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Welcome friends!

I don't really think anyone really wants to read that much about me, people come to ff.net to read fics not profiles of random fangirls. So here are a few good authors that I recommend to everyone!

EnduranceInTribulation: The author of Eagle One: Tears of Blood, Til the End, and To Rise Above. Freakishly amazing writer, he makes me extremely jealous; I wish I could be half as talented as him. Mainly focused around Lee and usually LeeSaku and some NejiTen and other pairings in the background. My only problem with his stories is that they are not Hyuuga-esque enough...as my favorite character is Neji and I want to read about him: ) But in all honesty, there is a truly amazing writer in out midst. If you have any sense whatsoever, you will check out his profile and stories!

Immortalized Rain: Creator of The Downfall of Hyuuga Neji and We Should Have Known. Though some of her stories can use some touch-ups I believe Rain can grow as a writer here on ff.net. She has wonderful ideas for stories, very clearly written, and of course involving Neji! Angst-galore in her stories, making readers like me cheer! If you want to see some of your favorite characters hurting, check out this talented authoress!

Kraken's Ghost: Once I read his(I'm assuming Kraken is a he, if not very sorry my friend tell me and I shall change it immediately!) story Twenty Matters of Pride to Hyuuga Neji, I went into a state of shock with the intensity of the fic. I was literally blown away, kudos to Kraken! Anyhow even though he comes off a little arrogant in his profile, he has the skills to back it up! So don't mess with this crazy-awesome writer cause he's got more than enough talent to rip any flames to shreds...as is stated in his profile.

Talchum: Just recently stumbled upon their oneshots, Steps and The Genius of Losing, and they caused me to nearly jump in delight! Finally, another author who not only likes Neji and Lee friendship fics, but writes about them too! huggles Talchum-san Seriously though, check this writer out! Other authors can learn how to write friendship fics without 1) it becoming romance or 2) being extremely cheesy. I've picked up a thing or two myself from this amazing writer!


Those are just a few authors but the profile is not done yet! I saw something like this a while back, but have been unable to relocate it...so I shall make my own!

MightyMongoose's tips to more reviews!

Alright guys, I know what every author(ess) wants: More reviews right? But before we can start that a little peice of knowledge must be understood. Most. Readers. Do. Not. Review. Sad yes, but a fact. If you want a more ego-friendly way to check out how your story is doing, look at the hits. It may be a little inflated, but it gives you a better picture of how many people at least look at your fic.

1.) Spell Check is not enough! Reread and reread until you are sure that there is nothing wrong with your fic! If your grammar is not so hot, as mine is not, get a beta to help you find these little errors. It may seem troublesome, but it pulls attention away from your story when readers have to struggle through words just to figure out what you're saying.

2.) Don't be too deep. I know, everyone is a poet right? Sometimes your profound minds are just to much for readers like me to handle. I won't usually review on fics I barely understand cause they go right over my head. Don't get me wrong, writing blandly is not the answer either; just find a happy medium.

3.) Name your chapters! It'll draw more people to your story, meaning more of a chance for reviews! 'Chapter 4' does not appeal to me at all. 'Breaking the Genjutsu' speaks to me more and sparks my interest in your story.

4.) Reply to your reviewers! I know it can be annoying to reply to all of your reviewers, but you want more of them right? I always reply to my reviewers and it seems to draw most of them back every chapter. Like anything else, people like to be praised for going the extra mile. Face it, it does take time(a little) to review so just say thank you or answer any questions they may ask. It helps you get close to reviewers and they usually end up writing more entertaining reviews! Its true, just check out some of the inside jokes my reviewers leave me! Oh, and if you have anonymous reviewers leave thank yous in the following chapter.

5.) Synonyms! Just try it, www.thesaurus.com helps me find new and more interesting synonyms for stories. People will think you're smart and are more likely to reply to (what-sounds-like) a more knowledgeable fic. And use pronouns! I've seen it many times. Lee this and Lee that. Just use other names aka Green Beast, green-clad ninja, spandex-loving shinobi...etc.

6.) Grammar! Know when to use what form of their, there, and they're, to, too, a, an, its, it's, and probably others that I can't remember now. I know I'm guilty of this as well, but I'm trying! It distracts readers from your fics and takes them away from the plot.

7.) Do not let your OCs take over the fic! One of the reasons I come to ff.net is to read about the characters that already exist! I'm guessing that most other people do as well. Characters called Jackie or Chrissy, most likely involve you or one of your friends...which is fine and dandy for you or your friends, but no one else is likely to enjoy it much if you pair yourselves off to your favorite characters and call it fanfiction.

8.) Please, please, please no Mary Sues! Enough said.

9.) Give a little waiting period between updates. I know your readers sometimes get a little antsy waiting, but longing makes the heart grow fonder!

10.) Do not demand reviews. Asking for them is perfectly alright, but going to the point of threatening for them is a little extreme. One thing I did for my story was set goals for my reviewers. I asked them to give me 100 reviews and they went above and beyond that for my story. People love a challenge, and, in my experience, respond more willingly to them.

11.) Do not have A/Ns in the middle of your story. Whatever you have to say, say it before the fic or wait til the end. When you interrupt the story to write something witty, it really pulls away from the fic.

12..) One just in general thing: learn the lingo. ff.net has all sorts of little abbreviations for everything and it's easier to just learn them than to try and guess what they mean from context clues. Incorrectly labeled things can confuse the reader and lead to (in the worse case scenario) no reviews or flames.

OC-Original Character
OOC-Out of Character
AU-Alternate Universe(anything can happen here)
Mary Sue-An OC who is a hero with no flaws or romanticized flaws that is majorly idealized.
A/N-Author's Note
Lemon/Lime-Involve sex or mention of sex

13.) Categorize your fics correctly. If there is romance or tragedy, label your fics thusly. And make sure you label the right characters. I know many people search for fics to read through the character and theme filter, so list them accordingly!

14.) Write an interesting summary. If you write: "I'm no good at writing summaries," I have no reason to believe you are any good at writing stories either, and therefore will not even look at your fic.

15.) Review! This may seem a little odd, but when you review for a story, the author of that fic is quite likely to return the favor.


I guess I should include a little bit about me in my profile.

My Favorite Pairings:

Sometimes a little Neji/Saku or Lee/Ten just to mix it up :D

Favorite Friendships:

Neji and Lee (Naruto)
Neji and Naruto (Naruto)
Team Gai (Naruto)
Kurama and Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Kurama and Yusuke (Yu Yu Hakusho)
Legolas and Aragorn (Lord of the Rings)
Will and Jack (Pirates of the Caribbean)

My Stories:

Defying Fate: A story of the nobility of a caged bird to save one of his own without any regard to his own safety. After his brave sacrifice, Neji experiences true hell and is forced to remember a time that he would give anythign to forget. Meanwhile the Konoha Eleven try desperately to catch up to their captive friend, but will they make it in time? Small amounts of Neji/Ten, maybe a hint or two of Lee/Saku, and heaps of Neji and Lee friendship.
Tears for a Warrior: When Neji and Lee are sent on a mission that neither is likely to come home from, they accept without hesitation. They are fully prepared to lose their own lives for the village, but are not prepared to lose each other. Little bits of Neji/Ten, but mostly Neji and Lee friendship.
For Konoha: Sometimes, the best isn't enough. The best fighter can be beaten and the best healer can fail. When this happens, friends must learn how to say goodbye the hard way. As one reminiseces on the passing of his friend, he debates the everlasting question: Is it worth it? Neji and Lee friendship.
Nightmare: As Lee heads home from his battle with Kimimaro after the Sasuke Retrieval Arc, he comes to terms with his relationships to his friends. One stands out from the rest, but when that important person is found on death's doorstep, is it too late to rekindle this smothered friendship? Oodles of Neji and Lee friendship.
All For You: On Hold. Kurama takes one for the team...literally. Now infected with a deadly poison, the fox needs to hold on to life while the rest of the Tantei trudge deep into Makai to find the antidote. Self-doubt, a second poison, a dragon, and mistrust abound in this tale.
The Story of A Gravestone: The account of a tombstone, from before the time it was born, til after it finds itself a corpse to mark. Unfortunately for it it does not understand the painful reason for its creation, and as the poor stone finally understands its cruel purpose. Though it is saddened by the death of one, Hyuuga Neji, it realizes the true meaning of friendship as the ones Neji left behind, remain by his headstone. Neji and Lee friendship and some Neji/Ten.


Thanks in advance for any reviews!


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