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This is the profile of BlackKnight93. Oh yes it is.

Why BlackKnight? Heck, I dunno. I'm not black, I'm not a makes no sense.


Alright, now that that's been settled, my prattle...

Hokay, so, here's the Earth. "Dang, that is a sweet Earth," you might say. "And Round."

Hahahahaha. Not that again.

Name: Lindsay

Age: Street legal.

Gender: Femme

Status: Glued to the computer with no social life, obsessing over whatever happens to be good. Right now, it's Wicked and my boyfriend.

Really, I'm nothing more than a nutsy, popsicle-addicted high school student who writes stories in her free time and loves popsicles. Did I mention I like popsicles? I like popsicles. Especially the red flavor. Mmmm, red flavor...


Tiger's Eye- So far, a very cheesy story I'm surprised everyone likes.

Chapters: 13/13

Status: Completed

In the Eyes of the Beholder-My little Hellboy story that is now finished.

Chapters: 9/9

Status: Completed

Raven's Royal Escapades- The sequel to In the Eyes of the Beholder that is a bit more kooky than the first!

Chapters: 0/?? (still being typed up)

Status: Questionable


10/8/07- Hello All! Sorry I'm being a procrastinator with chapter 11 of Tiger's Eye, for it is a very long chapter so far. I hope I can finish it soon! High school has been a real bitch! love to all!

12/15/07- Hi again folks who actually read updates on my bio! Currently I am being a waste of space at a computer in a hotel in ATL! (squeals that she was actually able to even get to a computer) Chapter 13 is still on hold b/c next week I will be BUSY AS HELL Christmas shopping and on the weekend I'm going up to my grandfather's house and the man has no idea what the words
"working computer" even mean so yeah...hope y'all aren't going to try to kill me or anything!! Just to tell y'all, I was recently in a production of the Nutcracker (last week) and couldn't update then...and now I'm in ATL so I still can't update...and then I'll be busy next week...So don't be expecting anything great until maybe...January '08? We'll just have to see, no, won't we?? ALSO!!--uhhhhhhhh...I had it, then I forgot it...brain fart...I think it was the poolwater and all of the candy I had...IT'LL COME BACK TO ME, DON'T WORRY!! Love y'all bunches, don't send the Blackheart fangirls to shoot me...

2/29/08- HEY GUYS!! Yeah I've been busy as hell again, so I haven't had time to write. That and I HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK. (cries)

4/22/08- HELLO PEOPLE!! Yeah, I know you probably all hate me for ending Tiger's Eye early, but I have something better coming along...I hope...that remains a little more true to Blackheart's personality, because while Blackie hyped up on OOC is sometimes hilarious or rather odd, it would probably be better to start off a little more closely to his actual personality and then deviate from there, slowly, or not at all, depending on the given situation, of course. Anyways, I WILL, repeat, WILL be writing a new story, sooner or later, which ever comes first. Don't worry, I still love you all!!

8/8/08- I'M NOT DEAD! No, I'm not. I got very busy with school and all types of stuff. My dad was in a motorcycle accident in May and is still recovering from his injuries. He was in the hospital for two months but he's out now and doing swell. Work halted for a little while when my house was broken in to in July and my beloved Toshiba was stolen. I MISS MY TOSHIBA!! I got a pink Sony Vaio to replace it, but the hole in my heart where my Toshiba belonged will always be sad. Anyway, I just completed a week-long Driver's Ed course and will hopefully be back to writing soon! Love you all!

8/21/08- In the Eyes of the Beholder has been completed! So far, I've had several people ask for a sequel after asking in the last chapter whether or not to do one, and now I don't know what to do with the sequel! I am thinking about posting a story I have begun for The Dark Knight, but I have to ask my posting fishie first. Love y'all!

8/23/08- One Black Rose has been removed! After receiving a very long and detailed ConCrit review from Vanafindiel (thank you, by the way) I realized I needed to scrap the first chapter of One Black Rose and redirect it somehow...what a mess. I remember the last time I made a mess like that. I swear my Creative Writing teacher last year hated me and my writing...all of it...I may not have anything posted until after Monday, because my dad is going in for -hopefully- the final surgery on his right leg, which was horribly injured in a motorcycle accident back in May. (I can tell he's getting better because we drove down to the Harley-Davidson shop the other day and he just sat there in his wheelchair and stared at this beautiful reddish-orange Harley with a white marble patterning on the gas tank and we couldn't get him to leave for an hour. That bike was 27,000 dollars...and I only write out dollars because FFN hates the dollar sign now when I try to use it...) That aside, I also start school on September 3rd as a sophomore in high school and this "update every two days" thing will probably be over. And my mom's birthday is on Tuesday. Don't expect much from me for the while, unless I get something done over the weekend, which is highly unlikely with my current workload (Two stories at once!) and the fact that 8/26 is my mom's birthday.

8/26/08- Dad's surgery was yesterday! If you read 8/23's update, my dad had surgery yesterday and it was a success as far as I know. He had to stay overnight because of the special dressing they're using on his leg that they couldn't get for us right away. As for fight now, it's 5:16 in the blessid AM on the East Coast and I'm going to catch some shuteye. See ya in the morning, FFN!

9/2/08- I HATE HIGH SCHOOL! As of today, I'm officially a sophomore. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeck. I hate high school. Grrr. I have AP Statistics, Trigonometry, American Literature, AP Chemistry, and Drama/Techincal Theatre. I have no time at all for writing, much less the energy or creative power. WAAAH. I need to get that sequel done for y'all! Now I'm just getting too lazy. It's my Concerta, I tell ya! No creative energy! (sob)

10/6/08- BK93 IS STILL WORKING!...KIND OF... Okay, so we all know that it takes me forever to update once I've finished my current project, but I am working on a sequel for In the Eyes of the Beholder (See my work log) with the working title Raven's Royal Escapades. Raven and her father will be returning for my next installment, as well as a new bunch of characters who still need to have the kinks worked out of them. Believe me, I'm working on it! Love y'all!

11/24/08- BK93 IS RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS! HOCRAP...Yeah. I'm running short on ideas and such for Beholder's sequel. I have three edits of the darned thing vying for space on my harddrive and I have yet to finish even one of them. I haven't been around to update because I've been busy in the school play (we divided up into two groups and both wrote original one-act plays. My group's play was called "Stereo," and it was about stereotypes in a high school environment. I played the outcast, Emmy. The other group wrote a show called "Eighteen and Fabulous." I don't think I need to explain that...) I've started work on an original story, and my friend Birdie and I wrote an original short story that may/may not end up on fictionpress. I still have a lot of work to do, not to mention classes and holiday shopping...CHRISTMAS EVE IS IN A MONTH!!

12/28/08- HAPPY HOLIDAYS FFN! It's not politically correct to say "Merry Christmas" anymore, is it? (Plus, it's three days after Christmas...) Anyways, I just reopened work on the Beholder sequel earlier today and have acutally managed to get work done. I am running on almost no sleep after Christmas and I'm beginning to think I can retaste the hot dog I ate at Sam's earlier today...Love y'all!

12/31/08- HAPPY NEW YEAR FFN! I've really been truckin' on work for the Beholder sequel, buuuu-uuuut...I don't believe it'll be done before mid-January. There are still a bunch of kinks that need working out before I'll be happy with it. I'll keep working on it, but in the meantime, enjoy the fireworks!!

2/22/09- BK93 IS STILL NOT HAPPY! My younger brother just turned fourteen a couple weeks ago, and I've been editing like hell on the first two chapters of the Beholder sequel I keep telling you about. (Still not happy with them.) Once again. I've gotten myself involved in another play at school. We're doing Electra this time, and another group is doing Ajax, both by Sophocles. I'm in the Electra chorus, and my best friend got the role of Clytemnestra, and I've been busy busy busy with school in general. I may run a test soon as post a teaser of the sequel in Beholder itself, and see how the response is. If I get some good feedback for it, I'll go ahead and post chapters one and two. I love y'all, FFN!

3/15/09- KILL ME PLEASE! Yeah, it's been that bad of a day. That bad of a month. I'm pretty sure you guys have heard of the never-ending saga about my dad's motorcycle accident last May, and now, he's going to lose the lower part of his right leg, which was horribly crushed in the accident. I've been pretty down, and nobody's said anything as far as the sequel, which I'm having some trouble with. I'm failing some of my classes, and I'm tired. Someone slip me two Lunasom and a keg of Ginger Ale, please...

5/16/09- KILL ME AGAIN, PLEASE! Remind me NEVER, EVER to go to a lock-in with my friend Brittany ever again. THE PEOPLE THERE WERE VAMPIRES! MOM HAD TO COME GET ME AT FOUR IN THE MORNING! Well, if you read the notice above, you'll notice that I was talking about my dad losing his leg, and he did. His right leg was amputated with eight inches of tibia left under the knee. We are still in the middle of the prosthetic process. Also, the aforementioned play I was in was cancelled. Then, my computer fell and my harddrive was wiped, so life sucks at this moment.

7/3/09- GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Well, Daddy has his prosthetic now, but he broke his crutches. (Insert gonk face here) I'm gonna take some more time off, but I have a few ideas.

7/15/09- BK93 HAS A FICTIONPRESS! Well, I finally did it. I finally worked up the guts to get myself a FictionPress account. I have some stuff to -hopefully- go up there, but we'll see how it goes. My username there is the same as it is here (BlackKnight93 for those of you too dumb to look). I have an idea in the works for a Yu-Gi-Oh! fanfiction, but I wouldn't really expect much out of me, I've been working on it and deleting it for months. I lost it when my harddrive got wiped. But we'll see. XD

10/25/09- BK93 RETURNS! I'm BAAAAAAA-AAAAAAAAACK! But only for a visit this time. I'm considering wiping out 4/5 of the stories I currently have up, and as of right now, Evolo is coming down. Today. I have, once again, some ideas, good luck on seeing 'em. BK93, OUT.

11/23/09- BK93 IS FRUSTRATED WITH HIGH SCHOOL!! Okay, so my Sony craps out, and I go buy a brand new HP. Well, when I plug in my earphones, only one works (and it's not the earphones, trust me, they're almost new) and the computer likes to see my wireless router as CATASROPHIC FATAL ERROR and locks it out, prompting me and my mother to sit there for twenty minutes and figure out why it thinks the router is a threat, only to repeat the process twice. Yup, I'm pretty sure this one has to be returned. On top of that, has anyone heard of the International Baccaleuriate program? If you want no social life/writing time, enroll in IB today. Then, I was stage manager for "The Glass Menagerie" (I auditioned for Laura, but it went to another girl instead. /sadface). On top of that, I'm a teenage girl with teenage girl horomones, and they have locked their eyes on a boy I've known for three years but hardly knows I'm even alive and in his classes. PFFFT. I hate high school. It's all starting to sound like a really bad novel. On the other hand, has anyone else here not read "Twilight"? Yeah, thanks. That was going to be the name of one of my stories eventually, not anymore. (headbob) It's like the plague!! Although Taylor Lautner is really hott...dadgumit horomones! Leave me ALOOOOOOOOOOOONE!!

2/5/10- WELL, I'M TOO LATE TO SAY HAPPY NEW YEAR, BUT I'LL SAY IT ANYWAY. So, I ended up keeping catastrophic failure laptop, which STILL does not have the full version of MS Word (because I'm lazy) and STILL only has one working earbud. Oh, and I had to get a new router. (facepalm) Then, I volunteered to take on the lead female (durrr) role in a one-act play for a competition in March, and I'm just a bum. I'm working on some stuff, that same YGO fic from...July? Don't kill me, I love you guys!

6/13/10- IF IT'S 3:42 IN THE MORNING, IT STILL COUNTS AS THE NEXT DAY, RIGHT? THANK GOD it's finally summer. Well, to bring you up to speed: That one-act competition I went to in March was a huge success (third place overall, whoo!) and shortly after it ended I was cast in the next play, "The Importance of Being Earnest," as Lady Bracknell. Then, "Earnest" was cancelled because of my director's other college classes preventing her from directing the afterschool rehearsals and too much testing to have the full cast to do it during school. So instead, we studied comedy of manners and wrote our own plays, three of which we selected to perform. (Mine was in the top 5, but didn't make it to the 3 we performed. Eh, close enough.) I ended up being in my friend Kyle's play as an Irish maid named Eileen. For senior prank, the seniors released crickets into the Commons, and then came the epic "Shakespeare running across the stage where she's not supposed to be at all, especially not during graduation practice" incident. (Shakespeare is the female class pet bunny of the Drama Room. She's small and hard to catch without anime-style diving and slapstick humor.) My birthday was four days ago, too. Still no car. Oh well, at least I have FFN.

7/6/10- BK93 IS GETTING SICK OF THE HOSPITAL!! On top of my dad's multiple surgeries, I have an MRI in two days and I'm claustrophobic! Fun fun! [/sarcasm] (Hee, formatting...) I'm working working working. Hopefully you'll get something out of me soon. On another note, anyone else really disappointed with "The Last Airbender?" Yeah, me too.

8/3/10- OUT OF THE TUBE! Well, hanging out in an MRI tube is never fun, but at least there was no contrast dye this time. Thank heavens. Went to camp, had a blast, living it up for the rest of my summer, because next year, I'm a senior. Wow, FFN, you've gotten to watch me grow from seventh-grader to (almost!) college student. Aren't you proud?

9/27/10- WHY DID I DO THIS?? Sorry FFN, I'm just wondering why I was such a sadist and started taking IB Chinese last year. Oy vey...just finished monologues for Theatre class, I did one as Aileen Wuornos, taken from the movie Monster. 20/20, oh yeah! :D "Earnest" is back on, with some casting changes...I'm still Bracknell, but we had one drop out and one graduate, so we had to find a new Chaucible and Jack/Ernest. It's raining dow here it the South, and maybe I might do some typing with the very little free time I have. We'll see.

6/5/11- LOOK, UP IN THE SKY, IT'S BK93! Well, the world has kind of been hell lately. But that's a really long story that I don't want to tell the internet that involves my dad buying a camper and leaving. Anyway, Friday was my last day of public school (sad sad) and next week begins Grad practice before my graduation next Tuesday! I am still working, famous last words, and hope to have something up for the summer.

3/16/12- HOLY BK93, BATMAN! That's right, I've returned. I'm in college now, pursuing a degree in psychology, with a focus on clinical psych. I'm on a little bit of a hiatus and "Beholder"'s sequel has pretty much been abandoned. I'm focusing more on some original work for my fictionpress account, which right now is sad, lonely, and dormant, but under the same pen name. We'll see what becomes of me in the future, much love!!

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