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Think about it, they saved the world (their world at least) now we have to save them! Snail mail is the best way with tons and tons of letter comming in they might consider us. And dont just think, oh well theres bound to be enough other people who do it, i wont make a difference. Yes you will! Terra made a difference did she not? she was only one person. Raven is just one person as well and she brought the end of the world. You and I are just one person, but together, we are many. So be a part of history and beone person who makes all the letter can make all the difference in the world.Sogo to

print out the letter and send it to:

Save Teen Titans!

Cartoon Network

1050Techwood Drive

Atlanta, GA 30318

or write your own letter and send it to the same address! There are so many stories left to be told about the teen titans, and Terra must come back to complete the team once more! Write to save Season 6 and the Heroes of Jump City!

I, Summer's End, do solemnly swear to review all the fics I enjoy, regardless of the number of reviews, its age, or anything else.

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BIG NEWS: That Was Then has Fanart! When I first started writing i never thought that anyone would ever want to make any for my fic, but i guess i was wrong. Here are the links:




Name: Summer

Age: 14

Birthday: 12/11/91

Location: Earth

Fav. Color: lime green

Fav. Food: Mashed potatoes

Height: 5'5

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brunette and proud!

Hobbies: Fanfics (duh), writing poetry (also duh), basketball, acting, reading, drawing (though i suck), volleyball, swimming, cross country, B.R.I.(bordom relief issues).

Favorite Singers/Songs: Whenever You Remember- Carrie Underwood, Whatever Life - Haylie Duff, Hilary Duff, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jump5, Aly & AJ, ATeens, Avril Lavigne, Zoegirl.

Quotes by Me, Family, & Friends:

"Where be the gravy dish?" - me, said with irish accent.

"Where be the bowls?" - me, no accent, I was having a weird day day, if you can tell...

"Blinky, blinky blinky in the blinky tinky world" - me

"I got this pencil stuck up my butt!" - Brandon, not too smart...

"Rocks are forever!" - BFF Karlee

"YOU STUPID!" - BFF Taylor

"I had a dream about your dad's potatoes" - BFF Taylor (different taylor)


"Isn't your sister the one with the high annoying voice? yeah, i hate her too." - Kilgore

"Your sister looks and sounds like Moaning Myrtle!" - Ruth

"If there is a fork in the road take it, but leave the spoon, it will only give you trouble." - Karlee

"Hey they rejected us!" "Yeah, how does that make you feel?" "...Rejected." - Me (1st & last), Karlee ( 2nd)

"I'm not on drugs!" - Taylor

"Well, I'll just say what I am thinking at the moment. You are angering me at the moment." - Karlee

Karlee: You're not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Me: You aren't even a knife Karlee! You are a spoon.

"What is Le Mon?" - Me and Lauren "Um, It's Lemon." - My Mom

"If Taylor was here there would be no food left." - Karlee

"If Taylor was here there would be no food AND no house." - Me

Andrew(on IM): Who am I talking to?

Me and Karlee: Kayla, and Karlee, and John, and Billy, and McCrum, and Ron, and Harry, and Hermione, and James, and Lilly.

Andrew: So you guys are having a party?

Us: Yup, and You aren't invited :)

"This science stuff only makes a little bit of sense. Its like clutching a BIG tree by a little leaf..."- Karlee

"The Land of the Half dead huh? Sounds like Taylor's house..." - Me

"So...we're drinking other random people's backwash?"- Me

"Christina's not fat! She's big boned!" - Karlee

"YES! I mean, no! I mean, she's not, wait I won't, she's can't, NO!" - Me


Harry Potter

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Teen Titans

Lord of the Rings












Favorite Quotes:Avatar:


Sokka: What is that?
Aang: This is Appa, my flying bison.
Sokka: ...Yeah, and this is Katara, my flying sister.

Sokka: (Chipping away the ice that Katara ally froze him with): I'm just a guy... with a boomerang... didn't ask for all the flying... and magic...

Sokka (uninterested): Go. Up. Soar.
Katara: Come on, Appa, don't you wanna save Aang?
Sokka (still uninterested): Fly. Ascend. Elevate.

Uncle Iroh (after Zuko kicks over tea table): More tea, please.

Commander Zhao (referring to Zuko's ship): That's quite a bit of damage.
Prince Zuko: Yes. You wouldn't believe what happened. (pause) Uncle! Tell Commander Zhao what happened.
Uncle Iroh: Ah yes. It was incredible! (mutters to Zuko) What? Did we crash or something?
Prince Zuko: Yes! Right into an... Earth Kingdom ship.
Commander Zhao (smirking): Really? You must regail me all the thrilling details. (I usually don't like things that make Zuko look bad, but this is funny)

Aang: Lemur!
Sokka: (drooling) Dinner!
Aang: Dont listen to him, you're going to be my new pet!
Sokka: Not if I get him first!
(both lunge at Momo)
Aang and Sokka: Ahhg!

Sokka: Sleep now, temple later.

Uncle Iroh: There have been multiple sightings of the Avatar, but he is impossible to track down. (the map has a zigzag pattern of the Avatar's movements drawn all over it)

Prince Zuko (looking at a map of the world): How am I going to find him Uncle? He is obviously a master of evasive manuevering.
Sokka (looking at the same map): You have no idea where you're going, do you?
Aang: Well, I know it's near water.
(screen zooms out to show them flying over an ocean)
Sokka: Well I guess we're getting close then.

Aang: Sokka, dig in!
Sokka: I'm not hungry.
Aang: But you're always hungry. Katara: He's just mad because a bunch of girls kicked his butt.
Sokka: They snuck up on me!
Katara: Right, then they kicked your butt.

Aang: Hey Sokka, nice dress!

Aang: (as old man) I'm Bonzu Pipinpadelopsocopolis... the third! And these are my grandkids.

Katara: And villages have markets! That means no nuts for dinner!
Sokka: Hey! I worked hard to find those nuts! Yea, okay I hate em too.

Katara: You ready to be cheered up Aang?
Aang: No.
(Katara throws acorn at his head)
Aang: Ow! How was that supposed to cheer me up!
(Sokka laughs)
Sokka: Sure cheered me up!
(Katara throws second acorn at Sokka's head)
Sokka: Ow! Yep I probably deserved that.

Earthbender: Surrender yourselves! It's five against two! You are clearly outnumbered!
Uncle Iroh: That is true, but you are clearly outmatched!

Prince Zuko: Now would you please put on some clothes...

Sokka: What happened?
Katara: You were stuck in the spirit world for twenty-four hours! How do you feel?
Sokka: Like I seriously need to use the bathroom!

more to come on avatar...

Teen Titans

Robin: Titans Go!

Terra: It's never too late.

Starfire: (As Raven) I will try to calm down! Peace... Quiet... Tranquility...
(Suddenly, a car flips over and a fire hydrent starts bursting water)
Raven: (As Starfire) We are SO doomed.

(Cyborg & Beast Boy look at Raven upside down)
Pink Raven: Hey, guys. What's up?
Cyborg: (Realizes he's upside down) I don't know anymore!

Beast Boy: I think this might be where air fresheners are from.

Moody Raven: And remember the time I called you both immature pinheads? I'm sorry for that too. And also -
Beast Boy: For the hundreth, millionth time -
Beast Boy & Cyborg: WE FORGIVE YOU!

Starfire: Curiosity abounds! Where did you come from? How did you get here? What is your favorite color? And would you like to be my new friend?
Terra: Earth. Walked. Red. Uh, sure?
Starfire: (Squeezing her) Hello, new friend!
Terra: How's it goin'?

Terra: (Upon seeing a huge rock crush the computer controlling the worms, which causes the worms' lasers to amplify in power several magnitudes) Okay... so maybe crushing the computer would have been a bad idea.

(Starfire hugs Terra)
Starfire: Oh, hello long-lost friend! You remember me, yes!
Terra: Of course, Starfire... I still have bruises from the last time you hugged me...

Terra: Soooooo, friends?
Raven: Close enough.
Terra: Sorry we kinda got off to a rocky start.
Raven: Actually, I thought things went pretty well. It took me a year to get used to Beast Boy!
(Raven & Terra both laugh)

Terra: (To Beast Boy) Do you trust me?
Beast Boy: More than anyone I've ever met.

Starfire: They are too numerous to fight! What shall we do?
Robin: Fight anyway.

Beast Boy: All you had to do is knock on the door and say...
Take 1
Beast Boy: (Turns buff) Yo, Terra. You, me movies Friday?
Take 2
Beast Boy: (French look and accent) You're the most beautiful women I've ever seen. (Puts rose between teeth)
Take 3
Beast Boy: (Cool guy; swinging keys around finger) You want to go for a ride on my moped? (Moped beeps)
Take 4
Beast Boy: (Is a puppy, barks)
Take 5

Terra: (To Beast Boy) All I ever wanted to do was to spend time with you.

Terra: (To Slade) You... can’t... control me... anymore! (Knocks Slade into the lava pit in a furious outburst of her terrakinetic powers. Triggers a volcano)
Robin: Terra’s power! It’s triggered a volcano!
Cyborg: Big enough to take out the whole city! And way too big to stop!
Raven: We have to get out of here!
(Robin signals retreat, and all but Beast Boy follow)
Beast Boy: Terra! Come on! We gotta go!
Terra: (Resolutely) I have to stay.
Beast Boy: (Horrified) No!
Terra: I’m the only one who can stop it.
Beast Boy: Please, Terra, you can’t! It’s too late!
(She brushes the hair from her face, giving him a clear view of both eyes for the first time since she left with Slade at the end of "Betrayal")
Terra: (Smiling) It’s never too late.
(BB's face softens as he realizes what this decision means -- both for Jump City and for the flawed hero finally finding redemption -- and she gives him one last hug; close-up: her eyes are filled with tears)
Terra: You were the best friend I ever had...

(In front of Terra's body, which is made of stone)
Raven: We'll be searching for a way to reverse the effect.
Robin: We'll bring her back.
Cyborg: Someday...
(Beast Boy lays down a Plaque for Terra that reads:)
A Teen Titan
A True Friend
Beast Boy: I'll never forget you, Terra...


Terra: My name is Terra and I have done horrible things. I have sworn to serve a dark master. I have obeyed his every command and commited crimes in his name. I have betrayed and attacked everyone who used to be my friend. One-by-one I have destroyed the Teen Titans. And with no one left to stop me I have brought an entire city to its knees. My name is Terra. I have done horrible things... and I have absolutely no regrets...


Beast Boy: Her name was Terra. She was gifted with tremendous power, and cursed with it as well. She was a dangerous enemy, and a good friend. And she was one of the bravest people I have ever known.

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