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Hi everyone. I am Crazy Birdy.

My name is Victoria Rose. Sweet name, ain't it? Oh, Rose isn't my last name either... my last name has been left out... privelageed information, you understand. Everyone calls me Tori for short. I am Crazy Birdy because Tori means bird in Japanese, and well, everyone thinks I'm crazy.

I am of course female, and I'm sort of new to fan fictions, so bear with me. I do have excellent co-writers though, so be prepared for some laughs for both funny and occasionally sickening reasons.

To anyone who would care, though I think that would be no one, I'm in the process of reworking my Inuyasha fisc. I'm going to delete them soon... once I learn enough about a computer to do that.

Pretty sad isn't it, that a Highschool Freshie can't use a computer right?

Now for some of my favorite sayings!

"Hey Shippo, your village called. They're missing their idiot." -Inuyasha

"Sit Boy!" -Kagome

"Life is like a garbage disposal. If you drop a fork in it it's broken." -Me/ big brother Craig

"Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. And hate leads to suckin' it!" -Ratty from X-Play

"Suck it! Suck the Lolly!" -N/A

"Life is like a bottle of water. If you drink it all you have to go to the bathroom really badly!" -me/ friends Lizzie and Emily

"Ask me when I don't hate you." -me

"I'm gonna slice open your stomach, rip out your guts and put 'em in a bowl!" or something along those lines... -um... Inuyasha... I think...

"Life is like a box of tissues. If you use it all up you're gonna have a really runny nose." -me/ little brother Austin

"This is taking far too long. May I disembowel the remaining humans in our way?" -me at the drugstore waiting on my mother's prescription and the idiotic humans ahead of us in line. My dad thought it was hilarious... I have no idea why... I was just being a smart ass.

"I'm going to see if there is anyone worthy to die at my hands." -me buying school supplies. Dad thought THIS was hilarious too... again, I was being a smart ass.

"These humans are so boring. None of them are good enough to kill. I think I'll just let them die from their idiotic ways and bad health habits." -me after returning to my father from my quest to find worthy victims. Still, he thinks I'm hilarious. I guess my dad and I have strange senses of humor... Either that or I'm the world's biggest ass...

"Let's make a hamster out of dryer lint!" -Adam(Kim's brother)..."Not dryer lint out of a hamster. That's too messy..." -Kim

"I had a little accident" -Adam... after pouring a glass of water on the ground... in public... TWITCH

"Here's something to make your day better...or worse...anyways, enjoy your misery!" -Kim ('cuz she's bad ass!)

"That's bad ass!" -older brother Craig (all the time)

"You think you're all that and a bag of chips? Oh yeah, well, I'm all that and a bag of skittles. Taste the rainbow, bitch!"- N/A

"It's perfectly fine to be a happy individual." -Bowling for Soup

"It's perfectly fine to be a happy individual, even though I'm not."-Craig

"Cutie! Super Cutie! Fo' sho' super cutie!" -Anthony

"Dude! Your sweatshirt reminds me of A&W!"-Anthony "The root beer?"-me "Yeah, or the restaurant."-A "Dude, that is so awesome... I feel so loved know. I remind you of root beer..."-m "Or the restaurant... Have you ever eaten there? It's really good. They got these cheese curd things and-"-A "Yes, I've eaten there..."-me "They do have really good root beer..."-A "I hate root beer, dude."-m... -Conversation between Anthony and me in our Honors Algebra class... I was wearing a brown and orange fleece that I borrowed from my big brother... Waaaaaaaaahhh!! I remind Anthony of root beer! And I don't even like root beer!

Personal Update:

I am getting a bit more used to fan fictions and such... I'm making some great friends while I'm on this website. I am meeting a whole lot of great authors.

If anyone is curious about why I have so many favorites... Well, there's a funny story about that... Actually, it's not humorous in the least... Peoples I know told me to looks at some stories and I, being too lazy to read them when they told me too... Well, yeeeee-ah... they just went on my account and put stories and peoples in my favorites so I would have "easy access" to them later... I should like clear some out... some of them totally sucked... though for the life of me I can't remember which...

Any way, if you want to read stories by some really great authors, look up people like:

-just-trying-to-get-by (a genius writer of all awesome Naruto shtuffs! Yes, she makes a few typos and such, but her stories are very entertaining)

-sari15 (a very dedicated author with very well developed stories)

I lost the spirals containing the Seventh Grade in America story, and I'm having a bit of writer's block for Unknown Family (U.F. as I call it for short)

Also, I have to totally rewrite those stories...

More later... See ya peoples!

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