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Author has written 4 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, Harry Potter, and Newsies.

It has been a long time since I've been back to this website. But I'm here now!

I love to write, unfortunatly I'm a terrible procrastonator. But often I'll have these crazy days where I'll write three chapters a day. I just can't control myself.

My favorite character pairings:

Ruroni Kenshin:
Sano/Megumi (or ooc)
Aoshi/ooc (the whole Misao thing is cute, but I'm not sure sometimes)


Yu Gi Oh:
Joey (Jonouchi)/Mai
Tristan (Honda)/Serenity (Shizuka)
Seto Kaiba/ooc

Yu Yu Hakusho:

Harry Potter:

Ouran High School Host Club:

Authored Stories:

Magic and Red Hair:
I just want to thank everyone who reviews and still loves this story even though I take forever to post new chapters. I'm finally posting new stuff after a bit of writers block, but I reread the 4th book and I'm ready to go now.

8/11/09: Help, I'm stuck! I just want to skip to the Yule Ball stuff, but I feel like that's the easy way out. I can't think about how to start Chapter 7, so frustrating...

10/27/09: Okay, so I just started college (at the end of August, that is) and I'm really busy all the time with homework and trying to find time to sleep. Finding time to write isn't happening. We should have Thanksgiving break soon though...cross my fingers.

Coming Soon:

I'm going to be pulling Crescents and Cards and rewriting it. I have written more chapters since I first posted it, but I haven't put them on this website because I don't like the first few chapters as is. So look for a new update by the end of August!

10/27/09: Sorry, I lied about that. Look for a rewrite sometime soon?

02/28/12: I haven't been working on Magic and Red Hair...sorry. However! I have been working on several others! Hopefully I'll be finished up soon on my shortest one, which will either be about Ouran High School Host Club or Sinbad. I've still been writing all these years, just not posting. I think a rewrite for Magic and Red Hair is probably due to!

08/21/13: Oh snap! I can't believe how long I've been on this site! Craziness, I feel old. In any case, guess what? I finished a story! Believe it or not, it's for Newsies and features the character Kid Blink. Surprised? Look for more stuff soon!

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