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Author has written 7 stories for Lord of the Rings, Sherlock, and Merlin.

Before you read my profile, take a moment to read the following paragraph and message me, tell me your opinion.

Once again I have seen evidence of ‘reviewers’, if that term can even be used, ripping authors to shreds because of grammatical errors, so now I’ve decided to voice my opinion and, if possible, prove a point. If you are concerned over errors, leave a review saying you liked the plot, character development, some positive aspect, but point out gently that there are some errors, perhaps suggest the author needs a beta, if you have any spare time, volunteer. If you don’t like any part of the story, don’t leave a review. Simple. Constructive criticism is helpful and helps authors to grow. Flames don’t. Th wrld wont fal of its axis’ becoz their r errors. See? Point proven. The world is still spinning and the computer hasn’t spontaneously combusted. So get over it.

Hi this is me (duh!). I’m Aswen (double duh!). I am quite crazy, a terrible prankster and very bad at english, so I applologise for any spelling or grammatical errors there might be in any of my stories, despite the best efforts of me and my proof reader (Venea). I am married to Eldreth, the cousin of Prince Legolas. Venea is my best friend and married to the Prince. They have twin boys who are as bad as Venea and I for pulling pranks. I am famous in Mirkwood for my sword skills and quick temper, also for my glare, I have no idea why! It may be the fact that my glare is the only look that has actually killed someone. An orc actually, was trying to kill Eldreth, saw the look on my face and turned and fled, having a heart attack in the process. Oh well, it was only an orc. Hee, hee, hee. I am not the best person to cross, even if you are a good friend, naming no names, Venea, but I am also a very good friend (apparently) and not very modest. Oh and by the way Venea and Oselle's stories are great, so please read them or I may have to get my sword out and kill someone. Seriously, I like violence, it's a good stress relief, honestly, if there's an annoying brother or sister, a teacher that won't shut up, or even that customer that spends two hours deciding they don't want anything... just kill them, you'll feel much better, honest! (To any small children that are reading this: Violence is bad!(See Venea, I can be a good role model!))

Appearance: In the stories, I am 5'10", with long black tresses (hahaha!(inside joke)) In real life I'm 5' 9" with long brown hair. In both I have eyes that change colour depending on my mood, seriously they do, at the moment they are green. Generally they are blue when I'm calm, green when I'm stressed, brown when I'm not either and rather a really dark, firey green or a really dark, firey blue when I'm annoyed, usually in an argument. In the story they are a really stormy grey when I'm annoyed, I'm told you can see the lightning!

Age: About 2500 or 22. I know which I'd prefer...

Personality: I have a firey temper and am very quick to get revenge, you don't believe me? Ask Venea! Or in real life, ask my brother. Of course, depending on the day, and how much time he had to think on his lastest prank, you may have to dig him up first...

Likes: Quiet places to sit and read, pulling pranks, usually on Venea, my friends- I may not be the calmest person in Middle Earth but I do like friends. Food, food, food! It's not normal for an elf to eat lots and I can go for a long time with no food, but it's not a good idea to make me do such, or steal my food, because you will die. (That is not a threat, it's a promise! Especially if Venea is reading this! You have been warned Venea!)

Dislikes: Caves, most dwarves (with 1 exception), orcs, wargs, siblings, and quite often my friends, not all of them, just 3 in particular, naming no names, well maybe just three names: Venea, Keldarion and Estel!

Ok so that's me! I hope you like it! I have tried to be as honest as I can and the description of me in real life is real, but for security reasons I cannot give anyone my real name or contact details.

Also my stories are written on the basis that The Mellon Chronicles written by Cassia and Siobhan are how Legolas and Aragorn met and what happened to them afterwards, I believe everything that happened The Mellon Chronicles except the partial destruction of Mirkwood in Remember how to smile.

You may have noticed I now allow anonymous reviews. Please don't take this as an excuse to flame me because I don't know who you are. I accept praise (obviously) and CONSTRUCTIVE critisisms. If you don't like any of my stories, tell me so, and give me indications on how to improve, but please don't just critisise, that doesn't help anyone. I am fairly new to writing and any tips are greatly appreciated.

Last updated: 2nd June 2012.

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