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Anyone reading this is probably, like "HEY! NEW WRITERS!"

Well...YOU'RE WRONG! This is Jasmine32 and Matron Raenee (Who initially MADE this)

So...what's up?

Matron Raenee's specialties : Yuri and yaoi! FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, Legend of Dragoon, Xenosaga I, Kingdom Hearts, Fruits Basket, perhaps InuYasha, perhaps FMA, Castlevania SotN, uhm, more she could think of if she didn't have a dead brain...

XD Yes. I have a dead brain...

~Matron Raenee~

Hi everyone

It's Jasmine32. My specialities? Well, that's a good question actually up til recently I wrote Seiftis BUT I'm branching out...just read our story and you'll see. I read just about every other pairing under the sun.

Yeah, I am aware that I am hopeless at writing profiles but hopefully you will all enjoy my contribution to our story...let us know.



October 29th, 2005

Finally, we've POSTED something. Well, I've posted Emily's writing. =P She said I should, but it took me a while to do it. In any case, it's nice to know that we've finally put some dumbass thing UP. Damn, I thought it hated us so much that it'd never let us post. But, yea, "What If" is up and running. Amazingly. Tch.

Raven-Leigh should be joining our ranks soon. DKS needs a writer like her. XD All angsty and crap. I mean...Raven-sama's and my RP sessions go from uber cute to everyone wanting to kill themselves. o.O Poor Yuffie and Reno...ANYWAYS!

If you're interested in joining the DKS crew because you want to meet us, think we're good authors, or just wanna help us write because it sounds fun, feel free to email me at my business address or my personal address, and also feel free to IM me. I love meeting fellow writers. :-)

Love and peace ~ Matron Raenee

November 9th, 2005

We ARE dumbasses. So that's our new slogen. :-) "What If" is still up and running. So that's good news to all of us. That's about it for now. It's Emily's chapter. Lynx says she'll do one.

As is usual, we look forward to anyone wanting to join DKS's ranks. Feel free to email me, or IM me.

Dumbasses of the world unite! ~ Matron Raenee

November 13th, 2005


I finally got Quistis's chapter done. Please read and review! It's Becca's chapter next!

April 5th, 2006

Jasmine32 has left the building! Her part of the story has been removed also.

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