if you happen to review while you are excited (I know the feeling), then I will understand the use of certain slang terms in a review, but please, (as a favor to me) try your best to be polite about what you have to say when you can.

Also, don’t make personal comments and express views (that concern things about you) (of a negative or bad nature), which have nothing to do with the story or its content. However, statements like; “I love apple juice too,” and such, is fine by my book any day. (lol). Like I say, if it’s something positive and fun, bring it on. (oh and grape juice is good too you know, if only a little stronger… um! Um! Umm! Delicious! )

The above mentioned points are merely an expression of what I personally feel, and is not meant as an insult or a complaint to anyone. (I love all you girls and guys…; hmm… okay now saying that felt a little weird.) I just thought that I should get these things off my chest, so I did. I appreciate all the support from all my readers and reviewers, up until this point and also into the future. Thank you all. (I still love reviews, so don’t get any ideas about not giving them to me…; scowls like Uzumaki Naruto.)

Actually, you know, I’m thinking about writing a Naruto fic. Hmm… (“Aaahhh!” – dives away from arrows of Sesh/Kik fans, waiting impatiently for the next update.)

So The Profile…

Name: Steuart …something …something

“NO, NO, I know my first name is rather ahmm… subtle…, but I’m no geek. Hm! Just so you know…..”

Age: Well if you really want to know :….. (oh man i'm officially an adult then (sigh).

On April 9th 2006, I’ll be… 18

Hobbies: Thinking, watching T.V., eating (No I am not fat), sleeping (yeah okay, I am lazy), writing, studying (not books, but people – no I don’t stalk people), talk about things that could never be or are not real (in this world I mean..)

Crazy about: Most Japanese cartoons and cartoons from Warner Bros., chocolate ice-cream and cashew nuts (umm…good), video games, X-Box, cable, and my Computer.

Favorite Cartoon Characters: Batman, Sesshoumaru, Wolverine, Jin, Wonder-Woman, Kikyo.

What I want to do in life: Own an animation company. (Oh yeah, believe it)

I like: people who aren’t afraid to express themselves – in a good way, lush green forests with rivers, the sun setting over a range of ice covered mountains, leaves falling in autumn, carrots – (what, what?... yeah I used to love Bugs Bunny when I was small), fast cars, waking up to the rising sun, films with flying fists and explosions, the WWE – (come on guys you know what I’m talking about; choke slams, Batista Bombs, Electric chair drops, caged matches…., no disqualification matches…..), beautiful songs, the color crimson red and the color black, flirting – (hey I’m a guy, what’d you expect?…), to learn Tai-Chi, to travel the world – (in comfort mind you), to buy the rights to Inuyasha – (who doesn’t ha?)

Unusual things I like: red-gold flames from a bright burning fire, the way a silver chain sparkles under the sun, biscuits with jam in-between them, the smell of fresh paint, the smell of old books, the smell of fried chicken – (oh okay, so that’s not unusual), having a freezing bath on a cold night and jumping into bed with the covers pulled over me – (don’t forget to wear clean white socks), the sound of the wind being cut, the clear night, darkness – (yeah, I think that’s weird too), cold mist, hiding inside the dresser – (no, not nightmares, crazy cousins!... they’re all over the place… the little runts), 40 minute baths – (ahhh… so relaxing..), watching predators hunt their prey – (oooh did I make your eyes go wide, he he he, it’s true….), the way my mother makes my cup of milk – (it just doesn’t taste the same when others make it, and oh yeah, I love chocolate shakes.)

I don’t like: people touching my hair – (don’t even think about it!), meaningless gossipers – (there is nothing wrong with meaningful gossip, heh heh), disturbing me when I am sleeping; especially in the morning – (five more minutes, just five more minutes…), cabbage and tomatoes, people telling me things in whispers – (just open your mouth and say it out loud….. it’s really not that hard), being told what to do – (mothers can be such a pain sometimes.. don’t you think?), people who haven’t heard of brushing their teeth in the morning, people who touch my personal belongings – (get, your grimy hands off of my property!), people taking my stuff – (okay.. so I’m kind of selfish, but hey, its MY STUFF!), people bugging me when I’m concentrating – (Shoo.. Shoo.. go away, go awaaaay…..)

My thoughts on the World: We are doomed, we are all doomed! Oh and it’s a circle now. Did you know that? And according to the bible – (which I haven’t read in I don’t know how long) says that war, then earthquakes, the floods; natural disasters : all of which have happened, will be followed by tribulations and then the sun will loose its light, the moon will turn blood red and the stars will fall. – (be afraid, be very afraid.)

Yeah, I’m fun but perhaps immature – (I will deny it vehemently), but there isn’t anyone else I’d rather be. After all… you don’t know what you got, till its gone…..


I write my story while listening to songs. Here are a few that you might want to collect and play while reading the story. If not, switch on to a station on your radio that plays classic songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, non stop. Trust me! It will give you a whole new experience, and broaden your world of imagination and better your reading experience of this story..

Heaven is a place on earth – Belinda Carlisle, Evergreen – Will Young, 100 Years – Five For Fighting, Words – Bee Gees, So Young – The Chorrs, I Can See Clearly Now – Jimmy Cliff, Please Don’t Go – KC and the Sunshine Band, Heaven – DJ SAMMY or Bryan Adams, Truly: Madly: Deeply – Savage Garden, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now – Celine Dion, Queen Of My Heart – Westlife, Baby Can I Hold You – Boyzone, You Make Me Wanna – BLUE, Colorblind – Darius, Flyin Without Wings – Westlife, I’m Alive – Celine Dion, Eternal Flame – Bangles, Original Sin – Elton John, Rhythm Divine – Enrique Iglesias, Drops of Jupiter – Train, Calling all Angels – Train, Strength of a Woman – Shaggy, Ghetto Superstar – Pras Michel feat. ODB, To Be With You – Mr. Big, Believe – Cherr, Ordinary – Train, Lonely Is The Night – Air Supply, Here Without You – 3 Doors Down, Unchained Melody – The Righteous Brothers, Back At One – Brian McKnight, Forever And For Always – Shania Twain, Everything I Do – Bryan Adams, Feel – Robbie Williams, Kiss from a Rose – SEAL, If You’re Not The One – Daniel Beddingfield, To Love A Woman – Lionel Ritchie feat. Enrique Iglesius, Can You Feel The Love Tonight – Elton John, All Out Of Love – Air Supply, Thank You – DIDO, Time After Time – Cindy Lauper, True Colors – Cindy Lauper, Escape – Enrique Iglesius, Faith – George Michael, Be With You - Enrique Iglesius, I’ve Had The Time Of My Life – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes, You’re Still The One – Shania Twain, Keep On Loving You – Reo Speedwagon, Always On My Mind – Willie Nelson, You Are So Beautiful – Joe Cocker, You Look Wonderful (Wonderful Tonight) - Eric Clapton, I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston, More Than A Feeling – No Mercy, That’s The Way It Is – Celine Dion, Love Will Keep Us Alive – EAGLES, Lonely – AKON, Your Body Is A Wonderland – John Mayer, Wild World – Maxi Priest, Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World – PRINCE, Cherish – Kool and The Gang, Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day, River Of Dreams – Billy Joel, Girl In The Moon – Darius, Vulnerable – Roxette, We’ve Got Tonight – Ronan Keating feat. LULU, How Do You Talk To an Angel – The HEIGHTS, Seasons In The Sun – Westlife, Beautiful In My Eyes – Joshua Kadison, It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over – Lenny Kravitz, Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough – Patty Smith and Don Henley, How Deep Is Your Love – Take That, I Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly, Suddenly I See – KT Tunstall, Endless Summer Nights – Richard Marx, Stand By Me – Ben E King, Win Your Love – Nick Carmen, The Glory Of Love – Peter Cetera.

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Women are so much trouble sometimes, especially when they don't remember who they are! If one is unfortunate enough to meet such a woman, and one's sword is passing you hints, then you know you are cursed. Sesshoumaru is just one of those demons.
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