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Author has written 22 stories for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Cartoon X-overs, Hamtaro, Animal Crossing, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sgt. Frog/ケロロ軍曹, Nabari no Ō, Persona Series, and Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club.

Hello! Welcome to the bloomacncheez (BMNC) profile! Yes, I'm the same BMNC who created the Pokemon Parodies on Youtube.

Well, in my two-year absence, I became a new person. I've been computer-active for about ten years or so now, and have educated myself fairly well, so I'm better informed and have fixed a lot of problematic behavior on my part. I sincerely apologize to anyone I've offended in my younger years for my ignorance.

Also, I have not only matured in my personality, but also in my writing. After reading some good books and working on writing in high school, my writing improved and hopefully looks a lot better now than it did before.

Where to find me when I'm not here:

On deviantART I'm: bloomacnchez (No longer active, but I have a lot of old artwork there, some of which is fic-related)

On YouTube I'm: bloomacncheez (However, my account is blocked everywhere for whatever reason. You can still watch my videos if you look them up.)

On Tumblr (where I frequent) I'm: bloomacncheez

My art blog (Tumblr): DrawWikBMNC

On Twitter I'm: bloomacncheez (I just made this recently, so there's not much right now but...)

Name: bloomacncheez

Nicknames: BMNC or Bloo. I mostly go by BMNC though.

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Occupation: Art Major at a University (Illustration Concentration), Full-time Banana

Favorite Genre: Comedy, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Drama, Fanfiction (fluff)

Hobbies: Reading Manga, Watching Anime, Playing vidya games, Drawing, Writing, Singing, Listening to Music, Surfing the Web, Swimming, Sewing (sometimes)

Known Languages: English (fluent), Spanish II education (forgot most of it), Intermediate Japanese education (losing it because I don't use it often enough)

Interests: Anime, Manga, Cartoons, Video games, Comics, Tumblr, Animation, Character Design, mostly everything Japanese-related to some extent

Fears: Just about anything that moves.

General Dislikes: Poor treatment of characters, general gross behavior, the fact that everything I love gets discontinued, math

General Favs: Let's Players (Game Grumps, Cryaotic, Jacksepticeye, PressHearttoContinue, Markiplier), Kylee Henke and all that she does, Buffalo chicken (or anything extremely spicy, idc if I burn a hole in my stomach), Toys and plushies, Scented candles, Fandom merch, Spring, Flowers (Hydrangeas, Daisies, Roses, Honeysuckle, Orchids, Lilies, Queen Anne's Lace, Wisteria, etc.)

Favorite Shows: Master Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, Pioneer Woman (I live on the Food Network, I go through periods where I love it and periods where I hate it, but I live here regardless), SpongeBob Squarepants, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Modern Family, Steven Universe, Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo (judge me idgaf), The Walking Dead, The Joe Schmo Show, Bob's Burgers

Favorite Anime: Sgt. Frog/Keroro Gunso, Ouran High School Host Club, Nabari no Ou, Chi's Sweet Home, Angel Beats!, Glass Mask, Soul Eater, Pokemon (older episodes), Hidamari Sketch, Persona4 the Animation (just that anime, not Golden), Kuragehime (Jellyfish Princess), Blood-C, Nichijou, No. 6, Ao no Exorcist, Tiger and Bunny, Acchi Kocchi, Another, Cardcaptor Sakura (Japanese ver. only), Binbougami-ga (Good Luck Girl, except that binbougami literally means god of misfortune so wtf), Kami-sama no Memochou, Psycho-Pass, Cuticle Detective Inaba, Attack on Titan, Hataraku Maou-Sama!, Madoka Magica, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club/Free! Eternal Suffering-- I mean Summer, Kami-Sama Hajimemashita, Silver Spoon, The Daily Lives of High School Boys, Engaged to the Unidentified, Bokura wa Minna Kawai-Sou, Love Stage!, Dramatical Murder: The Animation, RWBY (I think this counts? idk), Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boubei-be Love!, Death Parade, Gugure Kokkuri-san, Gekkan Shoujou Nozaki-kun, Assassination Classroom, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, One-Punch Man, Starmyu

Favorite Games: Persona3 (original and FES only), Persona4, PersonaQ, Sonic Riders, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and Sonic Adventure (I love most Sonic games. I stopped liking them from Sonic Rush on, though I did really appreciate Sonic Generations), Harvest Moon (generally, but I favor A/nother Wonderful Life, Magical Melody, Tree of Tranquility, and Story of Seasons), Animal Crossing (I favor New Leaf), Super Smash Brothers (Melee and Brawl), Amazing Island, Nintendogs, Pokemon (I favor Silver, Green, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, and X), Drawn to Life, Scribblenauts, Sims3, Kingdom Hearts (the first one), DDR, Rockband, Ib, To The Moon, Facade (though I've never played it and cannot due to my too-new or crappy computers, I just enjoy the concept and videos), Ao Oni (Only watched), Happy Wheels (Same as Ao Oni) The Walking Dead (I actually have played this one!), The Witch's House (not this one though) Mad Father (or this), Pom Gets Wi-Fi (or this), Corpse Party (or this), Tomodachi Life (unfortunately), Grand Theft Auto: (San Andreas, IV, and V), Undertale

Favorite Movies: Bridesmaids, Horrible Bosses, MST3K The Movie, Pokemon the Movie, The Brave Little Toaster, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Aladdin, Rise of the Guardians, Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, Toy Story 1 and 3, Finding Nemo, Up, Monsters University, Spirited Away, Ponyo, Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, Secret World of Arrietty, Bruce Almighty, Elf, Anchorman, Kicking and Screaming, Talladega Knights, The Blind Side, The Help, Steel Magnolias, If I Stay, Big Hero 6, Moulin Rouge, Inside Out, Princess and the Frog, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Pitch Perfect, When Marnie Was There, Up on Poppy Hill, Castle in the Sky, Inside Out

Favorite Books: Harry Potter series, Holes, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Pay It Forward, The Man Who Loved Clowns, the Shiloh trilogy, The Grapes of Wrath, A Prayer for Owen Meany, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Save Me, The Hunger Games

Favorite Manga: Sgt. Frog, Ouran High School Host Club, Nabari no Ou, Death Note, Yotsuba&!, Mars, Chi's Sweet Home, Persona 3 manga (for the pictures lol), Persona 4 manga (for the pictures lol), Me and My Brothers, Bamboo Blade, Stepping on Roses, Attack on Titan (sort of...), Tiger and Bunny

Favorite Actors: Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Steve Carell, Tom Hiddleston, Chris Sabat (saw him at a con, but I got cut of of line to see him...), Vic Mignogna, J. Michael Tatum (Met him four times!!), Joel McDonald, Todd Haberkorn (Met him three times!!), Greg Ayers, Travis Willingham (almost got to meet him. close... T.T), Yuri Lowenthal, Grant George, Daisuke Namikawa (I've noticed he shows up in almost every anime I watch as either a main or supporting character), Dave Wittenburg, Sam Rigel

Favorite Actresses: Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore, Tina Fey, Amy Pohler, Brina Palencia, Caitlyn Glass, Luci Christian, Monica Rial, Laura Bailey, Ellen Page, Ellen DeGeneres, Lisa Ortiz (Met her!!), Maxey Whitehead (Met her!!), Karen Strassman (Met her!!), Emma Stone, Kristen Wiig, Jennifer Lawrence

Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunso)

Obsession: (Lasted two years)

Favorite Characters: Keroro, Tamama, Giroro, Kururu, Dororo, Fuyuki, Saburo, Garuru, Taruru, Tororo, Keroro's mother, Bariri, Nuii, Momoka

Favorite Pairings: I don't even know anymore

Favorite Episode: 83 and 266

Favorite Volume: 16 and 1

Fancharacters Created:

Raido, Hikiki, Daikiki, Nozizi, Eddodo, Gamama, Masaru, Inono, Nazozo, Starara, Ryuuyu, Sorara, Puyoyo, Kirara, Takeke, Haroro, Hiroro, Toruru, Rizaza, Ginana, Daisusu, Yumeme

Sonic the Hedgehog

Obsession: (Comes on and off; longest streak was a year. Currently off.)

Favorite Characters: Sonic, Jet, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Bean, Storm, Vector, Charmy, and Shadow

Favorite Pairings: (SERIOUSLY) SonAmy (OTP), StoVe, Crails, KnuxRouge, BocoeDecoe, BlazeSilver (Dunno name for that one yet.)

Favorite Episode: Sonic Cruise Blues

Fancharacters Created:

Starr, Windy, Ink, Shard, Axel, Mandy, Ace, Sparkle, Rayne, Skye, Jill, Landon, Avogadro, Trinity, Starfire, Sketch

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Obsession: (Lasted about a year before Sonic kicked in.)

Favorite Characters: Bloo, Mac, Cheese, Coco, Eduardo, Wilt, Frankie, Madame Foster, Jackie Khones

(I support no pairings but OC pairings)

Favorite Episode: Mac Daddy

Fancharacters Created:

Tessa, Honey


Obsession: (Comes on and off. Last time it lasted half a year. Currently off)

Favorite Characters: Ash, Pikachu, Brock, Misty, May, Dawn, Max, Munchlax, Eevee, Mime Jr., James, Jessie, Meowth, Roark, Volkner, Aaron, Crasher Wake, Fantina, and Cranidos.

The Character I Would Marry At Given Chance: Roark

Favorite Pairings: Pokemon Shipping (OTP), Penguin Shipping, Contest Shipping (I think), Rocket Shipping

Favorite Episode: Wild in the Streets!

Fancharacters Created:

Flariee, Michiko, Sudoku, Taunter, Dienese, Lorilei, Delila, Eve, Melody, Addam, Nicoalas, and Teddy

Ouran High School Host Club

Obsession: (Never consistent. It hits pretty hard usually and then is gone in a flash. Lasts about a week for each rush.)

Favorite Characters: Hikaru, Kaoru, Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyoya, Hunny, Mori, Ranka, Misuzu, Satoshi (manga only), Chika, Nekozawa, Kirimi, and Casanoda

The Character I Would Marry At Given Chance: Hikaru

Favorite Pairings: idek anymore

Favorite Episodes: The Twins Fight, Hikaru and Haruhi First Date Operation, The Sea The Sun And The Host Club

Fancharacters Created:

Chiyo and Chihiro

Nabari no Ou

Obsession: (Comes in spurts. Currently off.)

Favorite Characters: Gau, Yoite, Miharu, Raikou, Raimei, Hana, Kouichi, Yukimi, Kazuho

Favorite Pairings: YoiteXMiharu, RaikouXGau (OTP), KouichiXRaimei

Favorite Episode: "Prelude"

Fancharacters: None, and I prefer to keep it that way.


Obsession: (Lasted for 3.5 years.)

Favorite Characters: Bebe, Protagonist(3), Yukari, Junpei, Souji/Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Kanji, Kenji, Teddie, Rise, Akihiko, Elizabeth, Theo, Nanako, Chidori, Pharos/Ryoji, Ken, Koromaru, Shinjiro, Nozomi, Keisuke, Akinari, Kazushi, Maiko, Maya/Ms. Toriumi, King Moron (maybe), Bunkichi, Mitsuko, Yukiko (especially when she's drunk), Kou, Adachi, Naoki, Dojima, Hisano, Fox (except when I can't get good discounts), Saori, Kou, Aika, Eikichi, Lisa, Rei, Zen

The Character I Would Marry At Given Chance: Probably Teddie in his human form or Bebe. (swoon) If not, Protagonist(3). (swoon times deux) If not, Ryoji. (swoon times trois) If not, Yosuke. (swoon times... French word for four. -shrug-)

Favorite Pairings: Pro3XBebe (P3 OTP), Pro3XRyoji, JunpeiXChidori, YukariXMitsuru, AkihikoXShinjiro, FuukaXNatsuki, TakayaXJin, SoujiXYosuke/YosukeXSouji (P4 OTP), TeddieXNanako (in an innocent "playing house" relationship), StalkerGirlXStalkerBoy, RyojiXMinako, HidetoshiXKeisuke, KanjiXNaoto, ChieXYukiko, DaisukeXKou, SoujiXKanji, SoujiXRise, Pro3XAigis, RiseXNaoto, SoujiXPro3, ReiXZen

Favorite Game: Persona3 FES and Persona Q

Favorite Episode: It's School Festival Day! Time to Have Fun! (MY OTP WAS BRIEFLY KINDA CANON :'D)

Fancharacters: Marie (not the one you think this was before), Pierre, and Victor Prunette, Maximilien Vincent, Ivon, Claude. And at least two others that I won't introduce until after my next story.

Tiger & Bunny

Obsession: (Lasted a few weeks. Easy to return to.)

Favorite Characters: Kotetsu/Wild Tiger, Barnaby/"Bunny", Ivan/Origami Cyclone, Pao-Lin/Dragon Kid, Nathan/Fire Emblem, Kaede

Favorite Pairings: KotetsuXBarnaby (OTP), IvanXEdward, AntonioXNathan

Favorite Episode: There is Always A Next Time

Fancharacters: None


Obsession: (Comes in spurts. Easy to return to.)

Favorite Characters: Ib, Garry, Creepy Dolls, Mary (kind of)

The Character I Would Marry At Given Chance: ...the perfection that is Garry... (bashful fangirling)

Favorite Pairings: (none)

Favorite Ending: Promise of Reunion (kinda obvious)

Fancharacters: None

The Walking Dead (game)

Obsession: (Comes in spurts. Easy to return to.)

Favorite Characters: Lee, Clementine, Kenny, Katjaa, Duck, Carley, Doug, Ben, Christa, Omid, Shawn, Mark, Glenn, Molly, Nick, Pete, Alvin, Sarah, Rebecca, Bonnie, Mike, Sarita, Walter, Matthew, Wyatt, Eddie, Russell

The Character I Would Marry At Given Chance: Lee

Favorite Pairings: CarLee (OTP), KennyXKatjaa, ChristaXOmid, MikeXBonnie

Favorite Episode: Season 1, Episode 2: Starving for Help (most entertaining, but damn in the St. Johns' house dark.)

Fancharacters: None yet, but planning a spin-off with an original group.

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Obsession: (Raging on for two years)

Favorite Characters: Rei, Nagisa, Haru, Makoto, Gou, Rin, Seijuuro, Ai, Sousuke, Momo

The Character I Would Marry At Given Chance: Reigisa ...yes the ship.

Favorite Pairings/Ships: Reigisa (H2OTP), Makoharu, Rintori, Sourin, Sourintori (H2OT3), Makorin, Makorinharu, Soumako, HaruXWater (jk)

Favorite Episode: S1: Episode 3 - Theoretical Dolphin Kick, Episode 4 - Captive Butterfly, S2: Episode 3 -The Butterfly of Farewell!, Episode 5 - A Resolution's Heads-Up!

Fancharacters: (Two babies each for the OTP/3s.)


Obsession: (Since October through determination)

Favorite Characters: Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton (EX, Neo), Napstablook, Toriel, Temmie, Asriel, Frisk, Toby/Annoying Dog, Greater Dog, Lesser Dog, Tsunderplane, Muffet, Heats Flamesman, RG01, RG02, Burgerpants, Bratty, Catty

The Character I Would Marry At Given Chance: Sans just dunk me in the garbage I'm ready to visit the trashcan now

Favorite Pairings/Ships: Soriel (OTP), UndyneXAlphys (what is this ship name I haven't been online much since October...), Papyton, RG01XRG02

Favorite Battles: Lesser Dog, Greater Dog, Papyrus, Mad Dummy, Undyne, RG01 and RG02, Asgore, Photoshop Flowey, So Sorry, Sans (never actually fought him but I like watching others suffer fight him.)

Fancharacters: (none)

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Friend of my Heart by HeartforPassionateArt reviews
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Pokémon - Rated: T - English - Drama/Humor - Chapters: 25 - Words: 134,391 - Reviews: 532 - Favs: 310 - Follows: 161 - Updated: 9/18/2011 - Published: 4/18/2007 - May/Haruka, Drew/Shū - Complete
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Okay its a weird sleep over ever chapter soemone dies. Kirbies the host. Theres a bit of everything. If you have request let me know and I'll see what I can do. Its not meant to be mean just funny. I dont like George bush so theres some bashing on him
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