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-No Other Road. No Other Way. No Day But Today-

The Basics
Name: Kristen
Nick/Screen names:Kris, Krissy, Nightingale, Gale-chan, pie pie, Whytee number two, Whytee's sister, Sevel Levels, Robin, Unending Dream, and most commonly; Hey, wacha drawin'?
Birthday: April 6'th, 1990,at 4:32:58 pm
Age: 16
Zodiac Sign: Aries, born in the year of the horse.
Hometown:KL Ontario

Random Facts
Favorite Candy Flavor: Green Apple
Favorite Movies: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Grave of the Fireflies, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, I Robot, Advent Children, RENT, Shindler's List, Shallow Hal, Pirates of the Caribien(Spelled wrong, I know. Too lazy to look it up.)
Favorite TV Show: Naruto!
Favorite animals: Foxes, birds of prey, wolves, orca whales, cats and horses. I think my super-favorite is the Kestral Hawk.
Favorite Colours: Yellow/Green/Black/Shiny
Favorite Ice Cream Flavour: Mint Chocolate Chip
Favorite Bands:Greenday, The Barenaked Ladies, The Smiths, Oasis, Do As Infinity, Tatu, Phil Collins, Five For Fighting, Josh Groban.
If I could be any type of tree, I'd be: A firehazard.


I am completely obsessed with Rock Lee's Awesomeness.

Tenten is underrated.

Pie is good.

Sticky Caps bug the hell outa me.

I like to center things!

Favorite Anime/Manga:(in order of preferance)


~Fullmetal Alchemist


~Witch Hunter Robin

~Perfect Girl

~Yu Yu Hakusho


Favorite Characters From Said Anime/Manga

Naruto:Rock Lee/Tenten

Trigun: Milly/Wolfwod

Bleach: Orohime/Tatsuki/Kone

Witch Hunter Robin: Robin/Michael

Yu YuHakusho: Kurama/Shizuru/Genkai

.Hack//sign: Tsukasa/Mimiru

Full Metal Alchemist: Alphonse/Whinry/Marta

Famous for: My incredibly short attention span that, amazingly enough, does not require medication.
Hobbies: Anime, Art, writing, the internet, text based role playing, video games, movies, music, pets and my friends(online or not).
Most Important Life lesson learned to Date: Just when you regain some faith in humanity, someone's gonna do soemthing stupid.

~~Mix it all together with a spritz of lemon, and you have me in a nutshell.~~

wait...holy SHIT! I'm in a nutshell! Help! GET me OUT FOR the love of GOD! I CAN'T BREATH!

Quoteable Quotes(From me of course)

"The snow is so pretty and spakly! It just makes you want to burst into song! AHH! It's in my EYE!"

"Hi dad. I'm at Emma's and...uh...I have a muffin."

"Sarah, it is not my fault you have such a short attention span...OH Look! A LEAF!"

"It's okay everyone! The good thing is, I have a thick boot!"

"Gramma! My pickle fell in the catfood...and now Kate's licking it!"

Pairings I like (Naruto)

Note: These are not necessarily my favorite pairings, nor are they the ones that I'll write about, since I don't consider the possibilities of OCs when making them up. Lee belongs with Hitomi damn it! .

NarutoxHinata(Just so damn cute.)

LeexTenten(I don't like Neji. That, and they have simalar personalities, are astrologiclly compatable, and happen to be my two favorite characters. As you can see, I like this pairing a lot. Also-didja ever notice that they're almost always pictured side by side in group pictures? Huh?! IT'S A SIGN I TELL YA!)

SasukexSakura(The poor girl's been trying so hard. I just want her to get a break.)

ShikamaruxTemari(I firmly believe that ShikamaruxIno parings ish shtupid! Shtupid I shay!)

ChojixIno(Once again, just cute.)

Am I the only one who has realized that there is a drastic lack of female characters in this series? Thank whatever diety you wish for fans who create OCs, so that poor lonely guys like Gaara and Shino can have girls too!

In case you're wondering, I don't like yaoi or yuri. Why? Becasue it's obvious that 80 percent of the characters are straight! My biggest complaint is with NarutoxSasuke pairings.

Think about it a sec.

~Sasuke has no interest in anyone, male or female.

~He and Naruto are rivals.

~On top of that, Naruto has a huge crush on Sakura.

How the heck could it happen? If one day I find a fanfiction that even begins to sound realistic in those respects, I might change my mind. I apologize to anyone who may take offence to my opinion, but you know what, I'll be glad to argue it with you about it! Arguing is FUN!

Pairings I like (Trigun)

VashxMeryl (It makes sense.)

MillyxWolfwood (Tragic, but they really do go well together.)

MillyxVash (It'd be interesting. They're very similar characters.)

KnivesxAnybody (He needs a hug...)

I just fiished watching the end of this anime and I LOVED it! Everbyody! WATCH THIS STORY! IT'S FANTASTIC!!!

My Work-Weeeeeeeeee...

Title: "Worlds Without End"

Status: Running

Discription:When best friends Alison McKay and Michelle Prince found a small piece of paper bearing a promise of the greatest Naruto experience of their lives, they were unwittingly sucked into the world they had only ever watched and read about. Now, hearts will be stirred, Bonds will be formed, blood will be spilt, and worlds will collides fantasy and reality fuse inextricably into one.

Authors Coments: Mostly a cute litte self-insertion-type story involving a couple of made up characters who's basic non-anime apearances I stole from myself and a friend of mine.(They are not us, I assure you) It has a bit of fluffy romance between Michelle and Sasuke and some unrequitted, possessive adoration of Rock Lee by Alison, but is mainly humor oriented. Read it if you want a few cheap laughs.

Title: "My Inspiration"

Status: Running

Discription: In a flash of lightning, all of Hitomi Kaijima’s biggest hopes and dreams vanished. All she had ever wanted was to become a shinobi. Now left blind after a horrible accident, she is determined to prove herself to the people of her village. What Hitomi doesn’t expect though, is to discover a kindred spirit, who will teach her to smile again.

Authors Coments: My frist attempt at a serious romance story. It's a story about devotion, featuring my OC Hitomi, a timid and cheerless aspiring kunoichi. After years of being scorned by her village due to her disability, she discovers friendship, support and ispiration in a certain Green Beast who is far more like her than she could ever have imagnined. It's a series of songfics meant to convey the ins, outs, ups and downs of true love for someone precious to you. Please take a look at it, since I'm realy nervous about how it'll come across, being my first attempt and all.

Title: "Denile"


Discription: Sakura and Ino’s troublesome habit of loudly fighting over Sasuke has interrupted one nap too many for Shikamaru’s liking...

Authors Coments: A random oneshot I felt like writing, mostly because the way that Ino and Sakura are constantly bickering bugs the heck outta me.

Title: "Tenten's Musings"


Discription: Someone in the Naruto universe has to wonder, and it may as well be our dear little weapons mistress who dosen't get nearly enough air time.

Authors Coments: More randomness, based around Tenten making a documentary about life in Konoha. Basiclly I'm using her to voice a few of the questions I have about the series, and many FAQs, such as "Is Sasuke Gay?" and "What the FECK is up with Kakashi's mask?" Mostly I'm updating it when I have extra time. AKA never. :)

Title: "Operation: Exchange Student"

Status:Dormant (To be continued once I finish "My Inspiration")

Discription: It all started when Tsunade decided to accept the Mizukage’s request for a cultural exchange. Now Sakura must trade places with a genin from the village hidden in the mist, trusting the life she leaves behind to a perfect stranger, and diving into a world wildly different than anything she has ever known.

Authors Coments:A cute little series following the adventures of Sakura and my OC Kasumi as exchange students. It has some of everything; Humor, a bit of action,a touch of angst and even some fluffy love junk when I come up with some pairings


-Member of RL:ATNSTG-

Check it out. Lee needs the support.

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My Inspiration Rewrite reviews
In a flash of lightning, all of Hitomi Kaijima's hopes and dreams of becoming a great shinobi vanished. All but alone in a world she will never see again, the one thing she doesn't count on finding is a kindred spirit. LeexOC CHAPTER 11 UP
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It all started when Tsunade decided to accept the Mizukage’s request for a cultural exchange. Now Sakura must trade places with a genin from the village hidden in the mist, trusting the life she leaves behind to a perfect stranger...
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