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Hello everyone! This is EternalNightDreams. But I go by the name Angie. I have another account but that account ... well lets just say its useless. I'm using this account to make fanfictions on sasusaku. Thats right I'm a big fan of sasusaku. You peoples wanna know why? Well this might be a little bit long but, if you want me to explain, i will then. Well first of all, I love Haruno Sakura! (not the wrong way you peoples, but like friends like love) In the beginning, I didn't really like Sakura, she acted like a beach! if you pronounce it a few more times, you know what i'm trying to say then. I mean, she was like a fangirl of sasuke! And I don't like fangirls that acts all weird around sasuke. But I started to understand her more as the show goes on. She becomes more... mature than before. She becomes super strong like Tsunade! I mean, she has these super human powers! She might even be better than tsunade! And she cares for sasuke... not like the other fangirls. Sakura tries to fix him. She tries to give him happiness. Thats why i like sakura now.

Well, lets go to sasuke shall we? First of all... I HATE SASUKE. Its just that sakura likes him. So i like sasusaku. Besides the fanfics online of sasusaku are sooooo romantic. Thats one reason why I am a sasusaku fan. I AM NOT A FAN OF SASUKE. I REPEAT I AM NOT A FAN OF SASUKE. IN FACT, I AM A ANTI SASUKE FAN. Lolz, at least thats out of my mouth. Theres not much to say about him. We can't really know his feelings cuz... well... he hides too much. And i say he is a fraidy cat! Thats how much i hate that bastard!

Anime shows that i watch:

1. Naruto

2. Fruit Basket

3. Inuyasha

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

5. Fullmoon

6. D.N. Angel

7. Prince of Tennis

8. Ultra Maniac

9. Pokemon use to watch it

10. Chobits

Couples I like:

1. Sasusaku (I'm still a fan of it!)

2. Naruhina(Now i'm also a fan of this!)

3. EdWin

4. Ash/May

5. KibaHina

6. Mitsuki/Takuto

There are more to the Couples I like: part but I just don't know how to spell their names. Lolz.

Well there is going to be some story put out later. But most of my story is gonna use the same new character i made: Usuki Satumi, and Kotori Ketoma. Oh i just love those two! They are my first made up characters. And in each story they are gonna be a couple. If you wanna see how they look like, you can clik it in the Characters i own part later. I drew them myself. It might not look cool, but its the best i can do, so please give me some credits!

Characters I own:

1. Usuki Satumi

2. Kotori Ketoma -This character's image isn't uploaded yet

These characters are the ones i'll use over and over again in stories.

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