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Author has written 3 stories for Teen Titans.

I live in Australia- Down Under rox!

I review stories and insult people. I am obsessed with some shows. I write some poetry and fics too, but i will prob not post them.

Here is something humorous that i just made up;

Life is about:





If you don't get it, it's supposed to sound like one of those poems that makes you reflect and be deep, but the last bit was just on of those really shallow things that we enjoy in life. Really sad if nobody gets it.

Anyway, i have a dark sense of humor, and enjoy thinking up things that i find funny, which often lands me in a position where i am laughing and nobody else is and i look really stupid and they think that i am crazy. Which i AM!


My fav shows are:

House, Teen Titans, Simpsons, Futurama, Avatar, Scrubs, Monk, Skithouse,Stargate SG-1and a couple of others that i cant remember right now. Not in order of most liked!

Fav Pairings:

BB/Rae, Star/Rob, Jinx/Cy, Jack/Sam, House/Cam, and thats about all that i can think of

Favourite quotes:

'oh look, only 26 389 416 years before i start caring what you think' Bumper sticker.

'What part of "i don't give a damn" you don't understand?' Me

'Don't annoy me, i'm running out of places to hide the bodies' Bumper sticker.

'Whatever Rachel' Me.

'In creating this Universe, God has made a piece of art that no human can paint.' Me, thinking about the beauty of everything.


Bye for now and plz check my Fav. Author if you want to find some good fics. But if you don't like some of the shows that i like then don't bother reading them.

Most of my fav auther are Teen Titan fics, but if u look at my fav stories (if i ever get any) u should be able to tell the show

I think of the beauty

that's hidden everywhere

And then I think of the sky

And nothing can compare

Whether it is dawn or dusk

Or simply sunny noon

Summer nights are full of beauty

And so is the moon.


Aussie Gurl Rox


this is my thoughts on Terra

Terra: liar, traitor, thief, trust- destroyer, attempted murderer, man- thief, murderer, idiot, failure,Conniving, atrocious, sickening, too perfect to be real, fake, odious, revolting, distasteful, grempork, evil zarbnarfian, abandoner, pathetic,needs anger management, disaster, freak,heart- breaker, evil, crazy, finally DEAD!


no offence to those who like Terra. But she IS all of those things!


How to spell Terra: W-I-T-C-H with a capital B!

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Some random fic reviews
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