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Wow... that was a really meaningful greeting, wasn't it? Well, as of now I'm sort of an unknown, but I'm hoping not for too long! I only just joined ff.net so don't expect me to be an instant star! Anyway... I'm supposed to talk about myself here, huh? Well then: Allow me to tell you all about my greatness!

Name: Lor

Sex: Female

Age: 23

Birthday: January 6th, 1986

Sign: Capricorn

Year: Tiger (RAWR!)

Favorite Genres: Romance, Humor, and a little Drama here and there

Favorite Type of Fanfic: Alternate Universe (I'm addicted. Just look at my favorite stories list... it's kind of sad how much I love them.)

Favorite Couples: Albel Nox and Nel Zelpher!

Also, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, Irvine Kinneas and Selphie Tilmitt, Sasuke Uchiha and Hinata Hyuuga, Sesshomaru and Rin, Mugen and Fuu, Danny Fenton/ Phantom and Sam Manson, Aerith Gainsborough and Cloud Strife, Kairi and Sora, Roxas and Namine, Olette and Hayner, Seifer and Fuu, Esther and Abel, Haruhi and Kyoya, Lulu and Wakka, Sakura Kinomoto and Sayoran Li, Raven and Robin, Renji and Rukia, Ichigo and Orihime, Hitsugaya and Hinamori, Sentaro and Kiyone, Kyoraku and Nanao, Tobiume and Hyorinmaru, Eureka and Renton, Talho and Holland, Zuko and Toph, Amelia and Zelgadiss, Lina and Gourry, Xellos and Filia, Faye and Spike, Edward and Ein, (As friends, otherwise... ew.)... and that's all I can think of at the moment. If you don't like my choices then I'm sorry. I have personal reasons for adoring these couples and stand by them, so nya! And they aren't exactly in order by favorite... Except Albel and Nel... they are my absolute most beloved couple ever!

Not a Big Fan of: Yuri and yaoi. I kind of missed the whole point of that one, (This does not mean I am against gay or bisexual couples, I just don't like reading about or watching them becoming intimate.). If you like it, good for you, just not my cup of tea, okay? Same with songfics. I also don't like bad grammar and spelling. A few mistakes here and there is fine, but after a while too many errors can be distracting. Another thing I'm not too thrilled about is Mary Sue/ Sams. If you want to put yourself in an already good series, do it in your head. That sort of thing is private, and I highly doubt too many people would be thrilled to read about you with your favorite character. Oh! And this one's a doozie: I do not like rape fics. At all. There is nothing entertaining or enjoyable about reading about rape. I don't care if there's a happy ending or not, rape is NOT appropriate to document in this sort of environment. It is a personal and painful experience, and reading about it could be harmful to someone who has experienced it. As for writers who have gone through that abuse and are writing it out for closure: That is a private matter that should be kept to yourself.

Misc: I secretly love high school fics and drawing pretty pictures. (Shh! It's a secret!) Also, I like l33t speak, if only because it confuses people. (I 4m teH l33t S4uCE)

Well Known For: Desperatley trying to make others laugh. Yes, I'm that pathetic chick who tries everything in her power to make others happy. I am sorry if you have no patience! I just want to be happy. (Happy happy, joy joy!)

Favorite Rating: M, because you can get away with anything so long as you aren't over the top with it. Yay maturity!

So, that's about all I can think of to tell you about myself at the moment. That wasn't too painful, was it? I hope I didn't offend anyone too much; and if I did. Lighten up and learn to laugh! Jeebus. My opinions are my own, so deal with them with dignity! Sorry but I tell it like it is. I am who I am: don't like it? Nobody's forcing you to be my friend.

(Hugs all the nice people in the world and goes off in search of any excellent fanfiction she may have overlooked ) Have a nice day!

AND NOW... A very special treat brought to you by the almighty Soceress Myst and her faithful fangirl, Lor! I'm proud to present:

FANgirls Gone Wild

A Sorceress Myst and Lor production. Brought to you by SUGAR, Caffine, and Yahoo instant Messenger!

(Disclaimer) Sadly, we do not own Star Ocean 3 or any of the characters; but we will as soon as Sorceress Myst takes over... the world! And she shall call it... Elicoor II. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... coughs... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

lorelaikline: Nel Zelpher reporting, your majesty

dragonmyst2003: Welcome Nel, how was your journey?

lorelaikline: I had a few chance encounters with Nox, but my journey was well, praise Apris

dragonmyst2003: SILENCE LASSELLE! (hits him upside the head with a mallet) He says you better not have endangered the truce with Airyglyph by being rude to him, but I know you wouldn't do such a thing, Lady Nel.

lorelaikline: If anyone would endager the truce with their atrocious manner, the offender would be more likely Nox

lorelaikline: (Secretly wishes she could be the tar out of Lasselle like the Queen can)

dragonmyst2003: (reading Nel's thoughts) Why certaintly. Lasselle I command you to be beaten up by Lady Nel!

lorelaikline: PRAISE APRIS! (rends Lasselle's being asunder)

dragonmyst2003: Are you happy serving Aquaria, Lady Nel?

lorelaikline: With every fibre of my being, your majesty

dragonmyst2003: ...Would it be a bad time to mention that I arranged a marriage between you and Lord Nox?

lorelaikline: O.o

lorelaikline: (pulls out communicator that is in touch with Diplo) Beam me up, Scottie!

dragonmyst2003: Marietta: MY NAME IS MARIETTA DAMN IT!

lorelaikline: lmao... Right, sorry Marietta... I have no clue where "Scottie" came from.( sweatdrops)

lorelaikline: (Secretly blames Fayt)

dragonmyst2003: Fayt: Cliff, did you force Nel to watch your old scifi tv shows?

lorelaikline: Cliff: No, why?

lorelaikline: Fayt: You really should

dragonmyst2003: Mirage: That's if he can find them, he hasn't cleaned his room in years...

lorelaikline: Cliff: Oh, I get it! You think watching them will give her a better grasp of life outside of Elicoor II!

lorelaikline: Fayt: Uh...

lorelaikline: Cliff: Yeah, I have a hunch Albel would benefit too!

dragonmyst2003: Peppita: Cliff, you're an idiot...

lorelaikline: Roger (Elsewhere): BOOBIES!

dragonmyst2003: Clair: Leave me alone!

lorelaikline: Adray: MARRY MY DAUGHTER!

dragonmyst2003: Roger (wide eyed): REALLY!

lorelaikline: Clair: NO! Oh, Dear Apris, no!

dragonmyst2003: Adray: Oh yeah, I came here to tell you this funny story...heh, heh...I went to the workshop (even though to told me not to) and made this amazing potion, but when I turned around for a few second, it was gone!

lorelaikline: Clair: This does not bode well.

dragonmyst2003: Sophia: Who else was in the workshop with you?

lorelaikline: Roger: AH! Where'd you come from!

dragonmyst2003: Sophia: Oh, I've been around...

lorelaikline: (Sophia: Don't you know? I'm in everyone's business!)

dragonmyst2003: Adray: Umm...Lias was there, and so was Mackwell, Puffy, Roger was there for a few moments, ...Oh! And Albel was there too!

lorelaikline: Clair: Again... not boding well.

dragonmyst2003: Fayt: Speaking of Albel, where is he?

lorelaikline: Albel (In the shower): (singing): No one can escape their DESTINEEEEEEY! WAAAAHOOOOOH OHHHOHHHHOHHHH! (Starts strumming on the loofah)

dragonmyst2003: Roger: (laughes nervously) Heheh, so what's for lunch?

lorelaikline: Clair: You, if you don't stop groping me.( Roger withdraws his hand)

lorelaikline: Roger: C'mon baby, don't play me like that!

dragonmyst2003: Peppita: Wait a minute...(Roger looks like he's hiding something)...AND KEEP YOU HANDS OFF MY BUM TWERP!

lorelaikline: Adray: Little lower...

lorelaikline: Roger: AH! PHASED FOR LIFE! PHASED FOR LIFE!

dragonmyst2003: Fayt: So what does this potion do?

dragonmyst2003: (Suddenly Albel comes in looking a little drunk)

dragonmyst2003: Albel: Nel I love you (passes out)

lorelaikline: (In Aquarian palace) Nel: ACHOOO!

dragonmyst2003: Adray: ...Eh heh heh, it was a love potion of sorts...It was supposed to make the person reveal their secret desires...It was supposed to be Clair's birthday present

lorelaikline: Clair: (twitch twitch)

dragonmyst2003: Maria: So how did Albel get a hold of it?

lorelaikline: Roger: AH! God, where are you all coming from? Whose next! I hope it's Nel!

dragonmyst2003: Cliff: (whistles innocently)

lorelaikline: Mirage:( punches his arm)

dragonmyst2003: Cliff: What? I'm just practicing my 'I'm innocent, but not really' whistle!

lorelaikline: (Nel appears) Nel:I'm sorry your majesty but you're being posi...tively... ab...surd?

lorelaikline:( looks around) I get the feeling I'm not in Aquaria anymore...

lorelaikline: Cliff: (looking at Fayt) I made her watch Wizard of Oz too.

dragonmyst2003: Fayt: Dear Lord...

dragonmyst2003: Sophia: HANG ON! I know Cliff did something, he's just trying to change the subject!

lorelaikline: Nel: What's going on now? And why is Nox passed ou- nevermind... I'm not sure I want to know

dragonmyst2003: Mirage: CLIFF! You better explain what's going on!

dragonmyst2003: Cliff: ALRIGHT! I DID IT! I admit it! Clair hired me to get rid of Adray's potion so I poured it in Nel's latest dish. I didn't know Albel was going to eat it, I swear!

lorelaikline: Everyone: YOU DID WHAT!

dragonmyst2003: Mirage: CLIFF!

dragonmyst2003: Cliff: ...ask Clair, it was her idea

lorelaikline: Clair: I said to get rid of it, not... not... NOT RECYCLE IT!

dragonmyst2003: Nel: So what does the potion do? Will he be okay?

lorelaikline: Sophia: (goes over and pokes his body awake). (whispering) This is gonna be good...

dragonmyst2003: Adray: Um...well...err...It will wear off once he accomplishes getting what he desires

lorelaikline:( Everyone looks at Nel, who proceeds to gulp) Oh... uh...oh no. He is going to want to have another... uh... war?( looks around nervously)

dragonmyst2003: Sophia: (starts shaking Albel) Come on,wake up before she runs for it!

dragonmyst2003: Albel: (groans as he gets up) What the...?

lorelaikline: Nel: Dear Apris... (Starts to run for it)

dragonmyst2003: Albel: (grabs her wrist)Hold on Zelpher!

lorelaikline: What do you want, Nox! (thinking) oh crap oh crap oh crap

dragonmyst2003: (Albel's face gets closer to Nel's when suddenly...)

dragonmyst2003: Roger: NO! (jumps between them)

dragonmyst2003: Peppita: Roger, you zit!

dragonmyst2003: Maria: Zit?

dragonmyst2003: Adray: Kiss him Nel! It's the only way to get him back to normal!

lorelaikline: Fayt: Yeah... all he wants is a kiss

lorelaikline: Cliff: Suuuuuure.

dragonmyst2003: Sophia: Pervert! (hits Fayt)

lorelaikline: Nel: (panicking )I have to do WHAT!


dragonmyst2003: Albel: (snaps out of his daze) ...WHAT DID YOU SAY WOMAN?

lorelaikline: Nel: YOU HEARD ME! (Angry)

dragonmyst2003: Adray: ...the potion wore off? NO IT WAS A COMPLETE FAILURE! ...Oh well there's always next time

lorelaikline: (Nel and Albel both draw their blades) Think again, maggot

dragonmyst2003: Clair: clears throat Don't forget that you still have to prepare for you arranged marriage!

lorelaikline: Nel: (Looking betrayed)You knew!

dragonmyst2003: Clair: the queen told everyone...even Fayt knows

lorelaikline: Fayt: for once

lorelaikline: Albel: But none of you worms had the courage to inform US?

lorelaikline: Nel: Some spy I am.

dragonmyst2003: Cliff: What are you talking about, Albel? You were the one who told us!

dragonmyst2003: Albel: Maggot!

lorelaikline: Nel: I feel weird...

lorelaikline: Cliff: Did I mention Nel had a taste of her own cooking?

lorelaikline: Y'know, the one with the "special sauce"?

dragonmyst2003: Mirage: Didn't I tell you to warn us of these things sooner?

dragonmyst2003: Roger: Ooh, does that mean she'll hit on me?

lorelaikline: (Nel suddenly tackles a bewildered Albel and kisses him passionatley. Sophia and Maria block Roger and Peppita's veiw with ther hands while watching in astonishment themselves)

lorelaikline: Cliff: WOOO! Yah! Albel's getting him some! Go Al, GO! Is (punched by Mirage... hard)

dragonmyst2003: Adray: The King and Queen chose wisely...(sigh) now if only I can find a man for Clair...By the way,Fayt, would you...

lorelaikline: Fayt: AHHHHHH! RUNAWAY RUNAWAY!

lorelaikline: (runs away)

dragonmyst2003: Clar: FATHER! I can find a husband all by myself! I don't need your help!

lorelaikline: (Cliff: whispering to Mirage) I could've sworn she had a thing for Nel.

dragonmyst2003: Nel: (gets off of Albel) What did I-( looks down at Albel and blushes) Oh no!

dragonmyst2003: Albel: (smirks evilly)

lorelaikline: Albel: (looking at Adray) MAKE MORE POTION... (Adray looks confused)... NOW, FOOL!

dragonmyst2003: Clair: NO FATHER DON'T MAKE MORE POTION! (whispers) I don't want to find it in my tea one morning!

lorelaikline: (Sophia runs over to the trashcan and starts looking for the scraps of the meal)

dragonmyst2003: Nel: (realizes where Albel's hands are) G-get your hands off of me!

dragonmyst2003: Albel: Then get yours off of me (Nel looks down at where her hands are placed)

dragonmyst2003: Roger:( Now free of Sophia's hands) WAH! I WANTED NEL TO TOUCH ME LIKE THAT-OW! (gets hit by Peppita)

lorelaikline: Sophia: FOUND THEM!

lorelaikline: Cliff: (grinning evilliy) Open wide, lovebirds!

dragonmyst2003: Fayt: Um guys, I don't think that's such a good idea...

lorelaikline: (The couple looks at Cliff and Sophia with expressions so evil, even Romero would shiver)

dragonmyst2003: (Nel grabs her blades and whispers something in Albel's ear. Then Albel grabs his sword and they both look at Cliff and Sophia meacingly)

lorelaikline: (Sophia and Cliff share a look and nod, before charging at Al and Nel. Chaos ensues. The end result of the brawl is that all four have devoured some of the garbage, not to mention Cliff has a little of it hanging from his nose)

dragonmyst2003: Albel: (Hoists Nel on his shoulder) Let's finish this...in a private room.

dragonmyst2003: (Mirage glances at Cliff nervously before making a break for it)

lorelaikline: (Nel: swoons )MARRY ME, ALBEL NOX!

dragonmyst2003: (Albel and Nel leave and Cliff runs after Mirage. Everyone else stares at Sophia, wondering who or what she'll go after)

dragonmyst2003: Adray: Just in case that Cliff fella was right, would you be interested in marrying my daughter?

dragonmyst2003: Clair: FATHER I"M NOT LIKE THAT!

lorelaikline: Roger: (Proudly stepping in front of her). Yeah... I know you want the Roge, but my heart belongs to Clair.

dragonmyst2003: Clair: No it doesn't you raccoon!

dragonmyst2003: Sophia:...I want...chocolate cake

lorelaikline:( Everyone funny falls)

dragonmyst2003: Fayt: No Sophia! It took you forever to loose all that weight before!

dragonmyst2003: Sophia: ...Wha? FAYT YOU MEANIE!

dragonmyst2003: Maria: So it seems anger or shock makes the potion wear off as well

lorelaikline: Mirage: hmmm...

dragonmyst2003: Roger: AH WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!

lorelaikline: Peppita:( In all seriousness as she looks at Adray )You should TOTALLY get a patent

dragonmyst2003: Sophia: Mirage, I thought you were running away from Cliff?

dragonmyst2003: Clair:( to Peppita) Don't give him ideas!

lorelaikline: Mirage: Forgot my tazer... (Grabs tazer and runs)

dragonmyst2003: Cliff: WAIT MIRAGE!

dragonmyst2003: Adray: ...a patent huh?

lorelaikline: Peppita: Yeah, I bet you could make tons of money!

dragonmyst2003: Adray: Money? ...Enough money to get guys to notice Clair! Peppita you're a genius!

lorelaikline: Peppita: I know

dragonmyst2003: Clair: ...Father, I have something to tell you...

dragonmyst2003: Adray: what?

dragonmyst2003: Clair: I'm...pregnant with Lasselle's baby (Adray faints)...whew, he fell for it!

dragonmyst2003: Fayt:( all pale) T-that was a scary thought!

lorelaikline:( Screams are heard from the next room )APRIS NO! WE DID NOT JUST! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! ICE NEEDLES! (Albel is flung through the door, along with seveal ice shards. He appears before them in all his glory)

dragonmyst2003: Albel: You know you enjoyed it Zelpher!

dragonmyst2003:( Nel eventually comes out after getting dressed with an extremely red face)

dragonmyst2003: Fayt:...I'm blind!

dragonmyst2003: Maria: (stares)

dragonmyst2003: Sophia:( blushes and looks away)

lorelaikline: (Nel is secretly jealous and steps into direct viewpath) Go put some clothes on, Nox, you're scaring the children!( Peppita, Roger, and Fayt have all burst into tears and are wailing)

dragonmyst2003: Albel: (realizes he's still naked) Uh, right

lorelaikline: (Nel tactfully looks at his butt as he retreats)

dragonmyst2003: (Albel discretly hides her underwear in his hands)


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