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Poll: Check out Chapter 6 on Random Tales. There, you'll find two options for another story on my to do list. It's an Evangelion based one, just to warn you yeah, I'm branching out; is that a bad thing? . Tell me what you think, please! Vote Now!
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Author has written 7 stories for Misc. Books, Ranma, Doctor Who, X-overs, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Detective Conan/Case Closed, Naruto, and Evangelion.

My name is not important; just know that I'm a college student and a native Floridian (so no one can flame me for badmouthing my own state). I'm not quite sure what got me into writing, but I found (after a long Composition III class), that I kind of enjoyed it. Whether I'm any good remains to be seen.

My current favorites in anime/manga are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Bleach, Naruto, D. Gray Man, Busou Renkin, Black Cat, Rave, Mahou Sensei Negima, Kekkaishi, Gantz, Ranma 1/2, and Fruits Basket. I'm a major bookworm, but my list of favorite books is too long for something like this, so I'm not going to post it unless provoked. Favorite TV shows include 24, Heroes, Angel, Reaper, Eureka, Supernatural, and Stargate. What I watch and read, however, is by no means limited by these lists.

I appreciate any reviews that come my way, but I'm not the kind of guy who will stop a story just to get more reviews. Criticism is welcome, as I am by no means a professional at this. Any flames I get will be used to heat my dorm room and to reheat my food (hey, I'm a poor college student; I need all the help I can get).

If you have a problem how I portray a character in a story, tell me, but be ready to back up your argument with some solid logic. If you think Sakura from Naruto is a #(@ (censored for those readers with innocent eyes), that's fine with me, but be ready to back it up if you have a problem with how I portray her (if I ever decide to write a Naruto fic, that is).

If I do ever get a ongoing fic started, don't expect steady updates. I can promise you no such thing. I will, on the other hand, never abandon a project, no matter how much I've screwed it up. No matter how long it takes, I WILL finish what I start.

I have developed an interest in continuing a few old, unfinished stories. If I ever get around to them, rest assured that I will have given proper credit to the person who first started the story, and if they suddenly reappear and raise a fit, I will gladly take it down. However, to prevent that, I have and will make requests for their creative rights before starting on them. In fact, if any of those writers are reading this, look out for my alter ego; you should be able to recognize who it is by comparing our User names.

Also know that I have also become the unofficial beta/co-author to several other stories. Therefore, my priorities are as followed:

1. My School Work

2. Their work

3. My work.

Again, all flames will be used to heat my dorm room and reheat my food.


I have decided to move my story ideas to my profile, so that I may keep my author's license. They are below. Below them are the SIs that I wish to pawn off on somebody else. I will also be adding a new one on the to do list:

FIRST IDEA: Detective Conan/Ranma ½ Crossover.

One day, Akane manages to launch Ranma into a mess of epic proportions! Trapped in the body of a seven year old girl, Ranma ends up meeting with two young children who are also more than they appear to be. Now, with his preconceptions of life falling apart all around him, can he/she manage to stay on top and return to his true form, while helping to shut down the very agency that screwed him over big time?

Notes: Chibi Ranma-chan will not have access to his true strength as he has been trapped in a body that is too young to handle all that ki output. This may or may not occur after Saffron, and, though I will leave the aging mushrooms arc in here, it might not have anything to do with this story, other than by passing mention. Ranma will NOT be living with his/her parents or the Tendos after the change, nor will he/she live anywhere in Nerima. However, he/she will visit from time to time, in a disguise that will allow him/her to do what he/she needs to do. Expect quite a bit of angst, and a probable Ranma/Akane pairing. I’m unsure where in the Detective Conan plot this will fall.

Status: Second chapter is posted. Enjoy.

SECOND IDEA: Doctor Who/Ranma ½ Crossover.

After the wedding disaster, Ranma takes off on a training trip for a month; at least, it appears that way to the NWC. However, when he returns, he brings a lot of questions in his wake, as they find him far changed from what he was when he left. All bets are off, as not even Nabiki can predict what he’ll do. What happened to make him this way? Why does he seem to disappear from time to time? And who is this ‘Doctor’ person that he mentions traveling with?

Notes: Ranma will be getting a full glimpse into the Universe of the Doctor, including Torchwood and several previous companions. Due to events on his travels, he will have a darker, more mature personality, as you don’t travel with the Last of the Time Lords without finding yourself changed in the end. He will have dealt with many different kinds of beings, some typical Doctor Who aliens, and some new ones. He will not be super powered, but he will come back with several new techniques, some of which may be dangerous to himself, as well as anyone in his way. Expect either a Ranma/Akane or a Ranma/Nabiki pairing.

Status: First chapter is in the works.

THIRD IDEA: Ranma ½/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover.

When Buffy Summers cast the spell that allowed for potential slayers to be given their full powers, girls all over the world became slayers. However, magic isn’t always that simple, nor is it that friendly to other spells. Around this time, Ranma disappears from Nerima, leaving only a note with a promise on it: that he will be back. Now, a year later, that promise is fulfilled, though not exactly in the way that any of the NWC would foresee.

Notes: Ranma becomes a slayer, which royally screws up the curse. He will return with the ability to change genders, but I have a twist for that. There will be mention of dimension travel, vampire and demon slaying, and Wolfram & Hart. There will be members of both the Angel and Buffy gang, and I will be following parts of the post TV comics. Ranma will also have something of a darker outlook on life, as he will have spent a lot of time stuck in girl form with a bunch of other slayer girls, on top of the whole killing demons, demonic cultists, and lawyers. This will most likely be a Ranma/Akane pairing if a canon pairing is possible. However, I have had thoughts along the lines of Ranma/Faith.

My Thoughts: This will most likely end up on my to-do list, but I can make no guarantees. This came to me while watching a bunch of Angel and Buffy reruns. Call me crazy if you want, but then, you’ve yet to see what my thoughts on the Naruto cross look like . . .

FOURTH IDEA: Original Story; Title Undecided

When Ranma was young, he witnessed something that will change his personality and outlook for life: a friend was hurt in the cruelest of ways, and Ranma is going to make it into his purpose . . . Several months before he arrives in Nerima, something similar happens to a Tendo girl, except that she was not the one watching. Now witness the change when two darker versions of these people meet; one thing is for sure though: no one will be left untouched.

Notes: This came to me one night, and has haunted my thoughts until I started organizing it into an idea. This will be dark, and there will be heavy violence and mentions of rape. In other words, a friend of young Ranma will be raped, as well as one of the Tendo girls. People will be OOC, sometimes majorly, and there will be a few OCs that I will scatter about from the beginning. For example, Ranma will end up cynical and a lot smarter than canon Ranma. Genma will also be a larger asshole than normal, as he would have lost control of Ranma long before Jusenkyo (and yes, they will end up cursed). And the Tendo girl (most likely Nabiki, as her personality would fit the bill) will be more timid and jumpy. Rivalries will change, and don’t even get me started on fiancés . . .

My Thoughts: I have NO idea where this came from, but I guess I was considering a darker image of canon. This is something that I will create, after I get moving on several other threads.

FIFTH IDEA: Ranma/Naruto Crossover.

Everyone knows that Kushina dies the night of the Kyuubi attack . . . or does she? What if, instead, she was called back? What if she had another life that she never told anyone about. A life that she was betrayed, beaten, and tortured in? What if she wasn't originally a 'she' at all? What if she was actually Saotome Ranma? After being a kunoichi, a wife, and a mother, and then having it all torn from her by people too selfish to leave her alone, what kind of hell woould she raise just to get back home?

Notes: Now this is a crazy thought: many people like to look at Kushina and make her into Ranma-chan. However, if she left Nerima under less than happy circumstances, do you really think that THEY would leave her alone? Here, certain parties that Ranma thought friendly will stab him in the back, lock his curse, force feed her a rather small aging mushroom, and then banish her into another plane. However Cologne finds out, and gives them hell for it. She then tries to pull her back! However, time does not pass in the Elemental countires like it does for Nerima's world, and thus, they pull a women who had just given birth. Considering how her one and only son is left in Konoha, she is not happy, and will show everyone that you don't want to mess with a ninja. Will include a second part, detailing what Kushina does when she gets home, how much time has passed, and what will happen to Naruto! Expect much chaos!

My Thoughts: I plead the fifth, and am currently working on getting my muse to tell me what she was on when she hit me with this. I'm hoping she might share some . . . Expect this to be a gateway into a Naruto fic or two.

UNFINISHED STORIES: Still looking for info on where Miriani and Princess Star Neko are at the moment. If they do not do anything with their stories soon, I may create continuation fics for them . . .


THIRD IDEA: Kaze no Stigma/Ranma ½ Crossover

After being trapped in his curse form, Genma disowns Ranma, and he is forced to leave. Two years later, we find Tokyo dealing with a rise in demonic activity, and what remains of the NWC is in charge of protecting Nerima from any and all threats of this nature. After a nasty attack that manages to over power the demon hunters, a reborn Ranma appears, wiping out the enemy in a battle that shocks all who see it, while using only the wind. What happened to Ranma, and how did he become so powerful?

Notes: Ranma will be a fuujutsu user (wind technique user), while the others stay true to their martial art roots. Due to the threat of attack, Soun will be forced to once again take an active interest in training his daughters, meaning that Akane will be a lot stronger; she will not be as strong as Ranma before he/she leaves, and she definitely won’t be anywhere near Ranma when he/she returns. It is unsure whether or not Ranma will return cured or locked. Expect either an Akane/Ranma or a Nabiki/Ranma pairing.

Status: Can be considered up for grabs, as I have placed a low priority on this one. I would advise looking up Kaze no Stigma on line so that you have a better idea what to look at.

FIFTH IDEA Original Story; Tentative Title: Spring of Drowned Fairy.

Jusenkyo has a habit of matching its victims up with a curse that suits their flaws. For Genma, that means that he’s destined to be something big, fat, and lazy. For Ranma, however, that means that he will be stuck as some kind of female. However, is there a spring that is worse than the Spring of Drowned Girl?

Notes: Ranma will end up as a traditional fairy: she will shrink down to a miniature form of herself with fairy wings. There will be ways of preventing the shrinking, and several methods of hiding her fairy wings, but he will be stuck turning into a girl. Worse, fairies were never meant to be physically offensive; in other words, Fairy Ranma will be much more fragile and much weaker than normal. On the bright side, this will hammer in the fact that girls can be just as strong as guys when he meets the Amazons (which will be a bit different). This loss of power will be balanced by the ability to use magic, which will aid in a few things. Pairing is undecided as of right now. There may be appearances of other fantasy creatures, but not until after Jusenkyo.

My Thoughts: This had been a dim idea in my mind until I came upon another Ranma fic involving a fairy transformation. However, Ranma had prior aid from a fairy as a child, and the transformation wasn’t that big a deal. This is a bit different, and I’m hoping for more psychological and emotional fallout. I am unsure whether this will be fleshed out on paper, so if anyone wants a shot, let me know.

As always, flames will be used to heat my dorm room in the winter, and my food whenever I'm hungry. Later!

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