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Author has written 20 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh, and Harry Potter.

Favorite Animes:

Yuugiou, Yuu Yuu Hakusho, Inuyasha, Zatch Bell, Full Metal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Bleach, Tokyo Mew Mew, Dream Saga, Avatar, Beyblade, Big O, Code Lyoko, Full Metal Panic, Rave Master, Read or Die, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Champloo, Tenchi Muyo, Wolf's Rain, Yuugiou GX.

Favorite Pairings:


Bakura x Ryou (Yaoi) Marik x Malik (Yaoi) Yami x Yuugi (Yaoi) Seto x Jou (Yaoi) Mai x Anzu (Yuri) Ishizu x Shizuka(Yuri) Anzu x Shizuka (Yuri) Ishizu x Shaddi (Het) Bakura x Malik x Ryou (Yaoi)

Yuu Yuu Hakusho:

Kurama x Yuusuke (Yaoi) Kurama x Hiei (Yaoi) Yuusuke x Hiei (Yaoi) Kuwabara x Yukina (Het) Youko x Kuronue (Yaoi) Youko x Yuusuke (Yaoi) Youko x Hiei (Yaoi) Youko x Kurama (Yaoi) Yuusuke x Koenma (Yaoi) Koenma x Botan (Het)


Inuyasha x Kagome (Het) Miroku x Sango (Het) Sesshoumaru x Rin (Het) Shippo x Rin (Het) Sesshoumaru x Inuyasha (Yaoi) Kohaku x Rin (Het)

Hunter x Hunter:

Leorio x Kurapica (Yaoi) Killua x Gon (Yaoi) Kurapica x Gon (Yaoi) Killua x Kurapica (Yaoi) Killua x Kurapica x Gon (Yaoi)

Tokyo Mew Mew:

Masaya x Ichigo (Het) Ryou x Ichigo (Het) Zakuro x Mint (Yuri) Ryou x Masaya x Ichigo (Het/Yaoi)

Rurouni Kenshin:

Kenshin x Kaoru (Het) Souske x Kenshin (Yaoi) Souske x Megumi (Het)

Yuugiou GX:

Juudai x Shou (Yaoi) Juudai x Asuka (Het) Ryou x Asuka (Het) Ryou x Fubuki (Yaoi)

Stories in Progress:

True Evil - Chapter Six coming soon.

"Darkness is warm to whomever allows it to embrace them." - Jalicyn-chan, Aten

"A man's greatest desire is the one thing he cannot obtain." - unknown

"In the name of all that is unholy, may the demons of Hell rise and damn us with fire and brimstone and blood...Amen." - unknown

"Hell is nothing more than a mortal's hopeful wishing. All that is there for those of Darkness is never ending shadow and agony of every kind. I know. I've been there." - Jalicyn-chan, Aten

"Over the years, I've slain by gallons everyday. And soon the time has come that every victim tasted just the same. I used to think that every killing is a treat. But I was wrong for I was young; I'd let them suffer, let them bleed...I keep counting centuries like moments passing by. With my own eyes I have seen ages come and leave the mortal stage. You know I drained about a million men or more. But there was nothing like the first two hundred times I died before." - Bebon Beton

"I have issues with authority." - Jalicyn-chan, Aten

" "You know, that's not a good way to get me to leave."

"Alright. How about this? Shut the fuck up and leave before I rip your balls off and feed them to you." Aten pulled out a knife and let it dangle between his fingers. "You think I'm kidding." " - Jalicyn-chan, Aten

Humor of the Month: "I was thrown out of a bar in New York City. Now when I say I was thrown from a bar, I don't mean that someone asked me to leave, and, we walked to the door together, and, I said "Bye, everybody, I gotta go." Six bouncers hurled me outta that bar like I was a frizbee." - Ron White
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