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3/30/2022 - just to let everyone know, yes, I do still read the reviews, and thank you very much for them! And I'm still alive (60 y/o now). And I'm still not writing, not for a long time now, but sometimes I think I should. Had a yaoi phase for awhile, but that's kind of worn off now. Always been a sci-fi fan, so...


Wow, did I really start this account in 2005? 13 years ago? Well, just to let y'all know, I'm still here, but not active in the fanfiction world anymore. Not since I moved to original fics, on on fictionpress dot com, same pen-name. But don't head over there hoping for more yuri goodness - it's all yaoi now. Yeah, don't ask, I don't know either. Swear to god I'm a straight man. I guess I'm just... flexible... or something. :)

Anyway, some of those years down below were hard ones, but I finally got divorced, so life is good again. :) Again, don't ask, it's a sad, painful story. Nothing to do with sexual preferences or anything, so don't go thinking you know what's what. Suffice it to say that I thought I had ONE shot at being a married man, so I took it, when I shouldn't have. Now I wish I'd just stayed a single virgin. Sigh. I know other people who have the same story. But it's all better now, so you needn't pity me.

I thought I was going to clean this profile up, delete all the old stuff, but now that I see it, I've changed my mind. Let history stand.


Hey, just letting y'all know that I'm still here. Nothing has really changed since 2010, Big Changes in one's life tend to slow down after 50, y'see. To you teens, 5 years is "like, forever", but me... I have things in my refrigerator that haven't moved in that amount of time. :) To all the reviewers: thanks. Seriously.


Aaaand I was just "vanity-surfing" and found that my story "Alone, Together" is available as a book from CafePress:


It's UK, so I don't know if that helps any Americans who may be interested, but hey, it's there. And btw, no, I don't make any money at all off it. I didn't even put it there. But the guy who did asked my permission, and I told him to go ahead, so there it is. Just letting y'all know.


By the way - if you like Kigo, you should go rent the movie "D.E.B.S". It's pretty much EXACTLY a Kigo fic, with just a few things changed. Written and directed by an actual gay woman, too. Instead of a dirty old man like me. lol

And if you liked MY Kigo Fic, "Alone, Together", well, there's a movie (Independent) based on that too, but of course de-Disney-fied to keep the lawyers away. You can find info about it on

I'm sorry to say that I don't really hang out on anymore... y'know how it goes, things change, life goes on. It was a good run while it lasted, but I'm just not into fanfics anymore, or femmslash at all, for that matter.


I've been here... coming up on three years now - time to update my profile.

I'm afraid that FanFiction is no longer "my thing", though I appreciate all the kudos y'all have given me for my stories. I'm doing Original Fics now (same name, ). M/M slash. No, I'm actually not gay... why do you ask? LOL

But yeah - as it stands right now, I don't see myself ever going back to fanfics. It was a scary transition, tho, l tell ya what. Not having your characters and settings pre-made for you, and a pre-existing set of fans waiting to read them, too. I remember getting a thousand hits in a matter of HOURS when a new chapter went up. That only happens in fanfictions though, at least in my experience.

My best work in fanfiction is generally considered to be "Alone, Together", so hit that if you just want the cream of the crop. After that, it's "Accidental Mistress". Please do NOT read "Revelations" - my first fic ever... because it's just embarrassing now, but I'm too egotistical to actually take it down, I suppose. Boy, I hope I've come a long way since then. I also leave it up for anyone who may want to see how this one particular writer (me) as progressed over the two years I wrote Kigo. Educational value, you know. Still embarrassing, though.

I can still be found on , with the other Kigo-ers. I just like the people there - it's like my home on the 'Net.

And since FFN doesn't make this easy, I will: if you want to have one of my stories, in it's entirety, on your machine (so that you can read it on your PSP or iPod or whatever), just e-mail me, say whether you want it as .doc, .html, or whatever (I write with ), and I'll be happy to send it to ya. Be sure to encode your e-mail address as myname dot whatever because this site will filter it out otherwise.

Y'all take care now, and long live homosexual romance!

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