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Second time that I decide redoing my profile is more important that updating ;D



Brother's Friend: I think that it's obvious by now that I will probably never update this again...sorry to anyone who was a fan. I have lost my calling to Inuyasha fanfics. Don't get me wrong, it's still my favorite anime of all time, even more so now that the manga is finished and it's a happily ever after, but that's just it. It's done. I have no more imagination for what I could do with my story. Plus, I've just done too much personal destruction when it came to this. It was time to let go.

How to Seduce Ryoma Echizen: This is my new little pet project. For some odd reason I've become hooked on the hopeless RyoSaku couple. Dear me I haven't a clue why. But regardless, I love reading them and I happen to love smut. Unfortunately, there's only a measly page dedicated to my guilty pleasure and that just cannot do. I have chapter two written already, I just need a beta.

What's my stand on this addiction? Well I'm just riding it out for as long as I can, and hopefully my story will be done by the time it dulls.


How to Seduce Ryoma Echizen: Chapter 3 is up! I'm in the thinking process for chapter four, so don't expect a new chapter until later...hopefully not too late ;D. This story will be short, hopefully a couple of more chapters. It's just a bundle of PWP, WAFF in the private areas, and coupling. No genius plotline, no time. I just need them to bang ;D.

Other stories: I will not make the mistake of trying to juggle two stories. No, no, no, no. Hopefully, when HSRE is close to completion, I will begin to write the story which my mind has conjured up. Inui juice and naughty Ryoma, life can't get any better! Stay tuned, and once again, I'm only human. My word is faulty and no promises can be made. Love ya' Bitches!


How to Seduce Ryoma Echizen: I know, this chapter is taking forever. I started working on it, hated what I wrote, left it there for a while. I finally thought of a better scenario that worked for the story so now I'm rewriting everything again because the other version is garbage. I don't know how soon I'll have it posted up, but happy thanksgiving everyone =D. I'm really trying, but the post climaxes are the worst to write. I'll try my best to have it up soon though, love ya bitches!

Elvira's Dungeon:

Bet you guys didn't know Elvira is my actual middle name. Cool, right? Just thought I should put that out there. Starting from here on out, this is like my personal blogging space. Most of you will ignore this to look at my updates to see why the hell I take so long for everything. Haha, because I waste my time on things like this! Muahahaha! Okay, here's the deal, I love reviews. I love my reviewers. You guys are like orgasmic to me. Some of you are incredibly funny with your reviews and make me laugh. This is good. Any funny quotes I find, I will post here in my convenient little blog. That includes funny statements from my reviewers. I'll update here periodically, hopefully not more than my stories ;D

"You have to try and make it believable that the cold stone block of sexy tennis skills actually has feelings for Sakuno" - mikihinna (Don't even ask why, but I burst a gut laughing at that line)

"If you're one of those few female MCs making it, please, please, PLEASE, DON'T rap about how popping your lipgloss is and where I should buy mine." - Renata

"Dishes. Do them. Now" - My brother (Nice guy, right? I love him)

"If I see you videotaping this movie,
Satan will rain down your throat with hot acid
and dissolve your testicles
and turn your guts into snakes.

This is copyrighted movie for Time Warner.
If I find that you've sold it on eBay,
I will break into your house
and tear your wife in half." -
ATHF Movie Intro (Funniest thing EVER)

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