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G'Day mates.

Thanks for checking out my stories and viewing my profile. Besides here, I try to
keep my stuff over on my personal blog, just cause I can add images etc.. so it
gives me more control. Look for it: Google Sarakiel's Fanfic Wordpress.

Right now the Naruto: Tenshikage story is my big baby, and it's going very well.
Thanks for all the review and critiques. They all helped. I've crossed 1000 reviews,
and that's pretty damned amazing to me.


-- Character Breakdown for Tenshikage--


Archangel Squads

Squad 01 - "Daitenshi" lit. Archangels in Japanese. Tengoku's Lead Team, most powerful and experienced.

Members: Naruto Uzumaki, Senji Makato, and Nagi Mikihara. Powerhouse team that is balanced with a close-range, close-to-mid-range, and all-range fighters, each with a unique ability that gives them phenomenal strength and power in battle.

Squad 02 - "Tennin" or when not in a group, "Tennyo". Tennin being the plural. Tengoku's Angels from Heaven, the All-Girl Team, and also known as the "Celestial Beauties From Heaven" by those they come to help, and "Demon Bitches From Hell" by those that earn their wrath.

Members: Sakura Haruno, Hiroka Tenshi, and Calamity. Perfectly balanced team with a close-range fighter/ninja medic, a short-to-mid-range Kire Kengeki user, and a long-range weapons expert and sharpshooter.

Squad 03 - "Furuitenshi" or 'Ancient Spirits'. Members: Jiraiya, Tsunade Senju, Hatake Kakashi, Tenshi Shiratori, Guerrera, Milford Mabry, and Ali of the Spirit Wolf Clan. Defenders of Tengoku, only called together to defend their home from attack, or if the shit really hits the fan and the first two squads need to be rescued.

Noteable Students:

Mirrun: Her eyes freeze time around her, allowing her to move at what seems inhuman speeds.

Gennosuke: Uses Chakra blasts to 'see' and has high levels of agility.

Syrren: Ability to become water and move as such

Junya and Fuki: Doubutso Souzou. Kazumo clan, ability to create animals from objects.

Inari: Archer

Azriel: Member of the Spirit Wolf Clan, master thieves and Kalarippayattu practitioners.

Notable residents of Tengoku:

Yoshi Mad scientist. Savate expert. Inventor of Heavenstone.

Guerrera: Blacksmith/weaponsmith. Lucha Libre Expert. Has a little daughter.

The Konoha Vipers

Asuma, Anko, Iruka

The Wave Trio

Takada : Sees Patterns, wields a giant scythe

Masahiro : Retractable arm blades

Mizurai : Water jutsu user

Notable Enemies…so far:

Ji-Hoon: Half Demon currently hunting the Kyuubi, formerly master of the street orphans Mirrun, Gennosuke and Syrren.

Scorpion: One of Danzo's Special Nin. Chakra absorber, but not as strong as his brother. Uses Chakra whips. Master class/Upper Elite Jounin. Brother to Lash.

Centipede: One of Danzo's Special Nin.. Active Chakra disrupter. Fast hand attacks. Was able to single handedly defeat a Jinchuuriki in large mode by disrupting it's chakra flow. Master class/Upper Elite Jounin.

Lizard: One of Danzo's Special Nin. Deceased

Snake: One of Danzo's Special Nin. Fast strikes. Poison user. Master class/Upper Elite Jounin.

Lash: One of Danzo's Special Nin. Completely immune to Chakra attacks. Strong close combat fighter. Brother to Scorpion. Stronger than Scorpion. Master class/Upper Elite Jounin.

Shisho - The Blood King: Fire Jutsu user. Master class. Ruler of Blood Country

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