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Name: Ben, if you must know.

Gender: Male (hopefully obviously).

Age: Seventeen. (I didn't update this for the entire time I was sixteen. Wow...)

(More about me under the giant mountain of text that is me talking about the stuff I'm working on... I put it up here because I thought people wouldn't want to scroll through the other giant mountain of text that is me talking about the series I like to get to me talking about the projects I'm currently working on (or not working on, as the case may be))

Current Projects and Status of them:

How the God Generals Replicated Christmas: A ridiculous, cracky, Epic Christmas Epic of Epic Epicness (if you missed it, I'm Jewish, which is the first cracky thing about it) about the gang's Chirstmas party at Luke's mansion. Set after the game, but in my own twisted version of events (the final scene occurred only a few days after all the prior stuff, and Asch was there too). There's love, betrayal, the God Generals' new catchphrase, evil master plans, and more resurrections than you can shake a canon at. And that's just the first chapter.: The most currently worked on project, which I'm hoping to finish BEFORE -this- Christmas. Although I noticed I got more readers when it was near Chirstmastime, so it's sort of a conundrum. Maybe I can finish it for Chirstmas in July instead, like I wanted to LAST year. Or failing that, I could just go ahead and make a version 2.0 for Christmas with shorter chapters or something. Oh, and spread the word on this thing if you liked it! I could use more publicity, and I really think that this particular fandom is insane enough to enjoy it a lot.

Without a Blanket (Rekka no Ken): As our triumphant heroes return home, Hector and Florina (and Huey) get trapped in a blizzard. The rest of the group goes to look for them, and quickly become lost themselves. The classic blanket scenario, sans the blanket, sans the drama, sans the badly-written romance. Currently not being worked on whatsoever, but likely to be resumed when I finish How the God Generals Replicated Christmas. More people I know are threatening to kill me if I don't finish that one. Also there's more awesome fanart for Tales to keep me inspired. But I do have some great ideas for this, and I want to write them eventually, so expect to see more of it someday.

Back to the Past of the Future: A Rockman (Megaman) fanfic set at the time of the Zero series (somewhere between RMZ 2 and 3, if I'm not messing up my internal chronology). Zero and the Shitennou are hurled backwards in time when Alouette replaces the batteries in Zero's Z-saber upside-down. Hilarity (totally NOT chaos!) ensues as Zero realizes that life in the 21XXs was actually a LOT crazier than he realized at the time. This one is ongoing, but on the back burner until How the God Generals Replicated Christmas is finished. I actually have the beginning of the third chapter written, but I doubt I'll be getting back to work on it in the foreseeable future. Then again, you never know...

This Path of Radiance Seems Awfully Familiar: A Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance fanfic about Ike and co. having a reunion which ends with them facing a BRAND NEW QUEST! Currently on hiatus, and I'm not totally sure if I'll ever get back to work on it, sorry...

Afteranime: Kenshin dies and proceeds on to heaven, where he finds Tomoe awaiting him. When Kaoru follows, just what sort of chaos will ensue? Yeah, this one's been done for years...

Light's Shadow, Shadow's Light: An alternate universe take on the game Bokura no Taiyou (Boktai in the US), more or less what I would do with the setting and characters, featuring OCs and my own story. Abandoned because it's more fun to do OMG DRAMA and/or angst with my own characters. Also because rewriting a game's story to my own tastes is probably just generally a bad idea, unless you can swing a job doing that... And outside of Halo and a few other games with ridiculous amounts of fluff, you don't see a lot of that.

Of Prewedding Jitters and the House of Frob: A tale of what happens when our favorite lordly duo, Hector and Eliwood of Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken (The Blazing Sword, it's usually translated as), discover, a day before they're scheduled to be married to Florina and Ninian, repsecitvely, that they both missed "the talk," and the chaos that ensues. Allow me to begin this by saying that I happen to be particularly fond of this one... to me, something about it seemed to just click, and the result is I feel pretty positive about the entire thing as a whole, with the exception of suddenly switching between a big dramatic scene and more comedy towards the end. That being said, I shall now continue with status info. This one is finished. That's why I put "fin," at the bottom. You people who have alerts set on it, it's not updating at any point in any future, because it's a one-shot. The status is "complete," and I put FIN at the bottom! Granted the wedding itself didn't take place, but what more could -actually- go wrong? There were ALREADY bandits! I mean, the House of Frob and the Tuxedo of the Damned will make reappearances in later works, but there's nothing in particular that I'd like to add on to that fic...

Speak from the Diaphram: A tale of the three-year (if I'm not messing up my own timeline) reunion of all the characters from Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken that I actually cared about at all, featuring a bunch of pairings... um... so far it's been mostly HectorxFlorina, EliwoodxNinian, and NinoxJaffar who've recieved the spotlight, but I put in ErkxSerra (which I'm actually not certain I like so much, but it's certainly easy to turn into something funny), and WilxRebecca as well. Anyway, everyone comes back together and chaos ensues (I happen to LIKE ensuing chaos, OKAY?). It and the above RnK fic aren't necessarily supposed to fit together into the continuity, mostly because I'm sure I've messed up the official timeline, but there's no particular conflict between the two of them. This one kind of died on me, sorry. I think I was getting a bit carried away with the "sex=funny" idea at the time, but even beyond that I just sort of lost the drive to finish it.

10 Simple Rules for Dating Outside of Your Character Class: A Rekka no Ken fanfiction set shortly after the end of the game, as the army makes their way back home. Each chapter is based around a different "rule," which will be demonstrated in various ways by the various couples of the group (the entire army is taking the night off) in a date-type scenario. Basically it's a culmination of what would amount to a bunch of one-shots featuring different pairings, HectorxFlorina, EliwoodxNinian, NinoxJaffar, probably also ErkxSerra and WilxRebecca, maybe RavenxLucius in extremely small doses since I'm not really into it, but it strikes me as painfully obvious... and pretty much anything else it occurs to me to throw in. Okay, seriously, when did this thing get over a thousand hits? And why is it -always- the ones I decide I don't want to work on anymore? Yes, much as I hate to say it, looking back on it now, I think I kinda botched this one, more the attempted drama than the comedy. It was just really overwrought and... blech. As mentioned in the bit about that fic, "Without a Blanket" is essentially the spiritual successor to this one, though it uses a different shtick. I wasn't really prepared to come up with all the rules when I was doing the fic anyway, if I ever use that idea again I'll have to map out the rules farther in advance

More About Myself:

Well, I'm fairly big on writing, and I have a novel in progress, as well as a few random ideas floating around. Oh, and I actually got a couple of friends to sign on to do the art for a few different ideas for comics, so if we can actually get those up and running that would be pretty sweet.

As for some general stuff I like, obviously most of the stuff I've written fics for. But I'm also a big fan of Gundam (the UC timeline. And possibly Gundam 00, it looks pretty sweet), and Gurren Lagann and a bunch of other mecha shows. I also like what I've seen of a bunch of classic anime, you know, stuff by Matsumoto Leiji (particularly Captain Harlock) and Rose of Versailles and such.

Um... you know, I feel very uninspired to do the rest of this properly, I'm just gonna leave it at that and remember to not take more than a year to update this again.

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