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Awesome! Okay, seeing as how my massive, Z-Chronicles Project starts off as an original fiction story, with original characters, you won't find it here until I've typed the whole thing out, so I can make it the prologue chapter of the fanfiction itself (my attempt to keep the admin from suspending my account). You'll find all current and future chapters of Z1 - Origins on the original mirror of this site, fictionpress. Go. Find it. Enjoy it. Let me know how you like it or hate it. The next chapter should be up pretty soon (and those of you who know me, you know how loooong "soon" can really be)

Well, see you all 'round!


Ooh, look at all those sevens...Anyway, here's some news for all you lads and ladies. Some of you may have caught my author's notes, some of you haven't but here it is: Four Years Later is approaching its FINAL CHAPTER. Yes, I know it's been a long time, and I too thought it might never end, but the adventure will soon be over...for a while.

I've mentioned a sequel, well, a trilogy actually, but it will be a very long time coming because a couple things need to be in place for the Four Years Later sequel, which consists of an entirely different series of stories that I'm now in the process of editing. I'll have the first one up by the December, hopefully (swallows nervously).

Now, this new series, which I've entitled simply Z-Series, is a collection of stories that I've been working on for several years and I really enjoy writing it, so there's no fear of me losing interest and leaving the series half-finished or something, but its part of a fandom that some of you might not be so keen on reading about, and I take quite a few liberties with the characters within Starcraft. YES, you heard me: Starcraft. The first story in the series is going to be closer to original fiction than fanfiction, but I'll be uploading that as the prologue to the sequel, so it should be okay...hopefully. But, I promise, after the second story, it's totally fanfiction, but the central characters are all mine. I created them and I'll have words with anyone who kidnaps them. Ask me and I'll see if they want to work with you (winks). Oh, and just so everyone's clear, Starcraft II will in no way, shape, or form be having any kind of influence on the Z-Series. Kickass units and new storyline aside, I've been working on this story for a helluva lot longer and I'm deciding here and now that I will not be reworking my storyline to fit Blizzard Entertainment's new sequel. If anyone has issues with that, you can let me know but it won't have any effect on the plotline that I've been writing for the past six years or so. My apologies.

Anyhow, that's how things are going to be, and I'm going to have to post all the way to story 5 before I can start posting the Four Years' sequel. So, take a break from me while my KP fiction goes on HIATUS and come back in a year or two, or you can follow me along with this one, but please do come back, I promise we'll get there if not sooner than later.

Now, let's see...I seem to have had the makings of a second chapter to I'll Stay stirring around in my brain for a few weeks, but I'm not quite sure I'll get it done - I've got my plate full with getting my Starcraft series up to date with itself. If anyone at all wants to read it, just let me know and I'll see what I can gather from the fragmented flashes in my synapses.

And finally, Stone Cold. I love this story. I don't know why, but I've really come to enjoy this story, despite the fact that I have no plans for it to become a romance story. None. At all. I hope you'll accept that you Raven/Terra fans. Yes, I've enjoyed the pairing too, but it won't be here. I've got chapter 5 well under way and close to posting, so that's how that is...

And I'll see you all soon...hopefully.

Where should I start?

I guess you could say that I'm a bit of a geek, a writer just beginning to find himself, discovering where his talents lie, as well as his passions, which I suppose is why I'm here. Don't believe the rumours; I've actually been here for longer than my account has, but I finally worked up the nerve to show some of my work to more than my friends. Bear with me, I'll have something here as soon as I've managed to form something out of the chaotic mess that swirls through my head. I hope it'll be worthy of your appreciation. If not, well, criticism will be much appreciated, except for the nonsense...

I can screen those out. BWAHAHA!


Well, I've started posting some stories finally (started a while ago, but I couldn't figure out what to say here, but whatever...)

I hope you enjoy both of them, even though "Stone Cold" is a little on the thin side at the moment. I'm working on both right now, so bear with me because updates will be a little slower. Forgive me.

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