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Name: La Ragna, previously Gilraen R. Luinwe (Yes, I know that that’s Aragorn’s mother’s name. According to this random Elvish-translation site, that’s my name in Elvish…not particularly reliable, but it sounds cool, so I left it at that…)

Nick-names: There are many. At this point, I answer to the following: Gilly, Gilray, Raen, R, Gil, ‘Hey-you,’ and ‘slave-come-over-here’…no, you may not use the last two…those are reserved for direct family only …You may also come up with one should you wish to do so, though…

Age: 17-21. Not giving exact age: that’s stupid.

Other: To let you all know, I'm totally insane. Completely and totally insane. I tend to be a bit...odd. Yes. Odd. I like that word... so much better than "even", don't you think?...Aaaannyhoot, thought I would warn you all now.

Oh! And if I ever get sugar, then you'd better run. Unless you'd like to deal with a lunatic for the rest of the week...(maniacal laughter), in which case I would love to meet you so that we could take over the world together...(angelic smile)

I love music. Just about any kind of music: I am quite happy with anything from classical to rock to techno. Just no rap or screamo…some country and pop songs are really annoying too, but that’s really more the artist than the style…

I love anything Asian. Asian food, music, anime, manga, the martial arts, entertainment (movies/dramas), people…I’m kind of like an Asian-culture-druggy…

I'm Italian. I love just about everything Italian, or from that area of the world, with a few exceptions. So yeah. Don't mess with Italy, and we'll be cool... : P

I just want to say that flamers are mean. Especially if they are just flaming on pairing preferences...Honestly, if someone doesn't enjoy reading a certain pairing, then they should just use the filter for a certain pairing they DO enjoy. If you don't like something then AVOID IT!! It's as simple as that - let others have their preferences and keep your own so we can just agree to disagree peacefully. Do your thing, you know? And if you don't like the fandom in general, then I don't know even know why you're there...Logic people. Logic. It is your friend...

Pie is delicious.

...that is all.

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