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Hello my lovelies.So over the summer I kind of took a huge break (most of which I blame on complete apathy for the writing process and the worst case of writer's block to hit me since I had to write my valedictorian speech. I shudder to remember.) And then came the glorious release of 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.' Events that unfolded therein caused me to sit back and vow to take a break from all things fanfiction especially Draco. I can't deny it, I love him. But I'm starting to see that I love fanon Draco, not canon Draco who is one messed up kid but that should surprise no one. So imagine my surprise when I woke up about a week after HBP and had ideas for my Ginny/Draco story. So yes children, I have started to write again (especially lately- holy crap how I have been writing). And though I hate to make empty promises, I have a bunch of random chapters written for ideas floating around in my head. So as soon as my two current projects are done, expect to see a lot more from me. Just a teaser to get you interested but here are some ideas I plan on following through with:

1) a Lily/James oneshot that takes place on a dark, stormy night...tee hee. Slightly angsty, lots of romance (what else do I write?), and perhaps some grovelling? We will see. (I currently have no idea where this is located- a notebook, on the computer, on some random piece of paper? Who knows? I hope to soon find it though- fingers crossed.)

2) a Draco/Ginny chaptered fic where Draco has taken over the family business, fighting to clean up the Malfoy name and Ginny is a top chef in one of a fancy hotel chain that her uncle owns and will pass on to her. Ok, lame explanation but I can see possibilities.

3) another Draco/Ginny chaptered fic that sees Draco and Ginny a year after they broke off a long relationship when Draco was forced to leave the country on a dangerous mission. To his surprise, Ginny isn't waiting with open arms when he returns but that won't be the only shock that Draco finds when he comes home.

4) and yet another Draco/Ginny chaptered fic where Ginny is forced to stop playing Quidditch because of an injury and winds up taking a teaching post at Hogwarts. Imagine her surprise when the rest of the gang joins her there, including someone she thought she'd say good bye to a long time ago.

I'm not quite sure when these ideas will come into fanfiction land but they will be here eventually. (though you should really take the word 'eventually' with a grain of salt.)

Got a few Harry Potter stories in progress, with a few different pairings. They are Dream On (Sirius/Hermione.), Unbreakable (Ginny/Draco.) Posted two oneshots a little while ago which were fun so perhaps I'll do more soon.Gar, i don't like real life sometimes. And for those of you who don't know, I actually flexed my boundaries of squickiness and wrote a smutty Snape/Hermione (well, as smutty as one can be on Shock of shocks, horror of horrors! But I believe that's the last time you will see one of those from me. Well, that pairing anyway. It was all for you Em!

'The fact that I'm not in a mental institution is a testament to my greatness.'
- Eddie Griffin

Rob, top 5 musical crimes perpetrated by Stevie Wonder in the 80's and 90's, go. Sub-question: is it in fact fair to criticize a formerly great artist for their latter day sins? Is it better to burn out than fade away?

Oh the tiny knapsack. How can a knapsack so tiny hold all of my dreams?

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