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Author has written 11 stories for Mega Man, Gundam Wing/AC, Naruto, CSI, Teen Wolf, Hunger Games, and Star-Crossed.

About me:

Male, Born and Live in Brazil, has a few grammar problems on English, (mainly with the "Which" "Tought" and "Trough" words)

Likes: Sceneries full of futuristic concepts and technologies, or with a complex mythical scenery.

Stories: Try to write them, but often has some sort of writer blocks. Likes to, without being a meddler, help people into making progress with her fic's.

Recently I had an Idea for Crystal Village: It's a very complex and long Story, but I think on following it

Favorite Animes: Gundam Wing (Brought me to, Inuyasha, Digimon (Tamers and Savers), DN Angel, Rockman.Exe, Sakura Wars. Naruto

Favorite Games: Final Fantasy (VII, VI, X, X-2, XII), Mega man Battle Network (All), Mega man X (Command Mission and 8), Sonic Games, Xenosaga, Kingdom Hearts.

Favorite Anime Movie: Final Fantasy Seven: Advent Children.

Personal Advice: Know the importance of the Paragraph.

Personal Motto: Everything is good from a point of view, Criticizing is a way to make it better.

Future Goals, Get trought the University Test (Complete) and Improve Language Skill's trought Writting.

Obsession:Maybe a big defect, when I like a fic, I instantly start to get on edge for new Chapters.

Enjoys: to help people trought hints: Just PM me!

About Crystal Village

It's, Like I Said, a long story: The theory has been much explored before, Naruto Meets the Kyubi at young age then flees and Funds his own village. What makes it so hard to write (and keep in shape) is that I need to think of characters with a past and problems that make them humans. For instance, Naruto has the companionship of Kyubi, but he sometimes question himself if this is healty. His doubt makes him humans

About the OC Charactes. Kind of Inevitable when you work on a story to make a large village, I will speak about some of them and, If I might add a page on the others. Be aware that they might contain a few spoilers on the chapters of Arc One

Cliff Waters: Is the first OC Naruto will met, a young boy barelly four years old with the speed and strenght of a Naruto, who at the time is six. He is a thief but not by option, and even tought he is small the police never could catch him. He has Golden hair (A shade between Naruto's blond and chestnut.) and Green Eyes

The Yonbi no Kouga: The Four tailed wolf is known as Luno (By Naruto and Cliff) But Kyubi likes to call him Rafael. He inhabits the body of Cliff, possesing it, but not because he is evil but because the boy won't live if they are separated.

Marina: The Yellow Flash's wife and Naruto's will have a big Participation in the political world of the new village. She has a gruesome past she would rather avoid mentioning, Is 47 years old, had Chestnut hair and green eyes. She is also Known as the Scholar of Biology

Yakumo: She is the daughter of Scholar Bagular and heir to a powerfull Kekei Genkai that allows her to use metals in ways that make even her powerfull father shiver before her. She also has a fall For Naruto when they first met. She has redish brown hair and hazel green eyes.

Bagular: The Ninety seven year old General of Garaden Castle and Scholar of Phisics. He may look rude but deep inside he is a gentleman. His wife passed away three years ago after an incident that turned him bitter, because of that he is kind of bitter toward strangers.

The lord Scholars

The lord Scholars are a society featuring "the masters of their own fields" tipically it includes humans whoose scientific or artistic contribuition to the word is widelly credited by the other members of The fundation, there are over a hundred, but only three are important right now:

Gaspar Lorenzo Arizon: He is the leader of the society, a man focused on studying chemistry, he also studied the behaviour of chakra, substance he call the Ether of Alchemy. Nobody really knows his age tought some suspect he might be one of the survivors from the ancient civilizations that preceeded the Elemental countries. He can send chakra to regulate his body functions, making aging and dying from a natural death impossible

Bagular Xeno Balthazar: As a master of phisics he knows a lot about Enginery and Aerodinamics. As a engineer he created most of the eletronic defenses of the Garaden Castle and over half of it's weaponry before his wife passed away. He also has an army of robots under his service. To become imortal the nobleman is slowly replacing his failing organs by mechanic parts, which make him dependent on Enetron, a special energy fluid only found in rare ancient spots like Garaden Itself.

Marina Alexias Kosmos: The Biology master is one of the youngest members, tought she has long ago quit her studies after she was held responsible for the death of several humans that unwillingly helped her perfect the "ultimate life form". The project was stopped by Sandaime and all the information was destroyed before they could begin. Alexias is the only living member of the group and as much as she denies it, she has enought knowledge to repeat the Ultimate Life Form Project, Bagular and Gaspar both want her protected and hidden because of this.

That all that there is to know.

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