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Poll: Which crossover fics with the Grangerverse i.e. Hermione-centric non-RHr fics would you like to see more of? Note that spinoffs and variants are included e.g. Terminator includes Sarah Connor, Star Trek incl. TNG and Enterprise, Buffy incl. Angel, etc. Vote Now!
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Like playing cute little online games? Try Hermione Detests The Deathly Hallows - you can find a list of what Hermione et al say if you scroll down (a lot).

I'm a fan of Hermione Granger, Severus Snape, Viviane Chance, and Indigena Yaxley. I am allergic to MoRon Weasley, and don't have a particularly high opinion of Sirius Black, Lucius Malfoy, Vernon Dursley, James Potter, or Molly Weasley. Voldemort is too incompetent a villain to have a positive or negative opinion about. Draco and Ginny are cardboard cutouts that one can do absolutely anything with.

Harry is a confused, uncurious, and emotionally crippled child with fast reflexes and a lot of luck. He thinks the world revolves around him. He has been carefully groomed by Dumbledore to believe that the rules don't apply to him. He shows few signs of Slytherin cunning or ambition. He is reckless and needs a lot more life lessons to realize the need for planning. He is held back by his friendship with MoRon. He is very much Dumbledore's man - in the sense of being an obedient and well moulded chess piece. He has the potential for growing into a mature character, but not much of this is realized during the time period covered by canon.

What else? Let's see... I boycotted Book Seven and Movies Five and Six - in short, anything 'official' once I'd read the crapalogue.

Advice to Writers

There will always be people who hate your story. There may be people who love your story. But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is this - will YOU cringe when you read your own story years later? (FWIW, I cringe at YASWLF, though not at Mudbrains.)

Rowling's Rules

1. Harry is the center of the universe.
2. Hermione is a research whore who is only there to provide Harry with answers and Ron with babies.
3. Ron is a loyal friend who will always stick by his friends through thick and thin.
4. Ginny is relevant.
5. Voldemort must have overly complicated plots.
6. Dumbledore must have overly complicated plots.
7. Gryffindor good, Slytherin bad, Hufflepuff irrelevant, Ravenclaw irrelevant.
8. Sexy characters will be heterosexual.
9. If Dumbledore says something, it must be true.
10. Muggles are ... quaint.


I believe that Rowling erred in pairing Hermione with Ron. Her decision seems like one she made at the start of the series and did not take into account how the characters developed throughout the series. While she claimed to have left anvil-sized hints of RHr, they pale in comparison to the warehouse-sized HHr hints - like Hermione's P(atronus being an )OTTER. If Hermione remained shackled to Ron for the rest of her life, her spirit would be broken - in the crapalogue, she sounds more resigned than anything else.

It's unfortunate, really. Jo had this chance to write an enduring love story - of a little abused boy who was only understood by an outcast bookish girl who would do anything for him. But... nope, Jo decided that it was more important for little girls to have a role model that was a Damsel In Distress rather than a strong woman who would fight for what and who she believed. In Jo's world, damsels get the knight while fighters get the git. If I hadn't actually seen her, I'd say Rowling was a man.

It seems odd that for all Jo's talk of 'I hate traitors', she fails to see past her own infatuation with Ron.

As for all the Ron-Hermione URST being a sign of true love (which I suppose it might be if you're fourteen)... if you want to equate argument and verbal abuse with attraction, then you should take that argument to its logical conclusion... and ship Hermione with Draco.

I don't object to Ron's lack of intellectual acumen so much as I object to his prejudice, lack of loyalty, and general insensitivity. He is an insecure git who has much to be insecure about. If Ron was smart, but was still someone who would never be allowed into Hufflepuff, I'd still loathe him. He shows very little respect for Hermione's values or Muggle background. It's also hard to see what a RHr pairing would do for Ron - she displays little respect for things that are important to him - like Quidditch, food, and blind hatred for Slytherins. Lavender seems a far better match for him - she seems quite willing to be a mini-Molly and they are both shallow enough to appreciate each other.

All that said, I don't think Harry is much of a match for Hermione either. Yes, it took me a year or two to figure that out, and my early fics are HHr. There are no instances in canon of him ever choosing her side over Ron's, despite her showing him far more loyalty and friendship. He seems incapable of grasping subtleties, and has no intellectual curiosity - the latter quite possibly due to Dursley abuse. Frankly, he ought to ship with Luna, who seems to amuse him in a way no other character does. There's always Ginny, I suppose, but it's never been clear to me that she would date Harry if he wasn't the BWL. Then again, both Harry and Ginny display potential to grow and become more mature, unlike Ron. Nearly all HHr stories have to give Harry more maturity than he has in canon.

Several fanfics have Hermione triangles where she leaves her Gryffindor boyfriend for a Slytherin one. (I don't like love triangles - love heptagons on the other hand, now we're talking...) A ridiculous number of them use Ron as the Gryffindor in question just because Rowling does. That is a complete copout, because there is no contest between Ron and the Slytherin. The only way a Ron-Hermione-X triangle could be a proper contest is if the X was Umbridge, but that would violate the Geneva Convention. Please, if you want a proper challenging fic, make Harry the boyfriend that Hermione is leaving.

I am curious about something... in popular fiction, is there some rule that says that a smart female character cannot get a nice guy but must always chase a jock-type who isn't really long-term compatible with her? Hermione, Samantha Carter, even Betty Cooper! Do audiences like to laugh at smart women, saying "Oh look, they're so smart, but so stupid about relationships!"

I do wish there were more shipless fics or Hermione/OC fics in the Grangerverse. The idea that she can only ship with one of a dozen known characters is rather ludicrous. Many fish in the ocean and all that. The same thing could be said for Harry if you cared about him. I don't. He's just the title character, not someone important. He is Godot.


It's amusing seeing how most male writers place him in the villain's role so easily. (I know of three exceptions.) It's also interesting how nearly all Snape-haters are Harry fans rather than Hermione fans. And yes, most HHr fans are a fan of one half of the couple more than the other - no suprise there, since it could be said of nearly any couple in popular fiction other than Mulder-Scully.

There is no question that Severus Snape is an unfair bastard. But what a bastard! Layers upon layers... there is little doubt that fanfic writers (particularly La Societe des Femmes Dangereuses) have done a far better job of writing him than Jo did. Not that I blame Jo for that, since she limited herself to writing from the POV of an impressionable boy who was not on Severus' Yule Card List.

Snape is far too useful a character to be hated so rigidly. If you must loathe him, please be multi-dimensional about it.

Starting with Sindie's epic, there are an increasing number of fics that deal with the way the Marauders bullied Severus, how cruel it was for Lily to abandon her childhood friend over one word, how naive she was to fail to appreciate the pressures on him from both Slytherins and Gryffindors, and the injustice done to him by Dumbledore dismissing Sirius Black's murder attempt as a prank.

In fact, Severus' fixation with Lily in canon seems decidedly ... odd. A couple of fanfics have speculated that Dumbledore artificially inflated this fixation in Snape's mind so that he would remain beholden by guilt and geas to Dumbledore's plans.

I'll rant/proselytize/prognosticate/speechify/vomit more later. For now, some challenges and recs.

CHALLENGES (added June-July 09)

I've posted some of my plot bunnies here, disguised as challenges. For the Stargate crossovers, Hermione/Daniel seems intriguing. For those of you who believe that strong women should have their spirits crushed, feel free to make them RHr.


In an AU where the Purebloods rule, Muggleborn children are stolen from their parents and raised to serve those more worthy - as servants, whores, labourers... and gladiators. Hermione is one such gladiator, and is involved in a courageous rebellion. Your call as to the level of its success.

Marriage Law Assassin

The opening sentence reads, "Three months after the passing of the Marriage Law, half the members of the Wizengamot had died mysterious deaths..."

Marriage Scofflaws

A proper response to a marriage law - Muggleborns choose exile, emigration, or revolution. Underground railroads and use of email encouraged. The Purebloods never know what hit them.

The H-Files

HHr. I'm sure this has been done already... Agents Potter and Granger are Unspeakables investigating unusual cases around the world a la Mulder and Scully. Featuring Snape as Assistant Director Skinner... Fred, George, and Dobby as the Lone Gunmen... Albus Dumbledore as the Candy Sucking Man...

Put Your Heads Together

Lily discovers during her seventh year that there is a charm on the Head Students' Lounge to ensure that the two occupants fall in love with each other. The story must end Lily/Severus. Your call as to whether you want to make the charm cast by Dumbledore, Sirius, James or someone else.

Leave it to the Dunderhead

When Severus Snape dies, he leaves all his worldly possessions to Neville Longbottom. Your detectives of choice have to discover why.

The Search For Mother

Draco and Hermione get together despite the usual odds, she becomes pregnant, Lucius duly protests, Draco stands up against his father and his Pureblood traditions... not. Nope. Nada. Draco is, fundamentally, a coward. He likes the Malfoy inheritance and wealth - and his life - too much to lose it all. So, it's Bye Bye Mudblood - And You're Leaving The Kid Behind. Hermione is given the choice - her baby dies or stays with its father. She is forced to swear an oath that (amongst other things) she will never try to contact the child... and then sent on her merry way. Years later, the chlid learns what happened and starts a global search for his/her Mum. Fortunately, Hermione has learnt a few tricks since, and has managed to leave some clues behind - without breaking the oaths. Lucius should eventually die a gruesome death. Your call as to whether it should end Dramione or not. And yes, you can make the child twins.

Witch Hunt 2.0

Muggleborns are disappearing. They are of all ages, some haven't even gone to Hogwarts yet or even know that they are magical. A few other wizards and witches have disappeared as well. And then a few of the missing Mudbloods turn up, saying that they' are being held in camps, subject to brainwashing and horrific experiments ... by the Muggles.

Magical Mayflower

Grangerverse/Stargate Crossover. The Statute of Secrecy has been broken (your choice as to when, could be during the 1970s) and wizards and witches all over the world are being hunted down by Muggle governments to use as soldiers and the like. The final result should be for Hermione and thousands of Magicals to pass through the Stargate to settle on a brand new planet to make a new life and civilization for themselves. A couple of suggestions for how to bring this about:

(a) A new threat to Earth makes it clear to Stargate Command that they need the help of Earth's Magical people to save the planet. Unfortunately, they've been mostly exterminated or gone into hiding. SG-1 is given the job to find and recruit a few to help.

(b) The Magicals infiltrate the SGC or NID and take over a Stargate for long enough to escape with their refugees.

Snape's Daughter

When Severus Snape dies, his will asks Hermione to look after his previously hidden daughter.

Quick on the Draw

Dean and Hermione are together. Her parents aren't thrilled about Dean's ethnicity, and his mother isn't thrilled about Hermione being a white girl. And her old friends aren't thrilled that she's not dating either Harry or Ron. Dean has a magical ability that has to do with his drawing prowess. For bonus points, they start dating while in Hogwarts. Basically, this is a fic to tackle different kinds of prejudice at the same time.

Descendant of Monsters

Hermione discovers that an ancestor of hers performed atrocities. For example, her grandfather was a Nazi scientist who experimented on Jews (see Operation Paperclip and Hubertus Strughold if you want any historically based suggestions). The ancestor in question must be a Muggle. How does this discovery affect the way in which Hermione deals with the children of Death Eaters?

The Raven Prince

During the Sorting Ceremony, when Lily is sorted into Gryffindor, Severus quickly realizes that his chances of remaining friends with Lily will be greatly reduced if he's sorted into Slytherin. He ends up in Ravenclaw instead. He should still pursue Dark Magic - in fact, he learns more of it in Ravenclaw than he ever would have in Slytherin. The Marauders still attack him, Lily still worries for his Dark leanings, but Dumbledore and other teachers and students are less likely to give him up as a lost cause. Must end up Lily/Severus.

Mel Granger, Dark Witch (Dec 07)

This has been taken up in magnificent fashion by Codex Serpens.

(a) Melanie is the daughter of Ron and Hermione. She is either the product of an abusive marriage or rape.
(b) Hermione is dead, thanks to Ron.
(c) Ron is in Azkaban.
(d) Mel lives with Harry and Ginny. But Harry travels a lot, and Ginny abuses/neglects Mel, blaming her for causing the splits in Clan Weasley (that Ron caused).
(e) Mel spends more and more time in a nearby forest. She makes friends there.
(f) One day, Mel runs away. She runs into a reclusive Dark Wizard, who adopts her. (For bonus points, make this Snape.)
(g) Mel decides that she's going to bring her mother back using Necromancy or some other Dark art. Whether she succeeds is up to you. You could also make Ron's blood a requirement to bring Hermione back.
(h) Mel becomes a Dark Witch. You decide what her agenda is.
(i) Eventually, she gets a reputation, and Harry has to hunt her down. It is up to you as to whether he succeeds.

Revenge of the Non-Prefect

When Hermione is not made a prefect in fifth year, she is seriously pissed. But she soon realizes the opportunities this presents! She knows that if she's expelled, she can always take OWLs and NEWTs by herself... well then. Time to offer her services to Fred and George and make the Marauders look like small-time kitten-rustlers. Hogwarts : A Prank History is about to receive a brand new chapter. Several, in fact.

Pureblood? Bethrothed? So?

Hermione is discovered to be a Pureblood witch and betrothed to some Pureblood wizard. Contrary to cliche, she refuses to obey it and fails to see why she should suddenly abandon her Muggle roots and values. For bonus points, she kills off her alleged fiance or relieves him of his ability to reproduce, thus invalidating the marriage contract.


The Veil wasn't a Portal to Netu. It was a miniature Stargate created by the Ancients - but the Ancient Runes on it had been mistranslated for centuries, causing it to send all who went through it to a world where they met a quick death. Through a series of unusual events, Hermione discovers the error and learns how to operate the Veil. But then she gets accused of a crime and is sentenced to death - by Veil. Now a convicted criminal, she ends up in a primitive world where she later bumps into SG-1 and returns with them to Earth. She joins the SGC, possibly SG-1 itself. Trouble is, she can never admit to being from earth in the first place because that would break the Statute of Secrecy (a really bad idea with folks like the NID around).

Primeval Magic

Hermione finds herself working for the Anomaly Research Centre ... need I say more? :) Well probably, but never mind that. (Damn ITV for cancelling Primeval! But thanks for giving us three seasons of it...)

Lily Number 9

Lily only falls for James because Sirius gives her a love potion to do so. Sirius Black - the same person who used a friend to nearly kill a childhood enemy - is quite capable of this, as his sense of right and wrong can be dubious at times. Now send your time traveller of choice back to the MWPP era, have him/her discover the plot, and see what happens. You are free to change history. You are free to decide whether James knew of Sirius' plans or not.

Streets Ahead

We know very little about Hermione's parents in canon. We see them a couple of times, but most of our knowledge of them comes from Hermione's words. Jo treats the Grangers like non-entities - so take this a step further and make them non-existent. In other words, Hermione is like Tom Riddle - an orphan. She grows up on the street or in an orphanage. It is your choice as to how different from canon she is as a result - if at all. Remember that Hermione is quite capable of lying and misleading and keeping secrets. How would Harry react if he found out? What if Hermione was friends/allies with some other fellow streetkid/orphanage resident who was at Hogwarts?

The Ghost Girl

Hermione is killed by the troll in first year, but isn't going to let a little thing like death interfere with her education.

Albus Redo

The reason Albus leaves Harry at the Dursleys is because in previous timelines, he had removed Harry from the abuse, and Voldemort had killed Harry since he lacked his mother's protection.

Voldemort Redo

When Voldemort dies, he is met by the Dark Angel who curses him for his obsession with Harry and for using the wrong disaffected minority to try and take over Britain. He's told to go back and this time use Muggleborns and Half-bloods to achieve his aims. He is returned to the end of Hermione's fourth year, to the graveyard scene. But this time, he doesn't take over the body that Peter comes up with, but Cedric Diggory's body instead. He then decides that Hermione would make an excellent ally. She goes in eyes wide open, deciding that a Dark Britain with equal rights for all Magical Beings and some prejudice is better than a Light Britain with equal rights for all noble Purebloods and a lot of prejudice.

Bringing up Harry

An adult war-worn Hermione goes back in time to when Harry is six years old. Having seen a future where Harry's manipulations and abuse by Dumbledore and the Dursleys made him too confused and weak to make much difference in the war, she decides to ignore the whole BWL and Blood Protection thing and bring Harry up herself. But how can a soldier suffering from PTSD bring up a child? She does what no-one in the Magical World would recommend - go to her parents and explain the situation, time travel included. They are surprisingly willing to help. Interactions between the two Hermione encouraged. And she still has a Dark Lord to fight, to keep her family safe this time around.

Don't Filch My Medals

Many Squibs served in the Muggle army and received several commendations (but little money) for it. One of them became a despised janitor. Write a story that makes us weep for Argus Filch and curse the Marauders, the Weasley twins, and the thousands of young wizards and witches who made and make his life a misery. For bonus points, have a couple of students try to find out his story.

Challenges by other people

Escoger's profile has the Time-crossed Love Triangle Challenge : Hermione goes back in time, and started dating Snape. Lily slowly comes to the realization that casting Severus out of her life might not have been her brightest idea...


This is an interesting genre that is finally getting some attention. I wouldn't recommend that any DLP fans read it, but as I don't think those folks deserve anything other than defective parachutes, never mind. Many traditional readers may have trouble seeing James and Sirius cast as villains -just as I despise seeing scum like Lucius or Ron depicted as heroes. However, there is no evidence in canon that Ron isn't a scumbucket. (I could grudgingly concede that Lucius could be pulling off an incredible act. Maybe. Still hate him, though.) But all our positive canon opinions about the Marauders are due to the fact that Harry is the son of one, and stories we hear from the Marauders. Would you, as a teacher, want to tell an orphan desperate for information about his parents that they were less than perfect? The only time we actually see the Marauders, they come off as arrogant bullies who attack Snape for no reason. The traditional pro-Marauder view is as consistent with canon as the anti-Marauder view. And the latter is far more fun and fresh to write and read these days.

The Moment It Began by Sindie. 5000+ reviews! Snape gets a second chance after he dies to return to the day of his worst memory. He keeps his mouth shut at the right moment, and everything changes.

Snape's Worst Memory by Darkglare. SSLE. Snape is an abused (by everyone, even Pomfrey) and confused kid in a school of confused and cruel children. Very realistic portrayals of characters, and therefore hard to read. Chapter 29 has the best ever version of what would happen if Sirius' attempt to murder Snape using Moony didn't go quite according to plan? (A lot more realistic and detailed than anything written by danger or witowsmp.) This is a truly brilliant fic.

What If? The Purgatory of Lily by Escoger. Lily gets to see various timelines where small changes led to very different outcomes. She doesn't always end up with Snape - she ends up with the toerag sometimes too.

Blinking to clear her vision, the strange sight before her didn't go away, nor did the sound of the PA system, which was rapidly becoming very annoying. There were indeed what appeared to be thousands of people who looked exactly like herself in greyish robes, with golden numbers on them. Each of the Lilys had minor differences to be sure, such as tattoos, different hairstyles, different piercings, but they were all her. Looking more carefully, she noticed that there were subtle differences in the color of the robes, and the different numbers seemed to be related to the different colors. The lower the number, the darker and closer to black the robes became, especially when they got below the number ten, and the higher the number, the lighter the color of the robes, all the way to sparkling white in the numbers of ninety and above.

Two shrugged, then said, "Well, like the one in the Ninety-six over there, I met Severus when I was seven, then went to Hogwarts with him, where the two of us were sorted into Slytherin; we joined the Death Eaters when we turned seventeen, then got engaged when we were eighteen. After a few months of seek-and-destroy work, taking out the Mckinnons and the Bones in the process, we received word that Voldemort had fallen to some bloody infant. Rather than let all of our hard work go to ruin, we rallied the rest of the Death Eaters...cowards most of them, then led them to victory over the Ministry, and I became Minister of Magic."

Ninety-six grinned, then said, "Sure, I will! Ahem...I am Lily Evans Snape, born, like the rest of you guys, in 1960; I met my best friend and future husband Severus Snape when I was seven, went to Hogwarts when I was eleven, got sorted into Hufflepuff, where I was tops in all of my classes... I became an Auror and joined the Order of the Phoenix when I was seventeen, along with Sev; after a few weeks there, we quit, because of Dumbledore's secretive ways and such, joined the Ministry, and spearheaded the formation of the White Dawn division, then Sev and I managed to slowly overcome Voldemort's Death Eaters via the use of superior numbers, and the creation of a spell to detect and undo the Imperius curse, which helped us prevent him from making use of people who had been mind-controlled. After the war, Severus and I had two kids, Thomas and Marigold. Unfortunately, in a bit of an accident, I got hit by a bus when I was taking a walk and well...died."

Last Resort by The Maudlin Muse. No ships - this fic is too important for that. When the Marauders' bullying of Snape finally forces him to try and take his own life, there are repurcussions. Lily tries to make amends. This is the only fic I've read that actually tries to deal with the psychological problems of bullying at both ends i.e. treating the bullies as well. The writer has first hand experience with such psychology work, and it shows. Parents will find this educational - hell, anyone would.

“James, James is one very confused young man. He was taught at home growing up that bullying wasn’t allowed but once entering school he, like all children his age wanted friends and gave into peer pressure. He followed Sirius’ lead because Sirius is his best friend and Sirius was simply doing what he had been taught to do at home. Though James knew what he did was wrong and something you would not condone, he got positive reinforcement from the headmaster. Mr. Dumbledore was basically telling them what they were doing was not only acceptable but that it was the way in which the Headmaster wanted them to behave.”

The Law of Unintended Consequences by Escoger. SS/LE/? Lilygets a second chance at life. She decides to stop Snape becoming a Death Eater. However, her efforts to keep dating her to-be-husband James push her world into utter disaster... can she understand the mess she's in? More importantly, will she understand Snape and his actions and the fact that he now has a ruthless witch (and friend of hers) on his side for a change? Will she ever win Snape's trust back?

'Angel' to James Potter : "You and your little band of Marauders did more damage to your original time-line than any ten Death Eaters COMBINED! Thanks to your efforts, and those of your house, any possibility of allies from Slytherin was completely destroyed, giving Voldemort a veritable hotbed of Death Eater recruitment, while you made most of the students in the other houses decide that it was better to be neutral than to join a group consisting of jerks like you. Pretty much single-handedly, you cut the number of possible allies to the side of the Light by about 30, and increased the number of Death Eaters from Slytherin by 40. Heck, in two-thirds of the time-lines where you DIDN'T exist, Voldemort was handily dealt with by 1982."

"Oh, and did you really think that risking the lives of all the people in Hogsmeade or on the Hogwarts ground when you went on your little monthly joyrides was something that was a good thing?

Lily Fixes a Mistake by severusphoenix. SSLE. A year after her marriage to James, Lily finds him cheating on her and divorces him with a speed and ruthlessness that makes even Lucius Malfoy sweat. What happens next is an unusual series of events, including Albus making up for the damage he has done to Slytherin and Hogwarts by his support of the Marauders. Hell, I read it thrice.

It was almost 4 am, but they had completed the paperwork. James would be presented with divorce paper from Natalie, and a Howler containing news of his suspension as an Auror pending charges of battery from Amelia Bones. If he did not sign the divorce papers that also gave her full custody of Harry he would be spending time in the MLE cells and be promptly fired from his position as an Auror... Lily realized she had made the wrong choice – Severus would never, ever have cheated on her, his love would have been absolute.

Minerva to Albus: “You were Head of Gryffindor at one time, and when you became Headmaster, you still took an interest in them, favored them a bit, but it was low-key and acceptable. But once the marauders arrived, nothing they did was ever wrong in your eyes. You usurped my authority – and everyone else’s in regards to them. There was never a punishment you didn’t make less, and if points were taken you would personally make sure they got them back, plus more.” Albus sputtered at this, but Minerva was just getting warmed up. "...Their pranks after the first two years stopped being pranks, and started being hateful, humiliating attacks. I was shocked and so were many of the staff, that YOU, the headmaster found them funny. Worst of all was that they went after students that could least afford humiliation, ones that were poor, or otherwise didn’t fit in.”


This is a listing of fics where Hermione Jane Granger plays a starring or co-starring role. I've listed the HHr separately (later on) for historical reasons.


Best Description of the Fate of Pureblood Culture : Mudblood by Saavik13. This is one of the most original fic I've read since Myranya's Dementors. It left me with goosebumps. Now, I cry easily, but goosebumps - no, that doesn't happen much. The fic that is written in semi-drabble format (I hate drabble) with alternate POVs of Hermione and Snape as they watch the war go on for a decade, destroying Pureblood society. It points out - using a technique far more effective than mere pontificating - the parallels between the Pureblood class system to colonial Muggle systems like the Raj. (Hey, I grew up in a quasi-Apartheid class system where equality was a myth. I know what it's like.)

Hermione POV: This is your war. The others fight because of ideals or morals or other pointless stupidity. You fight because if you don’t you die.

Severus POV: She asked Draco and I to write down what we can about Pureblood life before the war. The good things and the bad. She says she wants a record for posterity...I never thought I’d see a mudblood mourn for my kind. I don’t think she’ll miss our ways, not in the slightest. She’s no more a mind for servitude than she has for Divination. I think, rather, she recognizes the uniqueness that will be lost, is already lost. Draco doesn’t’ appreciate it – never did. It takes someone from outside to see it. I saw it, being a halfblood. She sees it as a mudblood. Of course blood has nothing to do with it; it’s really about perspective. I think that’s how she comes to terms with it.

Best Harry Is Actually A Good Friend to Hermione Fic: The Problem With Purity by Phoenix.Writing . Harry and Hermione are the only two of-age virgins in Britain. In a century. Apparently, this is unusual. Fortunately, everyone thinks they are dating - and therefore not virgins - and no-one suspects they have both fallen for unattainable Slytherin men. The story is Grangercentric, featuring her cavorting with unicorns, bantering with Harry, training with the Order, and wondering how on earth she will ever manage to get Snape to fall for her. A seriously good fic. Besides, you know it must be worth reading if it actually has me applauding Harry's behaviour to Hermione.

Best Redo : Hermione of St Trinian's by SkySaber. If you've read every Redo fic and cliche there is... then you haven't read this one. Hermione and Hermione go back in time... running around Malfoy Manor, stealing their library, rewritng the War... all while still worrying about nappy rash. Despite limitations such as sticking to Rowling's Slytherin-Bad-Gryffindor-Good party line, it is a funny and well crafted fic.

Best Hermione and Luna are Sisters Fic : Once Might Have Been by Willow-Bee the Cat. Very original fic, well written, DC Comics crossover.

Best Hermione Yells At Harry and Ginny Fic: Broken by inadaze22. Draco POV, mostly. DHr. The Malfoy Heir finds himself in a strange world where Hermione is ostracized by the new Golden Trio and Pansy Parkinson is her best friend. Notable for the fact that everyone makes mistakes, though Hermione's ones are mostly in the past.

Hermione set glaring eyes on him, “No, you look, Harry. I don’t want to hear your coerced apology just as much as you don’t want to deliver it. Spare us both, stop wasting your breath and my time, and get out.”
He looked insulted, “What makes you think it’s coerced?”

“If you meant it, you wouldn’t have waited so long to come…I may have been gone for five years, Harry, but my brain didn’t fall out my ears along the way...You’re lucky you have your bloody job because if I wanted to, I’d file charges on your arse so fast your head would spin in circles. You wouldn’t even be able to spell auror when I'm finished with you.”

Best Spy!Hermione Fic : When a Lioness fights by Kayly Silverstorm. Snape/Hermione. It is difficult to explain how good this fic is. It's approaching 5000 reviews on ffnet. Idiots who read too many superHarry fics really ought to read this to see how Strength and Determination and Plot Development are done right.

And then the images crowded in on Snape. Uncountable times he saw Hermione kneeling near the Dark Lord, laughing with him, slicing, hurting and hexing those brought before him.
He saw her tortured by the Death Eaters of the Inner Circle, and he felt what she felt, felt that she was drawing it all in, bursting and wanting more, saw her taken by all of them and begging for more, and like the mad whirling of a hurricane it consumed him, until he couldn´t distinguish what was his and hers any longer, until he felt the orgiastic pleasures, the exquisite pain and the will to dominate, to prove herself, to show it to them all…And the lust exploded behind his eyes.

“If she didn’t trust us in this matter, Ron,” Harry snarled, and his voice was suddenly cold. “Then we must have given her a reason. How often have we belittled her? How often have you made fun of her because she was studying too much? How often has she pleaded with us to open our eyes and see what was going on around us?” His voice died down, until it was quiet as the rustling of dead leaves. “How often have we ignored her warnings? I wonder how much suffering we caused her.”

Best Stargate!Hermione Fic : One Door Closes, Another Opens by Vedra42 and its sequels Never Judge a Book by its Cover and Actions Speak Louder than Words . After the British Ministry strips Hermione of her magic and exiles her, she begins a new life as a Squib as a researcher of ancient legends... eventually running into the Stargate program. No ships. (At least, not yet.)

Taking note of his surroundings, Jack observed that Teal’c and Dr. Granger were still unaccounted for. Intending to radio in, he was stopped when he spotted their figures approaching through the woods, one carrying a box, the other continuing some conversation they were having, unconsciously making gestures with her hands to emphasize some point or another in their discussion.
Jack blinked.
Then again.
Was Teal’c smiling?
He had to be hallucinating.
No, he really was smiling. Just the tiniest twitch present at the corner of his mouth, others probably wouldn’t even catch it, but Jack hadn’t been a friend with the Jaffa for the past four years and not learned a thing.
As he watched them grow closer, he was able to catch Dr. Granger’s animated voice. "...So it is revealed that Perdita is of royal descent, and is reunited with her father, King Leontes. The two kings mend their feud and give their support to the happy couple’s marriage. It is decided they will all go to see the statue of Queen Hermione that has been kept at the home of Lady Paulina, Antigonus’s widow. It appears to comes to life, but it is the real Hermione, who went into hiding to await the prophecy about her daughter."
"She sounds like a most admirable woman," observed Teal’c. "Your parents chose well.

Best Hermione/Remus/Severus Fic : Care of Magical Creatures by arsenic. 425K complete. Not to be confused with the other excellent HGSS fic of the same name by miamadwyn.

Best Hermione/Cedric Fic : This ship is probably the best kept secret of the Grangerverse: the Medicine Wheel has a good set of Cedrione fic recs.

Finding Himself by Minisinoo. This is one of THE best Hermione fics out there - thanks to KatieFromAnchorage for pointing it out to me! Basically, it's OOTP with the following two changes:

(1) Cedric survived GoF, and (2)

The characters of Cedric and Hermione are not one-dimensional. Hermione isn't always right. Neither is Cedric nor Harry. (Ron's given short shrift, which is how things should be.) Cedric and Hermione care about each other greatly; yet they disagree on House Elves and hurting others. Meanwhile, the Ministry and Umbridge aren't just out to get Harry and Dumbledore - they want Cedric's arse too. Adult Chapters later on. The most fascinating OC is Cedric's Slytherin mother (who approves of Hermione, and still yells at her and her son when they aren't sneaky enough).

Runner up: The Boy Who Died by Koalathebear. Also see the AU Sequel A New School Year and Unexpected .

(You have to admit (if you don't, you're simply wrong) that Cedric is the hottest male character in the HP movies. Though Equus!Dan is a strong contender. Sorry, I need to stop salivating here.)

"I know everything about you, Hermione," said Cedric. "I even did my Muggle Studies essay on Dentists and their Ways so that I know what to talk about when I meet your parents ..."

"So uh, Cedric is it?" Tonks drawled. "What form does your Patronus, take?" she asked him flirtatiously. "A silver wolf," he said, clearing his throat and glancing down in a hunted fashion as Tonks came and stood very close to him, looking him up and down admiringly. Moody nodded in approval. "Excellent. You're so pretty I was afraid that you were going to tell me it was a French poodle. Silver wolf is good".

Best 'Hermione Time Travels to MWPP Era' fic : Too many to name.

(1) This Time Around by DisneyDoll0424. Remus/Hermione.

(2) Hermione The Werewolf Tamer by atruwriter. Remus/Hermione, with Sirius doing an excellent Ron impression.

Albus stood, rather stunned. He never once thought to question her actions, and certainly hadn't even considered the notion that she was simply a grieving widow come to save one and only one person from the future. He could see, very clearly, that Hermione Lupin was a woman who had set out to change the whole course of things. She was here not for herself, but others. And it was perhaps the fact that she wasn't looking out for herself, even after the loss of her husband and best friends, that encouraged him to the fact that she was quite remarkably the most unselfish person he'd met. "I have no doubts in you, Mrs. Lupin, I assure you. I understand that it will be quite hard to see your husband every day, especially however many years younger."

(3) Phoenix Past Changer by cylobaby. Remus/Hermione.

(4) Shattered Time by Rachey. Hermione is willing to do absolutely anything to let Harry have a family.

Best Hermione/Snape : see my LJ list for full details, here's just a list of titles and authors. There are too many contenders here to mention, because most of the fanfic writers who ride this ship tend to be adults or mature humans capable of writing excellent stories. It's been suggested that that's because there's so much baggage to overcome in this ship that only the best writers have a go at it.

When a Lioness fights by Kayly Silverstorm. A Death-Eater!Hermione fic. One of the best portrayals of Hermione ever written. Top Five.

The Last Spy by sylphides. You know a fic is different when Hermione returns from her entrance test to the Order in an unusual manner - carrying Harry Potter's head.

Disguised Affections by the equinophilic dressagegrrrl. A de-aged Snape courts Hermione. He may have lost his memories, but not his snark. Best of all, Dumbledore gets verbally eviscerated for his manipulations...

Daddy Dearest by Ms-Figg. A brilliant fic. Hermione and Severus had a one night stand. She refused to abort, he refused to help. Twelve years later, Mathias Granger comes to school, is sorted into Slytherin, forms his own Trio, and plans to tackle the Dark Lord. Also features one of the best trials in all of fanfiction, with Draco putting Hermione on trial.

Spellcaster by SGCbearcub. Post-HBP. Snape's POV, but it's definitely all about Hermione. And feminism, and fighting, Ministry enslavement, and a lot of Pureblood Ritual, comparable to lightningonthewave. A remarkable fic. Calling it HGSS would be a bit of a stretch, even if she is married to him and using him as a sex toy.

Contemplations of Birth by Saavik13. Hermione isn't a Mudblood. With her Pureblood heritage comes an arranged marriage - to escape it, she chooses to marry Snape. Dumbledore officiates. The bride and groom are permitted one witness each - Hermione brings Harry, Snape brings Lucius... and that's just the start... story has sequels...

Of Debts and Debt Collection by TimeTurnerForSale. Post-HBP. The Order finds that Dumbledore ordered Snape to kill him. Soon afterwards, the Potions Master turns up at Hogwarts, near death. Despite his best efforts, Hermione deals with him. Meanwhile, he has to train Harry to fight... The story is about 2/3 Snape-centred, 1/3 Hermione-centred.

Survivors by Dyce. The war is over. The Light won. Snape is broken. Hermione wants to fix him. Snape doesn't want to be fixed. The story of a partnership between two temperamental, bossy, and broken people in a new world.

Pawn To Queen by Riley of the famous Severusophile writer's collective La Societe des Femmes Dangereuses a.k.a. .

Best Snape Rant Regarding Hermione : The Veil (chapter 4) by mak5258

Most Agressive Foreplay Fic: Love can be a Battle or a War by Ms-Figg (which means it's Hermione/Snape, of course.) 'To say their relationship was stormy didn’t begin to cover it. It appeared that they were still acclimated to kicking each others’ ass on a regular basis and currently their idea of foreplay and after-sex wind-down was to try and knock each others’ blocks off. It wasn’t surprising really, considering the first time they shagged it ended up leaving Hermione with a badly twisted ankle and Severus with a dislocated thumb and a shiner.'

“If you’re going to stand around in the kitchen, Severus, make yourself useful. Fill up the pitchers with pumpkin juice,”
“Do I look like a house elf to you?” he asked her, his nostrils flared.
“No. A house elf is much more attractive,” Hermione replied, “and useful.”

Best Hermione and Bella Are Related Fic : Hermione and the Dreams by jle1993. For once, Hermione has someone to defend her against the prejudice and ignorance of her friends. Unfortunately, it's someone she has to break out of prison. Namely her mum.

Best Hermione and Bella Become Friends Fic : Women On Top by Maddy-Riddle.

The Minister decided that the war was nothing more than two factions, or rebels, fighting each other, so both sides should pay for the deaths they had caused. So now, Death Eaters and Order members were sharing cells in Azkaban while the Minister gloated in his office about how clever he was. And that's how Hermione came to share her living space (a three by three metres cell with two mattresses, a sink and a toilet, and a barred window with a beautiful view of the ocean) with none other than Bellatrix Lestrange. ... their partnership began the first time they planned to attack one of the guards to steal more food. Their complicity grew as they started planning bigger things. Like taking over the Wizarding World...

Guiltiest Harry: Ugly by Jonadark. Dramione. When Hermione is found to have killed herself, Harry, Ginny, and Ron all consider the various ways they neglected her and were pathetic friends... they'd also like to know who gave her presents when they never did. Tragedy. - - - - - - - - - - -

Best Hermione/Percy fic: The Error Of My Ways by Strega Brava. Normally this ship doesn't work, due to the inability of most people to write proper Percy, but this 2001 fic is a good one. The characterization of Snape is very well done as well. - - - - - - - - - - -

Best Hermione/Tom fic: Take My Heart Away by Hatusu. Angst, much... even more than Romeo and Julian I mean Juliet.

Best Hermione & Voldemort fic not using Time Travel: The Bittersweet Taste of Victory by Nerys. A decade has passed since Harry was killed. Voldemort rules Britain, and most of the world. And when he finally captures the Number One target on His Most Wanted list, all he has to do is capture her soul and place her on His Most Honoured Death Eater list. Easy? Hard? After all, he and Hermione have a great deal in common... too much, in fact.

Most Manipulative Dumbledore : History Reversed by Hermione's Equal. Also Tomione.

To eliminate the Voldemort problem, Albus decides to make sure Voldemort never arose in the first place. He sends Hermione back in time so that she's classmates with Tom Riddle. The twist: she's a few months old at the time.

This is NOT a nasty!Dumbledore fic. It is, however, extremely manipulative. After reading it, you will still not be sure if he did the right thing or not. After all, all the manipulation achieved was save the world...

Best Hermione/Charlie fic: Only in the World of Dragons by Atruwriter.

When Charlie met his girlfriend, not for the first time, he hadn't expected anything to come out of it. She was seven years his junior, brilliant beyond measure and had a strong attitude in her that could either make her sexily bossy or a nagging hag. She came to the colony to learn about dragons and figure out if it was a career worth pursuing, knowledge was her sustenance. She wanted to know everything about everything and while it was admirable, Charlie wasn't exactly interested in using his dragons as her lab experiment. Surprising them both she grew fond of the giant and moody lizards and worked to become a dragon keeper herself...

... while Hermione had a hard time relating to the women, she fit right in with the men. She picked up her usual mother-like position and before long the men were looking up to her like she was their faux-girlfriend. When upset, they crashed Hermione's tent to spill their feelings without being ridiculed. Charlie had the misfortune of walking in on a sodded dragon keeper as he cried on Hermione's couch about how his girlfriend had broken up with him through owl post and quickly exited before anybody saw him. Hermione was the resident emotional baggage holder. She listened with the ear of a thousand understanding women, doling out advice when needed, but mostly just supplying soothing tea and a shoulder to lean on. The men didn't admit to each other that she was reliable when things were tough, that she was the first to be informed when things were going good or bad, but it was a well known fact.

Best Hermione/Dean fic: The Great Hogwarts Electricity Debate by Lucy Lupin.

Ok, it's the only HGDT fic I could find, and it's just a oneshot. But seriously, Dean/Hermione is a MUST (Major Underexplored Ship Thing).

Best Dramione Fic: For some reason, there is this huge ridiculous conspiracy going around that says that Draco (or Tom Felton) is cute. This is wrong. Draco may be smart, but ... cute? He's got a face that only a mother jellyfish could love, and that too only if said organism was blind. Anyway, there are several good DHr fics out there, based on the admittedly reasonable premise that if Draco's head was removed, cleaned up, and refitted, he would be Hermione's Equal.

(1) A Dragon Reborn by Ezmerelda

(2) Growing by Atruwriter(who has lots of other good fics, such as A Secret Life).

(3) We Learned the Sea by luckei1. Voldemort's most trusted Death Eater walks into Harry Potter's office and offers a deal to work on the inside to kill Voldemort. They need one more person to keep their secrets - Hermione. Trouble is, Draco Malfoy killed her parents. luckei also has some nice other fics.

(4) Summer With the Grangers by draco-severus-mmm a.k.a. Sam.

(5) Valentine Encounter by Kyra4. An extremely realistic and well-paced account of cultural differences. Winner in June 2007 of the Dramione Award for Best Completed Epic, and it bloody well deserves it.

For those who want a proper Next Generation Dramione fic, check out Charlotte Alexandra's Generations Saga, which starts with a quest by Leshia Malfoy to find her mother Hermione who's been missing for five years. It's a complete seven year tale, of which the first three years have already been completed. Leshia's sidekicks are, like her mother's, a Potter and a Weasley. - - - - - - - - - - -

Most Enjoyably Confusing: Out of Time. by Rurouni Star.

AU of third year (and more, see sequels) with Hermione struggling with the Time Turner and hiding a convict called Sirius Black. This isnt really HGSB (sequels may be) but there is much Hermione-Sirius interaction. She has multiple memories floating around in her head, she's working herself to bits - so hard that Sirius even does her Arithmancy homework for her when he never took the subject himself. Suddenly, running into oneself doesnt seem as important as remaining sane...

Best Magical Britain Bashing Fic Written By The Person Compiling This List

I'd rather be a Mudblood than a Mudbrain by PStibbons.

Harry took Ron on the Horcrux Hunt, leaving Hermione behind. She helped them anyway. When Harry and Ron chucked her into Azkaban after the Final Battle, she promptly pulled a Sirius, escaping and fleeing the country. She then wrote a book, a polemic against Pureblood Society. Ten Years have passed. British Mudbloods are leaving in droves. The Ministry is worried. They'd like Hermione back to stop the exodus. She thinks they are delusional.

Peppered with quotes from the book... "The pureblood Mudbrains think that Mudbloods should be kept out of Magical Society. They make a good point. Why on earth would we want to be part of it? Magical Society in Britain is like a dirty little pond contaminated with the excrement of the inbred three-eyed fish living in it.. Why would healthy fish like us want to swim and choke in it when there's the ocean of the Muggle world available to us? Not to mention more civilized Magical societies."

Best Harry Bashing Oneshot : Where the Heart Is by darkgoddess2002.

Harry betrayed Hermione. After several years, he discovered the truth. He wants her back. For some strange reason (called 'Harry is a bloody idiot'), she doesn't think that's on the cards.

Best Hermione/Salazar : When Past and Present Collide by Rebecca Pierson.

Best Ghost!Mione : Unfinished Business by Ramos. HGSS. Thanks to a manufacturing error, Hermione dies in a Potions Accident. Much mourning ensues. Then she turns up again - transparent.


These fics may involve ships, but they are not the focus of the story.

Best Dark Lady Hermione Fic: Dangerous by BlackLotus. Amazingly enough, a good story on GrangerEnchanted that does not rely on gratuitous smut. Damn, this fic is good.

After ten years of self-imposed exile, Harry Potter heads home to a wizarding Britain once again embroiled in civil war. Except this time, the Ministry is claiming that the new Dark power is Hermione Granger. May or not end up HHr - I sure hope it ends up with her slipping a tongue in his mouth and a dagger in his heart.

Best Hermione Deals With The Dursleys Fic : Best Friend's Justice by Ravenwood240. Truly, truly, nasty. Harry would not approve. Brilliant.

Hermione glared again. “There are laws against abuse, and moral laws against the things you did. Harry is a hero to the entire Wizard world, you asinine aspergillosis. They aren't going to do anything to help you, especially since the head Auror is aware of what I am doing.” Hermione smirked. “I can deal with any Muggle police myself,” she gloated, wiggling her wand at Vernon, who flinched.

Most Original Fic Worth Reading : Dementors by Myranya.

If you read it, you will understand why. There is absolutely no way, no way at all, that anyone except the person who wrote it could have come up with it. It's the kind of idea that hits someone once every fifty years or so. It starts with Hermione in Azkaban. She does what no human as ever done before - she tries to communicate with her Dementors guards. They respond... an intriguing account of Dementor physiology and society.

Most Thought Provoking Oneshot : Unsticking the Shadow by Pogrebin.

For just three thousand words, this fic is bloody scary.

'The Daily Prophet is the only newspaper that sells on September 1st, 1998... the statement released by You-Know-Who says that he has a Muggle father... Hermione thinks there is something almost Shakespearian in the way that Voldemort begins his article by confessing his name and his heritage and ends it by using his own example to prove his point. Mudbloods are evil bastards, wizards and witches of the wizarding world - take a look at how I turned out... Voldemort has just placed himself on the side of the Muggleborns...Hermione meets Harry²s eyes and says, ³Voldemort has just destroyed us.´'

Most Realistic Azkaban!Harry Fic : The Perfect Azkaban Breakout by pstibbons. (Hey, modesty was never my strong point.) Traditionally, Harry goes to Azkaban unjustly, is betrayed by nearly all his friends (sometimes including Hermione, which is nearly as ridiculous as HBP), gains super powers, and gets out by himself. That's unrealistic. So I broke each of those cliches - here, Hermione and the Order break Harry out of Azkaban.

Harry had wanted Hermione to be Secret Keeper, but she had refused. It was important to keep the secret until he died, and she might die before him ("What if I get knocked down by a Muggle bus, Harry? Or blown up by televangelist terrorists? Or choke on a Marie biscuit?").

Best Hermione Granger Meets Lily Evans fic : The Prefects Portrait by Arsinoe de Blassenville.

Hermione ships with no-one, Lily ships with Draco. Hermione uses the Darkest of Magics to return Lily Evans (not Lily Potter) from the dead... and then she can't tell anyone. This fic has a nasty scary ending where the Purebloods win. I hate Lucius - so will you. Excellent interaction with Snape.

Most Super!Hermione : Forgotten Past by Jamesite.

Hermione formed the Ministry of Magic and trained the Founders. Can't get more super than that. Crossovers with LOTR (at least).

Hermionecentric Fic I'd most like to see resurrected: Nest Of Vipers by Inara, followed by Why Didn't You Trust Me? by MarianneLinley and SarahQuinn (8000 words, 270 reviews!).

Best Hermione is Buffy Fic : New Life Meets Old Life by dozygirl.


I apologize in advance for the long list of Harmony fics below. That's there for historical reasons. In the last year I've begun to get rather bored with Harry Potter. Hermione's interesting because she works hard and is smart. Harry's boring, lucky, relies on his friends and genes, and gets all the credit.

Best Ever HHr fic: Now this one is easy : Paradigm of Uncertainty by Lori, and its two sequels Show that Never Ends and Hero with a Thousand Faces.

If there was a top ten list for Potter fanfics, this would be among them. The plot is good, there is no gratuitous angst, the writing brilliant, and the dialogue sparkling, and the character development better than canon. The series begins with Ron dead, Ginny not a bitch, Harry and Hermione remaining firmly best friends and dating other people while living in a house with four other friends - the unlikely combination of Justin Finch-Fletchley, George Weasley, Cho Chang, and OC Laura Chant.

'Show that Never Ends' also has the most definitive HHr quote in fanfiction. Curiously enough, the speaker is Ginny, who once dated Harry several years earlier and is still friends with both Harry and Hermione : "Harry and I were always just friends, and we convinced ourselves that we felt more. You and Harry were always in love, and you convinced yourselves you were just friends."

"Honey, remember when we were talking about moving back to London? Let's talk it about again," Harry said to Hermione, winking.
"You can't move back to London, who'd provide endless fodder for my witty repartee?" Justin protested.
"Oh, Justin. You could make witty repartee about the parlor sofa," Hermione said. She put a hand on her chest and rolled her eyes heavenward in an eerily accurate imitation of Justin. "'Dahling, we must discuss that slipcover. How many times do I have to tell you that sea-foam green is not your color? Friends don't let friends wear brocade, you know. I mean,'s just so Margaret Thatcher.'"
By the time she was done the entire table was holding their stomachs with laughter.

Angstiest RHr to HHr fic : The Paradise Series by AngieJ a.k.a. Ebony.

I read Trouble in Paradise (Book 2) and would never read it again because I'd be crying too much. And I'd never dare read Paradise Lost (Book 1) because my tear ducts would be permanently damaged. Brilliant stuff : see Linsenmayer's List for some summaries. The main story in TiP is happy enough but its flashbacks (to Paradise Lost) that are angsty and make you want to murder someone for the amount of lost HHr time.

Best Explanation of The Farce That Was HBP : Harry Potter and the Demon's Soul by Hotaru a.k.a. Angry Hermione.

To the surprise of no-one sensible, Ginny used a love potion in HBP. Except it was a lot more complicated than that, and the Golden Duo need the help of an orphaned half-demon girl with special dietary requirements (rat, yummy) to break the spell and get on with the task of killing Voldemort.

Fastest Let's Put HBP Behind Us And Get On With The Story Fic : Circle's End by madscientist.

Luna sums it up best when she says, "you are a powerful witch Ginny, but Hermione is like a bonfire to your candle.".

Both Harry and Hermione are given Auror training while at Hogwarts, to the point where Hermione can kill Greyback without a wand and not feel particularly guilty about it. Also has other ships - including the most unusual and unlikely ship involving Neville ...

Definitely not for anyone under 18 (or under 21 in some countries or under 101 if your mother is as Mollyish as mine was)

Best Horcrux!Harry Fic : Eighth by lorien829.

Post-HBP. Hogwarts has reopened with only fifty or so students, and the trio are not among them. Harry faces Voldemort, Hermione's right behind him, and the youngest Weasleys display remarkable maturity by realizing that they can't have a relationship with someone in love with someone else. (Not sure if I've got the category title correct here, it's been a while since I read this.)

Oneshot that best expresses a HHr shippers answer to the question of why Hermione would ever do something as desperate as dating Ron : Bad Timing by Dai Llwelyn.

Naturally, it has Hermione telling Harry, 'My, you are dim.'

Fic Involving the Most Trust : Tears of the Phoenix by Aradia17.

I hesitate in calling this HHr, but it does centre around Harry-Hermione interaction. The amount of trust involved here goes far beyond that in a mere relationship. Whether it's justified or not... that would be telling.

Hermione betrayed the Light. She let Voldemort into Hogwarts. Voldemort controls Hogwarts. The Order is scattered in refugee camps. They curse her name; she is the greatest traitor, she is the Pettigrew of her generation. She does not deny that she betrayed them. Then, why oh why, does Harry want to trust her? No-one else does. Hermione certainly doesn't.

Best "Summer At the Grangers" fic : Vox Corporis by Miss Ann Thropic.

One of the few fics that can compete with the Paradigms Saga in terms of character development. The author has a nice style of writing too.

Hermione was on the couch dressed in sweat pants and Harry's old, worn Quidditch T-shirt. It was practically thread-bare, the maroon was more a sickly purple, the gold a dingy yellow, and the letters spelling out "POTTER" on the back were almost unreadable. But it was Hermione's favorite and she intended to wear the shirt until it literally fell off of her. She'd said as much. Harry hoped he was there when it happened.

Best Slow Burn HHr Fic : Their Way by IronChefOR. The runner-up in the Best Summer At The Grangers category.

Here's a scene where Harry's defending Hermione from a childhood bully of hers - a blonde bombshell called Sam - while he's staying with the Grangers over the summer...

"You were right about one thing, however," he continued, still addressing Sam. "You said that you and I were not in the same league as her. Well... they say to aim for the stars. I think I might have just caught one this time."
Sam began to laugh derisively. "Oh my God, Harry! What, are you pulling this out of some bad poetry book?"
Harry cast a quick glance at Hermione, who unfortunately wore a look that confirmed the cheesiness of what he'd just said. He was on a roll now, however, so he wasn't going to let that stop him.
"Well, I guess that just goes to show that Hermione's the kind of girl that can inspire a bloke to write bad poetry."
Harry looked again and now Hermione wore a smirk and raised eyebrow that silently said, "Nice save!"
Emboldened by Hermione and annoyed by Sam, Harry turned back to the blonde. "Tell me. Have you inspired anyone to write anything about you? I mean, besides on the walls in the boys' loo?"

Best Hermione Kills Her Dad Fic : Harry Potter and the Unbreakable Link by Silvestria.

It begins with Hermione doing some holiday research in Greece and running for her life... she really could use an Invisibility Cloak. At the same time, Harry's dreaming that a girl running needs such a cloak, and gives it to her. He wakes up, the cloak's gone, and Hermione returns it to him on September first.

And that's just one symptom of his link with Tom Riddle's Muggle-raised daughter.

Best SSLE-HHr Parallel: Family Secrets by A-Plus. Unique for pointing out that Lily's picking James over Severus was very like her son picking Ginny over Hermione - pick the fun 'normal' choice over the responsible mature one.

Best Hermione Pulls Herself Out Of Harry's Life Fic : The Mirror by Em North.

Hermione gave everything she had, including heart and soul, to Harry. Without her, Voldemort would have won. And as the world rejoices and focuses on Harry's impending marriage to someone else, the heartbroken witch sees no reason why she should hang around for someone who doesn't need her any more, and subtly pulls herself out of his life. For good. Even when Harry figures out what's going on, there doesn't seem to be anything he can do to stop it.

“Please, Hermione, please just tell me what it is that I need to do to make this right,” Harry pleaded.

“There is nothing you can do.” Her voice this time was less harsh, but equally intense. “You can’t make this go away and you can’t undo what has been done. The only thing that would take the pain away was if you loved me back, and you don’t. Nothing you could say can change that, and nothing you can do can stop it from hurting... It's not your fault ... .It's unfortunate that it had to happen like this, but it’s too late to change anything now. You’re in love with Lavender and I’m in love with you. It hurts, yes, but I’ll get over it. All you can do for me right now is let me go so I can start to move on.”

“But I don’t want to let you go,” he whispered.

“It’s not your decision. You’ve made your choices. This one is mine.” And with that, she pulled out her wand, mumbled something that Harry couldn’t hear, and disappeared. - - - - - - - - - - -

Best Crookshanks POV : Must Be Approved By Crookshanks by Plumgirl.

This would be the traditional Harry-and-Hermione-dance-around-each-other-for-years fic, with a touch of You've got Mail, except that it's told from Crookshanks' point of view. The Crookshanks-Hedwig dialogue is fairly amusing.

Best 'Where Did This Child Come From?' Fic : Tuesday's Child by Goreandbeans.

(Still heading in an HHr direction, not there yet.) Hermione went to Beauxbatons. She's a brilliant academic who is suddenly mistaken for a baby wizard's mother. She can't get rid of it, and her attempts to do so lead to an angry confrontation with the Boy Who Lived. As she is thrust kneedeep in nappies and bottles, she finds that her miserably unsuccessful house elf activism at school has inspired a new faction of civil rights activists who now wish to turn the wizarding world around... and are capable of doing so. Meanwhile, rumour has it that the child is Harry's - she really didnt have that in mind when she named the baby James after James and The Giant Pumpkin... but meeting Harry for walks in the park with little James help in dispelling the rumours...

HHr Fic I'd most like to see resurrected: HP and the Secret Within by Shentaro.

Harry is injured so badly at (not by) the Dursleys that he should be dead. But he isn't - thanks to an illegal spell that can't even be found in the Restricted Section. Naturally, Hermione cast it. And now everyone seems to be against them. 40 000 words by March 2006.

Also In search of a family by Light Avatar, The Potter Vs. Granger Rivalry by lillyfan16.

Best Trio-Auror Oneshot : Balance by Crazy Mishka.

(Features a Hermione who didn't go to Hogwarts.) Harry and Ron are a successful Auror team. They don't need a third member. They get one. She's called Hermione. Alright, maybe they could use a third member.

"You want someone who doesn¯²t need to be in the spotlight, but like your mother someone who can¯²t help but interfere when she sees something wrong because she is as compassionate as that. You want someone to talk to, to dream with¯¥ Besides, your mother was a powerful woman that did great things when she wished to."

Hermione sniffed and turned back to scan the party, and Harry watched this with some awe and a slight shame- he¯²d never been interested enough to wonder what his mother had done on her own¯¥ only worried about his parents together and how that had happened and gotten the biased view of a marauder who liked to break the rules.

He took in a deep breath and looked away from her, his tongue feeling oddly thick and his voice small as he swallowed. "Do you think she'd be proud of me?"

Best AU AU HHr : Naked Heart by AngelWing3.

Set in World War Two. The Death Eaters are Nazis, and Hermione is stuck in France. Harry gets her out... after the war, Ginny - well, the woman is simply evil, alright? Angstsy, features H/G and Dramione.

A regular AU is HP-related, while an AU AU is one where HP characters are transplanted into another domain. This particular fic would be pretty darn close to commercially sellable without any copyright issues whatsoever if a simple find-and-replace was done on the names.

Most I'll Think Of A Category Later Fic : Belong to Nowhere by Sweet-Lemmon

This would be listed under the Most Backstabbing Ginny category, except that there are too many of those kinds of fics to count and I don't know how to choose between them.

Hermione is Harry's friend, and will do anything for him - even while he accuses her of turning Dark while she brings back his dogfather from the dead. Highly bitchy Ginny. (³Quidditch is the wizard sport, Hermione," said Ginny. "It²s our greatest entertainment. You don²t understand because you are a muggleborn. You weren²t born in our world like me and my family neither do have magical parents like Harry's... don²t get me wrong, but I think you don²t REALLY belong to our world... He Harry cares about you, of course! Ron too. But they know that you only think about your studies. They had already accepted that you²re not a funny person. I love you, Hermione but you are boring! I am sorry but it²s true...")

Best Post-Hermione Fic : Survivor by Atruwriter.

What happens to Harry when Hermione dies at the Final Battle, from the point of view of Ron. It's the only fic where I have really respected Ron - and you know I normally hate the git.

"Stop it," Molly shouted at Ron, waving her hand for him to quit making excuses. "He's your responsibility. He's your best friend! All this time you've been here, you haven't tried to talk to him. You haven't tried to pull him out of it. You've been letting him fall deeper and deeper into this. You're just waiting, aren't you? Waiting for him to finally die!"
"Mum," her sons exclaimed, looking at her, shocked.
Ron looked up at her, "Yes," he admitted.
"What?" Fred and George asked, stunned.
"I haven't talked to him. I haven't tried to make him feel better. I haven't offered him meals or tried to talk him into Chess," Ron agreed. "I'm waiting for him to die...I'm doing it because he's my best friend."

Best Vampire Fic: Forever Knight by DeliverMeFromEve. A classic.

This is followed by Blood Bound by Dementor149.
Harry gets turned, then turns Hermione. She's not amused. He needs her to help him find the Horcruxes. Fine, she says. Just as long as you kill me once we're done and Tommy's kaput. Fine, he says. But it's not fine...

At half a million words, this is probably the definitive Vamp!Granger fic. If not considered a classic yet, it's getting there.

Most Tragic HHr Fic : Fallen Angel by Sunny38.

I'm not kidding when I say this is tragic. Regular HHr tragedies either have unrequited or hidden love or have one of them dying (it's not a tragedy if both die) and the other feeling sad the rest of their lives. This is closer to the last option, only much much worse.

Angstiest with (probably) a happy ending Fic : : 'Boys Dont Cry' by tearsofher.

Actually, the full title of this category is '"Angsty HHr fics where you 'want to rip the characters heads off and strike their authors into permanent labour before impaling them and roasting them alive over a slow flame' with (probably) happy endings".

Nastiest Manipulative Dumbledore HHr Fic : Too many to name:

(1) I won't forgive you by CodeWarrior.

Hermione and Harry joining Voldemort to rescue Hermione's parents from Dumbledore's clutches. Hermione tends to take the initiative e.g. joining Voldemort, 'breaking the taps',... They sign a magical contract with Voldemort to cement their alliance; Hermione makes sure to add a small print footnote that says any Death Eater who calls her a Mudblood loses a finger. She collects several.

(2) Sunset Over Britain by BobMin et al and its sequel Sunrise over Britain.

Massively and unapologetically AU. Super-Harry, mostly male writing, mature audience. Britain falls to Voldemort. Harry et al fight back from their base in Ireland.

Best Hermione-rescues-Harry fic : Resistance. by lorien829. Note that Books 3 (maybe 2) to 5 in canon can be all be classified as Hermione-rescues-Harry fics. Of course, the rescuing is often mutual, which is why some of us wonder why Jo is so delusional about her HBP ships.

Fairiest HHr Fairy Tale : HP Boy Who Lived Saga by Cindra, plus sequels.

The amount of resurrections is rather amusing... you have to be a die-hard HHr to read and enjoy this as it's often over the top. Definitely worth starting, though.

Best Muggles Vs Magicals Fic : A Squib's Worth by Naia. AU. Harry is a squib, while his witch fiancée Hermione left Hogwarts in first year after nearly being killed by Ron Weasley and a troll. Having cast them aside, the Magical World wants them back to beat some Voldemort dude. Our two heroes are not amused.

“So you’re saying that the wizarding world is looking up to my fiancé like some sort of the Messiah based on some vague cryptic poem.”

“While I understand perfectly what is at stake, I won’t let you manipulate me into sacrificing myself.”
“But it is your destiny to…”
“I will choose what my destiny will be made of, Mr Dumbledore and you will have no say in this choice.”

Muggle Summer, Wizard's Fall by canoncansodoff. Post HBP. The British Muggle government takes care of all its citizens. That includes Muggleborn wizards and witches. They come to Harry and Hermione with a proposition - "We'll knight you two, make Harry the Queen's Wizard, and provide lots of financial and MI5 and technological resources to help you kill Voldemort... and you kill Voldemort."

Best Adoption Fic : Delicate by SaoirseAngel. HHr. They are asked to adopt a little girl. Chaos and life ensue. Has trailed off...

Snarkiest Hermione : If life gives you lemons... throw them back! by FuryOfMedea. At least it starts off snarky. If I had a category for whodunnit, it would be a nominee. Hell, I just wanted it included...

Funniest HHr Oneshots: Where do babies come from? by BewitchedOne.

Also see Wrestling Parents by swishandflick31

Best Differently-Abled!Mione Fic : Growing and Standing. A vicious attack by Muggle bullies at primary school left Hermione deaf and with trouble speaking. She still goes to Hogwarts, and becomes friends with fellow outcasts Neville and Luna. This is a Harry-POV fic where he tries - after finally noticing her - to observe and understand her.


No Ron/Hermione fics pollute the listing below. Some HHr fics are listed here because most of the attention is on Harry rather than Hermione.

Best Sibling-Who-Lived Fic :

The Sacrifices Arc by lightningonthewave.

Lightningonthewave is easily the most prolific author in the Potterverse. She began Book 1 in September 2005 and finished Book 7 in January 2007. Sixteen months, seven books, three million words. (In contrast, OOTP has 250 000 words.) And we're not talking about throwaway writing either. Her version of Magical Britain is far, far more developed and consistent than Rowling's.

It starts out as the cliched Sibling-Who-Lived fic, but soon becomes a story of such complexity that any praise I give will be an understatement. I normally detest Harry/Draco (as it is sooo uncanon, not because of the slash) but this is my only exception.
Year 1. Saving Connor : 79 000 words. Harry's twin Connor is the Boy Who Lived, and Harry is devoted to protecting him by making himself look ordinary. But certain people won't let Harry stay in the shadows...
Year 2. No Mouth But Some Serpent's. 165K words.
Year 3. Comes out of Darkness Morn.. 273K.
Year 4. Freedom and not Peace.. 490K. H/D starts here.
Year 5. Wind that shakes the Seas and Stars. 770K.
Year 6. A Song in Time of Revolution. 696K. (Excellent ending.)
Year 7. I am also Thy Brother. 534K.

My major gripe with this saga is that there isn't enough Hermione time. But what is there is good - and the Smith-Granger pairing is one of the most intriguing pairings in fanfiction. The author must have Fae blood. Or Elf blood, it's not like I'd be able to tell.

Also classified as 'Fic I Most Wish I Could Hate'. I've tried, really I have. I normally think Harry/Draco is a joke. (The slash is fine, but the idea... dunno way, I mean, I like Dramione, so what's wrong with Drarry?)

Best HHr Sibling-Who-Lived Fic Unsung Hero, by MeghanReviews. Harry gets a lot more face time than Hermione, though. Harry's in Ravenclaw, Hermione's in Gryffindor. The Boy Who Lived, Daniel Potter, is the twin who doesnt kick ass but gets the credit for it. This is very Harry-centric, but I still look forward to its updates.

(Of course... my Yet Another Sibling Who Lived Fic wins the prize for Most Ridiculous title in this category. But I abandoned it...)

Funniest Vampire!Harry Twists of Fate and The Life And Times of Ryan Lupin by Lanindur Du'Undarian (eight times winner of ffnet's Most Misspelt Name award).

Abandoned, but good while it lasted. No Hermione. Harry's parents try to kill him when he is turned into a vampire as a baby. Remus runs away with him. What can possibly go wrong when a poor single werewolf tries to raise a snarky hyperactive vampire? Nothing at all. As long as you don't count that field full of vampirized moomoos. Or that...

Most Ranty HHr Fic : Parallels by Bobmin.

AU, literally - Harry jumps to a different dimension after a Pyrrhic last battle. SuperHarry and (understandably) meek Hermione. Excellent scenes of Draco torture. Also good for Ginny haters. Not to be read by those who dislike fanfic written by male writers. (I usually don't, but this is a good fic for when you don't need to think.)

Harrycentric Fic I'd most like to see resurrected: Averto Vicis by Lady Smoothie. Also Why should I? by Breanna Senese, the crossover where the X Men get Harry and Hermione out of Azkaban.

Most Independent Harry : A Life Alone by LoonyLivesOn.

No Hermione. The story starts out with the premise that Petunia and Vernone never married and that Petunia and Lily were good friends. She raised Harry as a son... till he was eight. Then she told him the story of his life and what Lily told her - that he is wanted by both Voldemort and Albus and should avoid both. She is promptly killed by the Order and Harry becomes a streetkid, going by various names... and eventually attends Hogwarts as Jeremy Hart. Not for those addicted to happy endings.

Best Harry Adopts Tom Fic : Altered Destinies by DobbyElfLord.

Everyone is dead except Harry. He goes back fifty years to kill a boy Lord Voldemort. Then he changes his mind and adopts Tom Riddle instead. (No Hermione.) Story of a young Tom growing up with full knowledge of how his alternate self had grown up.

Best Rowling Meets Dickens Fic : Not Myself by Saerry Snape/Terion.

Niamh O'Feir is a Muggleborn witch sorted with streetkid Harry into his father's house at Hogwarts. The 320K main story has nearly 200 (short) chapters, covering Years 1 to 7, and there are sequels and prequels. Terion's effing brilliant. Niamh O'Feir, a.k.a. Lady Hex, is easily my all-time favorite fanfiction character. Also on . Hermione's alright and ships with someone other than Ron. Early chapters could use a beta, but the plot's cool. Besides, I like the name Niamh.

Best Discworld Crossover : Harry Potter and the Color of Magic by Chardvignon.

HHr. Hermione's husband is sent to the Discworld to learn how to become a cop. In the meantime, Rincewind comes to Hogwarts.

"Well, I suppose it won²t make much of a difference if you perform accidental magic on Discworld," Professor Vector said.
"Because their Ministry of Magic can²t detect it?" Harry asked.
"Because if you perform some accidental magic on the Discworld, your entire body will explode into about eight million particles simultaneously at the speed of light,´ Vector said, happily. ³The resulting explosion would be about fifty or sixty times greater than that of the largest nuclear explosion in the history of Earth. You won²t know the difference, of course, since you²ll be too dead to care."

Funniest Harrycentric fic : Make a Wish by Rorschach's Blot.

Harry spends a summer travelling around Europe and the rest of the world in an attempt to have a decent holiday before Voldemort kills him. In the process, he unwittingly creates a legend - Mr Black.

Best Snape Is Harry's Dad Fic : Prometheus Bound by Dius Corvus.

HHr. Albus sends Harry to Privet Drive, where he is shot, blinded, and tortured. He escapes, only to be sent by Umbridge to a secret prison where he is raped. By the time he is rescued, he doesn't want to trust anyone. A story about emotional recovery, magically living with blindness, and ending up in Azkaban.

The author says, "The obvious parallel is that Harry is Prometheus, with all his troubles stemming from the tyrannical Zeuses: his relatives, his father, Voldemort. And though he at times nearly succumbs to the pressure, he persists..."


Any Harry/Ginny is minor. No Ron-Hermione of course, we're not uncivlized.

Most Original Ship : Salix Narcissa by marginaliana.

Willow/Squid. Nuff said.

Best Time Travel From Future To Present : Beyond This Place of Wrath and Tears by Talriga. Snape-centric.

It's hard to believe that Talriga's a teen. I bet she came back in time as well and is really a 35 year old in a 15 year old body or something like that. (Tallie, if you're reading this, that's a bloody compliment.)

Snape fans should also check out the fics Christina Teresa's Victoria Stanley.

Strongest Female Character in the Potterverse : Viviane Chance by (mostly) juliane@witchfics.

One of the few survivors of a Death Eater attack on the French Magical School Aquitaine, Viviane Deveraux makes the change from French nobility to English criminal underclass easily. She meets and allies with Remus in his inter-Hogwarts years (Witch Meets Werewolf), teachers Foreign Defence Techniques during Harry's third year (Foreign Defence) and DADA during his fourth year (Strange Choices in a Mad Season), and has a love-hate-love relationship with Severus Snape (Once More, With Feeling). Her familiar, a falcon named Malhereuse, is aptly named. Possibly the most formidable OFC ever written, even if I like Niamh O'Feir better, since Viviane has far more to recover from. And much as I love Hermione, Viviane is tougher.

Funniest James/Lily : She Eats WHAT? by Callisto Nicol. She also has some nice one-shots, like the Mystery of the Missing Shirts...

Funniest Founders Fic : Founding Hogwarts by Sylvie Moonbeam.

Four barely graduated teens start up a school in Scotland. Godric/Helga and (if they ever get around to it) Salazar/Rowena. The latter are remarkably Dramionish, only funnier. 9 out of 10 for snarky dialogue.

'Helga! Look at his Sal's face - isn't that a face you'd trust with your bunny rabbits? Or villages, for that matter?' 'Ro, he wouldn't hurt bunnies or village folk... He'd turn the village folk against each other and begin a civil war, then provoke the bunnies into a bloody uprising against the surviving villagers and force them to crown him as their leader!'

Best Tonks-centred Whodunnit : Deconstruction by Kirikarin.

Tonks investigates the disappearance of Percy Weasley since he terminated Cornelius Fudge's career. Appearances by the Weasley Clan, Penelope Clearwater's sister, Oliver Wood, and a Muggle clinical psychologist. Also includes the answer to Tonks' question of why Percy chose to do ministry paperwork instead of, say, joining Auror training.

Best Quidditch Fic : Love on the Quidditch Pitch by Tess.

This was abandoned, but it's still nineteen chapters of hilarity.

It's the story of the legendary week-long 1953 match between the all-witch Holyhead Harpies and the Heidelberg Harriers. The only canon character who makes an appearance is Arthur Weasley, who's a toddler with a formidable mama. Perhaps the passage below will explain much of the Weasley psyche that was later described by JKR.

"Cybele Weasley was the sort of woman who had received letters from the Ministry asking her not to escort her elder daughter to King's Cross Station in future. It was not so much that Cybele disliked Muggles as that she was intensely fascinated by them, and desired nothing so much as to learn more about them. Muggles found it strangely alarming when people started Apparating out of thin air and trying to explain the principles of Quidditch to them. The Ministry lived in fear of the day when Mrs. Weasley would be left childless and alone in the house with her husband. The prospect of Cybele Weasley on the loose without runny noses to wipe had been known to make grown men at the Department of Accidental Magic Reversal break down and sob."

LISTS (not kept up-to-date)

Betrayed!Hermione Fics

Buffyverse / Grangerverse crossover fics

Definitions for the Grangerphile

Severus/Hermione Fics

Fics about Hermione's children

More fics on ffnet ship Hermione with Draco than with Ron

List of quotes used in the Scratch game Hermione Detests The Deathly Hallows

Stuff Hermione says:

Why did Jo forget my 17th birthday in HBP?
Why do I end up with a insensitive jealous lazy prat in canon?
Why is Jo addicted to Weasleys?
Why do fanfic writers treat me far better than Jo does?
Have you read Finding Himself by Minisinoo?
Have you read I'd rather be a Mudblood than a Mudbrain by pstibbons?
Have you read Draco Dormiens? (Actually, I haven't. But it seemed everyone else has, and it probably did more to popularize the Dramione meme than anything else. Ho hum.)
Have you read A Dragon Reborn by Ezmerelda?
My bantering with Ron is fraternal, not romantic. (I wouldn't go as far as to say 'fraternal' nowadays)
If the heroine gets the guy, why don't I get Harry?
How come Jo doesn't bother revealing my parents' names?
Ron = git
Molly = Mafia Godmother
Have you read Werewolf Tamer by atruwriter?
Have you read Growing and Standing by CrazyMishka?
Long live GrangerEnchanted! (Obviously, this was in July 07, before the MistessMalfoy clique at Granger Enchanted - the same folks who'd invited me to join GE in the first place - banned me for daring to criticize their policies on picture hosting- admittedly, I was rather rude about it! And I dd criticize one of their fics for being Dramione instead of SSHG. Poor widdle oversensitve writers ... LOL... well, there are - amazingly enough - two fics there that are worth reading and not posted on other sites, so I have been left appropriately bereft. Sniff, etc. Note to self: If you're going to get punished for flaming, make it a real good flame to begin with, not a regular run-of-the-mill flame.)

Stuff Severus says (and yes, I would have used different quotes were I to modify the game now)

James Potter broke my nose.
Can someone recommend me a shampoo?
My dad was abusive
Albus mollycoddled Potter
Only Granger was adequate in Potions.
Thank you, !
I am not Alan Rickman!
I am NOT cute and cuddly
Lots of fanfic writers knew I loved Lily Evans before DH
Double Agents have short lifespans
I once had a pet kitten that I later used for Potions ingredients
After the war, I'd like to mentor Granger for a Potions Apprenticeship
I rather liked Daddy Dearest by ms-figg
Thank Merlin for Ashwinder!
I used my copy of DH for loo paper
Read Spellcaster by SGCbearcub

Stuff Harry says: (I was rather in the HHr mode when I wrote the game)

Why didnt I get any real training from Albus?
If I dont love Hermione, I'm an idiot
Jo hates me if she set me up with e delusional fangirl (Darn, typo)
Ginny is a great distraction, nothing more
Fanfiction is more interesting than canon
Have you read Paradigm of Uncertainty by lori?
Have you read Survivor by Atruwriter?
Have you read Vox Corporis by MissAnnThropic?
Emerson has thestral droppings for brains
Mugglenet is for kiddies and canon lovers (still true)
Only a delusional author thinks Ginny is better than Hermione
Long live ! (Did I mention I've been banned from there too? And for once, it was unfair, leaving me mildly pissed about it. Still, their loss for destroying the only copy of Wrath Of The Blacks...)
After OOTP, Ginny Imperiused Jo
I hate the One Big Happy Weasley Family idea
The hero gets the girl, but I want the woman - Hermione!
I apologize for always supporting Ron over Hermione in canon.

Stuff Ron says:

I am not good enough for Hermione
I am jealous, boorish, unfaithful, and an insensitive prat
Jo hates Hermione if she supports RHr
Hermione is out of my league
Even I don't like Deathly Hallows
I helped Ginny use Amortentia on Harry
I have the emotional range of a teaspoon in a dollhouse
I have a big empty space in my head
I want to marry a quidditch-crazy bimbo who can cook and stay at home
Chudley Cannons rock!
Ever read Survivor by Atruwriter? (The only fic where I ever respected Ron)
I am a normal male, which means I am stupid. (Okay. Sorry boys. Not that I actually like you lot or anything.)
Even Neville would be a better husband for Hermione than me
Relationships based on arguments don't work.

Stuff Voldemort says:

Die Mudblood! (He's programmed to say this a lot - he's not very imaginative)
I am a poor excuse for a Baddy
Where's my nose?

Random Thoughts

I've been reading a few Stargate SG-1 fics of late, mostly Sam/Daniel. A nice example is the What You Already Know saga by MaureenT (read the ship version) or Death, Love, and Time by Marcus S. Lazarus. For romance types, the analogs to traditional HHr ships is Hermione/Harry/Ginny as Daniel/Sam/Jack respectively - note the change in gender. The rough storyline is A/B/C means A is in love with B for ages while B chases C till B notices that their best friend A has been in front of them all along. I suppose a naive subset of Harry-lovers will use the Harry/Hermione/Ron triangle instead, but comparing Ron to Jack is extremely insulting, because for all his faults, Jack is an honourable man who works hard and is actually worth something.

Judging by the flame rate (percentage of reviews that are flames) of my oneshots A Very Alternate Yule Ball and Cruel and Rather Unusual Punishment , Potterverse readers are much more tolerant of cruelty on Ron being inflicted by Luna rather than Hermione. How unsurprisingly hypocritical. People really hate Hermione out there. Is there a word for 'Fear Of Intellectual Women'? Given the response and cruel things said about Gail Trimble in real life, this ought to be a word by now. (PS: I know Luna's smart. She's very fun to write. But she's not as forthright in her opinions as Hermione, and is therefore more ... acceptable to the mainstream audience.)

Any Azkaban fic where Hermione turns her back on Harry is a joke, and any author who writes such a fic should be inflicted with nine hundred and ninety eight paper cuts and boiled in baby oil.

About the movie portrayals - I think they are a distraction from serious Grangerverse fanfiction. By the way, I think Rupert Grint is the best actor of the Trio there - his facial expressions are excellent, and he portrays the inner and outer ugliness of his character brilliantly. Admittedly, it's easier to play a villain than a hero. Daniel's alright, not as stiff as he is in the early movies. Emma is fun to watch ... but really, she's too physically attractive to be Hermione. Shouldn't Ginny be portrayed as more attractive than Hermione - I mean why else would Harry - a hormonal teen male - choose to pursue Ginny over Hermione in canon? Oh. Right. Amortentia. Cancel that last complaint then.

How many Twilight crossovers with Cedric as Edward existed before they actually cast Pattinwotsit in the movie role? (And yes, I totally agree that he is the hottest actor in the Potter movies.)

Why O Why did Rowling have to make the only female competitor in the Triwizard Tournament come last?

Very Random Thoughts

Why does Paul Collingwood look like Douglas Henshall?

Why is Mick St John so hot? Beth is pretty darn fit too.

The best Mission Impossible series was the US-Australian 1980s revival. The movies don't count, of course.

Pet Peeves

Using flashbacks and general slicing and dicing of time. Often used by beginner writers who are trying to be smart. Please. You're writing a story for the reader, not the writer.

Starting a story with a scene designed to 'whet the appetite' by showing some scene several chapters ahead. Sometimes this results in no damage. In extreme cases, such as livvy6's A Change Is Going To Come, the opening scene gives so much of the plot away that you won't miss much by stopping there. Either way, this technique adds about as much taste as lettuce. (Of course, if your projected audience has a high percentage of rabbits, this may well be the way to go.)

People leaving Author Notes in the middle of a chapter.

Song lyrics. The accompanying music may be ringing in the author's ear when writing them in, but be assured that most readers suffer no such auditory hallucinations. Please wait for fanfiction sites to allow fics to be loaded with an accompanying soundtrack.

Crossovers with Barney. Not that I've ever seen any...

The most underused characters in fanfiction

Percy Weasley - too often cast as an excuse to laugh at smart career-oriented people, he seems a perfect choice for Dumbledore to use as a spy on the Ministry. He seems quite capable of having layers, of being the next generation's Snape.

Peter Pettigrew - too often cast as a snivelling coward. If I was a snivelling coward, I wouldn't go gallivanting around each month with three large animals, one being a werewolf that could swallow my small mammalian self with a quick gulp.

The Hogwarts Ghosts (Myrtle aside)

Filius Flitwick and Pomona Sprout.

Tabula Rasa characters like Padma Patil and Dean Thomas.

On Reviewing Fanfiction

Reviews are the payment for reading fanfiction. If you are willing to pay a buck/yuan/peso/pound/dinar/euro/rupiah/rouble/kroner for a book, why aren't you willing to pay with a review?

The most useful reviews have details of what the reader liked and didn't like about a story. But even reviews that just say 'Thank You' are useful for moral support - a virtual pat on the shoulder, if you will. Don't you like people being courteous in real life? On a semi-related note, it is more courteous to say 'Thank You' than 'Update Soon!', though the latter admittedly adds to the review count as well.

And yes, it is nice to receive a review for a story written a long time ago.

Readers who leave reviews are symbiotes, in a mutually beneficial relationship with the writer.
Readers who don't leave reviews are parasites.

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New Life by TimeRose reviews
Hermione Granger is now raising Ted Lupin by herself after her friends leave her. When the minsitry places a recently returned Sirius Black in her care to help adjust to his new life, perhaps he might help her find her own and be truly happy with it.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 35 - Words: 81,143 - Reviews: 987 - Favs: 1,115 - Follows: 1,759 - Updated: 9/2/2021 - Published: 11/2/2008 - Hermione G., Sirius B.
The Weight of Your Decisions by JacobMarley reviews
REWRITE IN PROGRESS; NEW CHAPTER ONE IS POSTED. After drunkenly kissing on Ron's birthday, Harry and Hermione agree to "get it out of their system." When Hermione discovers that she's pregnant with Harry's baby, they choose to navigate parenthood together, a process made more complicated as they are forced to confront their true feelings for each other.
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 22 - Words: 47,786 - Reviews: 579 - Favs: 744 - Follows: 351 - Updated: 2/3/2021 - Published: 12/31/2005 - Harry P., Hermione G.
To Find You Again by Suseh reviews
Seven years ago, Hermione walked out of her husband's life. Now in order to save their daughter's life, she will have to bargain with the devil himself.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 21 - Words: 45,095 - Reviews: 319 - Favs: 310 - Follows: 457 - Updated: 12/8/2020 - Published: 7/22/2008 - [Hermione G., Draco M.] [Luna L., Blaise Z.] - Complete
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Bellatrix reviews
Bellatrix Black does not want to become a Lestrange or a minion to some Dark Wotsit. Hell no! She has a *Plan*. And Severus Snape is going along with it coz she'll kill him if he doesn't. AU, SSLE, Marauder bashing, and Discworld's Susan Sto Helit.
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Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Humor/Angst - Chapters: 3 - Words: 6,277 - Reviews: 50 - Favs: 54 - Follows: 87 - Updated: 5/17/2009 - Published: 5/13/2009 - Hermione G., Harry P.
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You Only Live Thrice : The Tale Of Elsa Jones reviews
The Pureblood said, "Granger must be destroyed. Not killed - that would just make her a martyr. Her reputation must be destroyed. She must be eliminated from our society, preferably by Potter himself, before she can destroy us." HGOC HPLL Azkaban!Hermione
Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Friendship/Crime - Chapters: 4 - Words: 30,790 - Reviews: 86 - Favs: 203 - Follows: 67 - Updated: 3/21/2009 - Published: 3/11/2009 - Hermione G., Luna L. - Complete
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Years later, Viktor Krum recounts the events of the 1994 Yule Ball that got his old friend Hermione expelled from Hogwarts. No ships, though there's Krum/Cedric. Harry bashing, major, MAJOR Ron bashing. Moral : Incompetent fighters should never duel.
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A Post-Crapalogue drabble especially for canon RHr sycophants. From the Journal of Rose Granger: It's been six months since Mum died. My father raped my mother for 20 years while everyone looked on. I'm the child of a love potion. I don't deserve to exist
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AU GOF. HHr, CedricCho, TerryPadma. Harry, the brother of the Boy Who Lived, and Hermione take their SlytherinGryffindor relationship public in their fourth year, resulting in much opposition, friendship, laughter, deaths, and resurrections.
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 18 - Words: 89,219 - Reviews: 431 - Favs: 410 - Follows: 512 - Updated: 11/17/2007 - Published: 10/3/2006 - Hermione G., Harry P.
Eye Of The Tigress reviews
Feline!Betrayed!Hermione. Weasley bashing. At 12, her Polyjuice experiment removed the human glamour she wore. At 18, a Weasley plot exiled her. Twelve years later, she's needed again. Abandoned since I couldnt figure out how to deal with Harry's kids.
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A response to all cliched Azkaban!Harry fics. Harry is in Azkaban for a crime he DID commit, leaving Hermione & the Order with a Mission Impossible to get him out. I didn't despise MoRon and Gin when I wrote this, so they get killed, not bashed. Ends HHr.
Harry Potter - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Humor - Chapters: 12 - Words: 31,280 - Reviews: 266 - Favs: 298 - Follows: 97 - Updated: 9/27/2006 - Published: 9/14/2006 - Hermione G., Harry P. - Complete
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