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So, people actually read these things, eh?

I'm as old as my gums, and a bit older than my teeth. Have enjoyed reading fanfic for a while so thought I'd write a story, that grew to two...

I've got to admit that recently the fics on offer have dropped in quality. Some ideas are good, but their execution leaves a bit to be desired. (I'll include my own offerings in that) I encourage people to branch out from the boring and embrace the extraordinary when telling tales. That being said, there are some ideas that just shouldn't see the light of a computer screen. Consider this my flame page as I couldn't possibly flame all the tripe that idiots post.

Pairing Hp and Voldy? What do you have to smoke to come up with the idea that falling in love with the person who kills your parents, and wants to kill you, is a good idea. Better hope your own parents never get killed, you'll be the first suspect. (note, if your rellies die you are the first suspect anyhow...)

Hp and Snape? Read the above. Neither of them are gay, speaking of gay. Don't write a
story with gay characters if you're a straight young teenage girl, 999 times out of a 1000 the story will suck.

Draco and Hermione? Yah, I'm sure the smart girl is dumb enough to go out with a bigot. Sure is a good idea for a fic when one character is based on a member of the KKK and the other one is Coloured... Dumbarses.

Lily and Snape? Did you read the books? Snape didn't love Lily, he wanted to own her.
If someone wants to own you, control every aspect of your life, decide who your friends are or who you talk to, they are NOT your friend, nor are they your true love. Snape was obsessed with Lily, he didn't think of her as an equal. That's why JKR said that the idea of Snape in love was a horrible idea.

Draco and Harry? Yah, right. The guy who reminds Harry of his cousin is his 'tru luv'.
Draco is the wizarding equivalant of George Bush. All freakin hat, no cattle. Born on third base and thinks he hit a triple.

Yanks in Hoggy? Don't you think there's enough yanks in foreign countries already? If you're tempted to write such a story, go ahead but do us all a favour and don't post it.

Ultra creapy issue that is used too often #5b; Graveyards are where people get buried.
You don't bury your rellies in the freaking backyard, unless you're one of those freaks that
kill your cousins and don't want them to be found.

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