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Favourite TV/Films/Books For Fanfiction to be based On = Convenant, Highlander, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Secret Circle, Sentinel, Tin Man, Vampire Diaries, CSI, X-Men, Eureka, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Firefly, Dresden Files, Cardcaptors, Diagnosis Murder, Criminal Minds, Buffy, NCIS, Stargate, Charmed, Supernatural, Xena, Burn Notice, NCIS LA, Hawaii 5-O (2010), Leverage...

Favourite Characters = Damon Salvatore, Jeremy Gilbert, Alaric Saltzman, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Xander Harris, Harry Potter, Greg Sanders, Jesse Travis, Spencer Reid, Aragorn, Cassie Blake, DG, Adam Ross, Rogue, Simon Tam, Harry Dresden, Sakura, Ryan Wolfe, Sam & Dean Winchester, Cole Turner, Tyler Simms, Jack Carter, Daniel Jackson, Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Jack O'Neill, Charlie & Don Ebbs, Leo Wyatt, Timothy McGee, Talon Karrde, Lando Calrissian, Paige Matthews, Chris Halliwell, Methos, James T Kirk, Harry Kim, Julian Bashir, Marty Deeks...

Favourite Fanfiction Pairings In No Particular Order

TVD - Damon Salvatore & Klaus Mikaelson, DS & Elijah Mikaelson, DS & Alaric Saltzman, DS & Stefan Salvatore, DS & Jeremy Gilbert, DS & Original Male Character, Stefan Salvatore & Jeremy Gilbert

Numb3rs - Charlie Ebbs & Colby Granger, CE & Ian Edgerton

Buffy - Xander Harris & Angel, XH & Oz, XH & Wesley Wyndam-Price, XH & Graham Miller, XH & Male Crossover Character, XH & Original Male Character

Stargate Universe - Daniel Jackson & Jack O'Neill, DJ & Cameron Mitchell, Rodney McKay & John Sheppard, RM & Evan Lorne, RM & Carson Beckett

Star Trek - Julian Bashire & Miles O'Brian, Harry Kim & Tom Parris, James Kirk & Leonard McCoy{2009}, JK & Christopher Pike{2009}, JK & Spoke{2009}

NCIS Universe - Timothy McGee & Jethro Gibbs, TM & Tony DiNozzo, Marty Deeks & G Callen, MD & Erik

Star Wars - Anikan Skywalker & Obi-Won Kenobi, Luke Skywalker & Han Solo, LS & Lando Calrissian, LS & A Member Of Rogue Squadron

Criminal Minds - Spencer Reid & Aaron Hotchner, SR & David Rossi

Odds & Ends - Michael Weston & Sam Axe, Rogue & Cyclops, Simon Tam & Malcolm Reynolds, Jesse Travis & Steve Slone, Jack Carter & Nathan Stark, DG & Wyatt Cain, Harry Dresdan & Michael Carpenter, Eliot & Nate

Favourite Type Of Fanfiction = Angst, Bromance, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Drama, Father-Son, Mentor-Mentoree, Family

Characters I Love To Hate = Sam Carter, Elizabeth Weir, Practically Everyone Barring Damon Salvatore/Alaric Saltzman & Jeremy Gilbert In Vampire Diaries, Everyone Barring HJP In Harry Potter, Alison Blake, Lavender, Everyone Barring Tim McGee & Occassionally Tony DiNozzo In NCIS, Kensi Blye, Amita Ramajan, Leia Solo, Everyone Barring Xander On BtvS, Uhura...

Things I Would Love To See In Star Trek Alternative Original Series(Movies) Fanfiction

Kirk Centric

1. More Genius, Insightful, Mature, Dark, Kickass, Lethal & Anti BS Kirk

2. Kirk in a healthy, long-term romantic relationship with Bones or a psionic OMC - maybe even a secret marriage before or during their Academy days

3. More Kirk dealing with the aftermath of Tarsus & all he's had to do to ensure his & his kids survival = maybe it gets announced in or discovered by the press during his Academy days, (due to a leak, Winona bad-mouthing, new holo evidence, kidnapping, truth serum, an attack, hostage situation..), to the shock of everyone, barring Admiral Archer who helped him hide in memory of Jim's Mentor Hoshi Sato

4. More Kirk either being adopted or mentored by Pike or Archer

5. More Kirk as a powerful Psionic - thanks to Betazoid heritage, radiation at birth, a psionic legacy, illegal & unwilling experimentation, torture, being a sentinal/guide.. {Telepathy, Empathy, Telekinesis, Flash Precognition} = & what the effects of the first movie have had on him

6. More Kirk & Bones Bromance

7. Kirk being discovered by Pike &/or his crew as a talented Artist &/or Musician - a form of self-therapy to cope with the best & worst moments of his life - maybe singing old songs such as What Do You Want From Me by Adam Lambart or Wrong by Depeche Mode in a friendly out-of-the-way bar

8. Kirk going on Missions for Intelligence during his Academy years

9. More Kirk secrets, good & bad, being revealed to Pike, Archer, Spock Prime &/Or Crew {various Events, Talents, Obsessions, Abilities, Training, accomplishments, relationships, hobbies...} such as scars, stillborn child, restraining orders, tattoo as a reminder of something, familial neglect-abandonment & abuse, sexual assault, being a flirt whilst only sleeping with several friends with benefits over being the actual slut the grapevine portray him as, suicide attempts, not having any contact or knowingly being in the same city as a relative in 10 years, hidden cabin outside of san francisco, injuries...

10. Spock Prime preventing or positively changing some of the bad things that happened before

11. More Kirk as a hands on Sink or Swim teacher in Hand to Hand, Survival... at the Academy

12. Kirk joining Starfleet at Age 16 under a different name and still graduating in 3 years.

13. Starfleet being overhauled from the ground up pre or post Narada = Regulations, Training, Security, Procedures, Employees, decentralization, Ships{arm them all to the teeth, repurpose them for different missions, retrofit them to have them be able to safely break apart in battle so majority of crew can escape whilst a minimal crew protects their backs...} ...

14. Kirk saving Pike life at risk to his own

15. Kirk secretly owning his own highly successful joint private adult Club or Bar & Restaurant with accompanying apartment where he can just let loose & be himself without publicity or reprisals

Things I Would Love To See In Vampire Diaries Fanfiction

Damon Centric

1. Born Psychic Damon

Empath = As a human Damon was naturally emotional and being an empath on top of it only heightened that character trait, being a vampire that trait has worsened and he's slowly driven insane by his own and everyone else emotions. The only reason he's stayed so sane for 145 years is either decades of switched off emotions or serious hard core drug abuse, however after so long both methods have lost their effectiveness and he fully looses it – leads to him needing Original help when a oblivious Stefan just locks him up.

Telepath = As a human knows all the family and town secrets, recording them all for possible later use in outmaneuvering the mechanicians of his father, the council, and the vampires to can protect himself and gain his eventual freedom as a human or a vampire

Seer = Damon as some version of a Seer and knew/knows at least some of what would/will happen and doing a lot behind the scenes to improve things without tipping his hand {although whilst alive couldn't do much beyond damage control and preparations for the inevitable thanks to Katherine compulsions & Emily Spells}

2. More = Parental Demon{Stefan-OMC-Jeremy}, = Bromance Damon{Stefan-Alaric-Elijah-OMC-Kol-Klaus-Jeremy-Enzo..}, = BAMF Damon, = Zero BS Tolerant Damon, = Secret Keeping Damon, = Never Changing to Please Others Damon, = Soldier Damon, = Supernaturally Knowledgeable & Experienced Damon, = Smart Damon, = Good & Kinky Slash Relationship Damon{Elijah-Alaric-Jeremy-Kol-OMC-Klaus-Crossover-Enzo} set before/during/after the series, = College Degree carrying Damon, = Deaged & cared for by Stefan-Alaric-Jeremy Or Elijah Damon, = Bennett Protector Damon, Powerful Damon{Weather Manipulation-Familiar-Shapeshifting-Flight..}, = Non Pussy Whipped Damon, = Anti Katherine/Elena Damon before Season 1, = Turned By Someone Other Than Katherine Damon, = Physically & Psychologically Tortured Damon, = Leaving Town Damon, = Employed Damon, = Artist/Musician/Writer Damon, = Hunter Damon, = Stefan & Damon having Positive Compulsions On Them{1) Remember only their true Pasts(not Disney version), 2) Accept themselves, each other & those they truly love unconditionally, 3) fully move on from Katherine without remorse, 4) Be fully truthful to themselves & each other regarding everything & everyone}

3. Damon being sired to Katherine at one point with Stefan realizing it either on his own or forcibly by someone else during or after the fact and helping/supporting his brother

4. Damon was a Werewolf, thanks to his mother side of the family, and had the gene trigger during the war – gets limited information from a young orphaned witch who thought they were extinct but who does spell him undetectable to other supernaturals for his own protection. Ends up using Katherine so he wouldn't have to go through the agony of turning every full moon, gets his wish but the feud with Stefan still happens though not as deep or volatile as it wasn't just Katherine that created it - Klaus finds out and sets out to try and turn him into a hybrid to his horror.

5. Damon actually being much closer to Sage who taught him a lot more{self-defence, vampires, magic, originals, werewolves, doppelgangers, living under the radar...}, actually becoming close allies and friends{blunt, non-judgemental & accepting of ALL sides of him} - also helped him realize Katherine true nature and fully get over her after showing him her living her life up outside the tomb she's supposed to be in - would make things more interesting when it comes time for him to go to mystic falls with the added knowledge, skills, friendships...etc

6. Damon and the Gang, relaxing with a highly revealing game of I Never and Him, Alaric and Jeremy end up being the kinkiest, worldly and experienced

7. What if Damon was Bi-Polar whilst human or alternatively if he had a history of deep depressions/suicide attempts and it was amplified by being a vampire? What if Damon knows and is taking double doses of medication whilst he has his humanity on to try to control it though his brother and Elena actions and inactions are not helping? what if they find out?

8. Damon and Stefan whilst in transition, both realize Katherine true nature and that they have been compelled, so no feud or breaking up of their brotherly bond, they go through the decades together without either getting lost to their bloodlust or emotions, finding a good, open minded, strict, pragmatic, supportive, honest, stable & down to earth mentor whose like a real dad to them both = so no sanctimonious Lexi or untrustworthy Sage poisoning them = results in positive changes to their personalities, history, bromance...

9. The Cure

Damon manages to steal the cure or a duplicate, give it to Stefan and compels him a new safe human life - new surname, family, memories, paperwork, bank accounts, records...etc allowing him to grow up and be happy with him secretly watching out for him from a distance mostly through stefan new compelled family, until Stefan gets turned again a decade later

Damon unknowing to the others accidentally/forcibly getting the cure and he ends up deciding to embrace it all, take everything he wants & needs with him, and effectively disappears before settling down, start his own Business/Career, find love and eventually raising two sons, maybe named after Enzo, Alaric and Stefan

Damon temporarily getting the cure and secretly sets about freezing some sperm so he can have kids before he's willingly turned into a vampire again and leaves town

10. Damon as a gay man who realized it when he was human, although was very discreet & kept up appearances, however with Katherine he ended up entrapped thanks to her compulsions and after he turns, turns his back on everything & everyone that reminded him of her violation of him {stays away from mystic falls & his brother as much as possible though still looks out for Stefan from afar, gets a new ring, minimal relations with women so no Sage-Isobel-Charlotte-Caroline-Elena..., the only exception is the Bennetts who he becomes the wary guardian angel of} - Stefan finds out thanks to either Anna/Pearl or Katherine herself > possibly leads to stefan searching for his brother as he never came back to MF to open the tomb that still gets opened by Anna

11. Damon, having gotten over Katherine completely, goes to Mystic Falls a year or two sooner, lives his life = has his humanity full on, refuses to change himself for anyone or tolerate anyone bigotry-lies-judgements or BS, has a good business-boyfriend-dogs-home, stays away from 'nephew', is on the council who he's made sure is suspicion free of him & Stefan, stays away from witches-other vampires-his 'nephew' and teenagers, = imagine Stefan horror at Damon already being there and being well established/received in town.

12. Damon unknowingly using the sire bond, before leaving town in grief over Alaric, to get Elena to 1) Grow Up, 2) always be 100% truthful to herself, boyfriend, brother and friends, 3) stop trying to dictate & manipulate other people lives, actions and inactions, 4) get over herself, 5) accept reality without always throwing a petulant hissy fit...etc

13. Damon pre-series or early season one gets 1) the full true story of Katherine, 2) compelled to fully accept Katherine true nature-get over her & move on without regrets, 3) sent to mystic falls to watch out for Elena for Klaus who has secretly already done the Sacrifice & decided to keep Elena alive {giving monthly blood donations} although without her memories, just in case Ester tries to screw him over from beyond the grave = Damon never developes feelings for her without Katherine as a base, although would stefan be able to turn his brother humanity on without her help or even try - as a cover for the citizens gets called to take guardianship of Stefan when 'uncle' zack dies from tomb vampires, although outside of Klaus order & guardianship duties would probably stay as far away from the rest of the gang as possible as he wouldn't need them to 'save' Katherine

14. Damon mind being sent back to the past, to just before season 1 and he ends up correcting things for the better from behind the scenes - once done as much as possible to fix and improve things, employs a few compelled spies for just in case, disappears into his personally built home on large plot of land he bought with army pay whilst human, however thanks to the botched spell by Bonnie the gang, or at least the ones that Damon has emotional connection to even if he denies it, remembers the original timeline and searches out answers for all the differences made which might include finding/putting Damon under a powerful truth spell and a thorough grilling {alaric, jenna, elena, matt, jeremy, kol, stefan, zack, bonnie, sheila, caroline, rose, lexi, elijah, enzo...}

15. What if it was Damon instead of Stefan that was repeatedly drowned & staved for weeks on end at the bottom of the quarry?

16. Damon at first meeting Elena simply turning to Stefan and saying in complete sincerity 'you could do so much better' before walking away

17. A Fully Humanity On Gay Damon in the middle of his PhD when he gets a call from the Sheriff regarding Stefan after 'Uncle' Zack is killed by Tomb Vampires

18. Damon was a incredibly talented, experienced and knowledgeable witch with a powerful gift for Sight whilst he was human and hating it, ends up using Katherine to turn so he looses his magic but his Sight goes subconscious so he ends up improving things for everyone without realizing

19. What if through his mother side, Damon was a fully trained Guardian, someone trained from birth in ALL the True aspects of the supernatural world to protect it and prevent the rising of their ancestor: Silas.

20. During the Civil War Damon befriended a good vampire on the other side of the war, becomes a turncoat himself, is thoroughly educated in ALL True aspects of Vampirism and the Supernatural world before being turned by his new best friend to save his life - leads to Damon never turning off his emotions or returning to Mystic Falls {leaving behind Stefan and an Elder brother - both of whom he doubts ever loved him let alone unconditionally as they can be very much Guiseppe ass kissers} eventually meets up with them again as the husband of either Klaus/Kol or Elijah

21. What if Damon never turned off his emotions? How much worse or better off would he be? Particularly if he had an Original lover/best friend, one who was always there for him unconditionally - so much so that they destroyed the Augustine society in revenge & rescued Enzo for him

22. A powerful{Weather Manipulation-Shapeshifter-Familiar..} & Supernaturally knowledgable/experienced Damon who is head of his own Economic-Social Empire far away from Mystic Falls, who has loyal family, friends, lovers and allies at his side = Mystic Falls gang end up coming to him for help not knowing that he is the brother of judgemental/hypocritical/deluded Stefan.

Possible Possitive Changes Made By/To/For Damon In No Particular Order > 1) Damon being much more Supernaturally Knowledgeable, 2) Saving the good vampires{Pearl-Anna-Harper-Henry-Lexi-Enzo-Rose..} & people{Jenna-Sheila-Jeremy..}, 3) Stockpiling/daily drinking Vervain & Anti Werewolf/Witch herbs, 4) Burning/Salting down the witch house, 5) Becoming the guardian angel of the Bennetts line, 6) Getting Stefan a good but strict/realistic mentor to control the Blood lust & prevent him becoming a manipulative Guiseppe Jr. thanks to coddling, 7) Destroying the tomb spell/moonstone/Emily crystal/Gilbert inventions/Ester locket, 8) Securing the Salvatore family loyalty & continued property/social/bloodline/economic..growth, 9) Returns Emily Grimoire to the Bennetts, 10) Ensures that there is no evidence of at least Salvatore Vampires if not all the good vampires, 11) Ensures Katherine's in the Tomb, her location is leaked to Elijah/Klaus or at very least that the council knows of her leading to Elena never being invited in, 12) Damon doesn't turn or become involved with any deranged women{Kelly-Charlotte-Vicki-Isobel-Caroline-Elena-Rebekah..}, 13) Klaus magically desiccated & locked up, 14) Alaric is Turned, 15) Jeremy sent to a Good Open-Minded Vampire Shrink, 16) Social Services called on Matt & Vicki, 17) Matchmakes Zack & Jenna/Meredith, 18) Prevents Meredith from 'saving' her patients with Vampire Blood, 19) Steals & hides/destroys Ester Coffin, 20) Kills Mikeal-Silas-Jules-Pack.., 21) Reunites Sage & Finn, 22) Releases Original Family sooner, 20) Augustine Society destroyed...

Possible Damon Secrets Regarding Himself &/Or Others In No Particular Order > those he's rescued-saved, is an ex-stripper, marriages, legitimate-illegitimate and/or adopted children, mother, relatives, freeing abused slaves, building his own secret sanctuary with army pay, hobbies, various properties, talents{e.g. Languages..}, his car, enemies, college degrees(saw a interview that said Damon had graduated college like four times), abuse, tattoo, world travelling, true Male/Female friendships/relationships/bromances.., kinks, arrest records, decades alone, various wars-abuses & PTSD/depression, reopening & healing of his war/abuse/self inflicted scars by Katherine, burying loved ones(wife-husband-child-sibling-lovers-friends..[old age, natural disasters, enemies..]), suicide attempts & self harm-destruction, few true regrets, numerous betrayals, sage 'mentorship', constant fights to get stronger, captures and being tortured, condemnation for being himself, Lexi forcing him to abandon his brother in new Orléans, unknowingly switching off his emotions, protecting Stefan at cost to himself, trial & error of learning vampirism...

Jeremy Centric

1. Jeremy as being secretly gay with a suspicious & un-supportive family who wants him to settle down, follow dad, marry & have kids which leads to his one-sided relationship with Bonnie, only person who knows/knew was Anna who was actually his best friend not his lover{accepted him as he was and taught him everything she knew about the supernatural world, survival, self defence & Vampirism which he wrote down in his own secret journal as a backup against Elena mandated compulsions together with his own Vervain & Anti Magic herb supply} = when he's sent to Denver, fakes being under compulsion and packs up everything he needs & wants to keep so he can permanently leave mystic falls before he gets killed, ends up growing much more mature, open-minded, practical, realistic, self-aware, dangerous, frank, creative and self reliant...etc before being found by the gang who hate his almost Damon like new looks & outlook. However does lead to Deremy Bromance or Romance.

2. Jeremy already knowing about the supernatural world, either because he's been trained as a hunter secretly by uncle john{unsuccessfully tried to spread the fanaticism} or because he's a born & fully trained psychic {medium-retrocognition..}, maybe causing conflict with the Gilbert adults as he's not a vampire but he's still not normal either which lead to them possibly at the very least favouring Elena over him

3. Jeremy being the vampire Damon was trying to save from the tomb and not Katherine - either secret lovers, best friends, brother, half-brother...

4. Jeremy having been turned pre-series unknowingly, waking up with a explanationary letter and a spelled piece of lapis jewelry{nipple-ring maybe - can hide it easier}, in revenge for something his uncle john did, and barely managed to keep himself in control, keep it secret or figure out how to be a vampire without a sire - responsible for at least some of the 'animal attacks'

5. Jeremy having a negative reaction to John living with them after he has murdered Anna - maybe leads him to bunking at Alaric's or somewhere if he doesn't force him out of the house

6. Jeremy post season 3: struggling to cope, pay the bills, work, go to school, take care of the Gilbert Estate...etc with Alaric dead, Elena absorbed in being a vampire and everyone else either having their own problems or focusing on Elena, and takes to prostitution and self harming...

7. Jeremy gets fully fed up everyone and how they treat him{retarded, invisible, immature, unwanted, incompetent...} decides to leave before he can be compelled into his sister perfect version of life again - packs up a dufflebag with everything he wants & needs to keep{no intention of ever returning}, empties his account, drops Gilbert from his name and passes his GED - ends up in San Francisco, lives in a one room apartment, gets a decent job{something hands on such as a bike mechanic or paramedic}, takes self-defence classes, becomes a gifted & fully trained medium, has a good kinky psychic boyfriend, gets unconditional open-minded & accepting human and supernatural friends whilst working at being recognised as an artist with dark work {tattoos, piercing, highlights, leather}

8. More No BS, Independent, Anti-Hypocrite, BAMF Jeremy

9. Jeremy also adopted and him finding out that he's a Salvatore

Things I Would Love To See In Leverage Fanfiction

Nate Centric

1. More Scary Kickass Nate protecting himself &/or Family

2. More Major Nate Whump - stabbed, shot, tortured, assaulted...

3. More Eliot & Nate Bromance or Romance

4. The Gang reaction to realizing either after they left him at his own behest or after Nate escapes prison that Nate was shot at the end of the Maltese Job & there are possible long term consequences

5. Nate effectively seducing a male mark, even going so far as to sleep with them to the shock of the team

6. More Sophie being called out on her need to change Nate back to who he was before the death of his Son

7. More Nate dealing with his dark childhood/past/secrets from before he became a insurance fraud investigator

8. More Team realizing how much Nate does to protect them, including doing everything possible to make sure that any payback always comes to him instead of the team

9. Nate captured and given a truth serum after being thoroughly worked over, manages to resist to some extent but admits to finding Eliot much more attractive than Sophie in all ways which then gets found by Hardison on Film

10. Nate & Sterling having to pretend they are lovers during a job or at least part of a job - bringing up old memories of a time before they were rivals and were actually hidden lovers but never friends.

11. Nate is somehow deaged, looses his memories and ends up only letting Eliot close to him as he's the one that he feels safest with, at least in the beginning - ends up revealing some unintentional secrets & some not so nice things about his family & original childhood thanks to his ingrained habits & thought processes

12. AU where at the least Psychics are real - Nate is a constantly overloaded Empath since his sons death and is taking meds to dampen his gifts together with the alcohol which then gets found out by Eliot who helps him

13. More Nate dealing with long term issues such as a new migraines, limp, deafness, nerve damage, strict diet, blindness... due to injuries - after all he's been shot, beaten, blown up...etc - could try and hide it from the team in the beginning until Eliot finds out

Things I Would Love To See In Charmed Fanfiction

Paige Centric

1) More BAMF No BS Witchlighter Paige

2) More Paige that is already thoroughly knowledgable, trained & experienced as a Witch, Whitelighter & Innocent Protector when she meets her sisters, particularly with a non charmed power{maybe had military training thanks to an overprotective relative}

3) More Paige that isn't blinded by seeing the world in Black & White{ends up helping Cole so he doesn't end up a Phoebe obsessed lapdog who gets possessed by the Source and driven insane}

4) Paige having a supportive & protective in the know best friend that she can count on that often has a bed for her, that her sisters don't know about.

5) More Paige as a capable Social Worker with a degree instead of dog walker, secretary...etc

6) A much darker, stronger & less naive but still light sided Paige

7) Paige struggling not to give into the temptations of alcohol thanks to her new magical life as a witch and replacement sister

8) Supportive Paige & Cole friendship

Things I Would Love To See In NCIS Los Angeles Fanfiction

Deeks Centric

1. More strong, BAMF, respected and Dark Deeks

2. Deeks as a bisexual male with past or current male lover even if its just for an op

3. More supportive Deeks/Callen friendship, bromance or romance

Things I Would Love To See In Marvel Movies Fanfiction

Tony Centric

1) More strong, scary, competent, kickass, BAMF, Tony Stark

2) Tony as a secret Widow mourning the death of his secret long term supportive, protective & compassionate boyfriend/husband

3) More Tony behind the Masks{hidden depths}

4) Tony having half-brothers in Nathan Stark{Eureka} and Xander{BtVS}

5) More Tony in a good long term relationship with OMC, Male Crossover Character, Phil Coulson, Clint Barton

6) More Tony and Fury friendship


Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: Knowing when to come in out of the rain; why the early bird gets the worm; Life isn't always fair; and Maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6 year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get Parental consent to administer Calpol, sun lotion or a band-aid to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to live as the Ten Commandments became contraband; churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents, Truth and Trust; his wife, Discretion; his daughter, Responsibility; and his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 3 stepbrothers; I Know My Rights, Someone Else Is To Blame, and I'm A Victim. Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone. If you still remember him, pass this on. If not, join the majority and do nothing.

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