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Contacting Bane or A;

- It's really not that hard to press the 'PM bloodinwater' button. However, I can understand wanting to email/ IM me (I just got an IM; how COOL is that! maniacal laughter in background) due to preferrance or safety precautions. The best thing to do would be to simply look at my email (posted above...) or IM me; (look at my beautiful email address for further information. maniacal laughter in background)

Things Bane loves (or can't get enough of);

-reviewers- (YOU GUYS ROCK!)

-writing (duh.)




-My 2 babies. (chill, they're my guinea pigs.)

- My perfect, and utterly useless boxer dog.

-A, one of my bestest and coolest friends!


-beads! Ahahaha!

-Email! (how in the world can you type all you want, and it appears magically somewhere else at the touch of a button!)

-Hot topic

Things Bane is Absolutely Obsessed with, To what Degree, (and why);

-The Moon. Everyone writes about it; says it's beautiful, say they think it's an obsession for them. But it's never real. They never walk into the night with no lights, watch the forest from afar as it gleams with the rays that the evening sun produces. Go out with no sweater in November on a night that the wind dominates the trees. Stay in freezing temperature justto watch the silvered orb glide across the sky. Count the days that you haven't seen the moon, and number the days until you will see it full again. Look at it the second night it had begun waning and feel disappointment swallow you. Feel despair at the face that will soon disappear for a fortnight. Once you can do all that, you can truly love the moon. You can truly write of it's eternal beauty.

-Poetry. Rhyming poetry in particular. I can't find astounding talent in haikus, nor in simple, unelegant lines. My love is for the words that share connection without any further bond. And how each stanza can tell of a story; can have a meaning without any need for comprehension. How one's proportions can withstand a common link, though it melds so well, only one without the eye of the bystander can withdraw its wisdom. It shows inspiration, and it shows inspiration in me.

Things Bane can't stand (Pet Peeves);

- The way my Math Teacher looks like a cross between sharkboy, an old woman who has gone to hell and back (and shops at 'DISTASTE for the AGED'), and a pig that has suffered from mad cow disease for too long.

-The fact that my math teacher can give me a migrane; just by talking. Don't believe me? I had to take an advil from the clinic twice.


-Make fun of me, think I'm some goth, say I'm a wannabevampire. I don't care. I hate sunlight. I won't walk into it unless I absolutely have to. So Nuaghhgh!

-The color pink. Ohhhh, yeah! IT'S evil in a whole new sense!

-Limited Too

-Grandparents who ask where you like to shop for some ofyour clothes, and when you tell them Hot Topic, they act like they need to convert you. And then, of course, they buy you a gift card for Limited Too.

Poems Bane Has Completed So Far;

-Angel of Mercy (This one is A's favorite)

-A Girl, A Boy

-Her Solemn Fall



-Moonshine (to A's utter amusement...)

-Her Heart Stood Still

Although I thoroughly doubt it, if you wish at any time to see any of these, PM me andI'll either (A) send it to you, or (B) Send you the link.

Monumental / Hilarious Phrases;

"I'm not chasing you because the Military told me to. I'm chasing you because I'm pisssed off!" -Colonel Roy Mustang

"You make my brain meats happy." -Basser (One of my brilliant reviewers.)

"I guess we Anime freaks just work like that." -A

"Oooh! This tea is good--and alot better than your mother's..." -A, referring to the difference between the tea my mother drinks, and the GLORIOUS, GODLY mixture that I concoct. (But hey! They're both tea!)

"Bane's status; Probably off battling fierce pixies over her keyboard. Nothing to worry about." --My mini-door-white-board.


"I think I'm going to make a real Ed shrine."


"Yeah. With a plushie... and... 0.0...Ed."

"-.-' Yeah. That's nice, Bane. Really great."

"I don't know any quotes! I'm not good at them!" -A, isn't she brilliant!

"Come to the Dark side. We have cookies." -Faith.


"Come to the Dark Side, we have chips and drinks."

"Cookies are better, A."

"Well, you'd get thirsty without drinks. SO there!"

"Wait a second. They're THE Dark Side, so why can't they have both? I mean, they're dark... and they're a side..."

Hilarious Things that A has said over the past month;

1.) A; " Bane, I'm mad at Allen. He kept whispering nasty things in my ear on the bus..."

Bane; "Aw, poor A."

A; "...And he was making me horny."

2.) A; "I want to die having sex with my husband. Or some random guy(s) on the street..."

Bane; "...Yes, A, I thought so..." 0.o

3.) Coming Soon

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