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Hello, all! My name is Suki DeHart! This is me.

I absolutely love qoutes! Here are all the ones I've collected, so far, anyways:

Band Quotes:

Billie Joe's Words of Wisdom

"All saint's gonna be there? Hey, Tre, you might get laid!"

VH1's Behind the Music: "You say it to my face, you might be pickin' yourself off the ground."

"It's fun until someone gets hurt...then it's hilarious."

"Our 'Waiting' video was a total failure. MTV doesn't show it anymore.If we had a booty video - if we had, like, McG, with girls shaking their ass in the video -- it would probably get played. Actually, I am just really bitter right now."

"Punk rock is dead...and I f-cking killed it."

"I'm not going to be inspirational...I'm just gonna f-cking swear a lot."

"I sound like an Englishman impersonating an American impersonating an Englishman."

"There's nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depends on how good you are at it."

"I f-cking hate Lynyrd Skynyrd, I've always hated Lynyrd Skynyrd. F-ckin' backwards ass hillbilly sh-t."

"My mom was from Oklahoma, hence the name Billie Joe...B-I-L-L-I-E J-O-E...It's not William Joseph, it's just Billie Joe."

"They (the band Slipknot) sound like Tre choking on a hairball."

"Just about 99 percent of the population masturbates while the other 1 percent lies about it."

"This song's off our album. It's called Kerplunk. It's kind of in line with the sh-t thing, ya know, it's like you take a dookie and it kerplunks in the toilet." (Green Day has two albums named Dookie and Kerplunk.)

"Ah, if someone falls down, please pick him back up cuz it doesn't mean that there's a f-ckin' camera in your face that you don't have to look out for each other."

"A lot of people, when they talk to me, I can't wait for them to shut up. Like, shut up. you're a moron. I have nothing to say, you know?"

"Never run in the rain with your socks on."

"Aw, how the f-ck are you all doin' tonight?... That's what I f-ckin' wanted to hear, godammit!"

"I hate celebrities. I really hate them."

"I kind of became everyone’s weird uncle. I was drunk all the time wearing a f-cking leopard g string."

"What do you mean we walked around dressed like girls? We walked around in our own clothes, they just happened to be dresses."

(When asked in 1992 where they would be in 3 years) "I’m going to point a gun at Tre. Tre is going to point a gun at Mike. Mike is going to point a gun at me."
Mike: "We're going to count to three and pull the trigger."

"Hey, wait a second. Why is it so bright in here? How is anyone meant to f-ck when the lights are on?"

"I am the antichrist. Buy more of my merchandise."

"You start to feel like you're getting older, like a parent, like a dad now, but then there's that whole really cool side of it, like, sh-t, I get to play with toys and watch Saturday morning cartoons. I can't figure anything more fun or childish than that."

"One night I sank about eight gin and tonics, and I just couldn't stop pissing. In the end, I pissed all over the barbeque."

"Aw, sh-t! God damn! Aw, sh-t! Aw, f-ck! Ah, f-cking sh-t f-ck sh-t f-ck! Stick that up your ass FCC!"

"That's a fat dude,'s like WHOA, WATCH OUT!"

"Aw, sh-t! It's Ka-Ka! Poo-poo! Sh-t! It's sh-t! It's sh-t! Sh-t...I hate God! Sh-t!"

"AW SH-T! I mean, I broke a string."

"Who's the asshole singing?" (While watching the video "Waiting," and the 'asshole singing' was himself...)

"Just one quack-qua-qua bla bla bla...were your parents hippies?"

"I'm a f-cking idiot."

"Anyway, who cares? What were you asking?"

"Are we on the air?"

"Quit. Quit. Quit now. Stop playing. Quit."

"A lot of people think I masturbate 5 times a day because of the lyrics to Longview."

Mike Dirnt's Quotes

"Dogs are gonna take over the world. It's a known fact for those who believe it, kinda like the Bible."

"I'll remember 1994 as the year that...ate sh-t... "

"Green day is like sex, when were good, were really good, when were bad . . . were still pretty damn good."

(At Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, a band): "Stop throwing sh-t or I'll jump in there and beat your ass."

"I have a daughter and she's the greatest thing that ever happened to me. She gives me a good excuse to watch cartoons."

"All my religious beliefs are based on Star Wars."

"There are weeks when I'll spank a lot, and other weeks I'll be apathetic and lonely and won't want to look at my c-ck."

"I'm gonna be cremated. I don't want to be stuck in any box. Maybe they'll bury me upside down and plant a seed in my ass."

"I have a Rolex collection and a diamond collection. I'd like to find the biggest goddamn diamond I could find, eat it, and pick it out of my sh-t the next day."

"How many punk rockers does it take to screw in a light bulb? (Tre, the drummer: "How many?") Uh… um…um...let me think…two! One to screw in the light bulb and one to suck my d-ck." (And that made no sense, but I thought it was funny...)

One time, Mike took a dump over a hotel balcony. It landed on some old lady's porch balcony thing.

Tre Cool's Quotes (He's the drummer)

"I wanna survive an avalanche. I wanna be one of those people a dog finds buried under a ton of snow, almost dying of starvation."

"Mmm, you can almost smell the burning pork...Hey, you ever thrown rocks at cops?"

"I want to wash your grandmother."

"I can suck my own."

"Lets count the, one thousand, two one thousand..."

"I don't understand what Billie just said so, I'll talk about chickens...""There's less violence in the world when people are using Hula-Hoops."
-- Mikey Way, Bassist of My Chemical Romance

"Look at me, with my pretty bracelet and tiara...I'm a fuckin' princess!"
-- Gerard Way, Lead Singer of My Chemical Romance

"Were not a festival band, playing during the day was something we had to get over, I was like uhh this sun stuff kind of sucks"
-- Gerard Way, Lead Singer of My Chemical Romance

Life's A bitch,and so am I,the world owes me,so fuck off
-- Green Day

Billie Joe - The man who looks fuckin' great naked... MIKE DIRNT! ... And the man who I wish I could see more of naked...TRE' COOL! And I'm... George Bush!God Bless America...
Crowd - BOOOOOO!
Billie Joe- Actually, my name is Asshole. HA HA HA, FUCKERS!
-- Green Day concert Aug 2005

Billie Joe-Have you ever gotten laid?
Random Kid-No
Billie Joe-Well, you will tonight! (Hugs and Kisses him)
-- Green Day Concert Aug 2005

"Billie Joe's a fuckin' stripper!"-Tre' Cool, As Billie Joe takes his tie of like a stripper
-- Green Day Concert Aug 2005

Billie Joe-Oooooooh. Ooooooh. Come on! Everyone say OOHHHH! then he stuck his hand down his pants and started groaning "SOMEBODY FUCK ME"
-- Green Day Concert Aug 2005

Billie Joe-You have to jump.
Another Random kid on stage-But I lost my shoe!
Billie Joe-I DON'T CARE
-- Green Day Concert Aug 2005

Billie Joe-Can you play drums?
Random Kid-Yea
Billie Joe-how long you been playing?
Kid-Since 6th grade
Billie Joe-and what are you now, 7th grade?
Kid-No fucker I'm 18. I can play.
Billie Joe-Are you sure?
Billie Joe-Swear to god?
Billie Joe-OK get your ass up here.
-- Green Day Concert Aug 2005

Billie Joe-Hey where did the guitar dude go?
Billie Joe-I think he was drunk. turns to the chick who was playing the bass. Here. Take this guitar.
-- Green Day Aug 2005

"It seems I've finally gone off the deep end..." Lily, from my original story
"You fell off of that particular cliff years ago, my dear, you're just coming to terms with- gets hit in the head with a couch coushion" Phin, from the same story

"You pervert! You came into the bathroom WHILE I WAS TAKING A SHOWER!" Lily
"So?" Phin

"Hand over the chocolate, and no one gets hurt" LilyAnime Qoutes:

"And here we were thinking you were a brilliant strategist and all this time you’re just a lucky fool." --Yu Yu Hakusho-- Kurama to Yusuke

"So tell me. What’s it like living in a constant haze of stupidity?"--Yu Yu Hakusho--Hiei to Kuwabara.

"Hahahaha! I made a funny!" -- Splinter-- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

"I may be a small target but this is sad" -- Yu Yu Hakusho-- Hiei to Bui

"Yeah i heard you im just stupid" -- Yu Yu Hakusho--

"...then again Hiei has proven on numerous occasions that violent things come in short packages too..." -- Yu Yu Hakusho --announcer in dark tournament on (I like this one coz its soo true violent things do come in short packages look at all the small dogs...)

"Flowers are suicidal things." The dark fox whispered, bringing his hand down to stroke the velvet of the blossom. "They grow beautiful and vain with their colors and grace, they tip their shining faces to the heavens as if they deserve such praise from it." His fingers ran down the sides of it to stroke the stem. "It is only natural to pick them, for they ask for it with their beauty. They beg to have their necks snapped."

"I hate it when you make me cry,
Even worse when you make me laugh."

Sesshoumaru stopped barking, but that didn’t stop him from growling, his clenched teeth and narrowed eyes promising death by jugular extraction.

"We're home!" said a deep voice from somewhere downstairs. "You better be clothed!"

"Theoretically," said Mr. Yasuo as though nothing had happened, "if you're both established as clinically insane, do you think we could save on cost and place you in the same room?"

"No," sighed Mrs. Yasuo, "I think most mental institutions have rules about fraternization."

"Ah, Shippo, we should close their graves," reminded Sango, "while Miroku makes them an epitaph."

"How about...

Here lies Inuyasha and Kikyou.

A clay doll who we all know.

A hanyou with bad sense.

Though he is also quite dense.

Both deserve what they got.

Though the Shikon is what they sought.

Hurt Kagome, they did so ruthlessly.

Talking behind her back so cruelly.

Death is what they deserved.

So this place is reserved." finished Miroku, as he bowed and said a prayer.

"And you call yourself a friend!" yelled Inuyasha, as he crawled out of the whole with

Kikyou on his back, just as Shippo dumped another handful of dirt down.

"Run!" yelled Shippo, as the three quickly left, as Inuyasha's eyes glowed red.

And pretty girls would be nice." stated Miroku.


"And pretty girls would be nice if they were kept in a far room away from us. This demon particularly likes young, beautiful females." amended Sango, glaring at Miroku's sleeping form. "This demon has a cursed hand that will harm the females...very dangerous." Shippo tried not to laugh at Sango's implied demon.

Dropping out of the tree in a flash of red and silver, Inuyasha was on the monk almost before his feet hit the ground, grabbing him by the throat and holding him suspended as he snarled in his face. "She is dead to me! She betrayed me and killed Kikyou!" "Don’t be a fool, Inuyasha. And if you really believed that nonsense, then you wouldn’t sit in this tree holding conversations with her," through his constricted throat, the monk spoke calmly and patiently, as if explaining something simple to a small child

"Hiei, are those my boxers?"

Hiei looked down at the shorts around his waist. "They threw themselves at me, I swear."

--Hiei and Kurama

You're undeniable, simply irrisistable, certainly you're kissable, but next to you I'm way too shy..."

When the song sang "shy", Kurama diliberately sang "tall" and checked the mirror for Hiei's reaction. On cue, Hiei opened one eye at him.

"I knew you wern't sleeping."

"Hn. Where are we going?"

"I'm glad you didn't say 'Are we th--'"

"Are we there yet?" Hiei asked, sitting up and smirking. Kurama laughed, "Almost."

"Where did you say we were going?"

"I didn't."

"Kurama, you're being elusive."

"I know."

"Stop it."

"I can't."

"You can't what?"

"I can't tell you where we're going. Not yet."

"Why not? Are you taking me on another fieldtrip? Because I don't think I can take another trip to the zoo. Honestly, don't you think it's a little embarrassing when the parrots start landing on you and asking for your nuts?"

Kurama laughed at the memory, "They just wanted you to feed them and you happened to be holding a bag of peanuts."

Hiei snorted and folded his arms. "Sure...where are you taking me then, if not to see animals?"

"The mall."

"The WHERE?"

Kurama squinted one eyes shut and leaned away from Hiei who was now half way between the two front seats shouting at him. What a temper...

"I don't like that place! KuRAma!"

"I know. I know. We'll be quick."

"No. YOU will be quick. I will be in the car."

"Hiei you need jeans and I can't try them on for you."

Hiei looked at him incredulously and Kurama leaned further towards the window, "What?"

"Jeans? I need JEANS? Ha! Hahahahaha!"

--Hiei and Kurama

Nami pulled back her fist and said:

"Think happy thoughts ‘cause this is gonna hurt!" laughed Nami.

"Shit," grumbled Inuyasha, rushing to catch up with a clearly bored Sesshoumaru. "Wait, you son of a bitch!"

"Flattery will get you nowhere, Inuyasha," drawled Sesshoumaru, pausing.

Chain- (Only This and Nothing More)

"Are you okay?" -Kagome

"I believe so." -Kurama

"Happy? Sad? Angry? Tired?" -Kagome

"In-between." -Kurama

"Sane?" -Kagome

"Sometimes I wonder." -Kurama

-end chain-

"There is no one who does not carry scars on his heart. if there was someone in the world like that, he would be a shallow soul." -Hiei (That is true)

Well, you can't. You love me. Of course you do. And I love you, too. So, how about I cook lunch for you tomorrow, my love?"

"Deal," she said. "And you will worship me like a goddess. And for honey moon we go to India."

"Deal," he said.--Rin nd Sesshomaru

"Chaos never Changes, It only Evolves." Dynast 'Dyne' (Chaos Dragon of Fire), from 'The Tale of the Seven Wings'

"To put it bluntly, you're dead meat." Dynast 'Dyne' (Chaos Dragon of Fire), from 'The Tale of the Seven Wings'

"Hey look, it's not like I want to kill people, they just come and, well, I can't deny their death wish, can I?" Dynast 'Dyne' (Chaos Dragon of Fire), from 'The Tale of the Seven Wings'

"Chaos is the Answer, Silence is just the Begining." Elesyne 'Less' (Chaos Dragon of Wind), from 'The Tale of the Seven Wings'

"I belive, though I'm not sure, that you're about to get killed." Elesyne 'Less' (Chaos Dragon of Wind), from 'The Tale of the Seven Wings'

"Erm, not my business or anything, but isn't 'ultimate doom', you know, kinda bad?" Elesyne 'Less' (Chaos Dragon of Wind), from 'The Tale of the Seven Wings'

"Sometimes, the Deepest Darkness is all we need, to find the Purest Light within." Fynalthia 'Fyne' (Chaos Dragon 'Goddess' of Light and Darkness), from 'The Tale of the Seven Wings'

"If you ever mention this little incident to anyone, at any given time, I'm afraid I'll have to kill you." Fynalthia 'Fyne' (Chaos Dragon 'Goddess' of Light and Darkness), from 'The Tale of the Seven Wings'

"Erm, 'complete devestation' is such a harsh term, I prefer to call it simply 'side effect'." Fynalthia 'Fyne' (Chaos Dragon 'Goddess' of Light and Darkness), from 'The Tale of the Seven Wings'

"Let me take my broken wings and fly away... I just want to see the stars tonight." Kazandra Midnight (One of the Fateless), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"Never mind me child, it's just the ramblings of an old woman who has seen the stars shining brighter before." Kazandra Midnight (One of the Fateless), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"I might not know much... but really, that was lame." Kazandra Midnight (One of the Fateless), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"I knew I should have stayed dead, I just knew it." Tao Tzu Li (One of the Fateless), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"Don't worry, why even bothering listening to the chinese old man? After all, is not like he has been here before, or anything..." Tao Tzu Li (One of the Fateless), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"I hate to say I told you so... but I bloody told you so." Tao Tzu Li (One of the Fateless), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"There’s a place somewhere out there, where the sun won’t blind your eyes and your dreams come true, the key to it, is your will to risk it and start searching." Nuru/Ariel (Leviathan of Pestilence), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"Given that we are three seconds from damnation, I will have to say I really, really hate you... bastard." Nuru/Ariel (Leviathan of Pestilence), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"Wow... and here I was thinking you were the lowest part of the evolution scale Prav's." Nuru/Ariel (Leviathan of Pestilence), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"I hate this world beyond words to describe it, but I hate it more when we do nothing about it." Joe Spinelly/Abel (Leviathan of Famise), from 'The Rise of the Four'

"Wait a second, you mean I actually know something you two dont? Wow! Ahem, let me rejoice in this marvelous revelation!." Joe Spinelly/Abel (Leviathan of Famise), from 'The Rise of the Four'

"I'm not whinning, I'm just pointing out the fact that no one ever listens to me." Joe Spinelly/Abel (Leviathan of Famise), from 'The Rise of the Four'

"Oh, very so clever, now not only we will die, we will take the world to damnation with us." Pravus/Ares (Leviathan of War), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"Were you born stupid, or you just try really hard?." Pravus/Ares (Leviathan of War), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"Will you fucking stop talking in plural! You and Alexis are one and the same fucking thing... one that's becoming unberably annoying as time goes by!" Pravus/Ares (Leviathan of War), from 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"I envy Death, while my work is always ephemerous, hers is forever eternal." Iris/Agar (Leviathan of Paradox, Leviathan of Time & Space), from 'The Rise of the Four'

"Hi, I'm Iris, Leviathan of Time and Space and Mistress of Paradox, and I'm going to end the world, you may run and scream in panic now." Iris/Agar (Leviathan of Paradox, Leviathan of Time & Space), from 'The Rise of the Four'

"Wee, I always dreamed about going into hell... I was usually the torturer rather than the victim in those dreams though." Iris/Agar (Leviathan of Paradox, Leviathan of Time & Space), from 'The Rise of the Four'

"Why fighting if I know I’ll Die? To ensure You die with me." Skylar K. Stevenson S./Alexis (Leviathan of Death), from 'Teaching Affair', 'Matter of Perspective', 'The Rise of the Leviathan' and 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"We think it's better to split in teams... Pravus goes with Joey, Nuru goes with Madame Midnight, and I'll go with Alexis." Skylar K. Stevenson S./Alexis (Leviathan of Death), from 'Teaching Affair', 'Matter of Perspective', 'The Rise of the Leviathan' and 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"Some damn me, others claim me, but with no exception, all must face me." Skylar K. Stevenson S./Alexis (Leviathan of Death), from 'Teaching Affair','Matter of Perspective', 'The Rise of the Leviathan' and 'Clipped Wings, The Rise of the Four'

"Judging someone for what we see is easy. Accepting them for what they are, is not." Malum Pusillus, from 'Teaching Affair'

"Would you just stop wasting my time?" Malum Pusillus, from 'Teaching Affair'

"Wee, more prejudist cows to deal with, watch me dance with glee." Malum Pusillus, from 'Teaching Affair'

"Finding knowlage isn’t easy. Knowing what to do with it is even harder." Victoria S. Stevenson S./Breeze, from 'Teaching Affair'

"Treat books well, and they'll serve you for long... and the haunted ones will leave you alone." Victoria S. Stevenson S./Breeze, from 'Teaching Affair'

"I've lost plenty of friends that way." Victoria S. Stevenson S./Breeze, from 'Teaching Affair'

"It’s amazing all we’re captable of doing, just to reach a universally accepted lie." Matt Parker, from 'Ashes'

"You've been watching X-files for far too long." Matt Parker, from 'Ashes'

"Eww, don't even say it... hell don't even think it, I can hear you from here." Matt Parker, from 'Ashes'

"Appearances are made to decive the mind and cloud our judgement." Tala Ivanov, from 'Learning to Fly'

"Bryan, I love you, really, but if you make one more gay referenced comment on myself, I shall castrate you with a pair of chopsticks... and you know I can AND will." Tala Ivanov, from 'Learning to Fly'

"If I see one more christmass tree, I shall hurt someone... badly." Tala Ivanov, from 'Learning to Fly'

"Oops." Maritza Pavlova, from 'Learning to Fly'

"Heh, good one, but you know what's really pathetic? The mentally challenged individuals that have to resort to use lame jokes to call attention to their sad, pathetic existance." Maritza Pavlova, from 'Learning to Fly'

"Well Ian, you know what they say about vertically challenged individuals... not that I'm implying you are one of course." Maritza Pavlova, from 'Learning to Fly'

"A name does not make you who you are. If you set yourself to be what others call you, then you truly are a pathetic creature indeed." Sesshoumaru, from 'Wistful Thoughts, Cherished Dreams'

"Humans are pitiful creatures." Sesshoumaru, from 'Wistful Thoughts, Cherished Dreams'

"Wistful thinking will take you nowhere, Kirei, it will leave you bitter and alone." Sesshoumaru, from 'Wistful Thoughts, Cherished Dreams'

"Yet a dream, a sweet cherished deam will make you stronger, bringing hope into your heart." Kagome(Answering to the above quote), from 'Wistful Thoughts, Cherished Dreams'

"I'm not afraid anymore." Kagome, from 'Wistful Thoughts, Cherished Dreams'

"You're not alone anymore, I'm here... I'll always be." Kagome, from 'Wistful Thoughts, Cherished Dreams'From Others:

"For someone so Smart, you’re awfully stupid sometimes." Dranzer, from 'The Flight of the Black Dragon', by Maya-chan

"Because a Dragon with broken wings ceases to fly." Kai Hiwatari, from 'The Flight of the Black Dragon', by Maya-chan

"I'll have you know I hate you, and it's indeed quite personal." Riley Taylor, from 'Against All Authority', by Maya-chan

"Light will always cast a Shadow, but a Shadow by itself is an abomination." Shoutan Himei, from 'Sailor Nothing', by Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

"Truth is prepacked in pieces, and everybody gets one... just not the one they wanted." Random thought in 'Sailor Nothing', by Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

"I’m tired." Shoutan Himei, from 'Sailor Nothing', Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

"The ancient samurai wrote war poetry to meditate upon their problems. Monks sit under a freezing waterfall to focus their thoughts. I play Dance Dance Revolution." Shoutan Himei, from 'Sailor Nothing', by Stefan"Twoflower" Gagne

"Simple. I assumed you would commit suicide." Magnificent Kamen, from 'Sailor Nothing', by Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

"My name is Cobalt and fuck this world. I hope I made it absolutely, totally goddamn clear to you above that I hate these things, this world, my job and everything that comes with it. I already committed suicide once, so that's not a viable escape from this hell of boredom and futility. Do I sound negative to you? Very well; I am negative. Deal with it." Dark General Cobalt, from 'Sailor Nothing', Stefan "Twoflower" Gagne

"And every day without fail one should consider himself as dead." Hagakure: Way of the Samurai

"It is a good viewpoint to see the world as a dream. When you have something like a nightmare, you will wake up and tell yourself that it was only a dream. It is said that the world we live in is not a bit different from this." Hagakure: Way of the Samurai

"I didn't have a reason to die... and I would find one good enough to live." Gabriel (Aquarius Camus), from 'Unbroken' by Toffee

"He never saw my face... no one did... Blood wrote it for him." Morgana, from 'Unbroken' by Toffee

"Sky tear touches leaf, green it shines now, soon to fade; like all things...someday."Scorpio Blood, from 'Unbroken' by Tofee

"You survived the dark lord only to be brought down by a skinny (but he's not skinny any more) little (and he's not little, not at all) nearsighted (well...) brat (true, but irrelevant). 'Shut up.' Snape shoved himself off the wall and stalked back to his office. Hopeless fool. Now you're arguing with your own body. He adjusted his trousers as he stalked. And losing." Severus Snape, from 'Quid Pro Quo' by Aucta Siniestra

"I'm no expert at this, and I don't know what to do, and I'll probably screw it up, but ... there's a pretty good chance I'm in love with you." Harry Potter, from 'Quid Pro Quo' by Aucta Siniestra

"I'm reasonably comfortable with feeling uncomfortable around you by now." Severus Snape, from 'Quid Pro Quo' by Aucta Siniestra

"Forgive my hesitation, but I'm learning to trust in you." Sesshoumaru, from 'Forgive My Hesitation', by Aspen Snow

"The Moon is a big yellow eye remembering what we have lost or have never throught. That's why the Moon looks raw and ghostly in the dark." Sesshoumaru, from 'Forgive My Hesitation', by Aspen Snow

"Hell somehow exists in the distance, between what happened and what never happened." Sesshoumaru, from 'Forgive My Hesitation', by Aspen Snow

"The same old look in your eyes, it's a beautiful night, so I'm tempted to stay." Sesshoumaru, from 'Forgive My Hesitation', by Aspen Snow

"I could say I need you, but then you would realize I want you." Sesshoumaru, from 'Forgive My Hesitation', by Aspen Snow

"You'll learn, in time, to be cruel; because it's easier." Sesshoumaru, from 'Forgive My Hesitation', by Aspen Snow

"Tell me, what news do you have, Byakuya?"

"That clay wench Kikyou, is dead."

"Again?" said Naraku not sounding curious.

"For good this time," said Byakuya

Shiro: I told you not to push the damn button!
Keitaro: How was I suppose to know it was a transportation button thingy!
Shiro: Because it said right next to it, "Interdimension Transportation Button Thingy"!
Keitaro: Oh... Oops. (Gin Kiba Kyassuru- Dimenshon)

Myouga: That's my Inuyasha-sama! Luring him into the fist fight! That's right! How cool he was!
Kagome: I thought you just called him a moron? (Inuyasha)

Edward: The number of people I must beat to a pulp after this has grown too big... If I don't write them down, I'm going to forget them! (Full Metal Alchemist)

Alphonse: It's true! Brother is a frequent liar, but he's telling the truth today! (Full Metal Alchemist)

Kakei-san, realizing that Saiga was awake, said, "My, my, they’re quite noisy." Over his book. (Err, under…)

"Oh, I don’t know, they seem to be getting along fine," Saiga said. He got up from Kakei’s lap and said, stretching, "I’m going to go introduce myself."

Kakei turned back to his book and said, "Well just don’t be too forward."

Saiga exited the back room and search around. He found Rikuo first and asked him, "So boy! Where’s the new boy?"

Rikuo smirked, "Stacking notebooks of course!"

Saiga raised an eyebrow, but proceeded to the school supplies aisle.

"Ah! BOY!" Saiga exclaimed when he spotted Kazahaya. "So you’re the new boy!" He grabbed Kazahaya tightly in his arms.

"So what are you doing?" Saiga asked a thoroughly bewildered, and slightly out of breath, Kazahaya.

"Umm, stacking the notebooks," He replied breathlessly.

Saiga turned his head. He looked down and saw the notebooks in small piles according to color.

"What? Who told you to stack them according to color?"

"Ahh, Rikuo," Kazahaya was running out of breath. He was now pushing with all his might on the arms wrapped around his middle, but they wouldn’t budge.

"Ahh! We must have a talk with Rikuo now! RIKUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Saiga called.

Rikuo came around the corner, and looked in horror as he saw Saiga-san running towards him, Kazahaya swinging dizzily from his arms. He braced himself as Saiga charged, grabbed him, and locked him into a tight…hug…

"WELL NOW BOY! It’s not good to tease the new BOY! You could get into trouble BOY!"

"With who?" Kazahaya was glad to hear the breathless struggle of Rikuo’s voice.

"Hmm," Saiga said appearing to deliberate the matter, "I guess…NO ONE!" And he laughed.

This guy is insane! Kazahaya thought to himself.

"OH! I forgot to tell you my name! I’m Saiga-san!"

"Umm, pleased to meet you?"

"I SEE you found you way to the drug store okay! Rikuo didn’t point you in the wrong direction now?"

"Um, but it’s just down the stairs over there…"

"AHH! AND WHAT A FINE STAIRWELL IT IS!" Saiga said leading them over to it and admiring it fondly.

Kakei-san smiled behind his book as he listened to the continued yelling of Saiga. Precious lump of tuna…Today was most certainly going to be a long one.

"What is she then!" The third snapped.

"A priestess," Sesshomaru answered.

"Those can kill you," Jeen said.

Sesshomaru smirked. "This one even tries it, she shall hurt herself as well," Sesshomaru told them. "And plus, I would like a unity for the inus of our clan. Priests and priestesses shall not be feared nor fear us. This one does not fear me, do you, my queen?" Sesshomaru asked.

"No, I trust you with my life," Kagome told Sesshomaru. She felt them all smile.

"Well, I must say you've got yourself a keeper," Jeen laughed. "I agree."

"You understand that? We can run, but you have to be careful," Kagome told Rin. She nodded, but Jaken spoke up.

"She doesn't know how to be careful," Jaken spat, his arms crossed and his nose in the air. Kagome glared at the toad as Kinta whacked him on the head.

"Do not over talk the Queen," Kinta boomed. Jaken shook with fear and apologized quickly. "Good toad."

"I’ll get you and your little foxdemon too," yelled Inuyasha and Kikyo in unison

"If you had used that lump three feet above your ass, you still might've had your soul. (Turns to Hiei) Make that two feet for you." -Genkai

"Nerd fight..." -Kurama

"Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Humor is when you fall into an open sewer and die."

"Never raise your hand to your kids. It leaves your groin unprotected."

"I once had a rose named after me and I was very flattered. But I was not pleased to read the description in the catalogue: 'No good in bed, but fine up against a wall'." --Eleanor Roosevelt

"You can't fuck around with the infinite." -Anonymous

"Razors pain you, rivers are damp. Acid stains you, and drugs cause cramps. Guns aren't lawful, nooses give, gas smells awful--you might as well live." -Dorothy Parker

"This wind coming in feels like home. It's comforting and it soothes me. It tastes like freshly spilled blood on the rotting flesh of decaying corpses."-Hiei

"I know I'm a short target, but this is sad..." -Hiei

"Ninjas are revolting. They stole my idea. I have to go kill them now." -Hiei

Hiei: "I can't just watch you get killed in front of me."
Kurama: "Okay then...go somewhere else."

"From now on, you will only address me as Pretty Koenma! Understand? I think pretty really brings out the sparkle in my eyes." -Koenma

"This is my impression of Yusuke: Look at me, I'm burning!" -Botan

"Too bad Hiei's not here--we could use his Jagan eye to find himself. Oh, wait. (Sweatdrop)" -Botan

"I bet even that sumo wrestler from that one stupid episode has a D size rack. Man, he’d better be careful. Move too quickly and he might knock down some buildings. Then we’d have to call him Boobzilla, terror of Tokyo!" --Chapter 7 of "Rurouni Kenshin: Tales of a Sexy Swordsman" by Wicked Enough

"Procrastination and masturbation are the same. They’re both fun and games until you realize that you’re screwing yourself." --See above

Real People:

"I feel within me a peace above all earthly dignities, a still and quiet conscience."

-William Shakespeare

If we let our love off of its leash

do you fear like I fear how fierce it would be?

- Oh My My – Ani Difranco

"Heaven hath no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."

- William Congreve (1670 - 1729)

"The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn‘t exist."

"Past is history, Future is a mystery, and Present is a gift."

Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice;

it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved

"It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire life to forget them."

"When one door of happiness closes another opens, but often we look so long a the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us." -Helen Keller

"Procrastinators of the world unite...tomorrow."

Me: I'm bored.
My friend: ...Wanna ride the lawnmower?

"I love children, especially when they cry, for then someone takes them away." --Nancy Mitford

"A lot of fellows nowadays have a B.A., M.D., or Ph.D. Unfortunately, what they don't have is a J.O.B." --Fats Domino

"Someday we'll look back on this and plow into a parked car."

"Computer games don't affect kids. I mean if Pac Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching pills and listening to repetitive music." - Marcus Brigstocke

"Mothers of teens know why some animals eat their young."

"Raise my hand if you're telekinetic."

"Never assume. It puts the 'ass' in 'u' and 'me'." --Skates and Dancing Shoes by LaBOBuren

"I never want to see a naked guy again. (Huge horde of naked guys suddenly run by) O.O"--Mulan, from the movie...well...Mulan

"Whoever said 'Nothing is impossible' never tried slamming a revolving door."

"If it weren't for electricity, we'd be watching TV by candlelight." -George Gobel

"Children in the backseat cause accidents. Accidents in the backseat cause children."

Malfoy: Why are you wearing glasses?
Harry (posing as Crabbe--or was it Goyle?--using Polyjuice Potion): They're...uh...reading glasses.
Malfoy: You can read?
--Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (movie)

"How could I have gotten pregnant? I used a cellophane wrapper!" -My science teacher making fun of people who don't use actual protection

"Oh, you like it up the butt, don't you?" --Steven

"O.O What!" --My science teacher after previous comment

"Grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your kids."

"Last night, I laid in bed looking up at the stars and though to myself, 'Where the hell is the ceiling?'"

"Suicide Hotline...please hold."

"Lemon chicken, in reference to fanfiction world, is sexually aroused poultry." Psychos-Anonymous (She has awesome quotes on her profile! Go check it out!)

"Coffee: Do stupid things faster, with more energy!"

"Smile, and the world will smile with you. Laugh, and they'll all think you're on drugs."

"The main purpose of holding children's parties is to remind yourself that there are children more awful than your own."

"Clothes make a man. Naked people have little to no influence on society." --Mark Twain

"Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else."

"When the authorities warn you of the dangers of having sex, there is an important lesson to be learned: Do not have sex with the authorities." --Matt Groening, creator of Futurama and the Simpsons (I found this quote in a story called Words of Advice by Wicked Enough, a hilarious Sasuke/Sakura Naruto fic. Go check it out!)

"It takes 42 muscles to frown, so instead pick your middle finger up and say bite me in a bitchy tone."

"Here lies, all cold and hard, the last damn dog, that pooped in my yard." -Gravestone

"'Always' and 'never' are two words you should always remember never to use."

"Behind every great man, there is a woman rolling her eyes." -Anonymous

Danny: Paulina, stop! (Sees Paulina in dragon's fist) Paulina? Wait...Sam?
Danny: Yep, that's definitely Sam.
--From the episode Parental Bonding

"There are three kinds of people in this world: The ones who can count, and the ones who can't."

"Society is a masked ball, where every one hides his real character, and reveals it by hiding."

TV shows:

"DADDY! You're back from Peru! We were afraid you'd been run over by an elevator!" -Bugs Bunny"Now, that would be most inconvenient, as I'v sworn to lothe for all eternity." -Elizebeth Bennett

Actual Consumer Labels:

Hairdryer: Do not use while sleeping.

Bag of candy: You could be a winner! No purchase necessary. Details inside. (The shoplifter special.)

Bar of soap: Use like regular soap. (And that would

Dessert (bottom of box): Do not turn upside down. (Too late! You lose.)

Chainsaw: Warning--Do not attempt to stop chainsaw with hands. (Raise your hand if you've tried this!)

Keyboard: Warning--To reduce possibilities of fatal injuries, please read instructions manual. (I haven't read my instructions manual...does that mean I have a higher chance of dying?)

Children's Cough Medicine: Do not drive car or operate machinery after consuming. (We could do a lot to reduce the rate of construction accidents if we just keep those 5 year olds off those forklifts.)

Child's Superman Costume: Warning-Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly. (That's right, just destroy a universal childhood fantasy!)

American Airlines Packet of Peanuts: Instructions-Open bag, eat nuts. (Nerp...)

When You Dial a Mental Hospital:


Welcome to Psychiatric World. If you are obsessive-complusive, please press one repeatedly.

If you are codependent, please ask someone to press 2.

If you have multiple personalities, please press 3, 4, 5, and 6.

If you are paranoid-delusional, we know who you are and what you want. Just stay on the phone so we can trace the call.

If you are schizophrenic, listen carefully and the little voice will tell you which number to press.

If you are manic depressive, it doesn't matter which number you press. No one will answer.

If you are delusional and hallucinate, please be aware that the thing you are holding on the side of your head is alive and about to bite off your ear.Mistranslations:

"Because of the impropriety of entertaining guests of the opposite sex in the bedroom, it is suggested the lobby be used for this purpose." -Zurich Hotel

"Special cocktails for ladies with nuts." -Tokyo bar

"Would you like to ride on your own ass?" -Ad for donkey rides in Thailand

"Ladies, leave your clothes here and spend the afternoon having a good time." -Roman laundry

"You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid." -Japanese hotel

"To stop the drip, turn cock to right." -Finnish washroom faucet

Famous last words:

"No, these windows are okay to lean on."

"I can pass this guy."

"My brakes are fine."

"Nice doggy."

"Nah, I don't think we need to go to the hospital."

"It's a dud! It's a dud! It's a du--"

"So, you're a cannibal."

"Pull the pin and count to what?"

"Which wire was I supposed to cut?"

"I wonder where the mother bear is."

"These are the good kind of mushrooms."

Bumper Stickers:

"There are two types of pedestrians: the fast ones and the dead ones."

"I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandpa, not screaming and yelling the like the passengers who were with him in the car."

"PMS: Punish Men Severely"

"Friends help you move. Real friends help you move the body."

"It will be a great day when the schools have all the money they need, and the air force will have to hold a bake sale to build a bomber."

Ways to Freak out Your Roommate:

7) Buy some knives. Sharpen them every night. While you're doing so, look at your roommate and mutter, "Soon, soon..."
6) Collect hundreds of pens and pile them on one side of the room. Keep one pencil on the other side of the room. Laugh at the pencil.
5) Tell your roommate, "I've got an important message for you." Then pretend to faint. When you recover, say you can't remember what the message was. Later on, say, "Oh, yeah, I remember!" Pretend to faint again. Keep this up for several weeks.
4) While your roommate is out, glue your shoes to the ceiling. When your roommate walks in, sit on the floor, hold your head, and moan.
3) Make a sandwich. Don't eat it, leave it on the floor. Ignore the sandwich. Wait until your roommate gets rid of it, and then say, "Hey, where the heck is my sandwich?" Complain loudly that you are hungry.
2) Every time your roommate walks in yell, "Hooray! You're back!" as loud as you can and dance around the room for five minutes. Afterwards, keep looking at your watch and saying, "Shouldn't you be going somewhere?"
1) Talk back to your Rice Krispies. All of a sudden, act offended, throw the bowl on the floor and kick it. Refuse to clean it up, explaining, "No, I want to watch them suffer."

Weird Questions No One Has the Answers To:

Are children who act in R rated films allowed to see them?

If the SWAT team breaks down your door, do they have to replace it later?

What idiot put an 's' in the word 'lisp'?

What do you do if you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant?

If you're in a vehicle going at the speed of light, what happens if you turn on the headlights?

Can you breathe out your nose and your mouth at the same time?

Who was the first person to say, 'See that cow there? I'm gonna squeeze those dangly things and drink whatever comes out.'?

Is 'Cute as a button' supposed to be a compliment? Since when were buttons cute?

Who was the first person to say, 'See that chicken over there? I'm gonna eat the next thing that comes outta its butt'?

Why is it illegal to park in a handicapped spot but not illegal go on a handicapped toilet?

Have you every noticed that if you rearrange the letters in mother-in-law, it will come out as 'Woman Hitler'?

What happens if your snot freezes inside your nose?

Do you think he knows he's running around in circles?" - hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)

"He just took out your monster!" "We need to work on your cheering skills, tristan" - Joey says to tristan (Yu-Gi-Oh)

"It ain't just Miaka's arm you crushed.You crushed her hopes!You ground her soul inta dust.I don't care what yer reasons are...Your not getting away with it!"-Tasuki (Fushigi Yuugi)

"Is your brain broken?" -Inuyasha (Inuyasha)

"I am the shadows and shadows never die. Death is but a mystery and life is just a lie. I can be lite but lite just fades away consum by enturnal darkness i never seem to stay. You can not distroy me, I will return for I am the darkness." - Bakura? (Yu-Gi-Oh)

"Oro?" -Kenshin (Kenshin)

"How can you be alive? They killed you. I killed you. But wait, yes you can. You are a spirit nothing more. That's why you need me body. To even exist in this world. But why? Why must you enslave my mind? Why must my soul remain in this cage you've you created, unable to be alive in my own flesh? Why have you chosen me?" - Ryou talking to Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh)

"Shippo,your village called,there missing there idiot."- Inuyasha (Inuyasha)

"There- I mean- it's huge!" - Miroku (Inuyasha)

"Your patience with that creature astonishes me.You protect her, indulge her, you even seem to love her." - Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

"In sight but never seen. Protected yet never known to it's protecter." - Sesshomaru (Inuyasha)

Kyo: angrily pointing at Yuki Just like I'll beat you one of these days!
Yuki: looking bored Wait, wait, I think I've heard this one before!
-Fruits Basket

Kyo: One of these days, I'll make you say you're sorry!
Yuki: looking bored I'm sorry.
Kyo: Dammit! That's not what I meant! Don't you have any shame?
Yuki: still looking bored Yes, I'm ashamed to be seen with you, shouting in public.
Kyo: Oh that's it! We're taking this outside!
Yuki: still looking bored We ARE outside, you stupid cat.
-Fruits Basket

Ayame: clasping Yuki's hands Now's our chance to strengthen our bond as brothers!
Yuki: annoyed How about I drown you in the lake?
Ayame: Anything! As long as I get to spend time with you!
Yuki: On second thought, go drown yourself.
-Fruits Basket

Shigure: Good morning, everyone!
Yuki: Good evening is more like it. I think your sleep schedule is a bit off.
Shigure: Nope, such is the life of the creative mind.
notices Kisa
Shigure: Well, who is this pretty girl? Would you like Grandpa Shigure to give you a candy?
Yuki: shouts Stop that! The way you say it, it makes you sound like a dirty old man!
Shigure: I see Yuki is being cold as usual.
Yuki: And, as usual, you're being an idiot.
- Fruits Basket

Shigure: So, anyway, I was wondering if you could stop by the house and take a look at Tohru's cut. That is, if it isn't a problem.
Hatori: No problem. I'll stop by the house this evening.
Shigure: Hmmm? What's this, Hatori? I don't think I ever heard you sound so eager to come over. Could it be you have a secret crush on Tohru?
long silence from the other end of the phone
Hatori: ...
Shigure: shouts I knew it! You naughty, naughty man, you!
Hatori: No, I was simply too amazed by your stupidity to say anything.
- Fruits Basket

Sango: I know the monk would try to spy on us, but do you think Inuyasha would?
Kagome: No way, he's such a cold fish.
Sango: Do you want him to look?
- Inuyasha

to Kuwabara
Hiei: Tell me, how does it feel to live in a constant haze of stupidity.
- Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi: You shouldn't talk, it makes you sound stupid...
- Yu Yu Hakusho

Kurama: I can't believe he walked into that trap on his own
Hiei: He's a first class fool
Genkai: Agreed. A fool & a moron
- Yu Yu Hakusho

Kurama: What are you mumbling?
Hiei: He's trying to talk in his sleep when he's awake.
Kuwabara: Hey! What happened to that fight we were in?
Hiei: Everyone's dead.
Kuwabara: Oh...
- Yu Yu Hakusho

"All you needed was a good kick in the ass." - Hiei (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Seijûrô Hiko: Boy, your name?
Kenshin Himura: Shinta.
Seijûrô Hiko: Not quite appropriate for a warrior. You shall be known as Kenshin from now on.
Kenshin Himura: Ken-shin?
- Kenshin

Kaoru is meeting Megumi for the first time
Kaoru Kamiya: How're you supposed to be related to our Kenshin?
Megumi Takani: Oh! Well, Ken-san is a VERY important person who's going to protect me. How are YOU related to him?
Kaoru Kamiya: Me? I'm --
Megumi Takani: I'm sure you couldn't be his lover. I mean, such a sweaty little girl can't be what Ken-san looks for in a woman.
- Kenshin

"Moon Prism Power! ...And make it fast!" Usagi (Sailor Moon)

Holding on for dear life
Sailor Moon: Don't drop me!
Tuxedo Mask: Hey, have I ever let you down?
- Sailor moon

"What planet did I dial?" - Matt (Digimon)

Ken: You will bow before me.
T.K.: Sorry, the floor's kind of dirty.
- Digimon

Roy Mustang: You can call me Roy Mustang. Or just Lieutenant Colonel. Hell, you can call me the Flame Alchemist. Whatever you do, remember the pain.
- FullMetal Alchemist

Roy Mustang: Maes Hughes - Killed in Action, and promoted two ranks for it. Brigadier General Hughes. You were supposed to work under me, help to push me to the top. Now here you are surpassing me in the ranks. I don't know what's more absurd - you or the State.
- FullMetal Alchemist

Roy Mustang: stops in the hall and strikes a pose That day all female officers will be required to wear tiny miniskirts!
Jean Havoc: falls to his knees with a nosebleed and rubs his face on Mustang's leg You're a miracle, Mustang! I'll follow you forever!
Roy Mustang: Yes.
- FullMetal Alchemist

Colonel Roy Mustang: What are you doing all of a sudden?
LieutenantRiza Hawkeye: You're useless in the rain, so please stay back, Colonel.
- FullMetal Alchemist

Colonel Roy Mustang: Don't look so gloomy.
LieutenantRiza Hawkeye: Your plan was perfect, but because I didn't make it in time -
Colonel Roy Mustang: There is no such thing as perfection. This world itself is imperfect.
runs a hand through her hair
Colonel Roy Mustang: That's what makes it so beautiful.
- FullMetal Alchemist

Maes Hughes: Hey, I've got a message from Roy.
Edward Elric: You mean the Colonel?
Maes Hughes: He said,
dropping his voice lower to imitate Mustang
Maes Hughes: "Don't die under my command, you're enough of a pain without the paperwork." That was it.
Edward Elric: Tell him fine, there's no way I'm dying before you do, you morally bankrupt Colonel with a God complex.
- FullMetal Alchemist

Maes Hughes: showing Edward a photograph of his daughter Look! Can you believe how big Elicia's gotten? She can even ride a tricycle now! She follows me everywhere on that thing, like my own escort of cuteness.
kisses photo
Edward Elric: Yep, you're the same as ever, Major - nice and insane.
- FullMetal Alchemist

Roy Mustang: It's going to rain today.
LieutenantRiza Hawkeye: Yes.
- FullMetal Alchemist

Roy Mustang: I’m on my way to the top, you coming with me?
LieutenantRiza Hawkeye: You know the answer to that.
- FullMetal Alchemist

Hawkeye: Stubborn man!
(Sweep kicks Mustang and knocks him to the ground, shooting at Scar, who escapes)
Mustang: That's no way to get promoted, Hawkeye!
Hawkeye: Relax sir, I just saved your life. Your flame attack's no good in the rain.
(Mustang turns completely white from shock)
Havoc: She's got a point, colonel. Wet gloves can't make a spark.
- FullMetal Alchemist

Havoc: The classic sewer escape
Mustang: Don’t follow in
Havoc: Damn it I was about to jump in
Hughes: Nice mess is it over yet?
Mustang: You know, you could try to help while you're here, Hughes.
Hughes: Lay off...I'm as normal as they come and this is a contest of freaks. What do you want me to my slingshot at him?
- FullMetal Alchemist

TV Show Quotes:

Phoebe: "Piper, what are you really think about your boss?"
Piper: "I think he's a self-serving jerk who must have a very small penis..."
-- Charmed, Piper and Phoebe ep. 8

Leo: I look at you and I think how lucky I am. I mean, I can't stop looking at you. You're my dream come true. You're my raison Dettra.
Leo is looking in the mirror.
Leo: Every time I see you, I love you even more. You're so beautiful. You're so special. I can't imagine my life without you. (Piper walks in.)Piper!
Piper: Leo, who are you talking to?
Leo: Me? Uh, nobody, just myself, you know.
Piper: Yourself? You were telling yourself how much you love you?
-- Charmed, Piper and Leo Season 3 ep 1

Piper: Trying to tell me the manor is supernaturally bugged?
Cole: Uh-huh. Has been for some time, apparently. It explains why the Source hasn't attacked you in a while. He's had his chameleons watching your every move, gathering inside information. Look around. What's not supposed to be here?
(The girls look around. Piper spots Paige's ugly-looking cane chair with bright red cushions.)
Piper: Hmm.
(Piper blows up the chair. Cushion stuffing flies everywhere. Cole goes over to it.)
Phoebe: Piper, I think that was Paige's chair.
Piper: Yeah, I know, exactly.
-- Charmed, Piper Phoebe and Cole, Season 4 ep 7

I'm gonna be so happy when I vanquish your sorry ass.
-- Charmed, Piper Season 4 ep 7

Piper: Leo! Leo!
Paige: Ugh, will you stop with the Leo, Leo. You're driving me crazier than I already am.
Piper: Ughh! (Phoebe skips in, eating a cookie.) Phoebe, Phoebe, untie me, hurry, hurry.
Phoebe: Alright, alright, stop obsessing.
(Phoebe goes over to her.)
Piper: I'm not obsessing. What are you eating?
Phoebe: Chocolate chip cookie. Not your best.
Paige: Got milk? Ooh, don't think so.
(Phoebe unbuckles Piper.)
Piper: Just get me out of these things, we need to reverse this damn spell. (Phoebe gasps.) What is it? What did you see?
Phoebe: I saw the back of my eyelids, what do you think I saw?
-- Charmed Piper, Paige and Phoebe, Season 4 ep 7

Hurry up, looney tunes, get me outta here.
-- Charmed Paige, season 4 ep 7

Phoebe: I thought you were a pacifist.
Leo: I didn't kill him, did I?
-- Charmed Phoebe and Leo, season 4 ep 6


"You are drivin then you come upon a sign and it says "Welcome to Hawaii How the heck did you get here by car?" - Me (i heard it somewhere)

"Your writeing in pink! Are you gay?" - My best friends talking to my ex- boyfriend on the internet while my ex is on my SN

"why live on the edge when you can jump off?" - my friend

"morons and idiots commonly confuse themselevs!" - my friend

"The wiggles! Are you nuts?"
"I bet you ten bucks, they are all gay." - my friend, me and my mom talking

"This is my teachers song! it describes him SO well!" (Man! I feel like a women comes on) "Yup thats him all right" - Me

"At least you can take the knifes up stairs!" "Sorry I can't, mum said i shouldnt go near pointy objects, i just can't understand why." - My dad yelling at me and my commet back

"PIGGY!" - My friend imatating (sp?) Gir
"PIGGY!" - Gir

"YOU CAN'T BE IN MY PANTS" - my friend talking to her sister... i was on the phone when i heard this...iwas lke 'WHAT?'

Misako joked that it had nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with sex appeal.

“You’ve got the whole ‘Emo Boy’ thing going for ya, Harry. Short, slender, all fragile looking…”

She’d laughed at his glare. No guy appreciates being told they look fragile.

“Not to mention your little blue-white-streaked-hair thing. That’s just hot. ‘Specially with that cut Kit gave you.”

“What? You mean this barber-shop-from-hell thing?” He asked sarcastically, tugging at the incredibly short and spiky clumps of hair that his ‘friend’ had left him with.

Misako hid a grin. She didn’t do a very good job.

“Well, you already had spiky hair, Har.” She reasoned. “Now it just looks fashionable, instead of ‘Beware: Brush-eating creature’-like. And she left your fringe, like you asked. Well.. sorta…”

Harry and Misako from the story Sirry: The Cliché Files Case 1 by Von

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Inuyasha - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 70 - Words: 248,090 - Reviews: 1122 - Favs: 632 - Follows: 827 - Updated: 11/2/2016 - Published: 2/5/2013 - Kagome H., Sesshōmaru - Complete
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