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my fave things: animals, boys, inuyasha, and fullmetal alchemist!

i am the biggest inuyasha/fullmetal alchemistfan u will evr c

funny fanfics ahead, so try to hang on to ur asses while u laugh

and yes. i curse. get over it.

n e way:) this is laura. the BIGGEST INUYASHA/FMA FREAK EVER!im a humor writer/romantic writer/romantic humor writer.

my favorite song right now is brothers, by vig mignogna(voice of ed from fullmetal alchemist, and yes, the song is from it too!

Some very memorable, and very cute Inuyasha Quotes!

Miroku: Just what happened between you and Kikyo.
Inuyasha: Same thing you do all the time with women.
Miroku: Ghastly! You did that in front of Kagome!
Inuyasha:Hey, what exactly do you do every day, lech!

Is it my imagination, or is there some kind of jealousy thing going on here?"-Inuyasha
(gives Inuyasha a really bad look)"It's your imagination."-Sango
(Inuyasha tries to hide behind Kagome)
"Whatever you say."-Kagome

"How rude... sticking your hand in the bosom of a girl you just met."- Yura of the hair.

"I've been thinking... why... were you crying for me?" -Inuyasha
"Because... I thought you were going to die."- Kagome.
silence "Your lap... will you lend me your lap?"- Inuyasha.
"Uh... sure..." (pulls inuyahs's head into her lap.)" That better?"-Kagome
"Yes... You... smell... good."-Inuyasha
"What! I thought you hated my scent."-Kagome
"I lied."-Inuyasha

"So you smelt my blood on her, did ye?"- Kaede
"It didn't shock me... the way you're always getting sliced up"- Inuyasha

She said, "Im going home, stupid!"~Inuyasha. "Inuyasha?"Kaede. "Yeah, what?"~Inuyasha. "That was the worst impression of lady kagome I have ever heard".~Kaede. Anime Drop "Im a demon, not a comedian!"~Inuyasha

Shippo: Naraku is a guy. How can he give birth to a woman?

fighting against Naraku

Kagome: Okay, Shippou, you ready?

flying on top of Shippou

Shippou: Yep!


Shippou: Sure you don't want to put it off for a while?

Kagome sweat drops

Kagome: Oh, c'mon, Shippou!

Sango: It's just for tonight, why don't you comfort her
Kagome: Koharu-chan doesn't know much about this town either
Miroku: I can't do that, if I make a mistake and Koharu gets pregnant...

Sango: She is someone who said she'll even bear your child
Miroku: No, that's something I ask of all the ladies I meet
Sango: You never asked me, though
Miroku: I am sorry, Sango. Would you...
Sango: You don't have to say it!

"Shut up!"-Inuyasha
"Please forgive us Inuyasha!"-Sango
"We were only worried about you!"-Shippo
"I don't care, butt out of my life...Stupid!"-Inuyasha
"Come'on Inuyasha!"-Sango
"Get back here!"-Inuyasha
"You must forgive him, Kagome, he's just as happy that you came back."-Kaede
"Come back here!"-Inuyasha

Princess: Don't leave me Miroku, I'm scared.
Miroku: You're scary enough yourself.
Princess: Monk, how can you be so cruel!

"My butt's about to fall off!" -- Kagome

"Inuyasha, do you want to be held responsible if Kagome's bottom get deformed?" --Shippo

"SIT!" --Kagome (Inuyasha)

Miroku: grope.Sango:slap

favorite movies: lilo & stich, howls moving castle, spirited away (GO HIYAO MIYAZAKI!),all of the inuyasha movies, shrek, home on the range, treasure planet, and lord of the rings/ star wars. i know. im a geek.


btw i started this file on 10/27/05 just so u know!

givem the sango treatment!lol

. o yeah, dragon of venus is the coolest other inu fanfic writer evr!

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