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Author has written 2 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, and Pendragon.

Hola. C.V. here. Not much to say, other than, I don't write often, but I'm trying to get better about that, and I don't read very often, either, because the screen makes my eyes burn X_X

What you can find here: I'll... randomly... write Randomness. It's not really 'me' as much anymore, is all. Still, it can kill writer's block. So, don't get discouraged if you like it. Just don't hold your breath on updates. As for my new fanfic-child, Strange Things Afoot at the Circle K, this will receive more consecutive updates, unless I'm having issues with it. For both fanfictions, however, your reviews can play a critical role in my updating. Encouragement will get you everywhere, don't you know.

Things I support: Zexion x Xemnas, simply because one can't seem to thrive without having to pick some pair or other of them. That said, they're the only ones I support. When I cosplay as Xemmy, I'll always have my Zexi (Kikisdestiny) by my side. Fanfics that keep the heart of the original story in mind.

Things that make me cry: Pendragon yaoi, almost every single Pendragon fanfictiona lot of other things, the death of innocence through fanfiction, really long paragraphs, corruption, disregard for the laws of grammar... to name a few. Bobby x Spader makes me cringe while I cry.

"But how can you hate Pendragon fanfiction if you're writing it yourself???" Simple. I intend to preserve the identity of D.J. Machale's characters. I'm a rather obsessive Spader fan, but I'm sure not going to insert a character that's supposed to represent me that he falls in love with. Strange Things Afoot isn't about that. It's just supposed to be a fun, innocent, and humorous tale to keep you occupied while waiting for the next book in the series, or to cheer up fans on a dismal day.

If you know of any other Pendragon fics that keep to the heart of the characters and the innocence of the tale, I'd love to hear about them, though. No guarantees that I'd read them. The whole 'bleeding eyes' thing.

Love me, hate me... and have the best day ever.

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