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I've become an avid reader of the Harry Potter books (thanks to my kids), and can honestly say I've read each book up to HBP at least 3 times. I have read Deathly Hallows only once...mainly because I wasn't too thrilled with how JKR finished off the HP series. In fact, I wasn't all that satisfied with HBP or DH all that much. I've tried my hand at writing fanfics a couple of times, but could never really get into a good grove. I was either plagued with Writer's Block, or simply lost interest. Who knows, maybe I'll try it again.

Disclaimer:I claim no rights to the world of Harry Potter. That privilege belongs to the sole creator of the Potter universe JK Rowling. My storyline/plot is simply for entertainment purposes only, and is the product of my own imagination. All characters, places, creatures, are all borrowed from the Potter universe.