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Hello there, and thanks for checking out my profile! I assume you reached this page because you like my work, which makes me very happy!

Name: Silver Ferret (you'll never know my real name! Mwahaha!)

Nicknames:SF, Ferret, Slinky-Mammal

Age: Young Adult. That's as much as you'll get.

Gender: Female

Favorite Fandoms: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Zelda, Fire Emblem, "Tales of" series, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Final Fantasy

Likes: Being mean to my characters, confusing people by speaking in my own made-up language (which I really have no idea about as far as words, meanings, whatevs - it's just whatever comes out of my mouth. Sounds cool, though.)

Dislikes: Evil mothers, evil chihuahuas, evil alarm clocks, going to bed early, waking up early, morning people, homework, grammar errors - including my own

Located: Illium. In the air ducts. Watching asari.

Looks: If you know what a silver-colored ferret looks like, you know what I look like (power to the ferret-lovers!)

Muse: My characters, whoever they may be at the time. They tell me their stories; I just write things down. Currently: Thane Krios, Mass Effect

Notes: I'm vegetarian. Not vegan. I don't eat meat, fish, seafood (like lobster and shellfish), or poultry. I do eat eggs, though. Veg ferret... How does that work?

Fave Quotes:

"Bury it! Dig it up! Bury it again! FORGET WHERE IT IS!" -Hammy, Over the Hedge

"It's reverse reverse regular psychology, which is really regular psychology reversed!" -Me

"Okay, so we left off at the talking moth." -Me

"The Zelducks are invading the planet!" -Me

"Smile and speak gibberish, it confuses people." -Me

"Whose snoring was it that shook the rafters in numbers class?" -Eliwood, Fire Emblem

"Ha ha ha! You're so much fun to tease!" -Hector, Fire Emblem

"Stupid Sheba..." -Jenna, Golden Sun: The Lost Age

"29. A small baked good that is often adorned with chocolate chips:

A. Monkey C. Bouff

B. Cookie D. I want to get this free question wrong" -Mr. Bouffard, my old civics teacher

"I love chickens, Eddy!" -Ed, Ed, Edd, and Eddy

"My distant cousin is a turtle..." -Me

"Quiet, Maurice! Can't you see you have insulted the freak?" -King Julian, Madagascar

"And I thought Saturos and Menardi had issues..." -Sheba, Golden Sun: The Lost Age

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible" -Walt Disney

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