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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto.

Favorite animes:

1. Naruto

2. Bleach

3. Inuyasha

4. Death Note


6. Sailor Moon

7. Fullmetal Alchemist

Same for mangas.

Favorite Pairings:


IchigoxRukia [ it's an on off thing

KagomexInuyasha [ Kikyo really needs to die

KagomexSesshomaru [ . crack









Practically every yaoi pairing in Naruto

SasukexIno- I think there is a slim chance at them happening. Sure, it's VERY slim, but it's not a crack pairing.

NarutoxSakura- Look, this is the most implied pairing in the series. Get over it.

KibaxHinata- I think he has feelings for her and once Hinata gets over Naruto, she could love him too

NejixTenten- Some people think this pairing is boring. But it's no more boring then AsuKure, and they were together, right? Right. It's another implied pairing. She's not just a fangirl, you know

SasuxKarin: This isn't crack anymore then SasuSaku.




Pairings I hate:

IchigoxOrihime [ however you spell the name of that brat




Any pairings with Matsuda

Maomimi [ I think that's her name xNaota

SasuSaku- Face it. Sakura has about as much chance as Karin does. She was nothing more then a fangirl, and now in the Shippuuden days, I don't think she has that same crush on him

NaruHina: She's just a stalker, someone who admires him from the background. If he does find out about her feelings by chance, he won't forget about Sakura

ShikaTema: Okay, she's three years older, too bitchy for Shikamaru [ I know he thinks ALL girls are troublesome, but she's way too big a bitch for my tastes . And long distance never works out. If they ever moved in with each other, I'd call that desperate. If either of them are willing to abandone their village for someone else, that means they're pathetic anyway

GaaSaku: The fans of this pairing are actually sure it will happen. No. The only moments they really have together are in the FILLERS, which aren't even real

Stories made:

Title: Wake Up Call

Show: Naruto

Pairing: ZetsuxSakura

Rating: Hmm. Rating it with Quizillas rating system I'd give it a Y for young adult or something. Mostly because of cursing. I won't be doing anything sexual with it, seeing as Sakura is only 14.

Summary: One day, Zetsu is in trouble. The one person he never expected, a girl from the other side, helped him and he's been in her debt. But his secret is found out and he's forced to keep up a hard act, and pretend as if he cared nothing for her. Sakura doesn't take this well. We'll see what the strange Akatsuki member does to correct his mistake.

Status: Updated at LEAST once in a month

That's my active one. I have a TemaShikaIno oneshot, and a few other fanfictions haven't been published yet.

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A Wake Up Call reviews
Zetsu is wounded and as he barely hangs onto life, he comes across a beautiful girl training by a waterfall. When he falls unconscious, the girls conscience gets to her and she heals his wounds. Her voice woke him up. ZetsuxSakura
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This is based on the song 'Skater Boi'. Shikamaru is 12 years old and he has developed a crush on the sassy, beautiful kunoichi from the sand, Temari. But she's three years older then him and she's turned him down because her friends think he's immature.
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