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8/3/10 -- For anyone who happens to stop by...

As you may have noticed, it has been some time since my last fanfiction forays, and my expectation for the future is that this status will remain unchanged (barring, of course, the increase in months and/or years of inactivity). That said, I would like to thank you for taking the time for reading what I have published here; removed as I am from the world of fanfiction, I can still appreciate that my writing is able to act as a source of entertainment and information for its readers.

Take care, all, and merry reading.

-- Sara

7/10/08 -- I guess I accidentally lied.

Well, I sent private messages to all the reviewers of Paternity, explaining how I was putting a permanent hiatus on updates because I'm so damn serious about writing it without the niggling thought of posting chapter-by-chapter…but also how I was going to leave the story in its pitiful, two-chaptered condition for all the world to see.

As of now, however, that declaration is all of false, because I've recently deleted Paternity from the roster of my fanfiction.

To an author who's never had to do it, I suppose the thought of deleting a story is nothing beyond vague. It's... a little unappealing, because losing reviews is always hard, but besides that, it's only an uncharted realm.

I have to say, though, once you've done it, you have to let the impact of it get you. You've taken something intimate from your mind and put it on paper, and now you've exposed it to the world -- to criticism and praise, both of which will undoubtedly shape it if it's in progress at its posting.

But retracting it from view, returning it to the privacy of your company and your company alone -- how's an author supposed to feel? For me, there's a sense of...solitude, like I'm embarking on a lone quest towards an ill-defined place: I don't know what's going to happen on the way or when I get there, but by gum, I'm going to do it all by myself.

Still, there's also a feeling of...freedom...because now I'm working at the whim of myself and my characters. I don't have to concern myself with regular updates (not that it appeared that I did anyhow, but it was actually a niggling issue in my mind at times) or how well-received my piece will be. And selfish as this sounds (and probably is), I like this feeling of liberty.

I know this is all much too dramatic for the removal of a story from a novice fiction site, but I'm not changing what I've written. It's the truth, even through melodrama...

...and if I flush all of said melodrama out of my system now, then maybe I won't have to suffer it in my work later.

Please have a good morning, folks.

-- Waffle

6/30/08 -- Well, to start, let me say this: Let's not talk about Chapter Three.

If the proof's in the absence, then you know the situation: I've successfully sabotaged the "progress" I thought I was making. And since that's where I've ended my efforts for the moment in real life, that's where we're going to leave this virtual discussion.

However, not all is dark with my writing aspirations, if the proof's in the first short story I've posted in over two years.

My last stab at short-story glory was "Like Reality Melting," published here May 16, 2006. It took a matter of a few perplexed hours to start and finish it, maybe another one or two to convert it into third-person narration (it was originally in "second person"), and even less than that to settle it among my other fiction and wait for reviews. Its length was roughly 1,600 words and its plot as twisted as a bad ankle, and it was--maybe one of the better things I've written. To this day, I still think its spontaneity was its charm, and it's been until now since I've managed to write something like it.

Well, even if it's taken two years, I've finally rediscovered the wonder of "spontaneous" writing. "Scratch" may have demanded more than a few baffled hours to complete, but it's still an example of what happens when the mind is allowed to move without the limitation of self-editing, the reason why Chapter Three has remained unfinished (and why I still haven't finished this update).

It may not represent much to you, but to me, this piece shows that I can still shut myself up and listen to my characters when I stop thinking about it. That's why I like it, I suppose--that and it's a conflict with paternal angst when there's nothing better.

Anyhow, the reason I mention it is that I hope this is a trend you begin seeing in my writing, rather than spotty updates and many grievances. It's much more enjoyable, and I’m sure Atticus and Emily wouldn’t mind some actual "progress" with their tale.

Until then, though, stay well and keep reading, folks.

-- Waffle

3/28/08 -- I bring (subjectively) joyous tidings: I've finally made some progress with Chapter Three.

I say "made some progress" rather than "begun" because I've been worrying over this chapter almost from the time when I posted the last one...nearly three months ago. It's proven itself a trial, this chapter, and between the speed at which I write (if it can constitute as "speed") and the oppressive drudgery of school, it's become more of a burden.

Of course, the matter of selecting the focus of this chapter hasn't helped to remedy the situation; if anything, that's what's worsened it. You see, when I begin working on anything, I like to know what bias I want for it -- that is, what themes I wish to highlight in relation to their significance in the plot. Well, as it is, there are several meaningful themes in this chapter on which I can elaborate, and it's taken me from January until now to determine what the best one is.

Unfortunately, the selection process consists of more than a gross amount of consideration. No, in this case, it also involves experimentation, something that has proven the death of now two potential biases that monopolized my time while they were still viable.

Now, though, I'm confident in what I have, at least more so than I was with either of the others. I'm striving to finish this chapter within the next month or so.

Anyhow, to all of the readers waiting for this chapter, I appreciate your patience.

Now, please, have a good evening.

-- Waffle

1/14/07 -- Good morning, folks. I'm simply here to apologize to one niche of my current fanbase, those who read for House.

As may be presently well-known, my first story is The Land of Qualms (yes, my talent for prose still doesn't cover titles), and its last update was June 28, 2006 -- almost one-and-half years ago from this date. Since then, I've decidedly removed myself from the House universe to pursue other worlds, and I've certainly lost my passion for the show. Personally, I feel that, with its unstoppable rise to popularity, the show now lacks in quality, as it is now targeting a broader (and therefore, more idiot-heavy) demographic. This situation is the same for CSI. Because of their augmented fanbases, the writers have choosen to simplify the themes and characterization -- or, worse yet, explain them to the point of utmost aggravation. (I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds Wilson's constant pyschoanalysis of House unbearable, but it's most definitely there to cater to the "needs" of the "lacking" viewers.)

Anyhow, my lost point is, I would like to apologize to the story's fans. I won't promise that any update is looming in the near future, because most likely it's not. Still, I can confidently say that I will finish the story, as I heartily oppose complete abandonment. For now, though, until I rediscover my former love for the show, I refuse to do anything with the tale.

Additionally, for the readers of Seesaw, I would also like to apologize. Unfortunately, my once-extensive knowledge and passion for CSI and CGR has faded from mind, and I've yet to stumble upon it. Of course, the show's severe drop in quality hasn't helped to remedy this situation. (Yes, I've been watching, and cringing, and screaming, and wanting to barf, and ranting, and remarking snidely, and petitioning God, and sighing, and sewing the white flag, and doing other things. My brain generously thanks the striking hacks who have been merrily murdering the show.)

Again, my apologies. My energies are preoccupied elsewhere, and currently, I'm absorbed in another place and don't feel a pressing need to remove myself.

Have a good day, folks.

-- Waffle

12/2/07 -- Since I haven't posted anything since August, I figure that it's quite possibly time for me to do some explaining.

Okay, I have a couple confessions here that have been keeping me company, and after suffering them for more than a month, I feel it's my duty to share...

One:On November 12, I decided that, for the sake of the characters and the sanity that sustains them (and that just happens to belong to me), I would willingly remove myself from the world of Atticus and Emily. My only justification goes as such: I started school and was falling into my "lost" habit of idiotically dividing myself between being an author and being a student.

Of course, in text, that doesn't necessarily sound moronic, but in my situation, it is. You see, my issue is that, when I'm attempting to be the "stellar" student that I've damned myself to be since I can remember, I want to be an author, pouring myself into characters and plots and themes and imagery and the bounty that is the English language. The result is, then, that I can't focus when I do my work, which ultimately means I take longer to do my work, which means I have less time to write, which means that I neglect my characters terribly. (Yes, I've developed my affinity with dependent clauses, if you couldn't infer that from the former monstrosity of a sentence.) Really, it's a situation spreading myself every which way so that I accomplish nothing substantial for anything.

Two:In asserting my long-forgotten adolescence, my brain has decided to turn on me, preoccupying itself with a matter from which I was supposed to have recovered already. Granted, I'd been figuring for a while that something was bound to happen concerning the issue, but I was too busy thriving in Pandora's Box to be realistic. (In honor of Chuck Palahnuik's Choke: "Pretentious" isn't the right word, but it's the first word that comes to mind.) I'm not going to elaborate here, as the situation is bit personal to be subjected to cyber exploitation.

So yes, I've been a little distracted.

Anyhow, I have vacation soon, and maybe I'll find my authorial self and actually embrace creative productivity rather than heavy sarcasm.

Please, have a good day.

-- Waffle

9/2/07 -- Between struggling to complete my summer project and editing this behemoth of a profile, there is little difference in difficulty. I'm opting for this because I honestly do not want to do school work at one-in-the-morning, something that seems inexplicably incongruous for a person who spends the early hours writing willingly and creatively already. And while I'm actually having fun pretending to be Holden Caulfield of The Catcher in the Rye, I would rather put my energy into informing you of my independent work. This profile is finally going to be dedicated mostly to the stories themselves, rather than the unskillfully conceited author behind them.

Here are the most recent edits for your benefit. They both speak about my latest work, Paternity.

8/28/07 -- The aforementioned story has been posted, and thusly the mystery of its fandom has been solved. Not as if it haunted you at night, I'm sure.

A few comments to add to the already excessive amount:

- Many thanks to my beta reader, who shall remain nameless by request.

- The rating of the story is going to change, eventually, something at which I hinted earlier. The subject matter will become...more suited for a mature when you see the rating rise, don't be alarmed. It's going to happen for a reason.

- While the story is currently labeled as "romance," it is not truly so. I hate to disappoint you, but my intention for this story is more to...reveal the meaningfully obscure character of Atticus. At least half of the first part will be devoted to a developing romance, and the rest of the story will explore the conflict that unfortunately arises. Here's the part of the author's note that I cut. It describes the situation better than I can now.

"If you’ve come here seeking romance, come looking for a story focusing solely on a man’s doings rather than his weighty musings, you’ve arrived at the wrong story. Maybe the majority of the first part will pique your interest; it has been devoted to a blossoming intimacy between Atticus and his wife. After that, though, it’s dramatic introspective mingled with physical tragedy preceded by unexpectedly twisted epiphanies. Then, of course, there is the minor incorporation of necessary but strained sexuality for good measure, something I imagine would not be expected in a fiction for this novel. My intent is not to disrespect, but rather investigate the mental nuances of the most well-developed character ever inked to life."

Well, my apologies for the lack of articulation. I'm quite tired, living by a rare circadian rhythm involving waking midmorning and going to bed after the sun has risen. Early morning is the only time where I'm good to write nowadays.

Thank you for your time. On a random note, please be aware that I'll be editing this profile soon, shortening it to an appropriate length and giving it a more solemn sheen. Not that it really matters, but I'm just letting you know anyhow.

Sleep tightly and dream well.

-- Waffle

8/19/07 -- I've had a chapter for one of my stories written since last November, but I've been too doubtful to post it (because now, of course, with all my teenaged melodrama, I must bludgeon my work into a pulp of pitiful periods and weeping words). It's a story using a respected novel and the most subtly-haunted character ever inked to fictional life, and it's essentially ready to be posted, save for a few nagging errors here and there.

Why am I not posting it, then? It's been over a year since I've put anything of value (subjective value) on this website, and it would seem a welcome change from withholding my art (to some, anyhow).

Answer: I've been plagued with a severe case of literary paranoia (i.e., the aforementioned slaughtering of my works). It's terrible: always editing, adjusting, modifying, "improving," hating, loathing, ruining. It's murdering a man and then deciding to experiment with the other infinite ways of killing on the same body, all to no avail. (So I've a proclivity for the morbid and metaphors -- why not highlight a couple of traits through my musings?)

This, however, should change soon, much to the joy of my less-than-amused muse. (My apologies to Shakespeare and his hundreds of dirty, yet clever, puns.) I've decided to post this story, even if it's only a single chapter as of this time.

A few comments I'd like to make before I do, though:

- This is going to follow the same updating pattern as my other multi-chaptered stories, and my current fans know what tragedy this means. Postings will be erratic, sporadic, and prolonged, whichever word you prefer to describe it. I can't change the pace at which I (don't) work; it's part of my procrastinating infrastructure and my belief that I don't author the story, the characters do. It's their schedule to which I'm a ridiculously happy slave. So, in short, don't expect a chapter-a-day, -a-week, -a-month. It comes as it comes.

- I'm not expecting the same audience for this work, simply because of the fandom, so I'm not anticipating reviews from the usual suspects. Actually, I'm not divining anything when it comes to reviews; much as they are loved, they are not required. Therefore, to my existing fans: Review if you wish, but not because I've reviewed your work or because you adore any word that escapes the ravaged confines of my convoluted brain. (Self-flattery is most certainly a form of narcissism.) If it's not your cup of tea, don't read it. Then, to my future fans: Review at your leisure, but do so with some thought.

- Lastly, this story is bound to get on the heavier side, with chapters containing tangible drama, tense sexuality, and consistent hauntings. So be warned: If it ever becomes uncomfortable for anyone to read, please stop. While that might be a tad presumptuous and egotistical to say, I'm saying it. This is going to be a tough literary journey for me, and I know that this is going to affect me; positively or negatively, I’ve yet to determine. Any good work should move its author somehow, and if it doesn’t, it’s not as wonderful as thought. Also, any questions about the work can be directed to me through a review, private message, or e-mail. I’ll answer each to the best of my ability.

Well, that’s all for now. I’m sure some are thinking I’m obviously making this sound heavier than it really is, but let me tell you this: I’ve spent more than an appropriate amount of time thinking about this, and I’m not about to downplay it to remove any drama. (Remember, I’ve got teenaged drama out the ears.)

Good night, folks. Dream vividly.

- Waffle

Posted Works (Sorted by Last Update to Most Recent)

"Scratch" -- A one shot for Scrubs, authored in several sessions and currently acting as my most recently completed short-story.

Summary: Set during "My Dream Job," a potentially canon one-shot in which Doctor Cox considers what fatherhood entails for him and why his attitude towards it has shifted. PG-13 for mild language, coarse tone, and mature themes.

Paternity -- A multi-chaptered, recently published story for Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird. Updates for this story will be sporadic, as for my other works, and the writing style will change because of this and also because of a planned transition in tone. To be honest, this is an essay masquerading as a story, but I'm not inclined to state the thesis until the proper time.

Summary: WIP. A two-parted, pre-novel exploration of Atticus' character, set between August of 1920 to months before the beginning of the book in 1933. The first part is devoted to detailing of his brief marriage and his first years as a father, while the second part is to show his life after wife's abrupt passing. PG-13 becoming R in later chapters for mild language, dark psychology, described sexuality, drug addiction, tangible drama, and mature conflicts.

Seesaw -- A multi-chaptered story for CSI on an unwanted hiatus. Updates will be, as custom, unpredictable and far-between one another, and a noticeable shift in writing style will occur because of this.

Summary: WIP and AU. A frustrated piece filled with blatant symbolism and Grissom's horrified opinion on his relationship involving Sara, taken at the time as a brief, purely sexual association, it begins as Grissom and Sara but steadily becomes more Grissom-and-Catherine oriented. PG-13 for mildly sexual descriptions, moderate language, and a generally aggravated tone.

The Land of Qualms -- A multi-chaptered story for House that is presently on an unwilled hiatus. The updating of this story will continue to be irregular, with posts being made after extended stretches of inactivity, and the writing style will vary from chapter to chapter as a result.

Summary: WIP and AU. After House learns that Cuddy is pregnant with his child, he becomes conflicted on whether he should opt to change his miserable ways and risk reliving emotional agony if the choice fails him, or whether he should remain in the safe consistency of his depression. Additionally, both characters must decide if they will finally admit their long-hidden feelings from one another, with drama ensuing in the process. PG-13 for implicitly sexual situations, mild cursing, and House's disturbing psychology.

"Like Reality Melting" -- A one-shot for House, written in a matter of confused hours. A prequel for this story has been suggested and may eventually materialize. Originally written in a reader-involved format that can found in my journal.

Summary: AU one-shot involving a horrifically saccharine plot. When Cuddy is found to be having an impermissible relationship with House after becoming pregnant with his child, she must go to court. However, the trial becomes less routine as it progresses, and it eventually leaves the confines of possibility altogether with the unexpected appearance of Vogler. PG for some questionable dialog and traces of sexuality.

"Fingering the Keys" -- A one-shot for House, written for a ficathon on LiveJournal. First written in a reader-involved format that can found in my journal.

Summary: A possibly AU one-shot set after House's infarction and surgery. A concerned Wilson visits Stacy in an attempt to comfort her as a friend, but Stacy decides that a platonic consolation isn't enough. Unfortunately, he finds himself guiltily agreeing with her. PG-13 for implied infidelity, moderate language, and reference to chemical coping.

"Crime and the Five Senses" -- A one-shot for CSI, written in a rarely potent burst of inspiration.

Summary: A Grissomcentric one-shot, set at least after the Season Three finale. Grissom ponders how the five senses are used in the business of crime-scene investigating and how they are affected because of it. Mild spoilers. PG for a bit of troubled thought and a mildly mature theme.

"The Final Impulse Sacrificed" -- A short poem for House, written in an overwhelmingly passionate burst of inspiration.

Summary: AU. "Life in a bottle/Of any kind/Will throttle the heart/And murder the mind." PG for an implied attempt at suicide and implicit chemical coping.

"Ironical" -- A one-shot for House, written in another one of my inspired bursts.

Summary: A Cuddycentric one-shot set indeterminately with implied HouseCuddy relations. Would likely be considered a strangely articulate stream of consciousness, with no obvious connections but many gorgeous metaphors. PG for more implied sexuality and an abrasive tone.

"Loosening the Screws" -- A one-shot for House, written in a pleasant if morbid burst of inspiration.

Summary: AU one-shot involving character death. When a certain character feels as if he has lost too much control over his body, he decides to resolve the issue, employing the drastic measure of death itself. PG-13 for described suicide and the presence of a familiar and ever-haunted mindset.

Minor Background

(Edited 28 February 2008: At the urging of my adolescent mutability, I've roughly updated this overview to reflect a more current portrait of my philosophies. Surely I'll continue to contradict myself among everything I write, opposing myself through widespread nuances, but I'm trying to be more consistent with my beliefs. I still have faith in the dominant will of my characters, but I've come to accept that they are not the products of any other or my own mind but of their own universes, the conceptions of which are as mysterious as those of our own world.

And personally, it's comforting to know that you don't have the divine power of creation over people with whom you are trying to work at 2:30 a.m., I must tell you.)

I don't exactly remember when I started writing fanfiction for pleasure, but I suppose it was around early 2004. My first story (the fandom was CSI) was aptly entitled "The Story" as per my overwhelmingly clever sarcasm, and it has never been published, let alone finished. The plot itself was not worthy of ridicule; the writing, however, certainly was, and to this day I cannot willingly bring myself to imagine how it would have been received. All I know to be true is that I would have likely stopped writing after receiving such potential criticism.

Here is a brief description of my philosophies when it comes to writing. I can honestly tell you that they have greatly changed since my first foray into the literary world.

I steadfastly believe in the difference between a "writer" and an "author." As hackneyed and dramatic as it may seem, it is absolutely a truth that there is something that separates the two. My theory is this: A writer is someone who can act well as a wordsmith, creating mind-pleasing prose for the public, and who can make a decent story with fair characterization, but not truly feel what he does. To a writer, writing is no doubt an involved process, but not one that consistently preoccupies his mind. A writer can sit down and produce something with a moderate amount of thought, and then go to bed at night and dream of other matters.

An author, however, does not lead such a simple life. This is because an author is someone who can do as a writer does, creating well-worded works and stumbling upon intriguing characters, but who actually allows the work to affect him. To an author, the characters go beyond the page, existing with the artistically plagued mind of their storyteller, and they are the ones who control the author. The author is the slave, and they the masters; so long as the author remains true to his title, he will be at the will upon what he has fallen. And the author will accept this blessed possession without complaint, fully satisfied in being able to give life to these characters' stories. An author will think the best dreams to be ones where the characters show themselves in a potential narrative.

Some alleged "authors" have opposed what I have said, stating that they are the puppeteers and the characters the stringed objects, they the gods and the characters the supplicating mortals. To them, I have here an excerpt from a Ray Bradbury interview:

"Del Rey Books: 'I remember listening to a writer talk about her characters once. She said she was the boss, and they were her puppets: they went exactly where she told them, did what she ordered them to do...'

Ray Bradbury: 'You can't do that. That's bad writing. They must control you. They plot me. I never control. I let them have their lives.'

Del Rey Books: 'Is that leap of faith scary?'

Ray Bradbury: 'No, it's wonderful fun. I love my characters. I trust them.'"

("A Conversation with Ray Bradbury" in Fahrenheit 451: 50th Anniversary Edition, pages 185 and 186)

When it comes from the mouth of one of America's few timelessly ingenious authors, trust it. It is "wonderful fun" when you can trust your characters and let them mess with your head, plotting you instead of them as they lead what appear to be damn good lives.

Thus, to close this, I beg you as such: Aspire to be an author. Always let the characters take the reigns and define you as they whisper to you the stories they want you to tell. Never think yourself a god in the eyes of your characters. Even as they preoccupy your mind, form a democracy with your characters, where you can talk openly with them and ask them to share with you deeper parts of themselves.

And in the words of Forrest Gump, poured from the brilliant mind of Winston Groom, "That's all I have to say about that."


- If you ever wish to archive one of my works, please inform first in the form of a review, private message, or e-mail. Do not think it right to print my stories elsewhere without my consent. Much as I love being an author and feel it to be rewarding enough within itself, I do like knowing the whereabouts of my work. Additionally, if you ever want to nominate my story for any type of award (wishful thinking, yes), then please follow the same procedure.

- Although writing itself is pleasure enough for me, I do enjoy feedback on my work. Expectedly, praise is received with less reluctance than constructive criticism, even if I'm well aware the latter is much more beneficial. Before, I used to say I love getting critiqued on my stories, living in denial of the fact that I dreaded seeing my work nit-picked; nowadays, I'll openly admit that I prefer praise to justified criticism, as any mildly egotistical person would, even if I realize the importance of receiving the second one more often than the first.

- I do not accept flames, nor do I believe in giving them. Although the fact has yet to enter some pointlessly obstinate minds, the truth of the matter is flames accomplish nothing but highlighting humanity's tendency to act as a jackass. They don't help anyone, and only bring a sadistic satisfaction to the ignorant flamer. If you have any sort of respectable head on your shoulders, you have not, do not, and will not ever flame a story, regardless of its quality. Rather, you will leave a constructive review and hope the author doesn't misinterpret it. (I've had such a thing happen to me; it's not that pleasant.)

- If anyone has any questions about my work, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail, review, or private message. I will happily respond to any intelligible questions to the best of my ability.


I am, in my very heart, a devout procrastinator. I cannot recall a time where I found procrastination to be anything but attractive. This being so, I tell you this: The inherited tendency to leave any and everything to be done at the last minute does extend to my work. My updates are few and far-between, and I will sometimes withhold stories if only because I don’t feel the immediate urge to post them. It's something of which I am ashamed when in a responsible mindset, and something that makes me grin a little when I'm in the act itself.

I am also, in my very heart, a reluctant but harsh editor when it comes to my work, and as a result, some chapter/stories will be written but not published for months after their completion because of my loathe for editing. I simply hate it, and even if I have a beta, I still do it. Unfortunately, once I start doing it, I cannot stop myself. Shamefully I admit to you that I've murdered several stories this way, much to my dismay and that of the characters involved. (So I'm an author-in-progress, yes, not as insanely perfect as I wish I was.) I'm warning you of this now, simply because I think you should know.

To end this surprisingly lengthy profile (the intent of this edit was to shorten it considerably, something not accomplished well at all), I say this to you: Thank you for your time. I know a lot of people like to say that these profiles are pointless, but they aren’t. If you really think about it, you'll see a smart motive behind them. The best way I can describe this subtly clever purpose is by saying that, if you know an author even just slightly beyond the scope of his writing, you might have some greater insight into the work of that author. While I do believe that any good story should be able to speak for itself, I also think it good to be a little familiar with the person behind it. It will give you the opportunity to view the full depth of the story, a privilege unknowledgeable reader will never have.

Well, if you've worked your way through this entire profile, you've secretly pleased a literarily-crazed fifteen (plus one)-year-old. Again, thank you. :)

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