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Hey everyone!

Welcome to my profile!

About Me

Name: ...FlowersRcute... That's as good as it's gonna get.

Age: (shh!) It's a secret! A lady never reveals her age!

Occupation: Reception (Kindergarten) teacher in an ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) school.

Education: I finished high school in October 2006 (so if you're good at math, you might be able to guess my age).

Hobbies: Writing, reading, history, languages (ancient and modern), and studying diverse cultures.

What on earth am I doing teaching?! It's a not-so-long, probably not-even-complicated story: My original goal was to take a gap year before going to university. I was begging my parents to let me go live with my brother in South Africa to be a waitress, but God had other plans. A friend of a friend of the family needed an assistant teacher for her Reception class, and since I've always loved teaching and little kids, I decided to take a whack at it. But when I went for the interview, I found out that, in actual fact, the lady who I was supposed to have been assisting found a job somewhere else and I'd be on my own! I felt daunted, but with God on my side, I felt up to the task. Two months later, I felt like crying. I really loved my job, but becoming a mother of five five-year-old boys(only!) before even hitting the big 2-0 was just too much. Too much! I faced opposition from parents because of my young age and struggled to assert myself because I too felt I was too young to be doing what I did! I felt like telling my employer: I'm sorry, find someone else. I just can't anymore. But God wouldn't let me. I have a poem pasted above my bed: "Each little child will look to me/For guidance, help, and charity/May everything I say and do/Lead little lives like these to You!" No, I had to continue striving. Every morning I prayed for strength to get me through the day, and at the end of that year, I was so grateful. I had seen my boys grow in Christ, and I myself grew so much too! They were so unabashed at their faith. I remember we were experiencing a drought around September last year and everyone was fiercely praying for rain. One morning I came to school and a boy from another class proudly told me that he had prayed for rain two times already that day. In my own class, one of my boys informed me that he had also prayed for rain that day. Later that day, around midday, the sky darkened and rain began to fall. I was overjoyed. My boys and I went out on the porch to watch the rain, and one of the boys informed me: "See, it rained." I never doubted it would. I reminded them that now that God has answered our prayer, we shouldn't forget to thank Him. I was so touched that, without the slighteset embarrassment, one of my other boys stretched his hands up to the heavens and shouted, "Thank you, Jesus!" Ah, that was beautiful.

At the end of last year, I was saying good-bye to my teaching career with a heavy heart. I had to apply for university. But I didn't want to do just any old thing; I wanted to do what God wanted me to do. I prayed and I prayed for God to tell me what He wants me to do, but He remained silent. I became desperate. I searched the internet for courses that has always interested me, but within a week my enthusiasm for it had vanished. The closing date for the university I wanted to apply to was drawing closer and closer, and finally, two days before the closing day, I broke out in tears in front of my mother. I had no clue what I wanted to do. So she suggested I ask my employer whether or not she still had a place for me, and then I can apply to a distance university in something I want to do as opposed to something I feel I have to do. I took her advice. The following week I asked my employer whether she still has a spot open for me and she said to me that just that day she had yet again received an application for a Reception teacher but she still hasn't gotten back to that person yet. It was perfect. Out all all the things that didn't work out for me that year, it all led up to this: God wanted me here again this year.

Being here this here fits so perfectly; God planned it beautifully. I applied to distance university and am studying something that will help me write an alternative-history novel I have planned. What does God have in store for my future? I don't know. I really don't care either. As long as I'm following Him, I know everything will work out for the good of His Kingdom.

(It turned out the story was long after all. If you managed to read it all, thank you very much!)



Ouran High School Host Club


Ouran High School Host Club (I like the manga better because it's longer!)
Naruto (Same reason: I like it better because there's more story!)
Koukou Debut (It's really sweet!)
Venus Capriccio (It's a beautiful story with beautiful characters!)

About My Fanfiction

I haven't written very many fan-fics so far, as can be seen. I haven't written any Ouran High School Host Club fics, but I'm really hoping to get to it soon.

I don't write fics rated higher than K+. Why? Because I made a commitment to God not to. BUT, you say, there is a Tokyo Mew Mew fic rated T in my list! That was written way before I made my commitment. I had plans to change it to fit into the K+ category, but in the end I lost interest in the series and never got around to it - I doubt I will.

I love writing romance fics. Love is so beautiful and important to me, I can't help but make my characters fall in love. I can support almost all pairings (and it'd be fun to write them), but don't expect me to ever write yaoi or yuri. I won't do it. As should be obvious by now, I am a Christian and my opinion on such matters go without saying. But maybe I should say, please take note: I highly disapprove of homosexuality, but I don't hate the people who practice it or those who approve of it.

My Faith

I was encouraged by another profile to be more bold about my faith. It's really very simple(in an awesome kind of way):

I believe God created humans so that there are beings that willingly love and follow Him, and who can have a relationship with Him.

I believe Adam and Eve sinned after being tempted by the devil and broke the relationship that humans had with God in the Garden of Eden.

I believe that, because of sin, every human deserves to go to hell.

I believe that God DID NOT make anyone with the idea of sending them to hell and before the creation of this world already foresaw the devil's plan and already had a counterattack planned.

I believe in Jesus, the Son of God, who was sent down to earth through the love of God. He was fully human and fully God.

I believe that Jesus died on the cross and in that moment became the ultimate sacrifice that would cover the sins of those that accept Him - such grace! The devil was defeated that day.

I believe that Jesus rose from the dead three days later and, after being taken up into heaven, sits at the right hand of God. Jesus is alive today and for eternity.

I believe "That if you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord', and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved." -Romans 10:9-10 NIV
It doesn't say "If you are pure and holy and have never ever committed a sin and you confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord' will be saved." No. Just like healthy people don't need doctors, people who are pure and holy and have never ever committed a sin don't need Jesus. But since we know all have sinned (every single person is born with sin), we all need a Doctor who can cure us of this deadly disease (sin). That doctor is Jesus. Jesus is for EVERYONE! God has so much love for us.

Thank You, Lord, for sending Your only Son to be a sacrifice for everyone's sins; for my sins! Thank you for the gift of eternal life. Not just any life, Lord. A life with YOU! Amen.

In Conclusion...

As a Christian, I try to act accordingly. But Christians are also people and therefore also make mistakes. Our mistakes don't reflect God. Never! It reflects our ugly human nature and makes the grace of God all that much more beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed your visit! If you're willing, check out my fan-fics. Thank you for your time, and may God bless you!

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